Dish Heaven!

If you are a regular follower of BNOTP, you’ve seen some beautiful tablescapes I’ve posted recently that were created by Bonnie, a talented and creative reader of BNOTP. Bonnie and I have become fast friends as we’ve shared our love for tablescaping and all things, dishes.  Today we are going on a field trip!  Bonnie has generously agreed to let us see where she keeps all her wonderful dishes.

Ok, hold onto your tablescaping hats and step right through that door.

Bonnie’s dish room measures 9′ x 14′ and was built by her wonderful hubby, Leon. Ummm, wonder what those boxes are over there against that wall…let’s go see.


Wow! Imagine, having all this great flatware available for your tablescaping!


Love how it’s all labeled beautifully, so you can find just the one you want. Just grab the box you need and head for the table.  Fantastic!


Bonnie and Leon, entertain often so this dish storage isn’t just for looks…no siree, it gets a regular workout!  No “saving the good stuff for later” going on here.


Let’s take a bit closer look…


Love those green, pineapple plates!


Oooh, I believe we may have found the Christmas section! I have visions of Christmas tablescapes dancing through my head.

Watermelon bowls for summer and pretty fall dishes right below!


Lots of beautiful, springtime china here!


Bet these dragonfly plates look fantastic in Bonnie’s breakfast room…remember her dragonfly chairs from Met Monday.


One look into Bonnie’s dish room and you just know she enjoys a bit of whimsy in her tablescapes.  There are so many fun, whimsical patterns.


Isn’t this a dream…stemware in all the colors you could ever possibly need.


Here’s a great way to store all those napkin rings.



Bonnie, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful dish room! We loved the tour!

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  1. Jenglamgirl says

    "WOW" You are my storage organized HERO! Seriously, you would have to be that organized and have that amazing storage room, with all the beautiful fun tablescapes you do. I love the idea of the flatware being in picture labled bins. I saw that once in a closet years ago only it was polaroids of her shoes… must be nice. JOB WELL DONE!

  2. WOW. I mean, really- WOW!

  3. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    Ok – I think I'm ready for the Betty Ford clinic now — do you think they have a wing for dishaholics? — I have a serious case of dish (and storage) envy here. Mercy! I'm going back for another look!

  4. Firstborn Gamache says

    That closet is like art itself!!!

  5. Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern says

    My mouth is just standing wide open in awe of all of these dishes! I can't believe it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern says

    My mouth is just standing wide open in awe of all of these dishes! I can't believe it. Thanks for sharing.

  7. OMG! I am trying to get DH to come over and look..he refuses…He is sick of every cabinet filled with dishes!
    It is fabulous! Oh to be so organized!
    My role model…
    Thank you Susan, for showing us this!
    I have to go back and see if there is a place for candles! πŸ™‚
    And yes, why haven't we seen more tablescapes from this lovely lady? She certainly has her stock ready!

  8. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    Oh.My.God. This is fantastic! How nice to see, that in the small bit of dishware that I have, I have two of Bonnie's collection ~ the Nikko Christmas set and the green leaf dishes {next to the pineapple dishes you pointed out}.

    I can't get over the well organized flatware bins and napkin ring baggies. Bonnie is soooo organized!

    Love the bunny plates in the pink dish section. Okay, I have to end the comment now or I could go on forever. I am curious though ~ does Bonnie have the same amount of place settings in each pattern?

  9. Your closet is my dream! However, I showed my husband and he hopes my tablescaping addiction doesn't lead to this. πŸ™‚

  10. once in a blue moon... says

    now thats my idea of fun… sad isn't that a room stacked floor to ceiling with trinkets can put me over the edge, but it has~ she is super organized, LOVE her little details, FUN FUN FUN! i have a little dish hut, but i just love her full vision…

  11. Glenda/MidSouth says

    OH MY WORD ! ! ! I would love to have a storage room like that to hold all my extras of everything, and would still have tons of room left over!
    Have a great weekend.

  12. The dish closet is amazing! I only with I could be that organized! And the dishes! The flatware! Unbelievable! I am so envious!

  13. WOW!!! I am GREEN with envy!

  14. Janet Happy Girl says

    STOP!!!! I can't take it…I'm drooling now

  15. someplace in thyme says

    I certainly could get lost in there for sure. That is amazing, and I thought I had too much, I need to go shopping, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  16. Julie Harward says

    I have never seen anything like it..except in a china store…unbelievable! WOW!

  17. Linda Higgins says

    It is like going to a store! I don't even think that Pier 1 or even a department store can come close to her organized room. Amazing! And to think I have 1 yes one set of dishes I use for EVERYTHING. And they are not even pretty! I think I need to go shopping……

  18. This is simply unbelievable…the Boss was even impressed…I told him next house…gotta have my own dish room….it is fabulous….not it's better then that…where does she buy all her stuff….is she a bargain shopper? and the wall with all the silverware in individual boxes….Brilliant!! Next to you this women also belongs in the Tablescapers Hall of Fame….
    Oh stop by my blog and see what daughter made me for my birthday…
    and thanks for my little link there…appreciate that and I will be bringing a big purse next time I'm over at the house…..

