Bedroom Makeover: Dinosaur Themed Bedroom for Two Dinosaur-Loving Boys

Welcome to the 549th Metamorphosis Monday!

In a previous post, I shared some plans my daughter-in-law, Nancy, and I’ve been working on for the bedroom belonging to my two grandsons. The boys, ages 3 and 5, were ready to graduate from their convertible crib/toddler beds to big-boy beds. I had saved my son’s childhood bedroom furniture all these years, so I loaded the two beds into my SUV and headed north.


Thanks so much for your comments on my previous post encouraging me to better secure the wood side rails. I had planned to do that but just hadn’t purchased more bungee cords when this photo was taken. I ended up not taking the two large wood risers and one of the side rails seen below since we weren’t planning on using the beds in the bunk bed configuration.

Beds and Bedding


Before leaving for Ohio, I stopped by At Home and picked up several lamps that I thought would work with the Pottery Barn bedding we chose for the boy’s room. I’m not always a big fan of the color orange (and I found out later, neither is Nancy) but I could envision it creating a cute pop of color on the blue chest I had chosen to go between the beds. I thought it would also bring out the orange in the dinosaur quilts and shams.

Lamp's for a Boy's Bedroom


Neither Nancy nor I thought to take photos of the room before she took the old beds apart, but we did capture a few photos before we started putting the boy’s new beds together.

Assembling Twin Cargo Beds for Boy's Bedroom


Remember the blue chest I ordered for the room? I wasn’t sure if the color would work with the bedding because the photos online had varied drastically. Some photos depicted a pretty light blue chest.

Blue Painted Chest


Other photos showed it looking much more turquoise in color. Big difference right? I did not want it to be the darker turquoise color so was a bit worried when I ordered it.

Blue Painted Chest, Distressed Wood


Well, it turned out to be perfect! I love the color so much, I’ve been trying to think of a place I could use one in my own home. (Blue chest is available here: Blue Chest.)

Decorate a Dinosaur Themed Bedroom


So what do you think? This was the big-boy dinosaur room I had pictured in my head and seeing it come to life was so much fun! The pictures Nancy already had above the boy’s beds worked really well, so we are planning on leaving them in place.

Dinosaur Themed Boy's Room


I’m a little obsessed with the chest!

Boy's Bedroom, Dinosaur Theme, Blue Chest


Boy's Dinosaur Themed Bedroom, Blue Chest, Pottery Barn Quilts


The three dinosaurs on the floor and the one atop the chest all belonged to my son. There are a few more downstairs that are a part of this set. I didn’t have the heart to get rid of them after my son outgrew them since they were favorites of his when he was growing up. Plus, they were still in great shape and looked basically brand new when I brought them up for my grandsons.

Vintage Dinosaur Toys for a Dinosaur Themed Boy's Bedroom


I’m sharing a lot of photos from different angles so feel free to scroll on through if you prefer. I left the bedding a bit rumpled in most of the photos so you could better see the designs on the quilt. When the bedding is pulled up snug/straight and turned down, it ends up hiding much of the design, as it did in the photo below.

Pottery Barn Dinosaur Quilts for Boy's Bedroom


Nancy already had the navy curtains on the windows and they work great with the new bedding.

Boy's Bedroom Decorating Ideas, Dinosaur Themed


Here’s a better view of the quilts…love the design and the boys love it, too! (Find this bedding available here: Dinosaur Bedding.

The boys already had the cute Stegosaurus seen on each of the beds. I added an Arlo (the larger dinosaur) and the book since they love the movie, The Good Dinosaur. (Find Arlo (larger dinosaur) and the books here: Arlo and The Good Dinosaur book.)

Pottery Barn Dinosaur Quilt and Bedding


Dinosaur sheets are available here: Dinosaur Sheets.

Dinosaur Sheets


As mentioned in my previous post, this room is a challenge to decorate since there are so many windows/dormers and doors. Fortunately, the reading chair is still accessible, although the boys seem to prefer being read to in bed. We may remove the chair and the train table in the other dormer window and replace them with a chest-of-drawers in each dormer as the boys grow and need additional storage room for clothes. I’ll bring the chest-of-drawers that goes with this bedroom furniture the next time I drive up.

Boy's Bedroom with Dormer Windows


The other dormer window currently holds their train table.

Dormer Windows, Slanted Ceilings, Boy's Bedroom


Did you notice the cute dinosaur lamp in the buggy/cart at the beginning of this post? It ended up here on the dresser across the room.

