Chevron Walls Turn a Home Office Into a Beautiful Nursery

Welcome to the 473rd Metamorphosis Monday!

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Met Monday

I have a wonderful and creative Before and After to share for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday! Joy, a good friend of mine, welcomed a new baby girl to the world this past year. In preparation for her arrival, she moved her office to another area in her home, then got to work turning the old home office into an adorable nursery.

For the nursery, Joy wanted to create a special wall treatment she had seen online. This was definitely one of those “the-internet-made-me-do-it” moments. I’ll let Joy share how she found her inspiration and turned it into reality–a beautiful nursery for her daughter, Avery.


“I try to do rooms that my children won’t outgrow quickly which is why I decided to do a chevron wall in Avery’s room. I know many people do chevron decals, but our walls are textured, it’s a Pacific Northwest oddity I think, and the decals often just look terrible. So paint it was.”

“After stalking Houzz and blogs for instructions for chevron walls, and putting it off because it intimidated the heck out of me, I finally got brave and measured the wall. Then, I grabbed my six-year-old daughter’s drawing paper, her Merida ruler, I needed Brave, one of her Little Mermaid pencils because nothing helps creativity quite like Ariel, and drew a scale model of the wall. 115 inches became 11.5.

“I knew didn’t want to do a super busy, sharp, or a thin chevron pattern because this girl wasn’t taping or painting that insanity, but I needed to test different layouts. How many chevrons did I want? How thick should they be? What angle did I want the pattern? In my mind, I planned for eight inch stripes, but the wall was perfectly sized for nine inches. I also liked the look of two-and-a-half chevrons over just two.

“I grabbed our four-foot level from the garage and slowly laid out a grid on the wall of boxes 23 and 3/8 inches by nine inches. I fired up my latest book on Audible and got to work. Because our house has settled over the years, I couldn’t count on the wall and room being square, I had to make sure my boxes stayed square which meant checking the measurements frequently. Once the boxes were laid out, I drew the diagonals. The layout took roughly ninety minutes as I was very meticulous.”

Marking off wall for Chevron Strip Pattern


“Then the real “fun” began–the taping. Confession: I hate to tape to paint on a good day. This was taping hell and we were out of frog tape, the secret to this, and, of course, the baby was asleep. No quick Ace Hardware runs for me. I found thick blue painters tape in the garage, muttered a prayer to the paint tape sticky gods, and started. It was hours of taping, cutting, taping, cursing, taping, feeding the baby, playing with the baby, taping, getting my older child from school, taping, listening to my older child complain she only has one stripe (for the record, she has three on all four walls), and more taping before it was finally ready to paint and, right on cue, it was time for dinner. Thai takeout anyone? I started taping at 11 AM. Good times.”

How to Add Chevron Stripes to Wall


“After dinner, I used a thin roller to paint the white lines with no-VOC paint. The actual painting time? 20 minutes. Hours of layout and taping to paint for 20 minutes. I added a second coat, had another heart to heart with the blue painter’s tape sticky gods and pulled the tape off, praised said blue painter’s tape sticky gods, and decided it was worth all the effort and the swearing.”

Painter's Tape Used to Create Chevron Pattern on Wall


“The next morning I took a magic eraser and cleaned all the visible pencil grid lines from the wall. An aside, I don’t know who invented the Magic Eraser or what deadly chemicals are in it, but I love her. And she, because we know a woman came up with it, is the reason there is no pencil on the wall–or sharpie on my desk, but that’s another story.

I traced the letters I had bought, cut them out of construction paper, hung them on the wall and played a bit. After all that effort, I didn’t want to add bunch of random nail holes. This way, I’d know exactly where to put the mounts for the real letters to spell out her name.

I am delighted by the results and love her nursery. It turned out even better than I imagined.”

Girls Nursery with Chevron Accent Wall


Joy, thanks so much for sharing this awesome transformation! I’m not sure I would have the nerve to attempt this, but you pulled it off beautifully. This is a design that Avery will enjoy for many years to come!

Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. I have NO patience for something like this even though it turned out great. It’s why even though I am a prize-winning baker, I cannot decorate cakes. Anything fiddly drives me batty. Good for her for sticking with it. Obviously worth it.

  2. Great job Joy did on that wall. I’d be sweatin’ bullets hoping all my lines were just so!
    Have a great week Susan. Thank you for hosting and sharing the deals.

  3. Such a sweet nursery, and so brave! I could never get that pattern straight! Thanks Susan

  4. Joy will enjoy that room as much as Avery for the first year or so. Now she can sit back and enjoy both of her LABORING work. A very beautiful job.

  5. So cute and nicely done. A style to last many years.

  6. I know chevrons have been all the rage recently, but I personally don’t really like them. However, this is one of the best use of chevrons I have seen, and it makes a plain room into a very special nursery. I really enjoyed Joy’s commentary on the process, too. (And I love her name, of course!)

  7. donna a zoltanski says

    Adorable nursery – good work Joy. I also love the neutral tones with touches of pink! Classy.

  8. Adding the pink Avery made it look super. I would probably get mixed up and start painting the wrong chevron! Determination certainly prevailed here. I used blue painter’s tape to drop the ceiling paint line down about five inches (makes the room look higher) and got some flaws but up high so not noticeable. I think the secret is really pressing that tape down to get a great seal which I didn’t do.

    • I actually wrote in pencil on the wall the color each line was supposed to be just to keep it straight

    • Kathleen, in case this is helpful, when I painted my dining room a rich, deep red by Benjamin Moore called Raspberry Truffle, I asked the BM guy for some tips to keep the red where it needed to be. I was really worried about bleeding. He told me to take a credit card and to run it along the tape after I finished taping everything off. I did that and it worked great! I hardly had any touch up at the end. So a credit card is great for pressing down the tape.

  9. Thank you for hosting Susan!

  10. Thanks so much for the party!!

  11. Very pretty nursery. My daughter did something very similar for our first grandgirl, some 13 1/2 years ago, so I was not blogging then. She did a soft beige and lavender.
    Thank you for hosting, it’s been a while I hadn’t ‘metamorphosed’ anything, now we had our dining chairs reupholstered with Toile.

  12. Cyndi Raines says

    Thanks Susan for the sales tips, but I said no more new clothes until I get to my closet and figure out what I am pitching , keeping, giving away, etc. As I am not motivated at all right now to do this, it may be a while yet for new clothes. My personal deadline for this project is no later than the end of March. I am not a procrastinator by nature, just having lot of family distractions. Hopefully I’ll get on board soon as spring is coming! Good job Joy!

  13. She did a great job with this. The room really appears to be wider too as a result. I like the colors- not too bold. I love the name she chose for her daughter too!

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