Dining in the Garden

Welcome to the 142nd Tablescape Thursday!

Happy Tablescape Thursday! Our friend, Cornelia, has invited us all for dinner in her beautiful garden in Switzerland. Don’t you just love the romantic feel of the wisteria climbing up the back of her home.

We will be dining this evening surrounded in the fragrance of lovely flowers.

It’s a perfect day to be out in the garden.

The tall hedge makes it feel like a secret garden. I just love a secret garden. 🙂

Come a bit closer, your seat is waiting.

The salad plate is by Meissen, the Pattern is “Indisch Grün” which means Indian Green. Beautiful!

The cutlery is silver by Jezler/Switzerland. The pattern is called “La Suisse”.

The soup plate and the dinner plate is Royal Copenhagen.

The pattern is very rare and is called, Gron Melodi.

Cornelia is spoiling us tonight with vintage handcut crystal. The champagne bowl is from the former German Democratic Republic. The pattern is called Saturn.

Cornelia gathered fresh lilacs from the garden for our spring table.

Can you smell their wonderful, sweet scent?

“The vase is Herend (Appony) and the plate underneath is silver and made by Jezler.

The tureen is Nymphenburg and is hand-painted. Isn’t it lovely?

Candleholder is by Augarten/Vienna.

After dinner we’ll have our choice of several coffees. Or would you prefer tea with your dessert?

The coffeepots are by Meissen and Herend. The green ones are Indian Green, the second from the right is also by Meissen and called “Indisch Purpur” (Indian Purple).

The two teacups on the left are Herend. The cups in the middle are by Meissen and are very old from the end of the 18th century.

The creamer is Herend (Osier) . The sugar bowl is silver and by Jezler.

Cornelia, thanks so much for having us over for dinner in your beautiful garden. We loved every moment!

Looking forward to your beautiful tablescapes!

Pssst…the winners of the beautiful giveaway from Coty Farquhar were announced yesterday. If you missed that post, click HERE.

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  1. This is beautiful. It is time to get outside for a tablescape for sure. Lovely!

  2. How beautiful Susan..makes me want to hop a plane and witness in person. Congrat to your family and Chip.

  3. Rettabug says

    I just love it when Cornelia is your guest tablescaper, Susan! Such a perfect garden setting with all those beautiful pink & green tones. That must have been the color lots of us had in mind this week! LOL

    Wonderful, treasured antiques, too! Delicious to look at & I bet they are even more special to behold in person.

    Please tell her 'thank you' for sharing her beautiful world. I'll doubt that I'll ever get to Switzerland, but I can say I've seen some of the pretties places there.


  4. Confessions of a Plate Addict says

    How pretty, Susan! Thanks for sharing this one! I feel like I have been on a little vacation! Those Europeans really konw how to do alfresco dining! Happy week!…hugs…Debbie

  5. Great flower lady says

    how do I get my table scape on here.. Thank you. Tracy

  6. I love all that you shared in this posting it is totally awesome, it really took me to a special place in my mind just viewing the photo's! I am so looking forward to havaing an adult tea party, my daughters was awesome, you can see in at http://www.catchmyparty.com, under Hope's 1st Birthday Party! So I will be 45 next March, and I am going for my Adult Tea Party!! I love your blog!!God Bless You!!

  7. What a special treat eating dinner in Cornelia's garden! All her china are so exquisite and the garden is fabulous. Thanks for sharing this, Susan. I have missed Cornelia's tables…..Christine

  8. I can smell the lilac aroma, Susan. Your setting is so warm & elegant … rich decor. Love everything …

    Have a beautiful eve ~
    TTFN ~

    5 day GIVEAWAY, pop over

  9. Keep the tea warm, I am coming right over!! 🙂
    Such a beautiful setting, would love to be there!! I can almost smell the lilacs!
    I was in England this time last year and the Wisteria was gorgeous.
    Thank you Susan and Cornelia for sharing.

  10. Susan, it is always a treat to see one of cornelia's tables. An extra special treat to dine in that gorgeous garden. Every detail is exquisite. ~ sarah

  11. Southerncook says

    What a gorgeous setting for an outdoor dinner. I would love to see more of that house, it is just beautiful.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  12. This is such a lovely garden to have dinner. The lilacs are so beautiful and the fragrance is heavenly I'm sure. The china patterns are beautiful, one of my favorites, Herend. Thanks for hosting this amazing party.


  13. Diane @ Magpies and Magnolias says

    Such gorgeous lilacs, but the dishes are what had me drooling. I know, drooling is so unladylike, but I can't help it around exquisite dishes!

    Thanks for sharing these and thanks so much for hosting!

  14. On Crooked Creek says

    Thank you for the invitation to dine in the secret garden…I felt like royalty! I just adore the green tablecloth along with all the delicate dinnerware china sets. Beautifully intermingled arrangement! My favorite has to be the curved white wrought iron side table with desserts. As I throughly enjoyed my day in the garden, it is the headiness of the lilacs that shall be ever etched in my memory.

  15. Cindy (Applestone Cottage) says

    That is what I call one gorgeous setting!
    I love the table and the beautiful china!
    But my favorite part is the beautiful gardens….amazing!
    Thanks for this post!

  16. Lady Katherine says

    Love her home, garden, love every little touch. How wonderful it would to visit her home in person! When are we going Susan? I am so ready! I just love her home!!!

  17. I always love to see the postings you show for her. I love the house and the wisteria vines are so beautiful. The backdrop to this tablescape is a treat to stare at too! The fresh green color of the tablecloth is perfect outdoors and the lilacs make me crave that smell! She has such lovely china and crystal…beautiful!