  19. Beansieleigh says

    Oh my word, you're absolutely right! I DON'T believe what I see! I LOVE it, but I don't believe it! ~tina

  20. Blondie's Journal says

    My head is spinning! I wonder how many women, beside myself, are showing their husband's Bonnie's dish room to point out the fact that we really don't have ALOT of dishes in comparison, so we NEED more!! lol!!

    Thanks Susan!


  21. What a fun tour, thank you both. I keep going back to look again. Hubby will be seeing this πŸ™‚ I don't have too many dishes, I need more!

  22. Sewconsult says

    I hope the floor under that room has extra support beams! A mathematician would have delight in calculating all the possible combinations of plates, flatware & stemware. I bet Bonnie is a great shopper & I would love to be a mouse in her pocket! I think I will go lie down, I am over stimulated!
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  23. oh….my….gosh! I have never seen anything like it. Truly amazing.

  24. That is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. She needs to be featured in every home magazine on the shelf! What a dear sweet hubby she has to design and have built such a fabulous spot to store/showcase her lovely collections. She has some really unique dishes! Thanks for sharing! Oh…and are your dishes with the adorable house on them called…I am loving those sweet ones! Have you ever heard of Gail Pitman out of Mississippi?

  25. Amazing…not only does she have a husband that "gets" her "dish problem", but then he goes and builds her a room for her habit. You could say I am jealous! That's like winning the husband lottery!

  26. Sue (Someone's Mom) says

    I have never seen anything like this. I can't even imagine it. I've always thought I had a lot of dishes, but I wouldn't even need one shelf. Oh my gosh, I'm actually speechless.


  27. OMGOSH…I can't freakin' believe this. One of my favorite stores doesn't have this much inventory. Talk about "always ready"…this woman is amazing. What a beautiful room full of beautiful things.
    Thanks so much to her for allowing you to show all this to us..and thanks to you, Susan for sharing.
    MAGNIFICENT post !!

  28. Susan, words fail…

    I always enjoy your blog, you have great decorating skills!

    Thanks to you and Bonnie for giving us a peek at the ultimate place for dish storage.

  29. salmagundi says

    Not only is it a wonderful room, but she must be a shopper extraordinaire. So many beautiful things. Sally

  30. Happy To Be/ Glβ™₯ria says

    Tell Bonnie I think their a 12 steps program for this…WOW!! Susan I thought I was dish sick this woman has even you beat…Hands down girl…She is the QUEEN of dishes…You better watch it girl or she'll take over TT on you ha ha!! Thanks for sharing this Susan and thank you Bonnie I don't know you….But I hate you ha ha!! May you have a great weekend on your side of the mountain my friend…Hugs and smiles Gl!ria

  31. Laura @ The Shabby Rabbit says

    I WANT one! πŸ™‚ Course I'd have to put on an addition, and buy a lot more dishes…especially stemware, but hey, it'd be worth it!

  32. nannykim at spindle cottage says

    Wow–you sure it isn't a store!! The Lady who owned my house previously used all the built in shelving units that are behind louvered doors for dishes (I use it as bookcases), she bulit a secret room for the dishes (I use it for storage of Christmas stuff , paint, tools, etc. And she had a little storage area about 8 by 8 bulit on for more dishes—we use it as a tool shed. My hubby doesn't want me to get dish crazy,,,but it would be tempting!

  33. nannykim at spindle cottage says

    OOps I put the wrong link to my comment—sorry

  34. Wow, just Wow!!!!!

  35. This is totally amazing – Bonnie has exquisite taste!
    The dish ROOM puts every other dish cabinet, storage hut I've ever seen to shame!
    Beautiful – I'm in total awe..keep going back and looking over and over!
    Did they have to drag you out of Bonnie's ?????

  36. Unbelievable! I am utterly flabbergasted! Wow…a total loss for words that would make sense…
    thanks for the tour…I think I need to lie down now.

  37. O.M.G.! I β™₯ it, I want one just like it! My husband recently retired….hmm, wonder if I could convince him that his old office should become a dish room like Bonnie's and not a guest room? Than you for making me into a drooling fool!

  38. Susan,
    Thanks for the eye candy,
    I have been waiting on this since your little tease. Now I can go to bed and dream about a dish closet and will wake up a Happy Woman.

  39. The Quintessential Magpie says

    This is amazing! I want one!

    Happy Pink Saturday, Susan!


