Aqua Blue Wine Glasses and Soft, Warm Sand…Ahhh, How I Do Love Summer!

Welcome to the 517th Tablescape Thursday!

Recently Cyndi left this lovely comment on my 5 Creative Tables for Summer post:

All of your summer tables are beautiful, but my favorite is the “Shades of blue” as it does put one in mind of water and beaches. I like your chargers, but LOVE your sea shell chargers the best! Please do a table with them and the large hurricane lanterns, love those! My shell chargers and hurricane lanterns are on my table now with my lighthouse dishes. I so enjoy putting out a beach theme for August. Our lake water has been awesome this year with the hot, high humidity days. I’m not ready to say good-bye to summer either, having too much fun in the sun and water. When Fall arrives, I will be happy to greet her, enjoying her beautiful color and decorating with fun pumpkins, but not just yet. “Summer breeze makes me feel fine…”.

White Wicker Dining Table for the Porch


Cyndi, I loved your comment and I could not agree more. I have such a difficult time thinking ahead to fall when the temps here are still in the high 80’s each day. Thanks so much for the suggestion for this week’s table! I’m dedicating this table to you!

I wasn’t sure if these were the hurricane lanterns Cyndi had mentioned in her comment, but since I hadn’t used them in a while I decided to incorporate them into a beach-themed table.

Dining on a Summer Screened Porch


I actually created this table twice, which is pretty normal for me these days. I’ll often get 2/3rds into a table and there will be some aspect that doesn’t look right or perhaps I don’t have a good idea for the centerpiece, then suddenly a new idea will hit and I’ll dismantle the whole thing and start over. That definitely happened with this table.

Fun Beach Table for Late Summer


I started with these shell chargers and the table began evolving with lots of pretty, soft neutrals, but neutrals weren’t working with the two silver lanterns I had chosen for the table. (Find my tutorial for making these chargers here: DIY Shell Chargers.)


What goes well with silver? Blue! Blue works beautifully with silver. So I swapped out all the chargers for another set of shell/sea glass chargers I made a few years back. With new chargers and new dinner plates in place, the table took a whole new direction.


Earlier in the day I had emailed Cyndi to ask which lantern she had in mind. It turned out this was the lantern she was thinking of…a DIY Pottery Barn knock-off design I had put together several years back. Do you remember this centerpiece that involves placing a vase within a vase? (View the tutorial for this “double-bowl hurricane” centerpiece here: Double Bowl Hurricane Centerpiece: Pottery Barn Knock-off.)

Unfortunately, I had already set my table and taken photos when I heard back, so it was too late to change out the silver lanterns for this one. Ironically though, I did use a part of this centerpiece in today’s table. Can you guess which part? (View this table below in detail here: Beach-Themed Table with Lobster & Crab Plates.)

Beach Tablescape, Shell Centerpiece, Crab Plates, Shell Chargers


Did you guess the sand? I had never dismantled that centerpiece above so the sand was still inside.  A lot of recycling takes place around here when it comes to creating new tables each week! 🙂

Create a fun beach-themed centerpiece for a summer table setting


This centerpiece would work a little better on a wider table, no one wants to place a glass down on sand. Or, do they? That would definitely give those dining here a true beach vibe. Ha!

Silver Lanterns in a beach-themed table setting


The blue wine glasses are from Pier 1 many years ago. Shell napkin rings were purchased on sale in Cracker Barrell earlier in the summer.

Aqua blue wine glasses in a beach-themed table setting


The cute, numbered pails are from Marshalls several years ago–if I’m remembering correctly.

Seabird for a Nautical Beach Table Setting


You may remember them from previous table settings like this Easter tablescape below. (View this table here: Easter Table with Debutante Camellia Centerpiece.)

Easter Table Setting with Debutante Camellias in Bunny Vase-Planter


This would be such a fun setting to create on a wider table. You could really go to town with the sand and shells on a wider table!

Nautical Summer Table Setting Tablescape


In case you ever need it for your own beachy table, I found the sand in Big Lots several years ago.


The sand-colored napkins are from Pier 1 a few years back. You’ll find them here: Napkins. The plaid, blue/green/cream/tan napkins are from Kohls back in 2008 when the screened porch was first added on. They matched the beachy dishes I purchased there to use on the newly-built porch.