Dinosaur Lamp for Boy's Bedroom


The blue color of this lamp works so well with the bedding, even though we didn’t use it on the chest, it had to find a home somewhere in the room.

Dinosaur Lamp


In this view, you can see how well the chest works with the lighter blue color in their bedding and the Euro size pillow shams. It also looks great with the blue dinosaur sheets.

Boy's Bedroom, Dinosaur Themed


Standard size shams are on order and those should arrive tomorrow. It’s taking a while since they are being “personalized” with their names. Those shams also depict the orange volcano visible on the quilts, so they will pick up the orange of the lamp really nicely.

Orange Lamp, Boy's Bedroom


Here’s a good view of the chest, I really love the color! (Chest is available here: Blue Chest.)

Blue Chest Bedside Table for Boy's Bedroom


I couldn’t resist this opportunity to pick up a few more dinosaur books. You’ll find all the dinosaur books on the chest available here:
Discovering Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs: A Visual Encyclopedia
How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?
Everything You Need to Know About Dinosaurs
Have You Seen My Dinosaur?
Oh Say, Can You Say Di-no-saur?

Blue Chest for Boy's Room, Dinosaur Themed Decor


I loved how the late afternoon sun created shadows across the top of the chest. Something about this photo had me feeling very nostalgic. Childhood is such a special time and sadly, so fleeting!

Dinosaur Books


I first came across these bookends at the American Museum of Natural History website.

Dinosaur Boy's Bedroom


I ended up finding some that were almost identical for a good bit less elsewhere. (Bookends are available here: Dinosaur Bookends.) I wasn’t sure if my grandsons would find them too scary. I needn’t have worried, they love them! I love them! I wouldn’t mind having a set in my office. lol

Dinosaur Bookends


I found the adorable dinosaur jars on clearance in, At Home. I wanted to fill them with something other than candy, something fun. Dinosaur eggs were just the thing!

Dinosaur Eggs Hatch in Water, Boy's Dinosaur Themed Bedroom


When the eggs are placed in water, the dinosaurs inside hatch out in about 24-48 hours. When my grandsons tried it, their eggs hatched overnight while they slept. They were a big hit! (Dinosaur eggs are available here: Dinosaur Eggs.)

Dinosaur Eggs, Boy's Bedroom


That first night, my heart felt as if it would burst as I watched while my son and daughter-in-law read to the boys in their “new” beds, the same beds their father slept in when he was growing up. Life has come full circle and I’m grateful for every moment we have together. ♥

Reading Time


Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

Dinosaur Themed Boy's Room


Update: Here’s how the beds looked with the personalized pillows/shams in place.

Personalized Embroidered Names on Dinosaur Shams, Pottery Barn


Personalized Pillows, Pottery Barn Dinosaur Bedding


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  1. Oh the room turned out so Cute!!! So neat that you kept your sons furniture and a few dinos, how special to see your grands enjoying them! Thanks Susan!

  2. Susan,
    I know this post of yours is not primarily supposed to be emotional, but to me the “Before and After” theme is here of secondary importance, for sure! Needless to say, you and Nancy (Wow! She’s a beauty!) did a great job and your grandsons’ new bedroom looks amazing but the fact that they are now going to sleep in the same beds their dad slept in and going to play with toys also their dad played with is so heart-warming, I fully understand your heart went pitter-patter! You must be extremely pleased and happy seeing your grown-up son and your dil playing with their babies or reading to them in those beds you once chose for your baby! Awwww…. I am happy for you, too! 🙂

    • I know, I was so overwhelmed that first night, seeing how excited and happy the boys were and seeing the whole family enjoying the room so much! I could sit in that room all day, just daydreaming and remembering when my son was a little boy and loved dinosaurs.
      Cecilia, it was definitely an emotional experience…and for Nancy, too…removing the boy’s toddler beds and seeing their small bodies laying on these huge beds.
      The boys were hilarious jumping on the new mattresses the night before when they first arrived and before we placed them on the beds. They thought it was all great fun! 🙂

  3. Fantastic job on the dinosaur bedroom! Such a pleasure to see how everything co-ordinates and looks great!

  4. Such a cute bedroom for your grandsons. I love the orange lamp. It is so very special to use their daddy’s furniture.
    You and Nancy work well together!

  5. The room turned out darling! Love the blue chest and the orange lamp is perfect! I sure understand a grandma’s heart that loves pleasing those little guys! Great job!

