Epoxy Flooring In The Garage: Would I Do It Again? A 6-Month Update!

Welcome to the 732nd Metamorphosis Monday! A few months back, my garage got a really substantial makeover. The walls, ceiling and the garage door badly needed painting, the original builder-grade lighting was not the greatest, and the garage floor was your typical concrete floor and very stained after 40+ years of use.


Here’s how the garage looked after its makeover, definitely an improvement!

Garage Renovation with New Flooring, New Lighting, New Paint


When I redid the storage room in the basement recently, I moved all the lanterns I had stored atop the cabinets down to that space. I’ve made a rule for myself that nothing gets stored here unless it’s used on a daily (or at least multiple times a week) basis. The new lighting was a huge improvement–kicking myself for not having done that upgrade well before now!

Complete Garage Makeover


But my favorite upgrade, and perhaps the one that had the biggest impact in appearance, was the flooring. After getting estimates for two different types of flooring, I went with Granite Garage’s industrial-grade, epoxy/polyaspartic system which was professionally installed by the Granite Garage crew. It has been several months now so I thought this would be a great time to give you an update on how this flooring has worked here in the garage and the one feature of this flooring that I’ve found to be both a Pro and a Con. How crazy is that! How can a feature be both a pro and a con?!

Granite Garage Flooring, Garage Makeover


What exactly am I talking about? One big difference between having an epoxy floor instead of a concrete floor is what happens when it rains. When we drive our car outside on a rainy day, it obviously gets very wet. Once we arrive home and pull into the garage, the rain drips off the car onto the floor. Before I had an epoxy floor, the water that dripped off the car and onto the floor (and it can be quite a lot when it’s pouring out) would soak right into the concrete. Those wet spots would often remain for several days before fully drying out, especially if it rained for several days in a row and the garage floor kept getting wet day after day. I really disliked when that happened because it gave the garage a yucky, musty smell. Thankfully, that issue is gone, no more musty-smelling garage now, no matter how many days it rains. That’s definitely a huge Pro and I do love that unexpected benefit of having an epoxy floor, but there is one slight downside to that. Since the water can’t soak into the floor, it instead puddles atop the floor, mostly in front of or near the tires.

Garage Floor with Rain Water


You can see one of those puddles a bit more clearly in this photo where it ran sideways away from a tire. Since the water no longer soaks down into the concrete creating that musty smell and staining the floor, the water stays there until it either evaporates or is wiped up. I normally take a couple of old towels and clean it up if I notice any puddles. That only takes a minute or so to do. A few times I’ve tested the puddles to see how slippery they were and I didn’t find them slippery at all when walking through them or scrubbing my rain boot in them but a few weeks back, I did experience one particular instance or set of circumstances where I found the floor to be quite slippery.

Rain Water on Garage Floor


I have the driver’s seat in my car raised up pretty much as high as it will go. Being just 5’4″ inches, it helps me to see over the dash and I really prefer sitting up nice and high. Since I sit up pretty high, when I exit my SUV, I end up sorta sliding down out of the driver’s seat to get out. Several weeks ago when I was getting out of the car inside my garage on a very rainy day, I was wearing rain boots and I almost slipped, but thankfully was able to catch myself before falling.

After analyzing the situation later, I believe the reason I slipped was two-fold: the garage floor was super slick just outside my driver’s door because the very wet front wheel of the vehicle had just driven over that spot as I pulled in. Also, as I slid out, instead of the bottom sole of the shoe touching the floor, the first thing to touch the floor was the very front tip of my rain boot. That part of the boot doesn’t have any tread and is very smooth. There’s plenty of tread on the sole of the boot, just none on the very front edge/tip of the boot. So now on rainy days, I know to make sure the actual sole of my boot/shoe makes contact with the floor first as I’m getting out of my car, and not just the smooth front edge of the shoe.

Garage Floor with Rain Water


Would I have this flooring installed again if I were doing my garage makeover today? Yes, I absolutely would! I really love how it looks and functions and I definitely don’t miss the smell of a musty garage when it rains. That incident started me thinking, though. Ever since I bought my SUV over a year ago, I’ve been thinking of having running boards installed because I worry about damaging the side of the driver’s seat over time by sliding out each time I exit the vehicle. I’ve never had running boards on a vehicle before and I purposedly didn’t order my SUV with them this time because I thought I’d end up not using them and would just find them in the way. But now I am thinking they would be a good idea to not only help preserve the driver’s seat, but also for making it easier and safer to exit the vehicle on rainy days. If you have any experience with running boards on a truck or SUV, I would love to know how you like them and if you really do use them when getting out. Please share your experience with running boards since it would be pretty expensive to have those added at this point, but it’s definitely something that can be done.

