Gail Claridge’s Country Meadow Equestrian Ranch

What do you see in this picture below? Just an ordinary old barn, right?

Gail Claridge's Home, Meadow Ranch


Gail Claridge, an Interior Designer and the owner of Gail Claridge Interiors in Westlake Village, CA envisioned much more for this modest 50+ year old barn. Much more!

Talk about a transformation! As amazing as this exterior looks, it doesn’t compare to the inside! Let’s go inside and take the tour!

Gail Claridge's Home, Meadow Ranch


Originally, when you walked through the front door, this is what you would have seen. This structure, once a horse barn, sits on over 45 acres of land. On the same property are two cottages (build in 1937) an old smoke house, a carriage house and even an old filling station.

Gail Claridge's Home, Meadow Ranch


This is the view of this grand entrance/hallway today! In addition to being an Interior Designer, Gail is also a General Contractor. She originally bought the property with intentions to build her dream home and to turn the barn into a large area for playing, entertaining and storage.

In THIS article where I found a couple of the photos in this post, Gail was quoted as saying, “One day I looked at the barn and thought that I could turn the tack room into a master bedroom and then one thing led to another so that today the barn is our home.”

The above article was written quite a few years ago and during that time I think Gail may have built a second home. When you visit her website (linked at the end of this post) there’s a picture of another beautiful home I’d love to see inside.

Barn Transformed into Beautiful Equestrian Style Home

Brick flooring was installed throughout the barn.

You know how so many folks are building or creating sliding barn-style doors for their homes now? Gail was way ahead on that trend. She kept as many of the sliding barn doors as possible during the renovation.

The long table you see below is an 1800’s French work table, such a perfect piece for that wall!

Gail Claridge's Home, Meadow Ranch

I’m really drawn to Gail’s designs because she loves red and green (as do I) and uses it a lot in her interiors. The bench is an American Windsor pine sette bench.

Gail Claridge's Home, Meadow Ranch


Here’s how this area looks come Christmastime, can you just imagine how beautiful this must be in person!

Barn Transformed into Beautiful Home


The family room fireplace is surrounded in Santa Barbara stone. Keeping to the original purpose for the barn, Gail decorated in what she called a “Ralph Lauren, thoroughbred horse-barn” look. Gail also incorporated other farm/barnyard animal decor throughout her home. I love it all!

Gail Claridge's Home, Meadow Ranch


Would love to be curled up here with a good book on this cold winter day. So cozy!

Decorating English Country Style


The dining room holds an 11-foot pine table that’s perfect for large family gatherings.

Gail Claridge's Home, Meadow Ranch


Love all the transferware! You knew I would notice that! 😉

Gail Claridge's Home, Meadow Ranch


A beautiful Butler’s Pantry is tucked away inside a former stall. One of my favorite quotes from the article about this unique home pointed out that not many houses have their rooms measured in stalls. It quoted Gail as saying, ” The living room is three stalls, the dining room was the birthing stall, the kitchen is the vet’s room and the master bedroom is the tack room.” 🙂

Gail Claridge's Home, Meadow Ranch


Do you follow BNOTP on Facebook? If you did, you already got a sneak peek of this beautiful home when I shared this picture of the master bedroom a few days ago. You’ll notice the equestrian theme continues here, even down to tack hanging on the walls. An interesting tidbit about this property: The horse ranch where Seabiscuit once lived adjoins the Claridge property.

I love so many things about this room: the bed, the art, the red buffalo check fabrics and upholstery, the warmth of the walls. Gail had the pine planks installed horizontally in this room for a more “relaxed” feel. The dark bed contrasts so beautifully against the golden warmth of the wood walls.

Gail Claridge's Home, Meadow Ranch


Here’s the same room at Christmastime with a different coverlet. I love it both ways!

Beautiful Equestrian-Themed Bedroom


Here’s another beautiful bedroom in this stunning home.  Did you notice the rug in the master bedroom and this room? You won’t believe what those are made from! They are custom hand-woven from men’s wool suits! Is that not amazing?! I bet they feel wonderful underfoot!

Gail Claridge's Home, Meadow Ranch


Is this just not the most amazing transformation? Such a beautiful home and I love how Gail stayed true to its  original history as a horse barn. I’d love to see the room with all those glorious windows in this photo below!

Gail Claridge's Home, Meadow Ranch


You can see additional pictures and read much more about this beautiful home at Gail’s website here: Gail Claridge Designs. Also, visit the link up higher in this post because it will take you to an article that shares so much more information about all the details of how Gail designed and decorated her home.