Aqua Blue Shells-Beads Napkin Rings


I always think of these Warren Kimble Coastal Breeze salad plates when setting a beach or nautical-themed table with soft blues.

Warren Kimble Coastal Breeze Salad Plates


They make me want to hop on a plane and fly to Cape Cod or Matha’s Vineyard…someplace coastal with pretty lighthouses.

Warren Kimble Coastal Breeze Salad Plates in a Beach Tablescape


Sailboat flatware worked well in this table setting.

Nautical Sailboat Flatware, Great for Beach House, Houseboat or Dining Poolside


Here’s a better view of the sailboat design. This delightful pattern is still available for a steal here: Sailboat Flatware. I like its nautical rope eding.

Sailboat Flatware


Evening was closing in as I took these pictures.

Set a Summer Table with a Nautical-Beach Theme


The birds are mad at me right now. I was gone for 10 days and their feeders hung empty for probably 7 of those. The feeders were absolutely covered in birds before I left.

I filled them up on Monday after my return late Sunday evening. Since then I’ve seen one Gold Finch, two Piliated Woodpeckers who stopped by for some suet and a tiny brown bird that I didn’t get a good look at through the kitchen window. I think they are boycotting me. lol  The hummingbirds forgave me, though. They were happy to see their feeder refilled with fresh nectar.

Table in Aqua Blue and Neutral Colors


Happy Summer, dear Friends…because it is still summer and I so love this time of year! I’ll leave you with Cyndi’s beautiful words:

When Fall arrives, I will be happy to greet her, enjoying her beautiful color and decorating with fun pumpkins, but not just yet. “Summer breeze makes me feel fine…”

White Wicker Dining Table for the Porch


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables linked for today’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. I’m so glad to see this! I also did a tablescape with the ocean in mind. I’m pleased to see you are still creating summery tablescapes since so many are already pushing towards the fall influence. I’m always so impressed when I see those beautiful seashell chargers you created. I know it had to take a lot of time to create them!

    • Thanks so much, Liz! They did take a long time but were definitely worth it in the end. I ended up making those in sort of an assembly line style, placing all the larger shells first on each of the chargers, then going back and filling in with medium shells, the finally filling in with the teeny-tiny shells. That helped it go a bit faster. They are fun to make while watching a movie or listening to a book on Audible.
      I know, it’s that way for me every year, hard to think about fall when it’s still 85-89 outside every single day. 🙂

  2. Love the Beach Themed tablescape. We have not had a really good summer this year, just rain, rain and more rain… Hope Labor Day turns out bright and sunny. Have a great day.

  3. All the neutrals with the blues make this one feel late summery–very appropriate. OK, too funny about the bird boycott; did you check your yard for tiny picket signs? Nice to see Mr. Rabbit again. Has he ever appeared in an autumn tablescape? And…welcome home.

    • lol I’m sure they are out there! Ha, ha!
      Ummm, trying to remember. He’s definitely been in a Christmas one, carrying a little poinsettia. I’ll have to look back and see if he’s appeared in a fall table…that could be fun!

  4. Thanks for hosting each week! I admire your creativity (and your willingness to spread sand everywhere, lol!). Your sailboat plates are some of my favorites. Regardless of the calendar we’ve still got nearly 2 months of summer left in Georgia.

    • lol Sandra, when I did that at the very end after I had the table completely set. I was thinking, OMG, if this doesn’t look right, I’ll have to take this table completely apart to get rid of it. Fortunately, I liked how it looked. 🙂
      Exactly! I love our Georgia weather so much. If I ever move, I will miss it so badly!!!

  5. I love all your wonderful Tablescapes and look forward to opening my emails on Thursdays to see your latest creations! I live on Vancouver Island and really like all the sea and beach Tablescapes. I followed your tutorial on making the beautiful seashell chargers quite awhile back and just love using them. I get endless complements on them. After your post today you have me thinking I should maybe try the ones with sea glass on them too! I have a beach ball tablescape up right now as we have been taking our grandchildren to the beach still. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

    • Thanks so much, Deri! I’m so glad you made those! They are a project and a half, but so worth it! It took me a while to convince myself I needed some with sea glass since I knew how long it takes to make them from having made the first set of six. I’m really glad I did though because I use them a lot. Would be a great winter project, then you would have them next summer. 🙂
      A beachball table sound adorable! I bet your grandchildren love it!