Granite Garage Flooring, Garage Makeover


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  1. franki Parde says

    Well…your garage is totally amazing…I can’t believe how spic ‘n span everything is!! Safety is key!!! franki

  2. Susan, perhaps you could keep a squeegee on a long pole in your garage to squeegee out the puddles and help the water dry faster. We use one on our concrete porches when we wash them off (after pollen season has passed) and the surface dries so much faster when it is squeegeed off. Your garage makeover is just stunning!

    • That’s a great idea! I think I’ll shop for one to keep in the garage, that would be faster than using towels. Thanks for that suggestion, Sandy!

  3. Hi Susan, it’s good to hear you still like the floor. Your whole garage make-over really is beautiful. As for the runners, my husband has a Ford F-150 and it’s a 4 wheel drive, so it’s higher than one without the 4 wheel drive. If there were no running boards, I’m not sure I’d be able to get in or out of the truck, lol. I’m even shorter than you, and I also do the ‘slide exit.’ But the runners are how I get in, and if the weather is challenging at all (snow, ice, heavy rain) I definitely use the runners to climb out, as well. Hope that helps.

    I’m glad you learned the trick of how to get out and deal with puddles on the epoxy floor. That would scare me for sure. I definitely don’t want to fall. And that’s something I wouldn’t have thought of – the rainwater being absorbed by the concrete, but not the epoxy. Very helpful!

    I hope you have a great week and I hope it’s sunny and a little warmer in your world. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Pam! That’s good to know that you find the runners helpful. Yes, it has been so nice here today and this whole week is looking really spring-like. I hope you are seeing pretty weather, too!

  4. I am also 5’4” and drive a really big Nissan Armada. I can’t do without my running boards, I use them every time I enter or exit my vehicle. It’s definitely a feature worth having, especially on rainy days!

    • Angie, are the running boards on your SUV nice and wide? I think the ones that typically come on my SUV are kinda skinny. Thanks for that input, it helps a lot!

  5. I love the running boards my husband had put on his truck! Sometimes I still like to slide out, ha! But they are definitely a plus. I can also see them being a pro in the event of arthritis or other joint issues. Also, have you thought of putting some type of mat on the garage floor where you exit onto the floor from your vehicle.

    • That’s a really good point! I love that idea so I drove over to Target today and purchased a mat. I put it beside my car so hopefully, I can make sure to pull right up to it on rainy days. I’m going to try since it would save me a lot of expense over having runners added, although those would be great for when I’m getting out at other places on wet surfaces. Although I’ve never had an issue so far, anywhere else.

  6. SharonFromMichigan says

    Wow Susan, has it already been 6 months with updating your garage? That time just flew by (lol)! Good to know that the epoxy floor is still holding up well. On another note, I’m a shortie also & my husband had running boards on his truck and personally I thought they were a pain. Yes you can step on them to get in, but they’re not that wide (or at least the ones he had), so my feet would slip in both sun & rain/snow. After slipping and almost falling off of them once, I wouldn’t use them & it became even harder to enter the vehicle. Maybe it was just me?

    • I know, scary how fast it goes by–I don’t like that! That sounds like the ones that came on my SUV if you ordered it that way. I had forgotten but I remember now that was one of the reasons I didn’t get them, when I tried them on an SUV at the dealer, I found them to be too narrow and awkward to use. That would be bad to slip off one after spending $$$ to have them added. I think I’m going to try placing a mat on the floor beside the car first that I use on the rainy days.

  7. Susan, I got to thinking, surely there are some industrial style floor mats that would otherwise be a pain to clean, but in this instance, might just be the ticket. Something with dimensional points that would allow the water from your car door to drip in and act as a tray, but at the same time, giving enough dimension and traction that stepping out from your SUV onto the mats would give you grip and provide some stability. What I have pictured in my mind is something with higher spikes, but even something along these lines might be helpful for safety. You could run it right alongside where you park each time.


    • Thanks, Pam for that idea! Today I purchased a very flat door mat the is the type that will supposedly not slip. I’m going to try that since it would be easy to move out of the way when I want to…but I will definitely keep this style in mind, as well. I like deeper mats inside a car just in case a drink gets spilled. So I can see those working as a mat, as long as they didn’t slip.