    Sheila πŸ™‚

  40. That was the best tour I've taken in a long time! How wonderful to have a dish room like this – I looked a long time at the photos, she has wonderful taste in dishes and stemware. Just gorgeous…I'm so jealous πŸ™‚

  41. Heidi@TheCraftMonkey says

    ok, so her "dish room" is bigger than my bedroom!!! LOL, WOW, so awesome!

  42. Oh, oh, oh….I have totally swooned! No seriously….labeled flatware….room for all those goblets. I must have some kind of pill here for this…

  43. window into our life of love, joy, and adventures! says

    Wow, speechless but in awe!

  44. That is some collection of dishes. I cannot fathom having a dish room.
    I would love to shop there. Tablescapes would be so much fun with so much to choose from. And sooo organized. I am so impressed and want to thank you for sharing this with us. And thanks to your friend Bonnie for letting us snoop in her dish pantry.

  45. I am speechless! Thank you Bonnie and Susan for this amazing tour.

  46. I don't know if I am more impressed with all the plates and dressings or the organization! WOW I love it all

  47. Brummygirl says

    I am so envious!! What a lovely space. I would be in there sorting dishes all day!!

  48. Susan,
    I do believe that this is the best field trip you've shared with us. WOW, I haven't stopped drooling, I would love, love, love a dish room like that. She has one wonderful husband who built her the most perfect room. As I was looking at your pictures a million tablescapes popped into my head. Now I just need to get some of those dishes, get a room built to store them all in and get the creative juices going. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  49. I love this so much …I cant't stand it!!The wimsey, the colors, the photo lables !! Oh my goodness, I'm actually dancing around the computer over this one!Complete and utter perfection…no comming close….ever.

  50. marty (A Stroll Thru Life) says

    Goodness, this is just incredible. I feel like we were in the white house in the dish room. I can't believe how well organized and displayed it all is, and so many beautiful dishes, flatware and crystal. What a true delight. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Hugs, Marty

  51. I made myself walk it off just to make sure how big 9×14 is–yes–as big as I thought! It sounds as if Bonnie is gracious and shares her beautiful collection with others! Now, if you could just let me know if she has a garage sale–just the leftovers, castoffs, rejects…it's ok with me. Thanks for a great tour and thank Bonnie!

  52. Susan,
    Thanks you so much for sharing this virtual field trip with us. I have read all the comments and I'm with everyone else…I had my husband look at this amazing "room" filled with gorgeous treasures… AND he showed me how big the 9 x 14 area would be…it was about 2/3 of my den! Wowzer! What a great collection and yes, I'd love to see her things in future tablescapes! Thanks again for sharing.

  53. Okay am I the only one who noticed she doesn't have ENOUGH storage room and still has stuff sitting on the floor.
    Sorry I am just trying to stop myself from weeping with the fact that I still have Thanksgiving dishes sitting around because I have to try and find room to store them again.
    By the way I am Canadian and Thanksgiving was just in October. I don't want you all thinking I have had them out since last November or anything.

  54. Wonderful! Incredible! I would settle for a dish closet even half that size! She is so organized! You can tell she loves entertaining!

  55. I am SPEECHLESS! Amazing…Happy Pink Saturday!

  56. Pick me up off the floor! Oh, my goodness, this is so unbelievable! I'm loving it! This gal has it all. We could all go shopping in her dish room and I'm sure she'd never miss a thing! This is so great I can't stand it! Thank her so much for allowing us to see this. Well, maybe you should go slap her – now we're all coveting that fabulous room!! πŸ™‚ We'll all want one too!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

  57. laurie @ bargain hunting says

    OMYGOSH! I AM hyperventilating! I think I'm going to get my husband out of bed, so I can turn our master bedroom into dish storage! This is absolutely wonderful! Bonnie was way ahead of the rest of us in collecting dishes, stemware, silverware, napkin rings…! I've never seen such beautiful and organized storage! Sorry Susan, I know I took the oath, but I'm not leaving this fabulous room! Pleeease, just let me play with the dishes for a little while. Bonnie, sorry I drooled all over the floor. Thank you Susan and Bonnie for sharing this amazing room. I may never recuperate from the expierence! laurie

  58. Okay, serious drool over here, I mean puddles!!!
    teri @

  59. That room is impressive. I could spend hours in there admiring her things.

  60. SmilingSally says

    My, oh my! Not only is it impressive because of the IDEA of a dish room, but the size of the room, the organization–oh, how I l❀ve the organization of it all!

    Now, I'm green, and you KNOW that just won't do!

  61. I would comment but I am at a total loss for words!

    If Bonnie's dish closet is any indication what the rest of her home is like, I don't think my heart could stand it!

  62. The Country Nest says

    I just can't believe it is real. What a dream room. The flatware bins and napkin ring holders are great. Now I have to go back to look for linens and candles…and to dream. Unbelieavble. Thanks to you and Bonnie for sharing.

