Dining in a Garden of Lilacs and Wisteria

Welcome to the 246th Tablescape Thursday!

Spring arrived in early May for my friend Cornelia, who lives in the beautiful country of Switzerland.

Spring Table Setting in the Garden Wisteria and Lilac Centerpiece

Cornelia celebrated by dining in her garden enveloped in the scent of lilacs and wisteria.  The wisteria vine climbing the back of Cornelia’s home was just beginning to bloom.

Spring Table Setting in the Garden Wisteria and Lilac Centerpiece

I’m always amazed at how big a wisteria vine can get.  It really is beautiful and the scent is absolutely amazing!  I used wisteria in a table setting for Easter a while back and was surprised by how quickly it wilts once cut.  That table setting can be viewed here: Spring Easter Table Setting with Wisteria Centerpiece

Wisteria just beginning to bloom

Cornelia has a beautiful garden!  We’ll have to get her to take us on a tour one day so we can see what flowers grow in a Switzerland garden. (Hint, Hint)

Spring Table Setting in the Garden Wisteria and Lilac Centerpiece

A beautiful table in a wonderful garden setting.  Does it get any better than this? 🙂

Spring Table Setting in the Garden Wisteria and Lilac Centerpiece


Spring Table Setting in the Garden

Cornelia shared some information about the elements she used to create this table setting.  She said, “The tablecloth and the napkins are made by Sander,  a German manufactory.”

Spring Table Setting with Nymphenburg, Meissen and Herend 1a

The plate on top is Nymphenburg made in Bavaria.

Spring Table Setting with Nymphenburg, Meissen and Herend

The salad plate is Meissen.  The pattern is Deutsche Blume and is hand-painted. Sterling cutlery is Jezler.

Spring Table Setting with Nymphenburg, Meissen and Herend

Dinner plate is Herend, also hand-painted.  I fell in love with Herend while on a home tour several years ago.  The pattern that stole my heart was Rothschild Bird.  You can read about my Herend obsession here:  Herend, Rothschild Bird…My New Obsession

Spring Table Setting with Nymphenburg, Meissen and Herend

The crystal bowl is Baccarat, made in France.  Stunning!


Cornelia said, every plate has a different pattern in this table setting.  Love that!

Spring Table Setting with Nymphenburg, Meissen and Herend

The glasses are hand-cut crystal and were made in the former German Democratic Republic and in Bohemia.

Handcut Crystal from Germany

The beautiful lilacs are from Cornelia’s garden.

Spring Table Setting in the Garden

Cornelia placed them in a sterling silver vase, also Jezler.

Spring Table Setting in Garden of Lilacs and Wisteria

So much fun dining in Cornelia’s garden!  Thanks to Cornelia for sharing it with us once more.

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Spring Table Setting in the Garden Wisteria and Lilac Centerpiece


Looking forward to all the wonderful tables posted for this Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Love that we get a peak into Cornelia’s beautiful Swiss garden! The table is so pretty, I first guessed Thiebault linens, so glad she gave the source. The dishes and crystal gleam in the candlelight. So perfect. Thanks for hosting Susan.. xo marlis

  2. The addition of beautiful tabletop elements to an already spectacular setting makes for an inspirational tablescaping moment. Thanks for giving us a peak of Cornelia’s elegant design and for hosting us. Cherry Kay

  3. Such a lovely setting for a beautiful table, thanks for sharing a tablescape from someone so far away!

  4. I always enjoy seeing her home & yard, and her lovely dinner tables. There isn’t anything prettier on a dining table than gleeming crystal and shiny china and silverware! I just love those footed bowls from France and her crystal stemware is gorgeous! I see lilacs are a popular subject right now! Thanks for sharing and hosting!

  5. Oh my word isn’t Cornelia’s garden tablescape gorgeous? Wow, it’s beautiful, everything is just perfect!
    I love her garden, her home, her gorgeous china, glassware and linens……and her flowers are amazing.
    SO glad she shared this with us, Susan. Thank you – and thank you for hosting!

  6. Oh how beautiful this is! Cornelia knows how to entertain! I love how beautifully all of the unmatched china blends, and I also love that the china repeats the garden effect. And that crystal – stunning, and especially gorgeous photographed in the sunlight. I’m so glad that you and Cornelia share her talent on your blog. It is always such a treat to see. laurie

  7. Linda Page says

    I am so glad that Cornelia allows us to share her beautiful tablescapes and home. It is like taking a mini trip to Switzerland for free. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I just love her china and the beautiful country setting!
    And of course lilacs are my fave!
    They are on my tablescape this week too.
    Thanks for sharing Susan,

  9. Peggy Thal says

    Beautiful table ! Love the formal china and crystal used in a garden setting. Things should be used. I always have to tell myself that. Our stuff will outlive us all. Such a pretty outdoor space. I am sure her guests had a wonderful and relaxing time with the fragrance of lilac in the air.

  10. Cornelia’s alfresco setting is exquisite. I love the idea of using crystal and china outdoors under the trees. It’s always a treat to see Cornelia’s beautiful linens and tabletop treasures. Thanks for sharing and for hosting each week, Susan.

  11. GOSH… I would sooooo love to go to a garden party luncheon or brunch or breakfast like this… or would love to have one for others. dreaming is for the young.

  12. Hi, Susan….
    Thanks so much for sharing Cornelia’s beautiful alfresco table setting – makes me wish: A. that I knew her & maybe get an invite; B. that I lived in Switzerland, at least long enough to sit at that gorgeous table! and C. that you were there too, so we could compare notes, take lots of photos and go shopping for some of the items on her table!! Thanks for making my day!