  8. Running boards are okay for climbing in the truck but not for getting out. Purchase a slip resistant drainage mat for the garage floor. You just need one for the driver’s side. You can find them at uline.com.

  9. Does the epoxy company have recommendations for safety?
    Does it ever get cold enough to freeze surface moisture in your garage?
    Non skid mats might help.

    • No, the garage always stays much warmer than outside since the garage is surrounded by heated rooms/space on four of the six sides. I think I’m going to try a non-skid mat…I just bought one today to try. Thanks, Frances!

  10. Your garage looks beautiful, but I know that floor is slippery~ glad you caught yourself, you do need a mat or something to be safe

    • It’s weird because it’s not slippery when you walk through a puddle, that’s the only time I’ve had it be slippery and I think it was the angle my foot hit the floor as I was getting out of my SUV. I bought a mat today that I hope will come in handy on those rainy days.

  11. I love the look of your flooring and the garage overall. I noticed there doesn’t seem to be a drain in the center of the floor. My garage floor is cement, but there is a drain right in the center where rain and snow can empty into. When I pull into the garage my car sits over that drain. It also works well when I bring my garbage cans back into the garage. Any rain or snow on them will just flow toward the drain. Safety is important. It sounds like you are taking all precautions.

    • I’ve never seen a garage here in Georgia with a drain in the floor. They may do that in some houses, but I never come across that here. Maybe it’s because it rarely snows here…not sure. I can see how that would be really important if you lived where it snowed. I’m so sick of rain, seems like that’s all it does here lately. We are finally getting a break from the rain this week.

  12. Our home is almost identical to yours with the exception of the interior which is decorated in a much different way. We also have a 2 car garage and a full basement below (corner lot). About two years ago we had the epoxy flooring put down in our garage and if it’s raining we always use the small mop we keep nearby to immediately get rid of the water. Our flooring is shiny but not slippery. My husband has a Ford F15o which we park in the garage and I always park my 4 wheel drive vehicle in the basement. I like the feel of the open space in our garage. This epoxy covering has been my favorite thing that we’ve done to our home. Have you noticed that there’s not as much dust in the garage. My husband teases me because I meticulously clean our garage as I do the other rooms in our home.

    • Laura, I so agree! I love it! It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for my home. Now that you mention it, the garage does seem to be a lot less dusty. That may partly be because I enjoy blowing it out and taking care of it so much more now than I did when it was a stained concrete floor. I really love the open feel, too. I will never go back to storing stuff here other than just what I have stored here now. That also makes it easy to blow it out when it needs it. I’ve been the same way–been keeping it as clean as any other room in my home. When I recently had their representative come back out to give me an estimate for doing the floor in the unfinished side of the basement, he was shocked how clean it still was–still looked like new. I told him, I love it so much, there’s no way I’m going to let it get dirty! lol

  13. We are the same height. I have a van with a step down vs running board. One time I missed it. Good thing there is that place for your hand to grab.
    If you park in the same place, try a floorboard mat where you open the door to see how that works before buying some more expensive.
    I like to sit up high too, but reposition the steering wheel. I put sign in my van when it goes in the shop “Do not move my seat”

    • So scary when that happens! I’m glad you were able to catch yourself!
      I’m not sure a guy could fit in the car where I have the seat positioned. He’d have to be pretty short or his head would be touching the ceiling. Fortunately, I have the seat position programmed/set so I just have to press one button and it goes right back to where it was. I had my son do that as well during a visit to his home, so now when I visit and we go somewhere in my car and I let him drive, he just presses the “2” button and it automatically positions the seat to where he last had it set.

  14. My concern with running boards is that they collect dirt/mud from the road and then your pants’ leg touches it as your leg moves down to the floor.

  15. The one thing I don’t like about running boards is they can easily dirty your pants legs when moving in and out of the car. I think a nonslip mat where your exit your car might be the best bet.

    • I have heard that, definitely would not like that! I’m going to try the nonslip mat, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks, Karen!

  16. Carol Liebst says

    Susan, our truck has running boards that deploy when the door is opened, and then fold up again when the door closes. You might consider those. I had running boards on two different Explorers, and can’t say I used them much. Now that I am older I suspect I would use them. My current care, an XT5, is a crossover style and I don’t find I need them. Your garage is wonderful – the expoxy floor looks great!

