Dining in a Country Lodge, An Autumn Inspired Table Setting

Welcome to the 529th Tablescape Thursday!

It’s very cold here in Georgia right now, so I’m dreaming I’m in a beautiful lodge. There’s a roaring, crackling fire blazing away in the massive stone fireplace. I’m curled up under a cozy, warm throw, reading The Secret Garden for the thousandth time while sipping the yummiest hot chocolate.

What’s that? It’s time for dinner?

Candlelight Woodland Table Setting for Fall


A dark green/red, plaid throw worked well as a tablecloth for this autumn tablescape.

Woodland Lodge Style Table Setting for Fall


It’s been cold and rainy since I returned from Egypt, so I’m currently craving all things cozy and warm. The candles are real although the tall ones look like the faux candles in this photo. They are Colonial Candle and they burn beautifully with nice, tall flames.

Candlelight Woodland Plaid Table for Autumn


A few years back I purchased these woodland salad plates on eBay. They are from Oneida and the design is “Country Lodge” by David Carter Brown. As with so many of DCB’s designs, the salad plates depict four different designs/patterns. Since I have eight plates, I decided to just use two of the designs today. I’m saving the other two designs for another table setting I have in mind.

Cabin, Lodge Dinnerware Plates


The plaid dinner plates are from Pottery Barn many years ago. You’ll find some very similar that are currently on sale here: Plaid Plates. I’m afraid that sale may be ending tonight as I type this, hopefully not.

David Carter Brown, Country Lodge Salad-Dessert Plate


This is the other plate from the Country Lodge set that I’m using today. David Carter Brown definitely has my number down, I love pretty much everything he creates!

Just noticed as I was getting the photos ready for this post that I have the wine glass in the wrong spot at this place setting. Always notice these things AFTER the pictures are taken. Arggg.


Love these bark-edged chargers for woodsy, autumn-winter tables. They are still available here: Chargers. I use them so much more than I ever thought I would, they are perfect for autumn-winter tables.

Country Lodge Plates, Designed by David Carter Brown


Twig flatware and pine cone napkin rings worked well for this rustic table setting. Pine Cone napkin rings are from Pier 1 several years ago. Twig flatware is from Wayfair, also several years ago.

Twig Flatware


I kept things simple for the centerpiece.

Candlelit Table with Country Lodge Theme


Remember the vintage thermos set I sometimes use when decorating for Christmas?


It was the inspiration for today’s tablescape. I began this table with it in my centerpiece and built the table out from there. The hot cocoa mugs may look familiar, do you remember where I normally use those?

Mallard Duck Glasses for a Country Lodge-Cabin Table Setting


They are the same mugs I use in my Hot Cocoa bar on the porch. And there’s the vintage plaid thermos set again. It’s fun (and economical) to use those things we already have when creating a centerpiece for a table. (See more of this Hot Cocoa bar here: Hot Cocoa Bar.)


The duck glasses were a find many years ago in Tuesday Morning. They were on sale for $1.50 a glass–practically dollar store pricing so I couldn’t pass them up. Amber wine glasses are from A Classy Flea many years ago. The tall, red candlesticks are from Hobby Lobby. Found them in their sale aisle back in 2008 shortly after I began blogging. It’s been ages since I last used them.

Mallard Duck Glasses for a Country Lodge-Cabin Table Setting


Have you started decorating for Christmas, yet? I’m thinking about putting the wreaths up on the front of the house this weekend. I love putting those up a little early so I can enjoy them a bit longer. The Christmas season goes by way too fast!

Candlelight Woodland Plaid Table for Autumn


Update: Adding a couple of photos taken the following day in natural lighting…

Autumn Table, Plaid Woodland Tablescape


Plaid Autumn Table, Moose Plates


Stay warm, dear Friends!

Candlelight Woodland Table Setting for Fall


Looking forward to the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Brrrrrr Susan, your tablescape is just what I need on this freezing morning! It snowed in Birmingham AL last night!!! Your cozy table is adorable, reading and sipping sounds so good, thanks for the fun today!

  2. Love this setting!! Those plates are calling me!! I just love all the plaids and the paisley napkins put me over the edge!! Thanks so much for hosting!

  3. Lovely tablescape, as always!! Everything looks so cozy and warm. Blessings to you for a warm and Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. What?! In Georgia it’s cold outside?! In Germany it’s too hot and we need some rain, ASAP! Our rivers are dry and our grocery stores still carry strawberries instead of exotic cocoas! Arghh… I’m dreaming of a white Christmas as I have never done before! lol
    Beautiful tablescape, Susan! I love that I can dream of colder temps just looking at it! 🙂
    Hugs to you.