  63. IMPRESSIVE! I'm sending my husband here to get some ideas! PERFECTION!

  64. 9405018--Pat says

    Wow!!!!!!Iam speechless….wow one lucky lady…thanks for sharing…Pat H

  65. Michelle@Sweet Something says


  66. And my husband thinks I have a lot of dishes…He would like to know what Bonnie's husband collects???I told him if I had that dish closet, filled like that I would not care.LOL

  67. Holy Crimoli, Batman……I think I've died & gone to Heaven! Be still, my heart.

    I just called DH in to come have a look & he's patting my back, saying "there, there…just breathe".

    What an utterly, totally, AWESOME collection & storage system!! I am going to get more shelving for my basement & try to emulate her. Please Lord, let me live long enough to assemble such a selection!

    Thank you, Susan AND Bonnie SO much for sharing such a wonderful site!!!!

    Rettabug (who is GREEN with envy!)

  68. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Well done!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  69. I think we all need a dish room. Then we could all have more dishes. I love dishes, but the biggest problem is lack of room to store everything my heart desires.

    BTW, I started following you on Facebook, but did you know that you can get your blog feed to automatically post to FB by linking it to Networked Blogs? There is a FB application to use for that.

  70. Sandi@ My Yellow Door says

    Wow! Now that's what I call organized! Happy Pink Saturday!


  71. Nancy @ La Chambre Rose says

    Breathless! Speechless! And, oh so happy for Bonnie to be the owner of that incredible space.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  72. For all the dish lovers out there in blog land, thank you for posting these photos! I'm designing my pantry right now and I have been inspired! Great ideas and such wonderful organizational plans! Love love love it all!

  73. Wow!

  74. Vicci @theplaidbasket says

    OH my!

  75. Hi Susan
    Oh my goodness, Bonnie's closet looks like a china shop! No wonder the tablescapes look so amazing! I can't believe it all belongs to one person. Thanks for showing us.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  76. Anita @ Far Above Rubies says

    I'm am speechless!! I am jealous big time! It's just breathtaking! I saw something like this when I used to entertain at the home of vice-chairman of the joint chiefs and always wanted one. This is even better. This is just fabulous!!

  77. Christi @ A Southern Life says

    Wow, I'm dizzy and swooning from all that dish heaven. WOW!


  78. You are an Inspiration with a capital letter! So organized. I wish I was a wee like you but no, I'm not even a little bit. I wish I had a room like that too.

  79. helenabelle says

    That is incredible! Reminds me of our country's very first first lady. Yes, Martha Washington also had/has a dish room at Mount Vernon. It has been a few years, but if my memory serves me right, it is in the cupola. Thank you Bonnie for opening up your room.:)

  80. OMG!!! Is she for real?? I mean it looks better than Macy's entire china department! I think I want to faint with envy. If I even IMAGINED such a room in my house, I know that I have died and gone to Heaven! Absolutely fabulous!

  81. You must get her to do a Christmas tablescape!

  82. Ditto to so many of the above commets. Oh! my word… what a great room and I thought I wanted a walk in pantry!!!! πŸ™‚

  83. Enchanted Rose Studio says

    Susan, I have to say I've never had so many emotions rush thru me in such a short period of time…shock, amazement, surprise, envy, yearning, hate ha! Oh yes, and speachlessness!

    Susan, I have enjoyed all the Bonnie posts! She will, from this moment on, be referred to as "The Bonnie" *bowing and chanting*.."we're not worthy"!

    Bonnie, your dish room is ….perfection!

    Happy weekend!


  84. Oh, my goodness! I do believe that room is larger than my grandchild's nursery. I'll bet she creates some remarkable tablescapes. I'll try not to touch when I do my re-walk through. I really enjoyed your post. I hope you are having a wonderful Pink Saturday.

  85. Donna Lynn says

    WOW! That is all I can say to that! OK…I lied, that room is over the top and should be in a magazine!

  86. Julia Feitner says

    I've been telling my husband for years that I want a room like that, and he's always thought I was nuts. I just showed him these pictures and he's JUST AS AMAZED as I am! It's simply breath-taking! Thank you so much for sharing – and hopefully helping me get my dream staging room!

  87. Oh my, my heart is still racing from seeing these pictures. Thanks for sharing Bonnie's magnificent home…just incredible.

    Jeanie in Missouri

  88. Unbelieveable!!!! Another Martha Stewart for sure. How wonderful to have the space but even more wonderful to be so organized.

  89. Oh, my! I'm having heart palpitations! Bonnie, thanks so much for letting Susan share your dish room with us. It's a tablescaper's dream.

    We need more Bonnie tablescapes!

  90. OMG! as a self-professed dishoholic I had to remind myself to breath while reading this post…this is MY DREAM come to life for sure…I keep chanting, "Thou shall not covet."