Thanks so much to Deb for e-mailing me about Gail’s wonderful store and website! If you live in Westlake Village, CA be sure to check out Gail’s shoppe: Gail Claridge Interiors & Gifts.

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  1. Wow!!! What a fabulous transformation. My daughter, who rode horses for years, would love this place. I went over and checked Gail’s site and the house featured there is lovely. Like you, I wonder if it is hers.

  2. Whoa! Look at all that wonderful wood…beautifully restored and maintained! What a treasure! franki

  3. This is gorgeous! I grew up on a farm, had horses that I showed, and I would have been ecstatic to live in a place like this back then! I still love many of the equestrian details. The only thing I would wonder about is heating it, but then again, it’s in California, so perhaps this is not so much of an issue in their climate. A really neat home.

    • Athena, I’ve never ridden horses but I just love all the equestrian decor like the riding boots and hats. I wondered about that, too. Wonder if they pull off the paneling to add insulation and then put it back. I bet you’re right about not needing heat so much since it looks like Westlake is in Southern CA.

  4. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Wow! Wow! Wow!! 😮 Incredible. I could move right in feel perfectly at home; love her style and choice of fabrics and colors. *Sigh* So lovely. Everything from the Windsor chairs to the butler’s pantry and the buffalo check (what IS it about that fabric that we love so much? It’s just so homey and warm to me) fabrics … it’s all gorgeous. And I love her definition of the “Ralph Lauren-thoroughbred-horse-barn” look. 😀 It captures it so succinctly. I feel like I just learned a new technique for visualizing things.

    Susan, I think that room with all the high windows you referred to is that entry hall with the brick floor. We can’t see the windows from that interior vantage point, but we can see a bit of the light from them. 🙂 Can’t wait to check out her website. Thanks to you and Deb for sharing.

    • That’s a good question, Pam. I don’t know anyone who isn’t attracted to buffalo check fabrics! I love that RL look too! Oh, I bet you’re right…I can just see a hint of the windows in that picture of the hall. Good eye, Pam!

  5. Maryse d'Argence says

    Une maison où l’on sent fortement une âme et une chaleur humaine.
    Une maison où il doit faire bon vivre, elle est douce et accueillante.
    J’aime beaucoup cette maison.
    Je te souhaite une douce soirée.

    • Maryse that is so true, really does have a soul and warmth about it! 🙂

      • Maryse d'Argence says

        Excuse moi je ne comprends pas l’anglais.
        Serait il possible que tu me traduise ta réponse à mon commentaire en français
        Je t’en remercie d’avance.
        Passe une douce nuit.

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      Bonjour, Maryse. Je voulais vous dire mon architecte paysagiste est de la France et même si il a vécu ici aux Etats-Unis depuis 32 ans, il sonne encore comme il vient juste au large de la Concorde! Lol. Il est un homme charmant et m’a dit qu’il a grandi dans une maison qui était âgé de plus de 700 ans! Il est difficile pour les Américains d’imaginer une maison de cet âge. Il a conçu un magnifique plan d’aménagement paysager pour nous et nous apprécient sa réalisation. Au revoir et être bien.

  6. Vicki Daugherty says

    Susan, this is my all-time favorite house that you have shared. It is the embodiment of styles that most appeal to me, the woods, the colors, the accessories. I could easily move in here without changing a thing! Yeah, I bet she’d like that!! I love the master bedroom and am considering using this to model our bedroom restoration…. it won’t look like hers, but it might be close! This made my day, thanks for sharing. Vicki in Louisville KY

    • That is the perfect bedroom to use as inspiration…I love it! Country Curtains has the buffalo curtains in red. They may even sell the fabric by the yard…they sometimes do that.

  7. Andrea Campbell says

    How unbelievably gorgeous!!

  8. I love this ranch, it’s amazing and the decor is perfect for it, so warm and cozy…of course, couldn’t spect any less from an Interior decorator as your friend is. The dining room is my fav, though. Thank you for always sharing dear Susan.

  9. I believe she’s the lady who single handedly brought chintzware dishes back…I have some of threproductions she had made and they’re gorgeous.

    • Tammy, you may be right because I watched a video on YouTube where Gail was interviewed and the interviewer ask her about why chintz could refer to both the material and the dishes…and she explained about that.

  10. Linda Page says

    This is an unbelievable transformation. She had amazing insight into how to achieve just the right look. I have a friend that owns horses and she would die for that house! Thanks for sharing. Susan, ck your email when you get a chance.