    • That is so cool that they do that. I wonder why they don’t make them all that way.
      Thanks so much, Carol! I have really enjoyed it, it doesn’t even feel like the same garage as before.

  17. We have running boards on our Highlander and Chevy truck and love them. My suggestion would be to go to the dealership and try repeatedly a vehicle like yours with running boards. That should help you make the decision before you purchase them.

    • I should do that again. I did that when I first ordered my car, but I should do it again to refresh my memory. I do remember that they were kinda skinny because I remember asking my sales associate how people could get their foot on them. I don’t think a whole foot would fit on the board. It’s probably like a lot of things and gets easier the more you do it. Thanks, Deborah!

  18. Cynthia Cook says

    Assuming you have a power seat, maybe you could just try to get in the habit of elevatoring it all the way down before you get out?

    • I do have power seats but I know I’m too impatient to take time to do that each time. lol I’m going to try a non-slip mat on the driver’s side and see if that helps. Maybe I could just place it there when I leave the house on a rainy day, so it would have to there full-time.

  19. I need the running board to get into my husband’s SUV. I’m 5’1″. I have an older Lexus RX which I love, so I don’t have a problem getting in and out. The size of that SUV is perfect for me. Running boards are easier getting in, but awkward (for me) getting out.
    Your garage floor looks so nice and clean. I do think the idea of a mat beside your vehicle would work for safety. That’s the last thing I want is to fall again. I did in 2014, on my knee, and haven’t been the same since! 🙂 Now that you know how slippery the floor can be, please take precaution. It only takes one bad fall.

    • Thanks, Anne! Yes, I don’t want to fall for sure. lol I have a feeling running boards would be awkward on my SUV, too…since the ones that normally come on it are very skinny.

  20. Beautiful, beautiful garage!! So organized, neat and clean. Unfortunately our garage needs an update and we’ve been thinking about an expoxy floor – our son has then in his shop and they remain beautiful with all the machinery, use etc. We have a drain in our garage and since I use the whole thing for my car, the drain is near the driver’s door. We have an (antique) floor mat made out of metal and we put it on the floor to step on when getting out of the car. It works great for not stepping in water, etc. As for running boards, being a shortie like you….I absolutely love them. We have had them on several trucks, vans etc. I defiantly recommended them. When getting in our van, I usually have an arm load, including my dog, so they work great for stepping up and getting everything in. I hope whatever you decide, works out great.

    • Thanks so much, Susan! Oh, I can see how these floors would be great in a shop, especially some of the darker patterns. They really are easy to keep clean, or at least that’s been my experience so far. Are your running boards kinda wide? Seems like those who have the wider ones love them, but if they are skinny, people tend to not use them. I think I would really like them if they were wide enough to be comfortable to use.

      • Our running boards are the wide ones….on a full size Chevy van. I almost think the narrow ones are for show only to dress up the vehicle. ????

  21. I’m 5’6” and have running boards on my Mercedes GLE. I hate them and prefer my previous SUV that didn’t have them (Mercedes GLC). They aren’t helpful getting in or out. Because they don’t help getting out I try to step over then and they end up hitting the back of my legs. This is awful in snowy or wet weather as my pants end up wet. It may be the narrow design of the Mercedes running board. I’d try very hard to test out the model you’re considering before committing. They make make it harder not easier!

    • Thanks so much for sharing that info–that helps a lot! I remember how skinny the ones were on the SUV I tried at the dealer, so I don’t think I would like those. Good advice! I will definitely try them out again when I’m next there.

  22. warren giering says

    A very informative article. The slipping issue is a concern. During the winter in Maine, we not only have the water issue but also the issue with sand being tracked in from our long driveway. I wonder how the epoxy floor would hold up to the abrasiveness of sand and salt?

    • That’s a great question…I’m not real sure. I imagine it would scuff them up a little. I wonder if they can be recoated with a new top coat every few years.

  23. Hi Susan, Like others have pointed out, I use the running boards to get into to vehicle, but not to get out of it. We also had a professional grade epoxy floor installed in our garage during the fall. Our home is in north east Wisconsin and condensation on the floor in the winter can make it icy and slippery. Our contractor added some sand to the top layer of the epoxy and it’s solved our slippery floor issue. It is not visually noticeable but roughens the texture. Obviously too late since your floor is already sealed, but perhaps someone else can benefit from this info. Your garage is beautiful by the way.