  6. To my delight I read that your stash of furniture came to good use. My hoard I mean my stash is waiting for such a time to be loved again.
    Have a great week,

  7. I need to be a better grandmother!!!
    Room is awesome!!!! I remember doing my first grandchild’s nursery for them but after 5 more grandbabies came in 6 yrs!!!! I had to stop!!!!
    Where did u find the big dinosaurs on top of bed???

  8. Wow! You did a fabulous job of creating this room for your grandsons. You are one generous grandmother!!! It is wonderful that you were able to reuse your son’s bedroom set for your grandsons. I am sure everyone appreciated the history. It proves that classic furniture endures.

    • Thanks, Maureen! So true! I was a little suprised to see Pottery Barn and other companies still making very similar furniture today. It’s almost indestructible, definitely weighs a ton! lol

  9. Wow oh wow. The beds have a new life and look great. The whole theme came together. You’re right; the chest is the crown. Something about that color. It goes great with navy so no worries about picking up blue in the quilts. I like the alarm clock being orange. A few more bits of orange around the room and the lamp will fall into its place. So excited for the grands to have such a fun room to sleep and play in. All the extras placed around the room make it so complete. Can’t wait to see the monogram shams! I know how you feel about seeing the beds and toys renewed as I did the same thing.

    • I really, really do love that color! Wish I could find a good spot for one in my home. Would be adorable in that future cottage house I want. Thanks, Kathleen! Once they arrive, I’ll have to take a photo to add to the post showing those in place.

      • I looked through the pics again (every thing so cute) but I guess I missed the dresser and mirror. I did see the lamp in your cart on my second sweep and it is a keeper. I wonder if you could paint the dresser/mirror blue like the new chest? I painted over my dark brown pine hutch and love it.

  10. Terri Santiago says

    I like the orange lamp on blue dresser, it also has orange in the pictures above bed too.

    • Thanks, Terri! Great point! Nancy was just saying the other night that she and I have the same taste in furnishings. I guess that’s why everything she had in place worked so well with the bedding. We agreed on everything so easily, even down to lamps. 🙂

  11. Susan, the boys’ room is absolutely adorable! They are going to have fun growing up in this special room of their own. I’m a long time fan of blue with a touch of orange, so the orange lamp is a perfect touch for me. It also goes with a dino theme, don’t you think? The blue dinosaur lamp is also adorable. You found the perfect details to add to this room. I’m impressed that you saved your son’s dinosaurs too. They are so cute and just perfect for your grandsons’ room. I bet your son was having fun remembering his own young life. The twin beds work perfectly in the space, and I think your idea of adding chests to the bays is a very useful idea. I shared a room with my sister growing up. We were less than two years apart. It is a wonderful opportunity for bonding between siblings and good experience in learning to share and live with another. So many children today have their own space, many with a bedroom with a bath, their own TV, computer, etc. It made for a solitary childhood. I even read an article that youth today has difficulty when they go off to college and have to share a room and a bath. Ha! Ha! My first dorm experiences not only had a roommate, but we had showers and toilets down the hall. Times have changed!!!

    • That’s wonderful to hear, Sarah! This house is three bedrooms and one bedroom is downstairs, so they have kept the boys together. That also lets the 3rd bedroom act as a guest room which is handy for all those visiting grandparents.
      I think that’s the way it was when my son went off to UGA. He def had a roommate and the shower/toilets were down the hall. I remember we bought a little caddy for him to carry his shampoo/toothpaste back and forth in.
      I guess it’s still that way at UGA but not sure. The buildings there are pretty old.

  12. Bravo, Susan! Your grandsons’ room turned out to be such a special space. I love all the bedding, decorations and colors! It’s only made more special by the sentimental value of the beds and toys. You and your daughter-in-law make a great decorating team.

  13. It all looks wonderful and fun! Will there be a rug between the beds? I think it would break up the wood of the floors and the wood beds and also make it cozy, especially in the winter. I love how you still had some of your son’s dinosaurs and included the in the design!

    • Yup, I just wanted to get the beds in the room to see what size rug would be best. PB makes a rug that coordinates with the bedding but we may choose something else…not sure yet.

  14. Bonnie Gutierrez says

    Too funny, I was looking at that blue chest a few days ago on Overstock but Amazon has a better price. For some reason I always forget to check Amazon’s pricing.
    The boy’s room looks very cute – love that dinosaur lampshade and the colors you chose. What we will not do for our grandies!

    • Bonnie, that’s where I first saw it, too. But I wasn’t sure if returns would be easy with Overstock so I decided to check Amazon and found it there as well. Thanks! I love the color! Would love to find a spot for one in my home.