  18. Donna@Conghaile Cottage says

    "So Beautiful and the fragrance is intoxicating"!!! LOVE the wisteria on your home too! Your table is So Inviting with all those precious settings… It's SO wonderful to be outdoor again!
    Thank you for hosting…

  19. FABBY'S LIVING says

    This is so lovely, wow, I sure wish I was at your friend's Cornellia's! Everything is gorgeous from the china, to the flowers, flatware, stunning glasses… but I'm just crazy about all those stunning tea pots! I always felt that I have a soft spot for "tea pots"…alright, I have a soft spot for china, pretty porcelain figures, vintage stuff, etc and etc…..hahaha…thank you Susan for sharing this beauty.

  20. OOOOH wow! The table is beautiful, but lilac and wisteria….sigh….
    if only we had smellavision.

  21. Cornelia's home reminds me so much of the house we lived in in France, right down to the wisteria in bloom. Ours, though, covered the gate to the driveway. In the spring we dragged a table out to the driveway paved with the same brick-like material as Cornelia's. But it never occurred to me to set a lovely table like Cornelia's.

  22. martinealison says

    Une belle maison, un beau jardin et une table plus qu'accueillante… aux notes fleuries de lilas…
    Hum, j'arrive…

  23. Katherines Corner says

    Absolutely gorgeous. I love dining outside ( as long a its not to hot). Our grandchildren always ask us if we can we set up the table outside to eat. So sweet.
    Hugs and wishes for a day filled with Happy!

  24. Curtains In My Tree says

    What a fabulous post.

    That table is a dream outside in the garden.

    I would love to be there having tea in those lovely tea cups and the plates are just so dreamy

    what a nice day that would be

  25. Highlandview says

    I love lilacs on a table. My girls have been picking wild lilacs all week. The house smells so sweet.

  26. Hello Susan,
    Cornelia makes always nice tablesettings. Love the abundance of famous handpainted European china with Jezler silver. That look so great.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  27. classic • casual • home says

    Such a lovely garden and stately home. I like the soft green and pink. I would be nervous washing the special dishes!

  28. Mama Zen says

    So lovely!

  29. Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) says

    Such a gorgeous setting. I love the china, and especially the coffee pots.

  30. Mari @ Once Upon a Plate says

    Breathtaking! Absolutely exquisite ~ thank you for sharing.

  31. Everything looks lovely Susan! I love this time of year when we can all get some table-time outside – and this TT is sure reflective of that!! =) Thanks for sharing and hosting!

    xo Lynda

  32. So beautiful. Susan, I'll need to unsubscribe from your e mail updates for a while as I'm going in to have knee replacement surgery next week and don't want my e mail box to be overflowing. Wont' be able to sit at the computer for some time due to swelling, etc. I'll resubscribe when I'm feeling up to reading all your wonderful updates. I hope when I return I see that gorgeous office completed. Take care, Patsy

  33. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper says

    yay! so glad it is back up! i never tablescape, and i actually had one to share this week, so was super excited. and then crash bang boom… no blogger! heading off to link up now- thanks for hosting, susan. have a great weekend!

  34. Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) says

    What a beautiful setting for a luncheon. Cornelia has the most beautiful pieces for our viewing pleasure. I thought the same thing, the hedge made it feel like a secret garden. hugs ~lynne~

  35. OMG I love that beautiful Tureen! Your tablescape is lovely!

  36. Susan, sorry you've had so much trouble with the blog. I don't know if you received my other message when I unsubscribed. I'm going to have knee replacement surgery Tuesday so I won't be able to work on the computer for a while. I'll miss you and all your wonderful updates, but hope to see that gorgeous offce complete when I come back. Take care.


  37. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Patsy, Thanks so much for leaving this comment. I searched last night for your other comment because I had read it while out and hadn't been able to reply…so glad you left this one. I'm so sorry you need to have knee surgery! I know you'll be so happy to get that behind you. I've had a few friends and a neighbor who had it and they did really well…much improved their quality of life. You will be missed! Just know lots of prayers are being sent your way for a super fast recovery!

  38. Thank you Susan, talk to you soon.


  39. Rona's Home Page says

    What a beautiful setting. I love stopping by your blog on Tablescape Days. It's so relaxing and inspiring.

  40. Thank you so much for hosting this party..the tablescapes are so pretty…really enjoy your blog…

  41. Anonymous says

    Hi, Thanks I enjoyed the international tablescape.


  42. Christina McCall says

    Susan, I just love this tablescape, and yes I agree a ‘secret garden’ is just timeless. As I am in the stages of “collecting” all of the wonderful item that make beautiful table scapes for each occassion I have come to ask myself a silly question… The tablecloth. So many are a poly/cotton blend for easy laundering but I think that sometimes a beautiful cotton damask or solid adds more luxury and texture to the tablesetting. What are your thoughts and do you know if this tablecloth as shown is cotton? Thanks Susan for your beautiful work, creativity and all of the ideas you give me.

    • Thanks, Christina! Sounds like you are having a fun time collecting the pieces you love. I’m not sure about the tablecloth since that setting was put together by Cornelia and she lives in Switzerland. I’m guessing it either a cotton damask or maybe even linen. I know she has some beautiful linens!

      • Christina McCall says

        Thanks for the reply Susan. Yes, I really am having a fun time shopping around and finding the cutest stuff for the time when my entertaining will start up again. I love that tablecloth. I even love seeing the matlesse bedspreads used as tablecloths. It gives the table such a unique look of elegance. Stay warm, hopefully warmer weather is headed our way next week.

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