The Best Hair Styling Tool I’ve Ever Used

A few years back I shared a tool that I’ve been using for years to add some light curls and body to my hair. It did a great job adding curls, but it never helped with the little frizzies I tend to get right after I’ve washed and blow-dried my hair. I still used it though because it was so much more convenient and easier than hot rollers, and it didn’t feel near as hard on the hair as a curling iron. (It’s still being made and is available here: Hot-Air Style Brush).

Well, I’m afraid my old hot-air styling brush may not be seeing any love for a while because there’s a new man in town! Recently I purchased THIS amazing styling tool shown below, and I can not begin to describe how awesome it is! The few times in my life that I’ve visited a fancy, (translate…expensive) salon in my area for a cut and blow dry, once home I was never able to duplicate the silkiness and the body that they were able to give my hair. How do they do both…leave your hair so silky, but full of body?!Best Hair Tool for Smoothing Frizzies and Creating Beautiful Curls

Well, now I know how they do it because that’s exactly what this tool does! When I use it after washing and blow-drying my hair, it leaves it silky smooth, yet full of body. You know that salon feeling when your hair feels so nice that you can’t stop touching it–you just keep wanting to run your fingers through it because it feels so amazing? Well, that’s exactly how this tool leaves your hair! I absolutely love it! I also like that it’s virtually impossible (due to its design) to burn your fingers or hands while using it.

It can be used to just smooth out frizzies after you’ve washed/dried your hair, or it can be used to create wonderful waves or curls. Since I have hair that’s just below my shoulder now (I’ve been letting it grow) I went with the 1-1/2 inch barrel that’s designed for medium to longer hair.Best Hair Tool for Smoothing Frizzies and Creating Beautiful Curls

After mine arrived and I had a chance to use it a few times, I thought, I need to order one of these for my daughter-in-law. She has beautiful, long hair and is one of those talented folks who knows how to create lots of different hairstyles and updos, something I’ve never mastered.

I texted her first to see if she already had one and she didn’t, so I went ahead and placed the order. Her hair styler was due to arrive yesterday. Late yesterday evening after the little ones were in bed, I got this text.


I just knew she would love it, as obsessed as I am with mine! lol

As mentioned, I purchased the 1-1/2 inch barrel size for myself. That’s the same size I bought for my dil, too. They also make it in a 1-inch size barrel for those who have shorter hair, and it’s amazing the lift and volume it can add to short hair, too.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use tool to smooth out frizzies and add body or beautiful curls, I can’t recommend this amazing styler enough! They are available here at the best price I was able to find online: Styling Tool.

Just had to share this with you because it’s truly made my life much easier…and I can’t get over how fast it works. I almost feel like buying another one to keep as a backup in case mine eventually croaks ten years from now and they are no longer making it. Hopefully, that won’t happen!

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  1. So it doesn’t dry your hair! I will have to investigate this. Thanks for the recommendation!

    • It didn’t mine. In the information I found online, it mentions using ionic dual heat technology…and I think that helps it to not dry out the hair like a regular heating iron. I also love that you can burn yourself on it.

  2. Stella Boatman says

    I think I need to get this hair styling brush but really want to know how you got such a beautiful text background!

  3. Susan, Does this blow dry your hair as it styles or strictly style it?

    • No, it just styles it. What I do is I blow dry my hair as I normally would, then use the styler. I have thick hair and this tool is so fast, I can add curl/volume (and smooth out the frizzies at the same time) in about 5 minutes max. I can’t get over how fast it works!

  4. Adding that to my must-have list. How amazing and easy to use. Thanks for this tip!

  5. Have you had any trouble with your hair getting tangled in the brush?

    • Judy, do you mean the styler I was using or the one I just bought and am using now? The one that I used to use with the bristles, I occasionally had that issue, but very rarely. I haven’t had it with the new style at all, so far.

  6. I use the same styling tool! I totally agree with you, it’s the best. Makes my hair shine!

  7. Cyndi Raines says

    Wow, sounds great! Thanks for the info Susan.