  11. What a gorgeous home! This home shows her incredible vision! Thank you for sharing it!

  12. Doreen Krajzel says

    Wow Susan; How stunning! And what creativity. The Christmas bedroom is beyond belief! The red just pops the wood, one of the prettiest rooms I have ever seen! Thanks for the tour. Here’s hoping you can find more tours about her work. Lets take a vote, just for fun. I vote that the home on her website is not hers. Perhaps one of her clients. What does everyone else vote? We’ll probably never know the answer but it should be fun. Love and Hugs, Doreen

  13. OMG! What an incredible piece of property! I love every room, every detail! How lucky is she to own this fantastic home! Love it! No, super love it!!!

    Pat F.

  14. Peggy Thal says

    Just beautiful ! So much style everywhere you look . Looks so classic American.

  15. OMG!! My favorite house ever!! Love her rooster pillows. Would love to have them, but I bet they are custom made.

    I finally got my bird feeder that you had recommended up. It’s terrific. The company should compensate you for recommending it.

    Keep up the good work. You have the best blog ever!!

  16. Loved the tour. What a beautiful place to be. I love the designs of practically everything.

  17. This is one of my most favorite houses ever. I have these photos pinned so when I saw this come up today on your site I was thrilled! It is so gorgeous, I want one too! Thanks for doing such a great post.

  18. What a fabulous home! The decor is so warm & inviting, I was mesmerized by the beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing it, Susan.

  19. this was one special post. i wonder how many other homes she owns!
    very cozy setting that i could adapt to easily, especially now with this uncanny weather!
    do you collect flobleu dishware? i thought i recognized a piece in your upstairs family room?

    • I used to for a while…have a small collection in the upstairs family room. I also have a few pieces in my guest room. I love it, the blurrier and more flowed, the better! 🙂

  20. Linda C in Seattle says

    What a fabulous estate.
    Each room looks so comfortable and inviting.
    Even the outdoor patio area, I would bask in the sunshine there all the time.
    I admire her decorating taste.
    As a commenter above stated ” I would love to have those rooster pillows” me too!
    Thank you Susan for sharing this beautiful home.

  21. Wowie!
    I have one big question:
    1. For health reasons, we’ve had to get TempurPedic adjustable beds. While incredibly comfy (hub is breathing easier) we can no longer use a footboard, so I’m now looking for a great headboard. I LOVE the dark wood headboard in pictures #13 & 14, the one with the horse picture overhead. Do you or any of your followers have a clue as to the designer/manufacturer/ product line? Big thank you!

  22. Ohhh, Susan! I am so loving this barn!!!
    I especially love the dining room and the black & red bedroom!!! wow…Barn living at its best!
    Thanks for sharing…..


  23. Juanita in OH says

    This home is divine! I could get lost in there and never need to come out. TFS the joy.

  24. Elaine in Laguna says

    Susan, Thank you and Deb for showcasing another Southern California home! This one is so warm and beautiful! I’m going to check out Gail’s site. You and the other followers are right – we don’t need to turn on the heat very often during our “winter.” We sure could use some rain, though! Have a great week!

  25. Hi Susan, What a lovely post. I am a fan of almost anything looking like or even faintly resembling Ralph Lauren. LUV! Those Rooster pillows are just fabulous. And, you are correct, all the reds just POP off the page and pull together the looks……plus GOOD Energy from the Color RED. I really enjoyed looking at her Barn Home; and, of course, I am also a HUGH fan of ANYTHING CHRISTMAS….Never get enought.
    WOW, How talented is this designer Boy, Oh Boy…..I’d love to have someone like her take on my “cookie cutter” neighborhood home. All the houses look alike except a few variations on the porches…….sigh. So have to let our personalities out indoors………come on over MS Claridge…I’ll put the tea kettle on and wait for you.

  26. WOW! I could move right in! This house is PERFECT!!! A dream home for sure! She is a very talented decorator.

  27. rattlebridge farm says

    Susan, I love this barn conversion. I’ve got a lot to think about with the dormers, don’t I? It’s tempting to go with something safer. The dormers will look into an unfinished attic, and Murdock suggested to put plantation shutters on them, so the space would look “real.” But I won’t have to decide until late winter. It’s freezing in TN today. Thanks for your input! You’ve helped me once again.

  28. So thrilled I saw this! Found it through a Pinterest link, so glad I did.
    LOVELY home. Devouring the photos. Thanks for sharing!

  29. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Gosh, this place is so beautiful. You know that barn must smell heavenly at Christmastime! 🙂

    There are so many amazing home tours featured here, but there is something so cozy and homey about this particular one for me. Rarely do I see something where I think I wouldn’t have to change a million things to make it ‘mine.’ But with this house, I could just walk in with my suitcase and be happy. 🙂 I would love to know Gail. She’s a kindred spirit.

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