Tour Historic Dunboyne Castle, A Beautiful Irish Castle

Welcome to the 447th Metamorphosis Monday!

Good Morning! It’s 7 AM here and I’m writing this on my second morning in Ireland. The first is a bit of a blur since I didn’t sleep at all on the plane ride over. Rather than bore you with that, how about a tour of  the lovely castle where we stayed on our first night in Ireland.

This is the older section of Dunboyne Castle. I’m not sure if they have actual rooms one can stay in overnight in this older section, I think this part of the hotel is mainly used for special functions and events. There’s a newer section attached and that’s where we slept.

Dunboyne Castle in Ireland


Beautiful entrance! Umm, wonder how my front door would look in this color green.

Here’s a bit of history from the hotel’s website:

Originally home to The Butlers of Dunboyne, the original Castle on the Dunboyne Estate was destroyed during the Cromwellian invasion of Ireland as a result of the family’s refusal to convert to Protestantism. The Georgian house that we see today was completed in 1764 by Drogheda architect George Darley. Some of the finest works from the Lafranchini Brother’s ornamental stucco plasterwork is on display. The ceiling over the staircase depicts the four elements to life at this time; War, Music, Education & Love.

The last of the Butlers to reside in the Castle was the 22nd Baron of Dunboyne John Butler, Catholic Bishop of Cork. Since then the Castle has passed through many families – the Butler-O’Briens, Sadlier, Morrough-Ryans and the Watchmans. In 1955, it became home to the Good Shepherd Sisters who remained here until 1991 when it was bought by the Keating family, before the present owners bought it in 1999. It was in need of much repair and was lovingly restored to its original state and opened as Dunboyne Castle Hotel & Spa in 2006.


As we enter into the castle built in 1764, this is your view. The doors that lead off the main entry are truly amazing because they are curved to fit the round shape of the room. How do you make a curved door?!

Dunboyne Castle Entry, Ireland


A view of the entry looking back toward the front door. Notice the huge padlock on the front door.


Imagine keeping up with this big key in your pocket while away from home.

Old Lock on Castle Door, Dunboyne Castle, Ireland


The library is on the front of the home.

Dunboyne Castle Library, Ireland


Beautiful fireplace and mirror! I see the butler has the tea out and ready for our visit. 😉


The chandelier in the library is really beautiful. Wonder if that’s Venetian glass?


One last view of the library…

Library in Dunboyne Castle, Ireland


The Drawing room is where a lot of special events are hosted.

Dunboyne Castle Drawing Room, Ireland


The ceilings and molding are so pretty in this room!


Stunning chandelier!

Dunboyne Castle Drawing Room Chandelier and Ceiling


Gorgeous mirror over an equally beautiful fireplace!

Old Lock on Castle Door, Dunboyne Castle, Ireland


This adventure has just begun. We’re heading off for the Hill of Tara today. It’s cloudy out and rain is expected, but I’m ready with raincoat, duck boots and gloves! Looking forward to sharing beautiful Ireland with you, dear Friends!

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  1. Gorgeous and that ceiling is a masterpiece as well!!!!

  2. Thanks so much for hosting, Susan. Hope you have a wonderful vacation!

  3. Gorgeous, have fun! You’re missing the eclipse, but I’m sure you’ll hear all about it. Wow, curved wood! I know how my guys did our balcony but I can’t imagine the wood from old like that!

  4. Oh My Goodness! Thank you for these beautiful images…. – I think I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up..( I am – ahem – over 29 by – well, we won’t discuss that) I want to be an architectural historian, who studies manor houses, castles and estates in Ireland, Scotland, Great Britain, and the rest of Europe! Safe Travels.

  5. Dawne Marie says

    Susan! So happy you’re in Ireland safe and sound! Thanks for posting. That’s is a beautiful castle. Pretty green on the front door. Beautiful Chandys. I feel like we’re there with you! So exciting!

  6. The interior is beautiful- love that ceiling and chandelier. Looking forward to more pictures – enjoy your time there!

  7. Mina Flor Teatime & Garten says

    Hi, Susan! I loved your photos! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your adventure in Ireland! I will be following you!

