Hanging Wreaths & My Favorite Tartan Flannel Sheets Are On Sale

Have you completed your autumn decorations? I didn’t really decorate a lot this year since I was out of the country for most of October, then under the weather with a nasty cold/virus for 10+ days of November. About the only decorating I did prior to leaving for Egypt was to hang a fall wreath on my front door. (See more of this wreath in this previous post: Autumn Wreath for the Front Door.)

Decorate Door for Fall with Pumpkin Wreath


Well, that and adding a cute pumpkin to the bookshelves here in the office.

Sweater Weather Pumpkin


If you’re having family over for Thanksgiving and you’re looking for a little inspiration for your fall mantel, here’s the link to a previous “Thanksgiving-themed” mantel from a few years back: Thanksgiving Mantel.

Decorate Mantel for Thanksgiving


Another autumn mantel from the past: Autumn Mantel.

Autumn Mantel, Mallard Duck, Books, Pumpkins


This is what I’ll be working on this weekend. Today we’ve got lots of sunshine and temps in the 60’s. That’s much more normal November weather for Georgia.

Hanging Wreaths on Exterior Windows, Brick Walkway


I’m going to take advantage of this beautiful weather to get the wreaths up. I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with family so it will be nice to come back home and have some of my Christmas decorating already done. If you’re interested in hanging wreaths on the front of your home, here’s a tutorial sharing how I hang mine, along with some tips for hanging them on windows that may not open from the top: Hang Wreaths on Exterior Windows.

Easy Way to Hang Wreaths on Exterior Windows for Christmas


Holiday Sales

Have you started your Christmas shopping? I’ve gotten a good bit done, but still have more to do. I’ll be putting together a gift guide post with some ideas real soon. In the meantime, these are the sales I know are going on right now:

Brooks Brothers currently has 30% off Sports Coats and Dress Trousers, plus suits are on sale, too. You’ll find that sale here: Brooks Brothers.


They also have cute jackets and sweaters on sale for women, too. Love this jacket that’s currently on sale 50% off here: Jacket.


L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean has all their “Home” wares on sale right now, including their very best quality flannel sheets. I have them in the “Macbeth” plaid and in the solid “Natural” color and LOVE them! You’ll find them here: Flannel Sheets. Don’t forget to use the code HOME20 for the sale at checkout, although I think it will automatically apply.

I think I’ll add the Stewart Victoria pattern to my collection this winter. I love their tartan patterns! The Stewart Victoria is the third one from the bottom in this stack below. The bottom one is the Macbeth pattern, the other tartan pattern I have.



If you love tartan, my bedding is all on sale right now.


You’ll find it here: Tartan Bedding. It says, “One Day Deal.” Not sure if that means the sale is only for one day or not.


I’m off to hang wreaths before the temps start dropping again. What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Are you staying home with family coming to your place, or will you be traveling? I can’t wait to smother my grandsons in hugs and kisses in just a few days! ♥♥♥ 

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  1. The bedding makes me think of winter! Love it because it looks so cozy. I took advantage of your wreath hanging two years ago and it makes it so easy to put up the wreathes. I love how they look with the red ribbon hanging down from the top of the windows. I had to adapt for my type of windows, but didn’t have a problem. Oh, I did have one small set back on some of the wreathes with the type of hot glue I used (it didn’t hold). Not quite ready to dig out Christmas but I was tempted to start putting lights up!!

    • Glad it worked for you, Kathleen! I love using the hanging ribbon, too. I noticed on the little green sled I purchased a couple of years ago in Marshalls…the hot glue didn’t hold the pine cones in place that were on the front of the sled. I’ll have to reglue those. I guess some hot glue just doesn’t last as long.

  2. I remember that snowy photo from last year, of the front with the wreaths. I think a neighbor took it. So classic. I get the window candles all set up the weekend before Thanksgiving, then restrain myself a bit longer before jumping on Xmas. Have a sweet holiday with family.

    • That’s right…my neighbor across the street captured it. I’m so glad she did because I’m not one of those folks who says, “Oh, this is so pretty, let’s go outside and take pictures.” I’m the one inside saying, “How much longer is this gonna last?” lol
      Thanks, Mia! Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. Donna Zoltanski says

    I too love tartan plains. Happy thanksgiving. Enjoy your family.