  91. Denise Marie says

    wow, right up there with my fantasy of turning my front dining room into a dish room.

  92. Abby Lanes says

    Be still my beating heart!!!! Wow, thanks for the tour. Amazing, breath-taking, and what fun!!! Thank you!

  93. Fantabulamouso!!! WOW! I love an organized woman, I love a woman who loves dishes. My husband even gave a big WOW! I think we may have to convert a closet, but I'm talking linen closet, not a room! LOVE it! Thanks for sharing!

  94. Oh, incredible!..what a darling hubby too!.. Don't we all wish we had several of these rooms for our various needs?
    Maybe the builders need to rethink storage! thanks so much, Susan for sharing with us and thanks to Bonnie too…lucky lady!

  95. Holy Cow! I cannot even fathom how much shopping it took to fill up that space….

  96. WOW…I'm practically speechless!

  97. Whoa! That is incredible.

    Thank you to both of you for sharing with us.

    And, happy Pink Saturday. Maybe we can all go to Bonnie's for dinner. πŸ˜‰

  98. Oh my goodness your dish room is larger than my sewing room was calling a sewing studio but now I think I will rename it to sewing closet. LOL. I am so enjoying your posts. Well a tad jealous too.

  99. Need. To. Stop. Jonesing.

    I've been in Dishdrawl for too long… addiction to pretty place settings revving back up and I fear the worst.

    Somebody help me before I get in the car and go to Pier One…

  100. Oh my gosh…How beautiful! The best part of seeing this is that any of us can take the organizational hints and replicate them for our own shelves and spaces, no matter what the size. Thank you both for sharing!

  101. Oh dear! My husband will be aghast! Because now I can say…"See, Honey. It is possible to have more dishes!"



  102. Dining Delight says

    Susan, thank you so much for asking Bonnie to let us see her Dish Room! Tremendous! My DH just built me a dish pantry in a bedroom closet which I thought was fantastic until I saw this! Wonder what he'd say if I'd like the whole room made over for dishes. I'm wondering if Bonnie has another "room" for her linens though…would love to see how she organizes those. I have another closet that I use but it never stays neat.
    Thanks again for sharing this "Dish Dream" with us!


  103. Oh, goodness. I would like a dish room, not that I entertain that much, but because it would allow me to buy more vintage dishes! Happy PS!

  104. I thought only Rockefellers and Royalty had dish rooms! I'm overwhelmed by the pics and the organization. Does she have a linen room too?

  105. Couture de Papier says

    OM Gosh! I have never seen such organization your a pro!

  106. Couture de Papier says

    so pretty..too
    Happy Pink Saturday

  107. I think I would just put a nice cozy chair in there, sit down, and just smile all day long. πŸ™‚

  108. Somewhere in time says

    O help me I need some new dishes now.
    Thanks for letting us view your dish room!!!!!

  109. sherri@lavenderfields says

    I have never in my life seen anything like that. Wow that is amazing! I love it and want it!! Happy Pink Saturday : )

  110. Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish says

    We are not worthy (bowing)….

    That is so freaking phenomenal! Kudos and WOW!! I want to go shopping with her tomorrow!

    (Seriously! Let's go!)


  111. Styling by Coty Farquhar says

    What can I say Susan,

    This is amazing and Bonnie is so organised.

    …. and the glasses, fantastic!!!

    Everyone needs a room like this.

    xx Coty

  112. Cottage Rose says

    OH My Susan;;; My pulse is racing and my blood pressure just went up…. I have never ever seen a room like that,, except in a store…. I want to go and Play in that room,,, think she will let me….lol I am so amazed at all the beautiful dishes and silverware she has,,, napkin rings galore… WOW WEEEEEEEEEE… please give her my Thanks for sharing that delightful room her sweet hubby built for her… and for you to share them with us….. I think I will go back for seconds….
    have a great weekend


  113. Oh my! This is over the top! Especially all those different sets of silverware in those shoe storage boxes with colored labels on them. Susan, I bet if you put all of your dish sets, you'd have almost as many. I can't believe that you hide all your dishes in that room you call the dish pantry. I think you have been lying to us and really have a room like this. Thanks to you and Bonnie for sharing this with all of us. Why haven't we seen more of Bonnie's tablescapes and blog. Does she have a blog or website of her own?