    • I can see how they would be a lot easier to use when getting in. I don’t have any problems getting in, I just put a foot in and pull myself in using the steering wheel. It’s the getting out that I would want them, but only if they were wide enough to be safe. Oh, that sounds like a good idea…adding the extra sand for even more grip!

  24. well, that’s not good slipping on the floor. I was wondering if your car has what my car has…where you can set the seating but when you get out of the car the seat goes down and the steering wheel rises and you can get out of your car much easier…being 5’2″ I know the problem of getting into a vehicle that is high off the ground. When you get into the car it resets it’s self to where it was before you shut the engine off. Or you could just lower your seat to the lowest it will go before exiting the car and then reset it when you get back in. Please don’t fall it’s no fun recovering….I know.. rls

  25. Hey Susan, I have the same floor and same situation. Since I am pretty good at knowing about how far I pull in each time, I have a grip rug right there where I exit my car. Also have one at the back door area so my dogs have traction when jumping in to join me.

    • That’s a great idea! I think I’ll keep one in the garage and when it’s raining, put it out before I leave to run an errand. Mostly, I stay home when it’s raining since people drive crazy here, but those days when I have an appointment or something that can’t wait, that would be great to place on the floor.

  26. Sandra D, Jol says

    What’s that circular marking on the floor for? Some people seem to like running boards and some don’t. I wonder if any of the car dealers have a vehicle on the lot with some installed already that you could try out. I know a lot of dealers still don’t have much inventory but it’s worth a try. Maybe a used car lot would have something you could check out.

    • Since it’s so hard to see the puddle of water in the photo I took, I put a circle around where it is in the photo. It’s still hard to see, though.
      They do and the next time I have to take my car in for servicing, I will check those out again. I did try them before I bought the car and I remember they were very skinny. I think that’s why I opted against ordering the car with those. I would like to check them out again, though…just to refresh my memory.

  27. You need a squeegee on a long handle to push that water out of the garage Susan. I’m only 4′ 11″, so it is very hard for me to get into some vehicles that don’t have running boards and now impossible with stiffness. When young, I could get in on my own powers, but not anymore. And I always “slide” out like you. LOL But a truck and now, I have to have the running boards. Makes life much easier even though sometimes that can be a struggle at times too. I also know what “sliding” out does to a seat, it will wear and tear on it. So I think the running boards are a great idea all the way around and for some, like me….a must. Hugs, Brenda

    • Thanks for suggesting that, Brenda. I ordered one after I saw your comment and it will be arriving tomorrow. I love that idea and I have the perfect place to store it in the garage.
      I know, I’m really worried about the seat. 🙁

  28. SO love your garage floor, and I’m happy to hear it’s still working for you in most ways! I like the suggestion for a non-slip mat to get out onto – I know you’ll come up with a great way to deal with it. Thanks for hosting the Monday party – hope you have a great week till Tablescape Thursday! 🙂

  29. Your garage is perfect. It reflects your good taste and eye for perfection. My husband’s truck had running boards and they were great for getting in and out.
    Have you considered one of the LL Bean Waterhog doormats to put next to where you park? I know it might interfere with that perfectly neat look you have now, but it would be a safety solution.

    • Thanks so much, Mary! I really the doormat idea–that’s a great idea! I purchased a doormat yesterday in Target and I’m going to put it out on the days when I have to drive somewhere and it’s raining. I don’t think I want to leave it out fulltime, but I think it’s a great idea for the rainy days. 🙂

  30. I don’t know if this would work, but if you have a small car floor mat (like for the passenger side, you could grab it and just drop that on the floor where you step out. That way it’s always available but not always on the floor.

    • I like that idea! I purchased a mat yesterday and I’m going to put it out on the rainy days. Mostly I stay home when it’s raining but it will be for those days when I have an appointment that I have to go to.

  31. Maureen E. says

    Wow! Your garage is as clean and nice-looking as any room in a house. You have done an amazing job of choosing the lights, flooring, etc. Everything looks perfect.

    About running boards: My husband has a jacked-up Toyota 4Runner. Those trucks are higher than normal cars to begin with, but jacked up, the seats are really high and difficult for me to reach. I am also only 5’4″ tall, and if I didn’t have the running board on the passenger side to help me get in the truck, I wouldn’t be able to do it. They are very helpful.