  15. So Cute!!! My grandsons would have loved a room like this. Too old, now!

  16. What a huge adventure: Selecting, purchasing, loading car, driving, unloading, assembling, arranging, and decorating. The beds looks like they were a hit with your DiL too; she looks quite comfy in one of them 😉 Did you do a “reveal’ with the boys, or were they involved in the whole process?

    • She loves them! One of the boys kept waking up a couple of nights ago. She crawled into bed beside him and fell asleep for 3 hours! They def have her stamp of approval!
      We did do a reveal. We had the boys downstairs watching a movie while we were making the beds and finally let them in to see everything once it was finished. They ignored the bedding and went straight for the books and the dinosaur eggs on the blue chest. lol

  17. Barbara Edwards Armacost says

    This room is adorable!! So much thought went into it. The colors mesh beautifully and your choices of the dinosaurs is so cute. And I noticed the quilts reverse to the plaid so they could be used when the boys get older. Great job Grandma!!

    • Thanks so much, Barbara! I know it kinda looks that, I thought the same thing when I saw this bedding in the photos online at Pottey Barn. Actually, the dinosaur quilt is gray on the reverse side. The navy/white check is a separate duvet. The duvet can definitely work for many years. I think they’ll primarily just use it in the winter since it’s plenty warm upstairs during the summer months.

  18. Elinda Turner says

    The bedroom is so cute. Just wanted to let you know at T J Maxx website they have a cute dinosaur T-Rex head pillow and inside of the mouth appears orange. Enjoy your time with your family.

  19. Susan, this really makes my heart smile. You must be in 7th heaven. I don’t know they call you – Nana, Mimi, Grandma, whatever, but you’re definitely the best in their eyes, no doubt! The provenance of their dad will hopefully be passed along to their children too. Great job!
    Love all the little things – the books, the bookends, the lamps, the eggs……

    • Mimi…I couldn’t think of anything better when they were born, but truthfully, I don’t feel like a Mimi! lol
      I was thinking about that the other day. This furniture is so heavy, it’s pretty much indestructible! So maybe they can pass it down to their children one day.
      Thanks, Rita! XXX

  20. Your grandson’s room turned out perfect. It is cozy, colorful and looks like a fun place for bedtime stories. Although I’ve never cared for orange either, the orange lamp with the blue chest are the perfect color choices. They go so well with the bedding and your son’s dinosaurs. Perfect choices! Aren’t you glad you saved the bedroom furniture and those dinosaurs.? Maybe someday your son can review your blog posts with his sons and they can all appreciate the work, planning, and most of all love that went into creating a happy room for your grandsons. Enjoy your visit and have a safe trip home.

  21. Job well done.

  22. Oh, so sweet! Great job, the room is absolutely a dream!

  23. The room is amazing and I know how much it must have meant to you to see your grandsons using the beds your son once used. While the orange lamp may not have been you or your dil’s favorite color, it is perfect with all the blue and the bit of orange in the comforters. Great job, grandma. I know you worked so hard to bring it all together.

  24. Kay Berry says

    Love, Love the room. Those boys will really enjoy playing and sleeping in there. You two did a great job! So cute!!!

  25. Vickie H. says

    Something about this tugged at my heartstrings and I got teary-eyed, but I have no idea why. This room knocked it out of the park! Just a wonderful space for two very special and blessed little boys! Thank you so much for sharing your process. And I have to add: I never like orange AT ALL and I think that lamp is IT!!! Perfection on that ideal little chest!

  26. Bobbi Duncan says

    This post is lovely and emotional. You have probably thought several times what a good move that you kept your son’s bedroom set and dinosaur toys! The room is adorable, and I know your grandsons will make many more fun memories in a bedroom with their daddy’s furniture. Great job! Hugs!

    • Thanks so much, Bobbi! I am really glad I saved it and the dinosaur toys. Had no idea dinosaurs would still be so popular with little boys so many years later!

  27. Faye Healey Goggins says

    Oh my, Susan, this was 0ne of the best makeovers I have seen! You really outdid yourself. The colors are perfect. The blue chest the orange lamp and the orange in the comforter is just perfect how it all works together. OK, can I invite you to my home to do a makeover in my bedroom? Just asking. Great job! and I am looking forward to the your project.

