Dining on the Porch for the 4th of July

Welcome to the 251st Tablescape Thursday!

Happy 4th of July!

With the constant rain we’ve been having, it was super dark out on the porch all day yesterday. So, I waited until this morn to take some pics of this 4th of July tablescape.

4th of July Table Setting. Warren Kimble Colonial Flag Dishware


This morning it was still dark and gloomy out, not exactly the sunny weather we normally have in July. That just means we have to create our own sunshine, right?

4th of July Table Setting with Warren Kimble Colonial Flag Dishware


I kept the centerpiece simple using a large red lantern.  You may recognize it from previous table settings. It was so dark and yucky out, I lit the candle to give this table a little extra warmth.  Star napkins are a recent purchase from Pottery Barn. I caught them on sale with free shipping and used a $10 gift certificate for a little extra savings.

4th of July Table Setting with Warren Kimble Colonial Flag Dishware


I’m serving the Patriotic Punch I posted about yesterday.  I added little flag toothpicks garnished with strawberries, raspberries and blue berries.

4th of July Table Setting with Warren Kimble Colonial Flag Dishware


You’ll find the recipe to make this red, white and blue punch here: 4th of July Patriotic Punch 

4th of July Punch Recipe


The dishware is by Warren Kimble and the pattern is “Colonial.”  It’s my very favorite for a 4th of July celebration or dinner.

4th of July Table Setting with Warren Kimble Colonial Flag Dishware


Flag and star confetti adds additional color and playfulness to this tablescape.

4th of July Table Setting with Warren Kimble Colonial Flag Dishware


I tucked a little pinwheel down inside each flatware pocket.  I loved how the jean fabric looked with the rustic twig chargers and the Ball mason jars as drinking glasses. This table setting has that relaxed feeling we all crave when it’s party time.

4th of July Table Setting with Warren Kimble Colonial Flag Dishware


You’ll find a tutorial showing how to make these little flatware holders here:  A New Use for Your Old Jeans

4th of July Tables Setting Tablescape with Jean Flatware Holder and Warren Kimble Dishware

Red and white gingham ribbon looks so cute with the jean flatware holders.  When I made my patriotic punch this time, I put a tad too much of the blue drink in so all the white part of the drink ended up in the neck of mason jar. So if you make this drink, don’t do that. lol I got little carried away.

Twig Chargers

A rainy 4th of July.  Time to fill the bird feeder, it’s almost empty.

Independence Day Table Setting with Warren Kimble Colonial Dishware_wm

4th of July Table Setting with Warren Kimble Colonial Flag Dishware


Happy 4th of July! I hope your Independence celebrations are wonderful today no matter if they’re small, quiet gatherings are big, grand celebrations.

4th of July Table Setting with Warren Kimble Colonial Flag Dishware


Additional 4th of July tablescapes can be found here: Table Settings for Independence Day

4th of July Table Setting. Warren Kimble Colonial Flag Dishware


Twig Chargers: Grandinroad
Flag Dishware: Warren Kimble, Pattern: Colonial, Found on eBay
Blue Flatware: Amazon
Denim Flatware Holder: Made from old jeans, Tutorial can be found here: New Use for Old Jeans
Star Napkins: Pottery Barn
Lantern: Old Time Pottery


Looking forward to all the wonderful tables posted for this Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday

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  1. Pretty table! I just love those dishes! Happy 4th to you!

  2. Your table is beautiful as always, Susan! Happy 4th of July to you!

  3. Thank you for hosting, Happy 4th of July to you Susan!

  4. So patriotic & festive Susan! LOVE your denim pocket flatware holders and your refreshing glasses of Patriotic Punch! Wishing you a dry and Happy Independence Day!

  5. Your table is my favorite of all I’ve seen this season! I love the red white and blue drinks and the sparkling star confetti! With the flag plates and your denim pockets it is all so much fun! Happy 4th!

  6. I love all the little touches….especially the jean pocket silverware holders! It’s simple and perfect for a Fourth of July BBQ, Susan!!!
    Wishing you a spectacular Fourth!

  7. Susan, you are so right about all the darkness this morning and the monsoon. I had planned to set my table outside but alas….RAIN!! and more rain! thanks for hosting this party..your table is so pretty and festive..
    Love, Mona

  8. Happy 4th of July, Susan! Your tablescape looks so Patriotic and beautiful! Would like to know where you found the Flag toothpicks because I have looked for those the last couple of years & haven’t found any. I always enjoy your posts.