  114. Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti says

    My oh my! What a collection of dishes! Bonnie has everything so beautifully organized…it is really remarkable! Thank you for showing it to us all.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  115. bonnilynne says

    Oh dear… I fear I am corrupting many of your fans, Susan!! AND, I'm annoying a LOT of husbands! πŸ™‚
    Thank you all so much, again – this has been so much fun! Yes, I've been collecting dishes for 25 years and I almost always shop the discount stores. To those of you who asked, I have linen storage in the garage- two large cabinets with plastic bins, linen separated by color. Storage kind of like the flatware…(OCD, I know).
    I'm so thankful I have a wonderful hubby that "gets" me…
    Hugs to you all! β™₯

  116. Designs on 47th Street says

    Oh!My!Word! I do feel a little short of breath. That is a dishoholic's dream come true! Thank you so much Susan AND Bonnie for this fabulous tour. I actually did gather a few ideas of ways to store a few of my pieces.
    Loved this post! πŸ™‚

  117. Hi Susan & Bonnie, I don't know what was more fun, looking at that incredible room or reading everyone's comments. The best post I have seen thus far!!!
    Gasp! Someone catch me, I'm think I'm going to faint! Your comments were hysterical! Stop by for a visit soon!
    PS,,, I hope Bonnie doesn't live in an EARTHQUAKE zone!!!! LOL

  118. Wow! What a great dish room and how organized! I am truly jealous!…Christine


    Ok…one simple word here…ENVY…you and Bonnie too…You were lucky enough totour…and OMG…SHE has the dishes…and SO organized,,,I bet she really dishes up some GREAT parties! Very inspiring….perhaps I need more tablescaping in my life! Please pass me some PINK serving pieces please…lol….

  120. Robin Allen says

    I thought I had alot of dishes…she is the dish queen who has a husband who adores her and embraces her gift of hospitality enough to bless her with this room..luck her and lucky HIM!!! this is the greatest idea….I am planning my own dish room as a type….how tall are your shelves??? Count your blessings!!!

  121. You are my idol!!! Oh my gosh! I wish I had a room like that at my house!

    How fun for you every time you sit down to a meal!!

  122. WOW….I'm not sure whether to be more impressed with the tableware and room or the husband..Very nice!!I have this vision of Susan being dragged kicking and screaming from your home! As the rest of us would be if we were able to see it in person…Great job!! And thank you Susan for getting Bonnie to show this room!!

  123. Lord have mercy. I had to step across a few passed out bodies while perusing this little heaven on earth storeroom. All I can say is that Martha has nothing on Bonnie. haha. This storage room is bigger than my entire kitchen!!
    xo Isa

  124. Wow, I just realize that I held my breath the whole time…looking in amazement and enjoying each section of this fabulous dish room!
    Thanks Bonnie and Susan for sharing all this dishaholic pleasure!

  125. Little Ms Blogger says

    I know most women want to own a shoe closet, but this is MY version of the perfect shoe closet.

    OMG. I'd be in heaven.

  126. Susan, that is amazing, I think I have a closet upstairs that is full my sons'old "stuff" that would get me started. HMMMM Does Bonnie have a blog?

  127. Diane@A Picture is Worth.... says

    Wow…can't imagine have that many dishes!!!

    Thanks for sharing that wonderful collection and for your visit the other day!

    I really miss blogging…need to get back into it once again.
    πŸ™‚ Diane

  128. Oh my this is a dream for any dish lovers. I collect dishes, glasses, flatware and now store it in the basement. Would love a storage space like hers.

    I would have like to know if Bonnie has a blog and also where does she shops to find all of this.

    Hope you can answer my questions.


  129. Phyllis AROUND THE HOUSE says

    I did leave a comment, it must have got lost in blog land, but I just must let Bonnie know how much I love her dish room, dishes, stemware, the storage is just so wonderful, mine is in the garage, but nothing so elaborate and well thought out as this, just genius…

  130. Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss says

    Wowzers! This is unbelievable! Never, ever have I seen anything quite like this. I'm not even into dishes and I'm green with envy! Bonnie, YOU GO GIRL!

  131. That is unbelievable….. I am so jealous!

  132. Wow that is amazing, sort of being in the stockroom of JCP housewares.

  133. Hudson Goods says

    seriously, I thought this was a store, amazing collection!

  134. I have never, ever, in my entire life, seen a more fabulous space. I could die a very happy woman in that room! What a wonderful collection – I hope there's a lucky daughter or daughter-in-law who will inherit it someday.

  135. happiestmommies says

    OMG (First time I have ever written that! Really!) I am drooling! So many ideas were dancing in my head as I viewed those images! We all have passions, and it is good to see how someone has organized mine! (And good to see that someone's obsession is similar, yet further-reaching than mine! I am not alone! Take that, husband!)

  136. i am droooooollliiinnnggg … omg. this just went into my house files.

  137. This room is a perfect size for china. Everything can be clearly seen and easily reached. And there's enough room to organize without bumping into something.

    Forget cabinets, I'd love a room like this!

  138. Okay.. I think there is medication for this affliction…but then….who's dish closet would we covet?!! Thank you, Bonnie, now I don't feel so bad about having 10 different sets of dishes! This is BEYOND and I looooove it.