  4. I love how the wreaths look on your home. So beautiful and so Christmas.

  5. Jane Franks says

    Love your wreaths!! I ordered lights from Amazon for my wreath this year. Been wanting to do that for awhile. I had opened an Amazon store card a few weeks ago, and they put $60 on for opening it! It gives 5% payback, too. When I ordered the lights I was thinking about the payback, and when it processed out, my total was ZERO!! I forgot I still had some of the opening deposit on my credit card!! So I’ll have new lights on my wreath at no expense to me!! I love these kinds of surprises!! I’ll put the wreath on the door the day after Thanksgiving. That give me incentive to do the rest of our decorating the following week, so we are ready for Advent. This year Gene and I are having a cozy Thanksgiving for 2!! I’ll pull out the stops, use good china and seasonal decor and make some favorite and some new dishes to go with our turkey. We love this, and don’t mind at all. We’ll do some creative projects in the afternoon, and talk with extended family on the phone. I had foot surgery a few weeks and and still healing so didn’t feel like going anywhere right now.

    • I keep thinking about getting that card since I order so much from them. I should probably do that. I love a lit wreath, that sounds beautiful, Jane. I bet you’ll have the most relaxing Thanksgiving, some years it’s nice to stay home. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Hope it’s a lovely one!

      • Jane Franks says

        Thanks, Susan! When you research the Amazon card, read carefully! There are 2 and they sound almost alike. I have the “Amazon Prime Store card” (I was already a Prime member since I order a lot from Amazon, too). There is no fee (Prime or not!), and this card has a 0% financing option if you purchase $149 or more with equal payments for up to 24 months. You can always choose to opt out of that and pay off in one month, too. That card is serviced by Synchrony bank. You can use this card only on Amazon, like any store card such as Talbots. The other card is called “Amazon Prime Rewards VISA card”. Both of these have 5% payback at Amazon. The VISA card also gives a 5% payback at Whole Foods; and 2% at restaurants, gas stations and drug stores and 1% back on all other purchases. I already have a USAA VISA that gives 1.5% payback on everything, so I didn’t need another VISA, and I don’t buy much at Whole Foods. For me the 0% financing was a better feature if I purchase large ticket items. Both cards have no fee. When I opened my store card they were offering a $60 complimentary deposit. I don’t see that now, but it may still be there. The VISA offers a $70 deposit. Hope this helps! Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels!! Jane xo

  6. Just love your blog. Love that you share your shopping finds with us. Can’t tell you how often I made purchases because of the great things you purchase. yep, I need that too is my moto when you post your finds. Thank you for sharing with us. Your home is gorgeous, just like you.

  7. After many years of traveling for Thanksgiving I am pleased we are staying home this year, This is my favorite time of year and I am so happy to be able to enjoy it at a much more relaxed pace. Enjoy those grandsons Susan, they sure grow up quickly. Blessings!!

  8. I started hanging wreaths like this a few years ago, thanks to you and the lucky day I discovered you and your blog ❤️ It is so easy and I LOVE how it looks. Thank you! Thanks also for your recent advice about what I was doing wrong with my Mopnado! You were right and it works just fine now.
    I was at the wonderful Westfarms Mall in West Hartford CT today and saw a large cage-like booth/kiosk for Peleton bicycles and thought of you. I don’t see you mention that anymore. Do you still like it?
    Mary Anne

  9. Living in Ca & NC, Flannel sheets have never made my ‘buy list’, but I love the Williams Sonoma cotton tartan and think this is the year I will do a tartan makeover for my guest rooms. So timeless and cheerful.

  10. Beautiful with the wreaths hanging! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  11. Jo Anne Lorensen says

    Any suggestions for windows with screens? Short of taking them off?

  12. Happy Thanksgiving Susan. Drive careful and stay well.
    I love flannel sheets and live farther south than you.

  13. The wreaths look gorgeous! Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Love the drama with the wreaths ! Sooo cute ! Happy Thanksgiving !

  15. Cyndi Raines says

    “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” it will this week when the wreaths in the window go up and the greenery on the porch columns and railings go up as well. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” . Happy Thanksgiving to you Susan, safe travels to you!

  16. The tartan bedding is lovely for this time of year. Did you have the bedskirt made? If so, how many extra sheets are needed? Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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