    • Linda, that’s funny you should ask because last night about 6:00 PM I got a wild hair and decided I had to have flag toothpicks to garnish the drinks. Drove over to Publix, none to be found. Next headed to Target, still no flag toothpicks. Then it suddenly hit me, the party store! Party City is in the parking lot across from my local Target and is about 2 miles from my house. Don’t know why I didn’t think to go there first. They had plenty. If you have any party stores in your area, check there. I wonder if the dollar stores have them…seems like something they would have.

      • I should have thought about the Party Store, too. In fact, I was just in there yesterday looking for some Birthday things. If they still have some left, I’ll go on and stock up for next year. I had checked all of the same stores that you did including the Dollar Store. Thanks for the information & your tablescape is really wonderful.

  9. Looking at the jean pocket silverware holders gave me an idea. You could use shirt cuffs from old worn shirts to do the same thing, Cut them off, hem the bottom, tie with ribbon.

  10. You outdid yourself again Susan. Very festive! Enjoy your day. Warm hugs and a HAPPY 4TH to you. -Brenda-

  11. Susan – I love the idea of those flatware holders and they are so perfect for a celebration for the birthday of America, since blue jeans are our invention! Your red, white and blue pieces are wonderful and I really like the chargers that seem to ground everything. P. S. I had to suspense blogging for a few weeks, due to a crazy month of June. I just saw the bad news, about Max, and wanted to write how sorry I am. Many online hugs to you…

  12. Sandi Lee says

    How wonderful to be on the porch and it all looks fabulous! I love the flag and star confetti!! Looks like we will have rain until Monday in Georgia but it doesn’t have to dampen our spirits-inside does have some good points-no bugs!!! Have a wonderful and safe 4th..

  13. Time on your porch on the 4th or any other day would be a delight as it is always perfect.

  14. I love this table! It is one of my favorites of yours…the casual vibe is great and the theme is carried out perfectly. You can come set my table any time!

  15. Happy 4th Susan! Your table is fabulous as always. Thanks so much for hosting.

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  16. Susan, your talent is just amazing! I love the table setting and those dishes and oh my that flatware! I have to go look on Amazon for that!
    Happy 4th my dear friend!
    Beth P

  17. WHOOO HOOO I’m back just in time for this…killed my laptop the other week with some coffee…this is great…love the punch…and those plates are fabulous…I did get to see things using my phone…the idea for the silverware is great too…we finally have the sun shining here today…I forgot where I lived last week…it was more like Seattle…hope the porch brightens up soon….my friend has sweet little electric candle lamps she lights all through the house on gloomy days……hope you have a great 4th…

  18. So pretty and festive!
    Happy 4th!!

  19. Love the lantern and jean pockets!

  20. Funny: Your gloomy morning background just looks like a summer evening from this side of the blog! And it makes the lighting in the table area all the more cozy and inviting. Happy Red, White, and Blue Day!

  21. Linda Page says

    Happy 4th of July! What a festive holiday table! What time do we eat???? Think I can get there in time all the way from Texas?????????? lol I am fascinated with the patriotic punch. Isn’t is amazing what fantastic ideas people have……and you made! The denim pocket holders for the cuttlery looks so cute. Great table!

  22. Awww, Susan!
    I have only one word for you: *BEAUTIFUL*!!!
    As always, everything looks great! You know, I lโ™ฅve those dishes, they are just *dreamy* and your denim flatware pockets truly are a touch of *genius*! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Oh, and those flag confetti and patriotic pinwheel are sooo cute, I lโ™ฅve them, too!
    HAPPY 4th OF JULY to you!
    (You didn’t really believe that one word was just enough, did you? ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
    ~Hugs to you~

  23. Peggy Thal says

    Beautiful patriotic table!! Looks gorgeous. Have a happy 4th of July. A great week and weekend for all. Thanks for sharing your red, white and blue.

  24. Susan, your table is festive even if the weather isn’t cooperating. Your porch is the perfect setting for a 4th of July celebration. I just returned from our neighborhood parade. It’s a bit humid this morning, so we are wishing for some of that rain. No big party plans this year. We are meeting friends for an early dinner out.
    Love the details of your table. The jean pockets is a fun touch for summer tables.
    Hope you have a happy day!

  25. Norma Bethea says

    Love this!

  26. Happy 4th of July, Susan! The table looks absolutely fabulous, even if it was a dark, dreary day! The jeans flatware pockets are SO adorable – perfect on this table! And the large red lantern is just right for the table since there are so many smaller patriotic decorations like the little pinwheels and the flag picks, etc. You are SO creative and I love seeing your “creations”! Thank you for hosting!