  139. Holy mackeral!!!!!!!! I would seriously give just about anything for this ROOM! It is amazing as are all her dishes, flatware and stemware. I showed Joe and now he doesn't thnk I am as crazy as he did:):):) I DO have alot of dishes but Bonniwe has us all beat I do believe. I am dreaming of this!!!!!!!! Thanks so much to Bonnie for allowing us to see this!!!!!!! XO, Pinky

  140. Oh.My.Gosh. I am blown away by Bonnie's dish room and its super organization! Every woman needs one of these. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Susan! Love it, love it, love it!

  141. Holy Dishes Bat Man!
    This is fabulous and I want to go shopping in there, lol!
    So organized too, I want one!!
    That was fun, I bet the parties at their place even more fun with all these pretties setting the tables.
    Linda Q

  142. I can't stop browsing! I would like to be Bonnie's best friend and next door neighbor. I would set up camp in the dish room and enjoy! Does Bonnie Blog. She needs to so I can stalk her!

  143. My walk in close looks like this with shoes. I've scaled down some though. I showed my husband this and I kept telling him I want to make the halk closet a dish pantry and he says says he has found all my hiding places for dishes, flatware and stemware. This is so awesome; I mean awesome! I thought with my 14 sets of flatware that I need to go see my doctor but I know it's not an illness; just look here. I love it all…………Everything in it's place and a place for everthing. My kind of play room!!!!!!!

  144. I forgot to ask; where does she keep her linens. My linens are spread all over. Tablecloths, napkins and placematts are in the kitche, spare guest bedroom and the dinning room. Holiday items are stored in the pantry? I'm curious where does she store her's?
    This is so wild…….

  145. I'm on my mothers computer-Blossom.
    I am laughing so hard because I never thought anyone had as much stuff as my mother. But in her defense I have to tell my father that there is nothing wrong with mom that there is Bonnie and she has mom beat. My mother is in awe…….Mother is a collector of anything she can decorate with…… Have her to show you her work room. It's so much stuff!Bonnie this is amazing and now I want give my mother such a hard time anymore; you got it going on as mother would say. I'm Blossoms oldest daughter Shannon. I have to pick mother up off the floor in her office. She showed this to me at lunch today and she still can't stop talking about it………thanks Susan mother will never stop buying now; if she thinks she can fill every spot in the house she will now create a room for it. This is great girls, looks like you guys have a lot of fun. You girls are dishaholic's.

  146. Andi's English Attic says

    I think we should have a competition of some kind and the three winners get to play in this room for a whole weekend. It's fabulous. Thank you for showing it to us.

  147. She'sSewPretty says

    OMGosh!! I think that you visited dish heaven. I see so many pieces I would like to have in my collection! Wowzers!!
    Happy Pink week! I am way late for pink Saturday but I would have missed this great tour if I hadn't visited at all!!

  148. Love the Decor! says

    Love this!! what was that room before it was amazing dishland? I am drooling. What a great hubby to "get You"

  149. bonnilynne says

    Hi Love the Decor,
    It was the third bay in the garage!
    Yes – he's the best!

  150. Joanne Kennedy says

    Wow! What a dream to have all those great dishes, flatware, napkin rings and so on. Then to have a whole room to store everything in! I'm so jealous.


  151. What fun! pass me my shopping cart!!! everything has a place now that's organizing at it's finest!

    Happy Decorating,

  152. What a fabulous husband and such a fabulous idea.wouldn't it be fun to "play"with all this?
    Just imagine how many different tablescapes you could come up with.and I saw that——— it girl,thank you for bringing it all to us…ann

  153. I am seriously jealous! What a fabulous room!

  154. {Bellamere Cottage} says

    STOP! I can't take any more…The craft room, the kitchen and an entire store's worth of dishes? OH MY GOODNESS…HOLY COW! I think this room is bigger than my kitchen….I'll be dreaming of these rooms for a long, long time.


  155. Lady Katherine says

    How wonderful, I would love just to come for dinner at Bonnie's house. So I can take a peak into this wonderful room!

  156. A Fire Fighter Wifey says

    I have been wondering for a while what the storage looked like! If my eyes were any other color but green already they would be turning Grass green after seeing this! My hubby as " Oh thanks a lot" because I have now requested ( more like nicely demanded) a 'dish' room when we build a house! What a wonderful hubby you have to build this for you! I can't wait until one day when I have one too! And darnit I will! =)

  157. I just called my husband into my office to see your beautiful dish room. All he could say was OMG! I on the other hand I had to wipe the drool from my chin. Love your dishes and your dish room!~Ames

  158. FABBY'S LIVING says

    OMG!!! Congrats on your dish-room! I'm still green with envy, wish I could build one too in my apartment, maybe in the guest room, wall to wall or something. Now I have them scattered all over my house, even in the living room, behind closed doors. I have 14 complete sets for dinner dishes along with the tea sets, with cups and saucers…tons! Thank you for posting it! You're sooo lucky.