  5. Susan, It’s cold here but so glad the rain stopped! Thoughts of a cozy throw and sipping hot chocolate sounds good.
    Your table is inviting with nostalgic vintage thermos and fun plates! I marvel at how you remember where you bought everything and remember the tablescape you may have used them before.
    Thanks for Tablescape Thursday.

    • Sometimes I have to look back at an older post, and sometimes I get it wrong. I find the further away it gets from the date I purchased, the harder it is to remember.
      I know, I’m sooo glad the rain stopped. The sunshine today was wonderful! It gets downright depressing when the rain won’t stop.

  6. Hi Pam ! Love the tablescape ! I would use this for Christmas! Would LOVE to get one of the THROW plaid black and red you have on the table ! Please email me and let me know where you got it ! Thanks Cindy

    • Thanks, Cindy! Actually, this throw is red with a really dark green, although it’s coming across as black in the photos. I’m trying to remember when I found, I think I purchased it A Classy Flea many years ago. Sadly they have closed now.

    • Cindy, It probably wouldn’t work as a table cover, but Pottery barn has a very soft red and black buffalo plaid throw this season. Also, my Home Goods had a red and black buffalo plaid Ralph Lauren tablecloth this season. Is it obvious that I shop too much? MM

      • Ha!Just saw your message thank you for that I do decorate with buffalo black and red plaid going to do it this year for the Christmas season thank you so much and yes I love! TJ marshals and etc. etc. you and I need to go shopping ha ha have a merry Christmas

  7. It’s snowy/sleety here right now and this table just drew me right in. Love the combo of wood charger, plaid plate and woodsy small plate. It’s a good day for a hot adult beverage in those thermoses!!

  8. Cyndi Raines says

    Nice cozy corner! Yes, it’s cold here too, a nice day to cuddle with a good blog, (yours) and review great posts with a cup of hot tea or chocolate. Great day! Lol.

  9. Ohhhh, really like this tablescape. You just need some French onion soup or Boeuf Bourguignon (sp?) to serve on it

    • Oh, that would be perfect! This table would have been really cute with my brown acorn tureens. Ginger, I needed you here to suggest that when I was putting it together! 🙂

  10. Leslie Alexander says

    Love the cozy tablescape! Red and brown are always great colors to combine. And the lit candles are the perfect finishing touch. Details. You always excel in the details, Susan.
    I am going to do something this year I have NEVER done before – I am decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving (and the rest of the weekend!). I have some company coming for a Christmas event the following week and I just decided to do it early and enjoy it longer. I’ve been creating an inspiration binder (my answer to Pinterest) with pictures and ideas I’ve been collecting for years. I also keep all my old December issues of magazines and love to browse through them each year to awaken the muse of Christmas. Thanks for always providing a great story, inspiration, or ideas. Happy Thanksgiving, Susan!

    • Aww, thanks Leslie! I used to always decorate the day after Thanksgiving but now I do it a little earlier…love having time to enjoy it a bit longer. You will love that extra time!
      Oh, I know just what you mean…I’ve done that over the years with my old Traditional Home Magazine and my Colonial Homes Magazine. I’ve also kept some of the special Christmas issues of other magazines. So much inspiration and fun to revisit this time of year. Have fun decorating, Leslie!

  11. Thank you for hosting Susan! Love the Country Lodge plates.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. I would love to sit there with you and just linger, sipping, talking, maybe leafing through some magazines or decor books for Christmas inspiration. That’s a great table, love it. It speaks cozy to me from the tartan centerpiece out to the paisley napkins. I absolutely love the mix and layers for tablescaping. My Thanksgiving table is very similar in patterns and color layered, and I’m already thinking of Christmas and winter tables.
    Very cold, rain to drizzle here, expecting scant snow (we are apparently in a ‘miss’ vs ‘hit’ pocket, thank goodness). All I want to do is stay cozy today, decorating can wait, lol.
    Thanks so much for hosting us. Whatever your plans for Thanksgiving are, I hope you enjoy your time. I suspect a little online shopping is in the cards. 😉

    • That sounds perfect, Rita…would love that! I know, I felt the same way this whole week, stay inside and avoid the rainy weather. Finally, we have some sunshine today and it’s beautiful out! Hope you are seeing sunshine by now.
      I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with family in Ohio, hope the weather cooperates so my flight doesn’t get canceled.
      Ha! You know me well, definitely planning for some online shopping. 😉

  13. Well, Susan, we had an ice storm here in southern Ohio this morning. And you worry about our snowy winters, lol! Love your tablescape. I much prefer when you feature your own and not a blog follower. Not that theirs aren’t great, but you have such a large collection of dishes and table decor that I love to see your creations!