  32. Tina W Reynolds says

    I pine for an attached, clean, organized garage. I’ve made improvements, but the trek across a big area with groceries to get in the house is becoming less than charming. You’ve done such a great job and made great decisions! I often wish that I had asked for a drain in the middle of our garage floor. Frankly, when we had it built, there were so many things to think of and decide. Now, I realize I should have surfaced the idea of an in-ground drain line with a catch basin type drain in the garage floor. No puddling water from melting clods of snow, and I could have had mine drain out into the garden area. Maybe. As I write this, I realize that the men might have told me what I can’t do! They day they poured the concrete I was just so thrilled to be getting the garage. Ah, live and learn. As we get older, we do get more clever! My garage is now 34 years old. Still love it…especially when I don’t have to scrape ice from my windshield 4 or 5 months of the year!

  33. Carol Lutz says

    We have had running boards on our Suburban SUVs for years and we wouldn’t buy one without. They are wonderful.

  34. Love the update on your beautiful garage floor – I’m hoping we can get ours done in the near future. I’m also 5’4″ (if standing up really straight!) and my previous SUV had running boards and I loved them. Once you get used to them, you just step up and then into the seat. As someone else mentioned, the width of them may make a difference, mine were wide enough to really step on not just put a toe on. The SUV I have now is a little smaller and didn’t come with the running boards and I just slide out while trying to look natural. 😉 I also think it’s bad for the edge of the seat and I find that the backs of my pants sometimes get dirty if I’m been driving in the rain and the car is wet/dirty.

  35. My retired General Contractor hubs has always had BIG trucks. We have a vintage Chevy 3/4 ton four wheel drive. At 5’2″, I suggested running boards for years, and it was a no-no. Until his old knees started giving him trouble. I gor my running boards! I always put my left foot on it first, face the door and then step down.
    A side bebefit, is if you have wet shoes/boots, the water gets on the running board, and doesn’t get the inside floor wet.

  36. I’d suggest trying out a similar suv with similar running boards before you commit. My best friend just got a new Honda Pilot & got it with running boards b/c her petite older mother has had trouble getting into the SUV in the past. Her mom finds it even more difficult with the running boards. The stick out just a tiny bit so make it more cumbersome to climb in & out but don’t give you a wide enough edge to place your foot. I’m tall and also find them a bit in the way.
    I have seen some running boards that when you open the door the slide out a bit farther so that you do have room to place your foot when getting in & out.

  37. We built a new house last year and splurged on the garage floor, having it professionally done like you. Oh my gosh, we love it and our garage looks amazing. So easy to keep clean too. We did use the DIY floor kit at our old house and it wore very well. Over the course of 20 plus years, we only had to touch up twice. It’s a great option if you are on a budget.

  38. Moe in NE Illinois says

    I LOVE your epoxy garage floor! Love it! My hubby and I both drive large vehicles, we have always had running boards. I step out onto the running board first whether I’m driving or passenger. Then I can step onto the driveway. I live near Chicago where there is a lot of rain, snow, and ice, and we do not have a garage, so having those running boards has been a life saver for me.

  39. We added running boards to my husband’s truck. I was sliding off the seat to the ground, but his new truck is just an inch or two taller and it was actually jarring when I hit the ground. The dealership had different styles and I chose the widest ones and one with a tread.

    I do not have running boards on my SUV, but as I get older and my knees don’t bend as well, I am thinking I will probably order them on my next vehicle.

    For the truck, we visited a dealership with several similar vehicles in stock with the different running board styles so I could try them out to see which ones worked best for me. I felt the wider ones made me feel more stable. They had some that were just like pipes that were like trying to balance on a balance beam!

  40. Love the garage floor. Now I am chiming in on the running board question. I have them on my Toyota Highlander & absolutely love them. They are about 5″ wide, which allows me to get the main part of my foot on them to step up into the cab. I am 5’4″ tall and I am overweight….I don’t feel like I could enter and exit my SUV without these. I am certain you could find “after market” running boards to install on your vehicle that would serve you well. Skinny ones really seem pointless. Because I stand on mine when getting out I have not experienced any issues with getting my pants dirty. I know you will research this question to the end of the earth and come up with a solution that works best for you (one of the reasons I love following you!). Please keep us posted!

  41. Hi!
    I was so excited to see your article on the epoxy floor. We have moved into a house that had an existing expoxy floor, but it had a lot of tire and scuff marks.
    Can you tell me what you use to clean that floor.
    Thank you so much!

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