  8. Thanks for hosting!!

  9. A whole other world from summer in the US! Enjoy!

  10. Susan, Don’t you think those chandeliers should be at my house?
    Glad you arrived safely. Enjoy everything. Have a cuppa’ for me.

  11. Oh, I know I’m going to love seeing your pics of this trip, Susan! Ireland is #1 on my travel wish list! My parents visited about a decade ago and two of my sons were there 3 years ago. My husband’s father grew up there. I know one day my husband and I will go! Thanks for sharing Dunboyne Castle. I’m in awe of that ceiling! Hope you can catch up on your rest tonight!

  12. Those chandeliers and ceilings are just fabulous! Enjoy your trip and thanks for the party!

  13. So beautiful. The chandelier in the library is exquisite! The room colors are so soft and pretty. I know it was all breathtaking in person.
    Have fun today.

  14. Oh my, those chandeliers! The one in the library is so unique and whimsical, and the one in the drawing room is take-my-breath gorgeous. I loved this tour of the castle. Interesting question – how do they make round doors? Thank you for the tour and for hosting. Have a wonderful time.

  15. Oh my gosh! Weren’t you JUST planning for this trip? Your first batch of pix are just lovely …. so looking forward to more of this, your latest journey. 🙂

  16. Wow, Susan, it looks like your Ireland adventure is off to a grand start! This place is beautiful! I, too, love that green door. I’ve always heard that the Irish love colorful front doors, and I can’t wait to see some of them when we go. I love to look at rooms like these and imagine how it must have been when families lived in all the spaces. I was struck, too, at how thick the walls are! I think it’s marvelous that all your nights will be spent in lovely surroundings like this. I can’t wait to see more pictures tomorrow. I am keeping up with you on Instagram, too.

  17. Love that library; it would be so cozy on a dreary day. Did you get a close-up of that gorgeous green door? Can’t wait to see some countryside too! And hello to your 3 BNOTP companions.

  18. Do you find yourself wanting to talk with an Irish accent, Susan? It is dreamy with all that history.

  19. Thanks for the tour! Those chandeliers and trim work are spectacular, wow!
    Enjoy beautiful Ireland!

  20. Thank you so much for sharing your photos with us! We can take the trip along with you, minus the jet lag :). Will you be staying in other castles, or just visiting them? Have a wonderful time!

  21. Where did the time go…you’re already on your second day in Ireland! Love the ceiling and fireplace. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ceiling like that until now!

  22. Cyndi Raines says

    The plaster work on that ceiling is beautiful! I see baskets of flowers and a dove, what beautiful workmanship. Hope you get some good sleep tonight. What an exciting adventure.

  23. So beautiful I would want to lay down to admire the ceilings and chandeliers . Have a great time an keep taking pictures.

  24. The ceiling if awesome, as are the chandies!!! Can’t believe you are there already, I thought you were still in the planning stage!!

    Round doors, I’ll take a stab at this one, feeling brave right now,……..I believe they steam the wood and shape it, like they do the “Bentwood” chairs popular long ago. I have a child’s rocker with round oak arms, they had to be steamed until pliable……sound good??

    Have fun and keep warm!!!

  25. This is incredible Susan!!! Can’t wait to see more! Have a WONDERFUL time!

  26. These pics are great, so fun to see the beauty and the history. Thank you!
    I’m sorry you didn’t sleep on the flight over. I, too, don’t sleep so well, and a friend just gave me a nutrient type thing, helps me sleep so much better. I’ve no time now to discuss but would love to share it with you when I’m not at work:)

  27. So beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing and still hosting while on vacation! Have a wonderful day!

  28. OHMYGOSH!! I’m just bustin out in four leaf clovers for you!! This is so exciting…LOVELY photographs…on to the next….franki

  29. What an exquisite place! Those round doors and chandelier have my heart! I am getting so excited about my trip from looking at your lovely pictures here and on Instagram, Susan. Keep your beautiful photos coming!

  30. Susan, how beautiful are those public room! I am so excited for you, can’t wait to read all about your trip and compare with mine two years ago!

  31. Just beautiful, thanks for sharing your great photos. The place that you stayed reminds me of a place that we stayed in when we were in Bath, England. Rooms very similar. Such rooms are so nice and comfy for taking afternoon tea! Thanks for sharing, I looking forward to your great photographs as you travel. XO

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