  27. Rattlebridge Farm says

    A beautiful, festive table, Susan. Your photos are beautiful, and I love the scattered stars. Hope the weather clears. It’s pouring rain in my part of the woods. xxoo

  28. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says

    Susan — you ALWAYS do it perfectly. Happy Independence Day!!

  29. Great little jeans project — I have a big pile that I have been intending to do something frightfully clever with. I could probably manage this one!

    Have a good holiday!

  30. Your tablescape is amazing and soo ready for the great party to celebrate the great USA, specially with the fabulous flag dishes!!! Have a wonderful Fourth weekend sweet friend and may God bless you and the USA, to keep it safe.

  31. Jane ~ Felsham Hall says

    I love the little pinwheels and pretty ribbons around the pocket silverware holders. ๐Ÿ˜€ And the confetti adds such a playful and colorful celebratory touch. And I like the worn barnwood feel of the dishes and the lanterns always look so cozy. All of that, AND those cute drinks, as well. Another great tablescape, Susan. I hope you have a Happy 4th! ๐Ÿ˜€

  32. Happy Independence Day! Your table looks very festive and celebratory even if it the weather is not cooperating. We usually have rain for our Canada Day celebrations but the sun made a nice change this year! Thanks for hosting TT!


  33. Happy 4th of July Susan and to your players.

    Sorry to not set this year for your Independence Day. Just arrived from our vacation and hardly found and gather what I needed. However, I am happy to see that your players had done their tables patriotically.
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

    x0x0 from DยดBox,
    /CC girl

  34. Thank you Susan so much for hosting.Your tablescape looks lovely.What cool red white and blue drinks!

  35. How festive it all looks — hope you enjoy your 4th on bloglands most famous porch!

  36. Perfect! Despite the less than sunny weather, the pictures look beautiful and the table is a patriot wonder. I am already cutting pockets off of my old jeans, some new jeans, and anyone’s near me who happens to slow down. The little pinwheels with the flatware is the perfect extra touch. I love everything. Happy Fourth!

  37. I love your patriotic table. You patriotic punch is so cool!…Christine

  38. Hi Susan, HAPPY 4TH JULY to you and all the U.S. posters, hope you all have a wonderful celebration.
    Your tablescape is lovely Susan, love the little windmills in the napkin holders and your star spangled napkins are such fun.
    I also noticed your banner looking very festive!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Susan as always you lift my spirits with your beautiful tables. Happy 4th to you! I must mention that your previous blogs make wonderful reading in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep.

  40. I love it all, especially the place settings. I would love some patriotic dishware around here. I have none and just mix the patriotic colors instead. As usual, great job, and thanks for hosting! It’s been a while since I took the time to do a table and come.

  41. Susan, it could be pitch black on a moonless night and I would still love seeing the tablescapes on your porch. This one is so cute. Love the drama of the big red latern and the r,w and blue ribbon on the jeans pockets.

  42. Susan, I hope you had a Fabulous Fourth! I love your table and the dinnerware. I, too, love that pattern. Great punch! I will have to try that.
    Love to all, Ginger

  43. Susan, those little blue jean pockets are just Darling…what a great idea!
    I also love the scattered sparkles all over the table…too fun.
    That red/white/blue patriotic punch looks so refreshing. Very cute presentation.
    You always do such a nice job.
    Thanks for hosting TT. I’m a little late, because just as I was about to link up yesterday, my ENTIRE BLOG disappeared!!! Talk about panic…then it just came back. Whew! Who knows why it happened, but I think I about had a heart attack in the meantime. I didn’t realize how much of myself I had invested in it.

  44. Gorgeous table setting Susan! I’m inspired to start dressing my table!

  45. So cute. I love the drinks. I am going to get some star ice cube trays from Walmart. Even if I only use it in a glass for my self.

    • Theresa, you just reminded me, I actually have some of those. I should have used them for the ice. I think mine came from Dollar Tree if I’m remembering correctly.

  46. Gabriele says

    What a lovely table! You inspired me to set a patriotic table for my family! I must have done a good job–a neighbor’s 11 y/o child walked in to play with my daughter and the first comment from her mouth was “Wow, your table looks so pretty!” I guess I nailed it! Thanks Susan!

  47. Your table is super patriotic! I LOVE the dishes!!! I may haver to go see if they are still available! Love the flatware holders too. Joe has several pair of jeans that are ready for the TRASH, nOT GW, so the pickets will be coming OFF:):) We had 10 out of 11 days of rain but now it is HOT and sunny. Pool time:):) XO, Pinky

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