  6. Susan, I can’t say enough about today’s tablescape! I have those sailboat plates and think they are as versatile as you do. I have to say I absolutely drool every time I see those tall shell candleholders you used on a table above! I know you got them from Marshall’s or TJ Maxx years ago. They are stunning! Do they have a name on the bottom? I have looked online and on eBay for years but haven’t seen anything nearly as nice. In Memphis, we are having a blessed cooler week with less humidity than we have had for about 6 weeks. I hope you get some of it. Though I love fall, I, too, am not ready to leave summer. I’m looking out my window right now at my hosta bed and hate to see the day they are gone. Happy Late Summer to you!

    • Yup, I found those in HomeGoods many years ago. I walked right by them but they kept haunting me so I turned around and went back for them.
      I just looked and the only thing on the bottom is a tiny gold label that says: Made in China. Oddly enough, they have little squiggles on the front of each at the bottom that look like C 2 C with a dot here and there. Have no idea what that is, almost looks like a hallmark or signature or something.
      Thanks! The weather is really pretty nice here right now, the humidity is down some. I’m going to miss the heat, I love summer so much! Martha, if I come across similar shell candle holders, I’ll let you know.

  7. Bunny Rogers says

    Hi Susan, I’ve been following you for several years now and we have corresponded on occasion. I lived in Fayetteville, GA for more than 30 years and now live in Chapel Hill, NC. In all the time I’ve followed I’ve never seen you mention actually COOKING. Not casting stones but just want to know if you actually entertain as much as you set tables? I love your table settings and I figure you do it because it is your routine and you enjoy the artistic flair you express. But do you cook? I don’t think I would very much if I lived alone.

    Also I love your porch. Every Southern home should have a screened in back porch with attached deck. Do you hose it down after pollen season? Do you regularly clean it even if it is not in use and most of all do you really entertain dinner guests on the porch in this ungodly heat? We used our porch in GA more than we use this one because we had so much shade in the backyard and it was actually pleasant out there. But here it is definitely a fall, winter, and early spring porch.

    I’m looking forward to your holiday decorating. We downsized from 5,000 sq.ft. to less than 3,000 sq.ft and many if not most of the holiday decorations had to go so I get vicarious pleasure from seeing what others do.

    Bunny Rogers

    • I used to entertain a lot and I’ve posted a few of those tables/parties/stories over the years. Now, since I’m traveling so much and visiting my grandchildren 4-5 times a year, I don’t entertain as much as I once did. If I ever move to Ohio to be closer to my son, dil and grandchildren, I would be creating pretty tables for them, I’m sure. Here’s a table I created for them when I was visiting a while back:

      Regarding cooking, you can see some of the things I enjoy making here:
      I’ve never been a “foodie” so to speak, the only time I really enjoy cooking is when I’m having family or friends for dinner. Then I love it because it’s like a gift of love for my friends and family. But everyday cooking…nahhh. I’d a million times rather be reading a book, riding my Peloton bike, gardening, doing a puzzle, setting a pretty table for TT or just about anything else. lol

      No, I just sweep, vacuum or mop the porch about once a month. It’s just another room in my home, just one that gets used a lot in the fall, spring and summer.

      I have a lot of shade which makes picture-taking more difficult, but it does keep the porch about 5 degrees cooler than the outside temp.
      The only time the porch tends to be really warm is in August, so I tend to host dinner parties on the porch in May, June and July…or during the early fall. I enjoy the porch in August because the temps often cool off by evening time. It’s really nice out right now as I type this. Even in January and February, we will get a few days (or even a week!) of freaky warm weather when I can enjoy the porch. You just never know in Georgia!

      When I have folks over for a party, it’s normally in the evening and the porch is always very comfortable that time of day. But let me tell ya, nothing, not even the weather will keep my friends/guests off the porch!!! It doesn’t matter if it’s 30 degrees outside and freezing, they will not stay off the porch and the door from the kitchen stays wide open the entire party, no matter how many times I close it! lol I couldn’t believe it when I hosted a neighborhood Christmas cookie party here a few years back and the door was open the entire time from my guests going to and from the porch. I finally gave up closing it and just let it stand wide open for the party. It was the kitchen door so I don’t think the heat ran in the house that much more with it being open. I guess most folks don’t hate the cold like I do!
      Another time, a torrential storm with tornado-like winds happened right after my guests and I went out onto the porch…and they refused to go inside. We weathered the entire storm on the porch. You can read about that here:

      Porches are people magnets! It shows you how much we crave the outdoors, I guess.