  28. Faye Healey Goggins says

    One thing I forgot to mention before was a rug between the beds for those cold winter mornings getting out of bed. That’s something to think about…

    • They did have a rug in the room before. I wanted to get everything in the room first, then measure to figure out what size rug we need. We may end up just placing one between the beds, not sure yet. You’re so right, we definitely need one for those cold Ohio winter mornings.

  29. Another thought…did you take a picture of the ballfield that you painted in your son’s room before you painted over it? It would be cute to hang that also and tell the boys the story of where it once lived.

  30. Mary Conway says

    This was truly a work of love. It is perfect, and many happy memories will continue to be created there. A great grandma and special MIL.

  31. Love the bedroom and thank you for hosting

  32. This brought tears, Susan — what a magical place you and Nancy created for the boys! Their Dad’s beds, and everything so fun and perfect for them!
    The shams will be the cherry on top, for sure. And the orange lamp works wonders — it even brings out the few spots of orange in the frames above the boys’ beds. A great pick! “Shabby Chic” dresser is lovely, and works so well, too. Mia’s idea of the ballfield, above, would be another perfect touch in passing precious things down.

  33. Jeanette Zienert says

    Such a cute & fun room for the boys. I bet they really enjoy it

  34. Charlotte says

    Precious Big Boy room! I love it all!

  35. The boy’s room turned out great. I know how gratifying it is to have your son’s children use their Dad’s furniture. We hauled my son’s twin bunk beds from Alabama to Texas. They didn’t take the desk and drawers that went under the bottom bunk. I can’t get rid of them because I think they are going to change their minds.
    Love the dinosaur theme.

    • Definitely hold onto them because I bet they will eventually wish they had them. So awesome that you saved it all! Thanks, Bonnie!

  36. Christy Keyton says

    Oh my goodness, Susan! This is a wonderful post. The room is absolutely adorable with so many special touches. I got emotional reading it, as my sons are all growing up and moving away and we are going to see our grandson this week in PA to celebrate his first birthday. I love that you have such a special relationship with your DIL. I love everything about this post!

  37. Molly Tilson says

    The room is fabulous! What lucky little boys. I am sure it made your heart swell to see those beds in that room. I suggest you purchase the book
    “Harry and the bucket of Dinosaurs” I bought it for teaching dinosaurs with my preschool class. It is a favorite of mine!

  38. I think you have a misplaced apostrophe…grandsons’
    not grandson’s.

  39. The room is fantastic!! “You Done Good,” no doubt about it.

    And okay, I teared up at the picture of Mom and Dad with the boys–nothing like children and their babies. It reminded me of a quote from Elizabeth Stone: “Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ”

  40. Brenda Lawrence says

    Wow, the room turned out amazing and perfect for two little boys! I love the chest, the color goes so well with the bedding so I can see why you are obsessed with it Susan. The orange lamp looks great and is just the pop of color needed along with the clock. I love orange, but only pops of it. lol The dino lamp is amazing too and yes, had to be in this room for sure. Love those bookends and your son’s dinosaurs. We had the dino on the book with the clock and the blue one on the floor. My granddaughter plays with them. They were well build toys for sure. I just love all the accents you did for the boy’s room. My heart melted too, when I saw the picture of the boys and with their parents. So sweet, yes childhood is fleeting for sure, so one has to enjoy it to the fullest because before you know it, they are an adult with families of their own! Hugs, Brenda

    • I know, so scary how fast it goes by! My youngest grandson, Court, is so cute. He’s very sentimental so every time there’s any kind of change in the house, even just changing out a rug, he will be a little sad for just a moment and will ask my daughter-in-law (his Mom) if she took a picture of it. She assured him she took a photo of his toddler bed. He does love his new bed, though. 🙂
      Yes, toys were really built to last! I brought up my son old “classroom” wood blocks for them the trip up before. I noticed today those blocks are made hollow, but the ones I purchased for my son are solid wood.

  41. MaryEllen says

    I love the room! The boys can grow with that room, nothing babyish about it. Susan, you are always such a helper to me! My grandson, 4, is crazy about dinosaurs too. The little one, 2, likes what big brother likes, but Blippi is his favorite! Ha, ha. Have you seen the Dinosaur Insulated Water Bottles that glow in the dark at Pottery Barn? They keep coming on sale, going off, coming back on. They are on order for the boys’ first day of Montessori this year, monogrammed with their name.

  42. Mary Beth says

    So cute! I’m sure the boys love it

  43. Looks great! I love the pop of color from the orange lamp.

  44. Sandra D in Joliet says

    I can see why it was a hit and so glad you could incorporate the bedroom-so nostalgic.

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