    • Thanks, Bev! Appreciate that so much!
      I was talking to my son last night as he drove home from work. As he pulled into the drive he said that Nancy, my dil had texted him a photo earlier of something down in their backyard. At first he thought it was a photo of the umbrella in their outdoor table, but as we talked he walked up into the backyard and said it looked fine. Then he saw it…apparently, a HUGE limb was broken and hanging down right over the top of the umbrella. I could hear the ice cracking as he closed down the umbrella. I’m sure he’s dealing with that today. We get bad ice storms here in Atlanta every so often and I hate them. They destroy my magnolia tree every time. The top has been broken out of it 3 times over the years from ice storms. It still has broken branches up high from last years snow/ice storms.

  14. Dawne Marie says

    Love the autumn table! Cozy! Sit with your hot chocolate and marshmallows after ice skating!
    It’s soo hot here in SW FL. The AC is still on.
    Can’t wait to see your Xmas tablesettings. So far the mood hasn’t hit me. Need cool weather!

    • Wow, that’s amazing that you guys are hot when we’ve been freezing just a little north of you. We are finally warming back up today.
      I know, cool weather does help to get us inspired!

  15. Sandra D in Joliet says

    We went to 100 heat index to a week of 80’s to winter in Illinois. We had high winds and snow one day, weeks ago. Some snow flurries that stuck to the yard, trees but the drive and roads were clear (my kind of snow!) but it’s been freezing at night for a couple weeks so when it snowed this morning it stuck everywhere. Had to shovel (bummer). I love the table setting, especially the Moose plate! The wood chargers are wonderful and I always love the Hot Cocoa bar since I first seen it. I even bought the hooks-just no hutch or place to it. I love the Secret Garden-I’m binging on Poirot right now and reading one of “The Cat Who” series. Stay warm

    • Crazy weather! lol That’s my kind of snow, too! I don’t like it when the roads are a mess. Thanks, Sandra! I think you need to create that hot cocoa bar this winter. You could set it up in a corner of your kitchen perhaps…I’ve seen folks do that before. Happy winter reading, mysteries sound perfect for winter! I’m going to pull my puzzle board back out, too.

  16. Susan, I was just thinking earlier this week that I miss your tables. So, thank you for posting this great setting. It snowed here this morning, followed by cold messy rain, so warm and cozy is perfectly timed. For whatever reason, plaid has become a favorite of late.

    I know travel is a passion, and I do enjoy your travel tales, but for me you will always be the blogger who fueled my renewed interest in beautiful table settings. I thank you for that. Happy Thanksgiving. MM

    • Thanks so much, Marie…appreciate that so much! I’m not sure I’ll travel as much next year, may only take a single trip.
      I know what you mean, I’m obsessed with plaid! Never realized how much I loved it until a few years ago. I think once you fall in love with that look, it never goes away.

  17. Your table looks so warm and cozy, Susan. I love it!….Christine

  18. Your table is perfection, Susan! The reds, the plaids, the wooden chargers—I love them all. I’m fighting stomach right now, have the chills. Your cozy table is helping take the chills away. :0)

    Thanks again for another GREAT Tablescape Thursday.


    • Thanks so much, Elena! Oh, I hope it doesn’t last long. When I was so sick after returning from Egypt, I found the only thing I could eat was chicken/rice soup or chicken noodle soup. I don’t know why we crave that when sick, but I definitely did. I hope you are feeling better today!

  19. Did I ever tell you that “I got those thermos/case” for High School graduation gift!!” That was back in 19hmmmm!! One is still in use! Cabins are cozy…take it from one who lives in one. We had sNOw yesterday!! franki

    • Really?! What a cool gift to receive! I love that idea! Maybe they were thinking it would come in handy for future football games.
      I found this set on eBay several years back and it appears to have never been used. The thermoses are spotless inside and the little “snack” box that came with it is also pristine. Did your’s come with a little snack/sandwich box with a red lid?

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