  159. Judy @ Southern Style Home says

    I'm not much of a jealous person, but I am now! I have to have one of those:) Dreaming in Ohio…….

  160. I think that I have died and gone to heaven. I want to be Bonnie's best friend though I can imagine that most of the women on here also want to be. I can only imagine what her tablescapes look like. I need some lessons!

  161. This is seriously lovely – wow, I would want to entertain all the time with all that lovely china!

  162. Just picked up my JAW from the floor..That looks like a store I once visited..Amazing..Hope you have them insured for breakage etc..too much to just lose if something happened. Hope you are far far away from any Earthquakes.. NICELY DONE!!

  163. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    Caroldee, this isn't my dish room…wish it was! lol It belongs to my friend, Bonnie. I don't think she lives where they have earthquakes, fortunately. πŸ™‚

  164. I love this dish room! What state are you in? Man, imagine if this was in California with all the earthquakes. I'd be soooo nervous!

  165. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    Bonnie doesn't live in CA fortunately! πŸ™‚

  166. I can only imagine being at one of Bonnie’s dinner parties! What a fun, organized lady!

  167. This is unbelievable…I don’t think even stores have these much collection…..awesomeness all around and I take a bow on organization πŸ™‚

  168. I am totally in awe of this storage – I love beautiful crockery & have several sets but this is just something else – wow!

  169. Wow, that’s not storage… It’s a shop! lol Totally amazing I might add. Fabulous. ~Pernilla

  170. WOW!!! I would love to own this closet. My head is spinning with a million ideas. Awesome. πŸ™‚

  171. Wow! This is fantastic! Now I’m thinking I can start with a sturdy bookcase on the garage (right off the kitchen) and go from there. I may NOT be selling my extra sets of dishes!

  172. I’m so in LOVE with your dish pantry — Thank you for so many organization ideas!

    … Y’all need to read the book, “Broken For You” by Stephanie Kalllos.
    It’s truly wonderful!

    • Eowana Jordan says

      I loved that book! Stephanie’s Dad’s family and my parents were close friends (We are all Greek). We lived in a small town in Nebraska: Falls City. Her Dad was a dentist. Her aunt is one of my dearest friends and told me about Stephanie’s first book: Broken for You. She has since published one or two more. Lovely to see you liked it too!

  173. Oh my goodness. I love that room. Many of us have a lot of dishes packed away because we just don’t have enough cabinet space. Big Lots has 16 quart bins like that that I buy so they will stack evenly.
    Susan, if I had know how much reading your blog was going to cost me, I might have had second thoughts. LOL Now I realize I am not a hoarder, but collector. Way back when it wasn’t called “tablescaping”
    Thanks for the tour.

  174. Eowana Jordan says

    What is left to say? It is impressive for sure! The photo tags are brilliant! I have so many different dishes and they are stored all over my three homes.. am in big trouble as I have no idea what is where!

  175. I need a bin like yours. But for right now I have them stored in plastic containers with the seasons they are in with the other decor they go with. But not until I get more storage.

    Note to self…. Sell a body part to get a tablescaping room because OMG!!!!

  176. Mamey Brown says

    This is just FABULOUS!!!!! I have a ton of dishes myself but they are in bins in the basement…Oh, how I dream of having a closet to house all my sets…this is PERFECT!!!

  177. WOW!!! I mean WOW!! That’s a lot of dishes and I really “get her” because I also love dishes. Beautiful!!

  178. This. Is. My. Dream. Years ago I saw Hillwood Estate, Marjorie Merriweather Post’s home in Washington, D.C. She had enough dishes to serve 36 people for two weeks in a row without reusing the same pattern. I know I wouldn’t have a difficult time choosing 14 patterns. But she had only seriously formal stuff. Your collection is far better, and your organizational skills beat mine, which I think are darn good! IMHO, every house and condo should have an appropriately sized pantry for entertainment (dishes, cutlery, serving bowls, etc.), food pantry and broom closet.

    BTW, for all you ladies whose husbands don’t understand your love for dishes, here’s a suggestion. Tell him it’s cheaper than eating out and you avoid boredom this way. Foods need special plating to make them more appealing, which is why restaurants do it.

  179. Mary Thigpen says

    Loved the tour. Beautiful ideas. I am in the process of redesigning my storage for my too many collections . You helped a lot. Thanks

  180. Years later and we still love this dish closet.
    We need to know what keeps the shelves from bowing ? China and glass weigh a lot.
    I have perfected some of my ‘collecting’ I put colored dots on the plastic boxes by season and learned they must all be by the same manufacturer in the same size.

  181. *Drool, drool, drool.* I have looked at Bonnie’s dish room a number of times over the years and I still love to see it when it pops up under Related Posts. What a sweetie her hubby is. I always wonder what that space was initially intended to be. Regardless, it makes a great Tablescaping Supplies room.

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