  8. Merlin Parde says

    Aren’t “those birds” something…just happened to us being away…they turned up their beaks for an entire day!! We had geese flocking…it was 65 degrees this morning…franki

    • lol Too funny! I’ve finally seen a few today, but still nothing like I had coming to the feeders before I left. I wonder if they are eating all the cicadas I’ve been hearing in the trees. Maybe they have other food sources right now.

  9. Great tablescape while summer still rules. I agree, pumpkins can wait (do you hear me, Kroger’s??). I could use a good beach trip but my favorite stateside beaches are having this thing called red and green algae .
    My hummers are knocking out my feeders quite quickly these days!

    • lol I agree, Rita! It’s way too soon for pumpkins! Everything is green and some plants are still blooming. I can’t think fall right now.
      Yuck, never heard of red and green algae…wonder what’s causing that.
      I think the hummers are stocking up for the big journey they have ahead!

  10. I always look forward to your post. This tablescape is so pretty. After you showed the napkin rings, I went to Cracker Barrel and bought them. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Susan,
    hop on a plane and come visit me: I am on vacation at the sea and the house I rented is very close to the cutest lighthouse I’ve ever visited and I love it, and I’m sure, you’d, too! 🙂
    Finally a “normal” summer arrived to this corner of the world, too!
    There’s even a round yellow star shining in the sky which I think is called “sun”?! I can’t really tell since I haven’t seen it for ages over my head and I don’t remember its face! lol Seriously, you know I love sunbathing and tanning but we have had some kooky weather the past months, it almost depressed me! Very, very hot and dry, but NO sun! Arghh! Nevertheless, now I am happy at the beach and of course I love your nautical tablescape, especially those beautiful salad plates and those wonderful shell chargers you made! How I wish I had your patience! (I pick every day pretty seashells and I could try to make my own but of course I am not as patient as you and I’ll more probably end up using the shells for my decorations, only!) 🙂
    Susan, on Sunday I’ll leave this house as I’m going to stay for two weeks in a bigger beach house with Dutch friends and I know, on Monday we all will be visiting an island where cars are not allowed, so I think I’ll not take my laptop with me… 🙁 but I’ll catch up on your 500th(!) MM party, for sure! WOW!
    Congrats and hugs sending your way! ♥

    • That sounds wonderful, Cecilia! I’m leaving right now! 😉 I wish! lol
      Sounds like you’ve had the same weather we’ve had…tons of rain. I just got through cleaning all the mildew/algae off my birdhouse in the front garden, pretty sure that was caused by all the rain we’ve had.
      Have fun enjoy all that awesome sunshine the next few weeks, Cecilia!

  12. Beautiful and creative as usual Susan!

  13. Cyndi Raines says

    Oh my gosh Susan! What a beautiful table! I LOVE it! I am so flattered that you took my suggestion and made another awesome beach themed tablescape. The silver based hurricane candle holders sitting next to the pretty aqua blue goblets are stunning. The beach sand, shells and sea gull add the finishing touch to the special shell chargers and nautical plates. Thank you! I am pinning this to my “Beach Love” board. Tomorrow we are headed north for some lake time and I will spend as much time on the beach looking for lake glass and in the water! Lol. Enjoy these last great days of summer dear friend and thanks again!

    • Thanks, Cyndi! And thanks for being the inspiration for this table setting! Have fun at the lake this weekend–enjoy these wonderful last days of summer! XX

  14. Susan, I have to admit that I’ve never been one to fuss over table settings or to be interested in “theme” tables. However, after following your blog for a few years, I will admit that I can appreciate the emotion you put into each and every one. It’s like visiting a gallery and enjoying each and every painting for its individuality. My daughter is a potter and just as clay and glaze are her artistic expressions, your tablescapes are yours. The hard work and detail that went into your garage storage wall to protect and organize your artistic medium, tells a lot about you. We all should feel such passion for something in our lives.

    • Thanks so much, Pat! It really is a lot of fun to start with one item, like a set of new napkin rings, and build a whole table around them. I guess it satisfies that part of me that likes to be creative. When friends and family are here, I love it even more since it’s a way I can show my love and hopefully make them feel special, loved and appreciated.

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