  13. Wow, that is a stunning table! I would have guessed Garnier-Theibaut on the linens, too. ( I am going to start looking for Sander table linens!) I missed the source the first read, though. Glad I read through the comments! That garden is a perfect backdrop for a tea and the little side table is as charming as can be. 🙂 I love this site for the window it provides to the world of tablescapes and resources. Thanks to both Cornelia and Susan!

  14. How perfectly gorgeous this garden outdoor setting from Cornelia is! Thank you for sharing my fav friend of yours, I just adore her tablescapes with the great German dishes, along with the tablecloth and the stunning glass ware..beautiful! Thank you for the great party, dear Susan.
    Big hugs,

  15. Cornelia’s garden is a stunner along with that table. So majestic and so peaceful. What beautiful dishes and stemware. Needless to say the flowers are gorgeous.


  16. Margo Kuhn says

    What a beautiful table and gorgeous setting, simple yet very elegant. I love lilacs and wisteria too. I would love to have them growing in my yard, but don’t think they would do well with all the heat and winds I get.

  17. Absolutely gorgeous. The weather make it all happened.

    TY for hosting.
    /CC girl

  18. Absolutely gorgeous. The weather make it all happened.

    TY for hosting.
    /CC girl

  19. Susan, it’s so nice to see another tablescape from Switzerland! Cornelia has such gorgeous pieces — and so many amazing spaces in which to entertain. I’m always on visual overload when I travel to Switzerland via The Porch. Thanks to both of you for sharing!

  20. Susan, thanks for sharing Cornelia’s garden and tablescape.. There is just nothing like eating outside in a beautiful garden…and this one is gorgeous..all of the dishes…wonderful! and thank you for hosting this fun party..
    Love, Mona

  21. That is the most B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L place E.V.E.R !! I could move there yesterday…we had wisteria all over the woods in my yard where I grew up…mom had them at the end of the driveway..so pretty when you came down the to our place…there was a right turn in the rd…and you could see them blooming from across the fields…I loved that…made for easy directions too…is there any chance we can get a tour of your friends home…or have you already…if so I’ll have to go look for it…Beautiful day here = cut the grass…BOO……..hope your day has been great……….

  22. Mary from Virginia says

    Love these trips to Switzerland! Cornelia has such beautiful tableware and garden. What a gorgeous setting.

  23. So here’s what I love about this tablescape: EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! It ‘s set in a garden in Switzerland, a country I will most likely never visit in my lifetime (because of my fear of flying), and it is almost mystical to me. It has all the trappings of a relaxed, intimate luncheon that one could request. The china and stemware is gorgeous!!! It’s so neat how people across the drink are able to visit other countries to buy things as easily as we here in the U.S. visit other states. Running down to Italy from Switzerland is just about as easy as me hopping in the car and driving to Texas from Missouri. For the Swiss citizens who live near the borders, running over to Austria or Italy or Germany or France is just about as simple as me crossing the state line into Kansas (20 minutes away) or Iowa (90 minutes away). It’s amazing!!! Cornelia can pick up all these great treasures right from the countries in which they are made in so much as a day trip!!! I love the thought of that!!! It has a whole different ring to it than me saying, “I bought these gorgeous dishes, made in Topeka, KS!” 🙂

    The wisteria on her table is just beautiful the way it reaches out in every direction as if to welcome each guest at the table. The backdrop: deadly gorgeous!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Alycia, you are so right! The other things that is so amazing and wonderful to me is how Cornelia and her family speak (and write) multiple languages and learn those at an early age. I would love to speak 4-5 languages! One of these days I hope to travel, before I’m too old to enjoy it! 🙂

  24. Oh Cornelia, how beautiful. Thank you Susan for sharing.

  25. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Oh Cornelia! I think ‘lovely’ is the perfect word to describe your table. 🙂 From the beautiful outdoor setting to the exquisite crystal and china, it’s all so lovely and inviting. Hmmm … speaking of inviting, I might be willing to brave the TSA and come help polish the silver if you were to extend an invitation. 😀

    • Pam, you are so funny about the TSA. I just got my passport in the mail today, so I’m all set! 🙂

      • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

        Set for your pornographic x-ray and / or sexual molestation body search? 😀 Lol. I say that in jest, but it is pretty scary what is happening. I think I heard they stopped the x – rays, but I’m not sure of that. I haven’t traveled anywhere lately. Where are you going? To see Cornelia, I hope! 😀

        • Don’t have anywhere in mind but just wanted to have it if the opportunity ever presents itself. Yay, ain’t it great, the stuff we have to go through just to travel.

          • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

            Well that’s smart! Because I understand it takes quite a while to get a passport, so better to be prepared. 🙂 I hope a great opportunity strikes! My husband and son had to get passports to go to Canada. 😮 That was so strange. Having lived in Alaska years ago, we went back and forth through the country several times with ease. But now you have to have a passport just to go there! Crazy, “eh?” Anyway, I hope you get to see someplace fun and exciting and then you share it with us on the porch. You know, all the years I’ve lived in the south I haven’t had a mint julep. I vote you go to France, fall in love, 😉 come back with loads of pics and we all share Mint Juleps on the porch and drool over your photos. 😀

  26. Very pretty….makes me want to have a garden party.

  27. Patty/BC says

    I was hoping we would get another tablescape from Cornelia soon and here she is with one in her garden. Beautiful tablesetting and with lilacs for the flowers, so special. We started off with a mild spring but now it is cool, wet and cloudy. Not very nice weather to herald in June! Thanks, Cornelia for giving me a lovely garden respite from our dull weekend weather. Susan, I hope you and Max are doing well.

  28. Gorgeous and stunning. Exquisite china, crystal, silver, and linens! The flowers are also beautiful as is the wonderful setting. I love Cornelia’s tables.

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