  8. It sounds great but WAY too expensive for me! My shoulder length hair gets rather frizzy.

  9. You are the best! You cost me so much money but you are like a personal shopper who somehow knows what is irresistible. A Talbot’s sale, earring backs, now a new hair toy. LOL. And that’s just this week! You + Amazon Prime + that one swipe thing that makes buying so quick and easy = a wonderful combination. Thank you for being you!
    BTW, some time ago I asked you about front door sidelights and my concern about a deadbolt lock being reachable inside if the sidelight glass were to be broken. You had good advice and ideas but I ended up getting a door with windows at the top (for light in the foyer) but without sidelights because the opening was an odd size and my contractor could not find a door with sidelights to fit. So my dilemma sort of solved itself.
    Thanks again, my personal shopper!
    Mary Anne

  10. Oooh, I’m excited to try this! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  11. I have your old Conair brush, but as soon as it dies I want your new model. (Unless you want to adopt me as your “older” DIL!). Yesterday I gave up on growing my hair out and had it cut into a pixie. I’m feeling pretty sassy!! The Conair brush saved my bacon when my broke my arm and leg last August bc I could actually make a hairdo with one hand.

    • I’ve tried to grow mine out a few times and end up cutting it when it goes through the awkward stages. I think I’m almost past the worst of it. I hate it when it’s right at that point where it not above your shoulder and not below it, so it just bunches up on top. lol I’m trying to not cave and cut it back to shoulder length, but we’ll see how long I last!
      I wish I had the face for a pixie…mine is too round/wide and doesn’t look good that way…sadly.

  12. Thanks Susan. I just renewed my Cosmetologist License here in VA. My original when I passed by boards was in 1975. I still dabble p/t. My day job gives me tons of benefits and retirement. Even when I worked 6 days a week, I never made enough for basic living expenses and insurance and something to put away for retirement. I love this tool. I have had one similar when they first came out. I had many ethnic customers and this is a dream. I actually use this at the same time I blow dry. It cuts the drying time and limits the amount of heat applied to the hair. When using a dryer, after you get the hair dry, push the cold button (mine is blue) and hit it with some cool air to lock in the shape and help prevent the frizziness. Occasionally for very curly hair, I use one of the products that are applied to dry hair. Only a drop. My current product contains Olive Oil. USE SPARINGLY to dry hair and the shine is great. Thanks again for all the research you do for the rest of us. I am a huge researcher myself. I like having a bit of knowledge before I make a decision. I have even found the exact same product price difference between the 3 big’s, TJMaxx, Home Goods and Marshall’s. You are the best. I love your style and class.

    • Doug, that is so awesome that you have your license! Yeah, ya gotta have those benefits/insurance/retirement. So smart to be thinking about that.
      I noticed this styler feels much less damaging to the hair when I use it. I don’t quite understand how it works so well, yet you don’t feel like your putting that much heat on the hair. I guess it’s that ionic technology they mention in the info I’ve read about it.
      Wow, thanks for all those awesome tips! This is so helpful for not just me, but for all who read it! Aww, thanks–appreciate that so much. ~ ♥ ~

  13. Jenny Grandfield says

    I bought this recently from QVC when it was their daily special. I haven’t tried it yet. When it gets warmer I like to let my hair dry naturally, which would be a curly/wavy style. Cute for a day but the next day it would be too frizzy, so I plan to use this to style it differently. They also have a hair dryer version.

  14. Is it dual-voltage? I love my accessories to be travel ready, like ME!✈️

    • lol I’m not sure. I don’t ever trust supposedly dual-voltage appliances because a traveler hair dryer I purchased once that was supposed to be dual-voltage, would never work when I traveled with it. So I ALWAYS take my trusty converter (seen here: and I can take anything I want with me…doesn’t have to be dual voltage.
      Plus I can use it to charge my phone, iPad, computer, etc… all at one time, since you can plug in 6-7 things at once. That really comes in handy if you travel with another person who also needs to charge their phone, etc…
      I did notice on the boat that I had to temporarily unplug the other things I had plugged in when I blow dried my hair, probably a blowdryer takes so much power, but once I finished, I could plug as many things in at once again as I liked.
      Delphine, if you don’t have one of these, I highly recommend it! It’s the first thing I always pack when I travel overseas, and the very first thing I get out…such peace of mind! Everyone “claims” that today’s computers and cellphones can charge without a converter, but there’s no way I would take a chance with devices that expensive.

  15. OK Susan, I just ordered it! I have used the same Conair drying/styling brush and have frizzy hair, so am taking your advice (again!). Thanks for being a wonderful personal shopper, as someone above mentioned.

    • Hope you love it as much as I do, Kay. I put my old one up after I used this one. I started to keep it out but realized I would never use it again because this one, for me, is so much better.

  16. Hi Susan. I have your old Conair styler. The Calista Perfector is also available on QVC. There are several styles starting at $70. I may have to try it.

