In The BNOTP Library: Charles Faudree Details

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I’ve always cherished the magazines and books I have that feature the work of Charles Faudree. With his recent passing, I cherish them even more now.

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In the BNOTP Library: Charles Faudree Details
Author: Charles Faudree

Charles Faudree Details by Charles Faudree

3 Things I Like About This Book:

  • One of the things I’ve always loved about Charles Faudree’s style is how it’s not strictly French. He mixes in other loves, so his rooms often feel a bit English or they may include some details that you normally find in Asian or Swedish design. It’s that wonderful mix he has beautifully perfected over the years that always gives his designs their personality, their exuberance, their life. With this book, Details, Faudree shares his recipe for giving a room those finishing touches that are so important in any design.
  • Faudree’s opening words beautifully describe what this book is about. He says, “Details may seem like a small subject, but these finishing accessories are by far the most important part of decorating. Peoples lives are expressed by little details. They give a room its soul.” The special details Faudree covers in this book are revealed in the chapter titles: Tablescapes, Wall Decorations, Mantels, Fabrics and Lighting.
  • I love that Faudree takes us inside his personal home in this book. So in addition to seeing his beautiful work in the homes of his clients, we get a peek into how Faudree’s has designed his own home.  It would be impossible for me to choose just one or two things I  love about Charles Faudree’s designs, but if I absolutely had to choose, it would have to be the fabrics he uses and the details, the wonderful, wonderful details he incorporates into all of his rooms. If Charles Faudree were here today, he would tell you that his most favorite “detail” in his own home is and has always been his Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

You can read more about this book and preview it where I normally buy my books here: Charles Faudree Details by Charles Faudree

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  1. I stumbled upon your blog through Pinterest…and I have to tell you…LOVE IT! You are now saved to my favorites!

  2. Susan, everytime I read one of your blogs the hair on my head rises! My home is decorated very similarly to yours. You share a tablescape – I have the same dishes! You review a book – I have it— I think that we really are twins and one of us was stolen by fairies at birth. Yes, we do look very much alike. I have one perfect son and husband – how about you?

    • lol That is too funny! I was chatting with another friend and we were talking about the same thing, how similar our tastes are. We are going to miss Faudree and his beautiful designs!

  3. Hi: I just “followed” you on Pinterest and can’t wait to read them. Everything looks gorgeous!

  4. Hi Susan! I couldn’t get around your site fast enough! I don’t know who was going to hyperventilate first ~ me or my computer! I started with Nov. 2011 and want the white chargers you bought from Horchow! Is there a brand name for these? If you are ever in the selling market, I call them! We have very similar taste, so this is so enjoyable! Looking around your site is like reading a good book! oh, and the acorn soup bowls…really? Thank you! Karen

    • lol Thanks, Karen! You are too cute, a kindred spirit, for sure! I think the November 2011 table is the one with the pierced chargers, right? I purchased a set of (non-pierced) white ones with a swirl-like design and a set of cream-colored, pierced chargers from Horchow back in 2008 (before I was even blogging) but I think it’s the pierced ones that you saw and liked. The white swirl design chargers do have a Hallmark, they say “Vintage Garden, Ambiance Collections” on the back. Unfortunately, the cream, pierced chargers don’t have any hallmark at all and I remember the boxes they came in were very plain without a brand. I remember thinking how odd that was, that the boxes were totally plain. I have a feeling they were designed specifically for Horchow. I wish they would reproduce them again since so many folks ask about those.

      • Thank you, Susan! Happy Thanksgiving! This will be my second time cooking, baking, etc. I hope it goes well, as my first time I used a disposable roasting pan which I stabbed by mistake and the firetruck showed up at the same time as my guests! LOL! Best regards, Karen

        • lol That sounds like the way my cooking usually goes. Here’s to a non-eventful but very successful Thanksgiving for the both of us! 🙂

  5. I bought this book and love it, I have all of Faudree’s books and yes we will miss him. After buying his first book I soon went and got myself a Cavalier King Charles Spanie,l that’s how influenced by his book I became. My Cavalier looks very much like Faudree’s Cavalier, it’s an amazing breed. Later I was on a mission to find an antique French Pastry Table, found one after looking for one for a long time and it became the centerpiece of my kitchen remodel. Yes, I have definitely been one to be influenced by Faudree’s books. Enjoyed your post and it serves as a reminder that I need to go back and look through his books again and again but unfortunately it gets me into trouble, OOPS.

  6. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says

    Susan, i so agree. I love — deeply — each of my Faudree design books. I love everything he did. There was no room I didn’t want to go into, sit down and get cozy. So livable. I love decorating in the French country manner. Now more than ever. I’m just not that into the cold, white or beige, sterile, plain manner of decorating favored by many.

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