Table Settings for Two

Welcome to the 211th Tablescape Thursday!

Last Tablescape Thursday I put together a little autumn table setting for two.  I always love creating and photographing a table for two.  Besides the obvious, the number of place settings, they always feel very different from larger tables with four, six or more place settings.  They often end up with a romantic feel, probably because by nature they’re so cozy.   When creating a tablescape for two, you’re forced to think hard about what decorative pieces you’ll use on the table, since the tables themselves are usually quite small.

Since tablescapes for two are so different, I gave them their own category here at BNOTP.  You’ll find them all under the Tablescape/Occasion/Tables for Two, category.  To reach that category, click Tablescapes, then Occasion and you’ll see the Tables for Two category listed near the bottom, as shown below.


For this Tablescape Thursday, I’m linking to a few of the “tables for two” I’ve created over the last few years.  If I did it right, you should be able to click on either the title or the picture to see more of that tablescape.

Hope you enjoy these and I hope they provide a little inspiration for a special time with a good friend or loved one.

Warming up on the Porch

Hot Chocolate on the Porch for Fall from Between Naps on the Porch_wm


Romantic Dinner for Two

Summer Tablescape for Two from Between Naps on the Porch (2)


Breakfast in a French Cafe

Breakfast Tablescape from Between Naps on the Porch


Dining Alfresco

Summer Tablescape for Two from Between Naps on the Porch_wm


Candlelight and Magnolias

Candlelight and Magnolias Tablescape


Alice in Wonderland, Whimsical Tea Party in the Guest Room

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party from Between Naps on the Porch


Fireside Dining in the “Library”

Dining in the Library Fireside from Between Naps on the Porch


Russet Shades of Autumn



Summer Tablescape for Two



Looking forward to the tablescapes posted for this Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. I love your tables for two. My most viewed tables are often the ones set for two. Romantic?? I wonder if that is the draw? Your tables are always an inspiration.

  2. Beautiful tables ofr 2, Susan! They are all so cozy and romantic!….Christine

  3. Susan, I’d love to join the tablescape thursday fun. will check back later to see if i can get linked, but for now i don’t see a linky thingy.
    It’s always a treat to visit your lovely blog.
    Lots of great ideas and things to see.
    God bless,

  4. Hi Susan,
    I enjoyed your tablescapes for two review today.

    Thank you for hosting,

  5. I love all of these! No way can I pick a favorite. Thanks for all the great tablescapes again.

  6. I love all your table for two! My favorite is the Library …It’s so romantic with the fire burning, the last tablecloth and wine!

  7. You are so inspiring Susan! I love that sweet tablescape for two in the garden….so romantic!!!
    I joined the party with something very simple. Thanks for hosting. πŸ˜€

  8. Your tablescapes for two are lovely Susan. That magnolia flower is huge on the table on the porch. I love the outdoor dining tablescapes, as well. Thanks for hosting!

  9. Susan, always beautiful tables to be seen here, never can I choose a fave, when I think I have one, up pops another. I am joining this week with my little humble ‘scape. xo

  10. Tables for two are my most frequent and to me, they are just as special as any other. Mine are, perhaps, not so glamorous as the ones you show, but they do the job for hubby and me.

  11. Susan, thanks for the recap of your beautiful tables for two. We just two of us, a table for two is the norm in our home. Love the cozy, romantic feel of your tables. πŸ˜‰
    ~ Sarah

  12. Chubby and Chique says

    Hello dear Susan,
    Gorgeous in every angle.
    I actually set for 2 for the next TS (ready for nxt week) as I will be travelling again. This time in Beijing/Peking, SG and The Philippines. I don’t like to miss you party (am ready for your party) once again.
    Happy TS…
    Greetings from a sunny & chilly Stockholm,

  13. So inspiring! There is something so lovely about the idea of it being just for two. Lovely.

  14. There are so many of us who are empty nesters and a table for 2 fits right in.
    Plus, they are so much easier to do, takes minutes and and put away easily!
    I should start doing some again, I have several place settings that are just for 2. Time to dig them out!
    Thanks for hosting, Susan! All you tables for 2 are lovely!
    PS, again this week more of others’ tables showing up on my Pinterest page.

  15. Mary from Virginia says

    They’re all beautiful! I’m ready for fall!

  16. Thank you sweet Susan for your continued creative inspiration~~always a pleasure to participate :))

    Kay Ellen

  17. Hi Susan, what a special post today. I particularly love the table for two in the guest room. What a treat for your visitors to sit and enjoy morning respite there.
    Thank you for hosting. Hmmm…….may I book in please? πŸ™‚

  18. It was wonderful to see these tablescapes and some I have not seen (because I wasn’t a follower for some, I guess). Love the one with the Magnolia! Thanks for reprising!

  19. Just stunning! They are all so gorgeous and professionally done. You’re a rock star Susan!

  20. Susan I love them all, but I’m really lovin’ the first one on the porch. I just want to sit down and have a cup of tea with you. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing…very inspiring.

  21. What a lovely group of tablescapes for 2 you’ve prepared over the years, Susan, and what a treat that you have shared them with us! I particularly am fond of the fireside library setting.

  22. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    They’re all so lovely and perfect for sharing with a very special guest.

  23. I agree — there is something special about tables for two.
    Romance … or good friends for gossip … or — ok — more romance.
    Who knows what the draw is, but it’s definitely there. Love your tables a deux.
    What a sweet idea for a posting!
    As always, Susan, thanks for hosting.

  24. Thank you for hosting, Susan! You always have such inspiring tablescapes!

  25. Love these links to all the different styles you’ve done…to me, they are all inspirational as well as beautiful!
    Now I’m ready to go play with Fall tablescapes in the new kitchen, thanks for all the great ideas Susan!
    BTW, love the new look of the blog, easy to read and navigate around!

  26. They are all so gorgeous! Thanks for hosting!

  27. Love all these “Tables for Two”, Susan! I think my favorites are the Candlelight and Magnolias on your verandah, and the one by your fireplace. Here in N.E. the weather is changing so, our al fresco dining days are numbered, I’m afraid.

  28. “Tables for Two”….my all time favorite and you certainly make them so elegantly…like sitting in a 5 star restaurant in an intimate corner…Beautiful Susan!!

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