    • The one on QVC that’s $70 is different from the one I purchased for myself and my dil. The one we have that comes with the storage bag is the same price on QVC as what I paid…so they are priced the same. I noticed that the $70 one on QVC is being clearanced out…so maybe it’s a previous year’s model, not sure.

  17. Sherry Darlington says

    I’ve had one for several years. I’m actually on my second one. It is an amazing styling tool. I have baby fine stick straight hair & IT WORKS!

    • Wish I had known about it sooner! Thanks Sherry for letting me know how it has been working for you all these years. I’m excited to have it, loving it so far! 🙂

  18. I have to chime in that I bought the Calista a few years ago on QVC when it was offered as a Today’s Special Value. Works great and smooths out my hair nicely.

  19. Thank you Susan, I have been looking for a new curling iron, just bought one!!

  20. Gail Morris says

    Your post about the hair styling iron is really timely! I have been searching all over for something like this but have hesitated purchasing one without reviews like yours! I ordered mine today! Thank you for sharing your finds with us…you’ve never led me astray!

  21. I’m still fighting the chemo frizz, even after 11 years but I found this tool last year and it’s the best thing ever. I call mine the Fluffinator because it fluffs and curls and takes care of most of the frizz. (My hair is short and that’s the reason it can’t take care of all of it but it works wonders on the longer parts.)

  22. Bobbi Duncan says

    My hair is short and straight, so I am really pleased to learn of this product that, I hope, will give my hair some nice lift. Can’t wait to give it a try! Thanks for sharing all your great finds. It’s going up to 75 here today–again–and I see new buds on the trees. I’m sure we’ll still get some cold days, but, for now, I’m basking in this glorious day. Hugs!

    • Wow, this weather is crazy! Bobbi, I think the Bradford Pears are blooming here…and the cherry trees. It’s sooo early! All my daffodils are up and blooming, too!

  23. Tina Carpenter says

    Thanks for this post I am going to order this. My hair is fine, but I have a lot of it, and is now cut in the Lisa Rinna style. Sounds like the perfect tool.

    • Hope you love it, Tina. I would think it would work great for that style. You may need the 1 inch barrel since I think her hair style is a shorter one.

  24. I have used a Conair brush for decades. I just ordered one of these to try it out. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Hope you enjoy it, Sarah! I didn’t think I’d find anything better than my Conair hot air brush, but this definitely beats it, at least for my hair. Let me know what you think after you get it.

  25. Well, don’t laugh. Oh, okay! Go ahead and laugh. So I read this last night just in time to order via Amazon for our upcoming trip to New Zealand this weekend. Only I found one a little different with a built in hair dryer which I figured would save me even more space so I wouldn’t have to take my travel hair dryer or my round brush. The contraption was delivered tonight. Big mistake. It’s huge! Bigger than my travel hair dryer and round brush together! And I’m having issues just holding it up as it feels heavier than my big blow dryer. Geeez!!! You have already cost me a lot of bucks in other areas of your blog with all the fun things you post. Not that I’m complaining — husband may at times. LOL! But I should’ve just got the Calista and used it after my travel blow dryer. What a goof I am! Hopefully the Calista will arrive in time. Thanks for sharing more cool tools I didn’t know I needed. 🙂

    • Victoria, that totally sounds like something that would happen to me! Thanks for sharing that, I’ll avoid buying one of those if I ever come across it. 🙂

  26. Does anyone know how this works on Long Thin Straight hair? I am thinking of cutting it to below shoulder length so it will still go in a French twist – easy and quick. It will only curl with curling irons at a beauty salon which I cannot purchase without a license. Think I will try this, I am the Queen of returns! Susan, I appreciate your shopping for me, always super ideas and just my style. Thank you.

    • My hair is pretty coarse so I can’t say personally, but I noticed in the literature online, it states it works on all types, including fine hair. If you order it and it doesn’t work as you would like, I would just return it. Hope it works for you, MaryEllen!

  27. Here you go again Susan tempting me to spend $. Making my last Peloton payment next week and was looking forward to a little extra cash flow. But, now I really want this after reading the reviews and comments here I think it will work on my hair.

    Peloton is still the best $ I have ever spent and I can’t thank you enough for posting about it. What a life changer!! Are you still as addicted as in the beginning?

    I went to NYC 1/6/18 to meet up with some people I have gotten to know on the rider page. We rode in studio, went to dinner and then had brunch together the next morning before heading home. Had so much fun we are planning to meet again 3/24.

    Asked you before if you thought about going to NYC to ride live and you said that you were not planning on it. If you ever change your mind please let me know, I would love to meet up with you.

    • I’m so glad you are still loving it! I am still enjoying mine, although I have switched to mostly doing the scenic rides lately. I will prop my iPad up on the handlebar and watch an episode of Agatha Raisin while riding one of the scenic routes that’s playing behind the ipad on the Peloton screen. I’m sure I’ll go back to taking the classes again eventually, just enjoying Acorn TV that I just signed up for recently, so figure I should ride when I watch. My dil still loves her bike, too!
      That is so cool that you’ve made friends with folks you met on the rider page…I love that! It’s amazing how many people this awesome bike brings together!

      • I just had a thought…..please tell me you are not planning on buying the Pelo Tread. Have worked my budget many times since they announced it and there is just no way I can pull it off right now. If you get it and write a post on how much you love it I know that I will end up ordering it. LOL!

        • Lol! No, I did see it, but I love my bike so much that I think if I had one I would just end up still using the bike. It would be fun to have both and to be able to alternate which one you used each day though.

  28. Ok I ordered it. Wish I had done it before my trip to Cayman Islands. My hair is layered and fine with lots of natural wave. In the mornings, I had to wear a head band cause I can’t do anything with it. Today, I used this baby on the bed head and omg it’s life changing . I got smooth, round curl- also can be used to get rid of my frizzy back pieces. Seriously, ordering another for my daughter in Nashville, her humidity hair is going to thank me and YOU

  29. Terry Stewart says

    I received my curler yesterday cant wait to try it. I want to take it with me when we go to Ireland in June.

  30. I just wanted to let you know that I recommended this to my mother and sisters-in-law. I said listen if Susan recommends something it is thoroughly vetted and a good deal and good quality. They were eager to get one and it was sold out! I said see, she was right it is great and everyone wants one!

  31. I am thrilled that you posted this as I had received one of these as a Christmas gift last year. I had completely forgotten about it until I read your comments. WOW! I got it out and gave it a try and it’s amazing! And, to think I had it at my fingertips! Fantastic!

  32. Wanda Bradey says

    I ordered the 1.5″ and love it. Yesterday I ordered the 1″ since my hair is shorter. Thanks for sharing your ideas and great finds.

  33. So…after much indecision because I couldn’t decide which size hair styler I needed, I eventually forgot about it. And either you mentioned it again recently, or something, but I ordered the smaller one and got it yesterday. I love it–it’s great!!! It is so easy to use, and immediately tamed the frizzies. Great tip.

    • I’m so glad you love it, Mia! I seriously do not know how I ever lived without mine. It’s the only thing I use now for styling my hair. I should probably order a second one because I would be so upset if they ever discontinue it and mine eventually croaks.

  34. Priscilla says

    Hi – just discovered you, so glad I have! I’m hoping you can post some websites or videos that provide styling tips – I’m hopeless when it comes to styling my hair, so I got a Conair version of this – and really don’t know how to use it. Any help would be appreciated!

  35. Catalynnn says

    Hi Susan,
    I’ve been meaning to ask you forever if you’re still happy with your Calista Perfector?
    With summer coming I’ve been thinking maybe I should get myself one to help me add volume and style my hair.
    I’ve looked online and it’s a little confusing which model to buy, would you mind telling me exactly which one you have, size of barrel and any other info you want to share, thanks in advance for any assistance… hope you’re enjoying all the spring flowers and lovely weather.

    • These are the two Calista tools that I use. The pink one is a 1-inch barrel, I believe and the purple is a 1-1/2 inch barrel. When I wear my hair shorter, I use the 1 inch, but mostly I used the bigger barrel one.


      Unfortunately, the last time I tried to find it online when I was in Ohio and realized I’d left mine at home, I couldn’t find it. I ended up buying one off eBay which was the only place I could find one. I think they’ve discontinued the one that’s like mine. Their Perfecter Pro+ looks very similar, though…you can see it here:
      If mine ever stops working, I think I’ll get the Perfecter Pro since it looks so similar.

      I just looked on Amazon and this one looks very much like my purple one that’s great for longer hair:
      I like the look of it a lot! I’ve very tempted to order it as backup incase one of my croaks eventually.

      • Catalynn says

        Oh thank you so much Susan for your reply including the pics it’s so sweet of you.
        I feel much better now and comfortable knowing what to look for, it can be so confusing and I was worried I might order the wrong one.
        I’ll probably look on eBay, thanks for your input!

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