Fall Color for the Front Porch

Still waiting for a bit cooler weather to transplant the Japanese maple and to landscape around the porch, but at least the porch is a happy place!  Can’t wait to get those shrubs in around it. It shouldn’t be long now. We’ve been waiting for some cooler days and I think they are here. In the meantime, I’m trying to imagine the Georgia red clay splashed up onto the brick is a lovely fall accent.  πŸ˜‰

Porch Decorated for Autumn


Despite how it may look, I didn’t enhance the colors in these photos, just lightened the shadows a bit.  They are bright, aren’t they? Fall is all about color!

Porch Decorated for Fall_wm


I think the porch needs a few pumpkins, then it will be just right.

Fall Color for the Porch


I’m reusing the basket I used last year for the front door. (Check out last year’s version here: A Fall Basket for the Door. I reworked the flowers and kept it simple.)

Fall Basket on Front Door_wm


The little scarecrow is left over from mums I bought last year.  I love his silly self!  Okay, I’m off to shop for pumpkins. What are you up to today?

Scarecrow for an Autumn Porch

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  1. The front of the house looks amazing!!! Yes, Fall is all about color !! My landscapers were here last week and it was a busy one. Got the lawn graded and re-seeded, now I am cleaning out the flower beds and starting to decorate for Fall……..have a great week!!!

  2. Love love the way the porch looks and you have just gotta be thrilled to be able to stand at a distance and not see that tree and not be picking up those acorns….the flowers look perfect, not to little not to many, just right,, not to fussy not to sparse, I love the look….I guess I should go get some flowers for the front porch too…Phyllis

    • Amen on the acorns and the tree being gone! πŸ™‚ The mums have really exploded since I brought them home. Yes, definitely get some flowers for your porch…they will make you smile!

  3. oh yes a few pumpkins would set it off just right…

  4. Don’t you feel excited every time you look out front now? It looks great, Susan.

    I finished setting up for Autumn out front this weekend. I need to take some photos.

  5. Love the sunflower arrangement on the door AND you remind me to plant a Japanese maple! πŸ™‚

  6. What a huge difference everything you’ve done has made Susan! You must be thrilled!

    I’ve never had luck with mums. For me, if I get any more, they’ll be fake :(.

  7. Quelle belle entrΓ©e… Merveilleuses photos.

    Gros bisous

  8. Susan,
    Beautiful front porch… So inviting… We’d love to see a picture with the addition of the pumpkins, please!

  9. Looking good! I just finished my walkup entry area with pumpkins, gourds, mums and corn stalks.
    I hope the Japanese Maple will transplant well. You probably need to wait until the leaves are about done on it. It’s quite a shock for a tree to be transplanted. They say to do them when their ready to go dormant or in the spring before they leaf out. Then water water water πŸ™‚

  10. Starting to look and feel like Fall!! So ready. Can I ask where you got the baskets (wood barrel??) you have your flowers in? I have been in search of some for my front porch

  11. Susan, I love it and agree a few pumpkins will finish it off. I too love your cute scarecrow just above your yellow mums. The front of your house is looking lovely, but that’s what I would expect coming from you. You do such a great job with every project you undertake. That’s why I follow your blog. LOL.

  12. That looks so eye-catching! Talk about Fall curb appeal:) I always try to find a balance between too cute & too formal & that is perfect, beautiful with character.

  13. Susan,
    Lovely front entrance. A few pumpkins will be just the perfect touch! I am noticing the sparkle on your windows!!! Wow they really do look very clean and clear! Shopped a little for pumpkins today myself, but I was wanting the cinderella type and some white pumpkins. I am going for the white look inside and the regular fall colors out side. I want cinderella pumpkins for my flower urns for each side of my front door. I will hunt again tomorrow, as I did not find any today. Will need to take a little road trip. πŸ™‚

  14. Are those mums from Home Depot? Did they have a Rambo Nursery variety sticker on them?

    • I did get them at HD. I only saved the tag on the rust/orange one and it doesn’t say…just has direction for care. I know where Rambo Nursery is…used to ride out to it on The Silver Comet. πŸ™‚

    These pictures of your porch are worth a thousand words!
    (Thank goodness – otherwise I’d have needed 999 synonyms for GORGEOUS!) πŸ˜‰
    But, Susan, even though I already love your porch very much, you know I look forward to seeing
    the cute pumpkins, don’t you? πŸ™‚
    ~Hugs to you~

  16. Susan, your porch looks great – love the big mums. I picked up a big yellow mum at Costco a week ago and it looks great on the front porch along with my real and faux pumpkins.
    Have a great Fall Week.

  17. I love your lovely fron entrance! Yes, it’s screaming Fall with the yellow and orange mums I so love for my Autumn centerpieces very much., it’s just the perfect Fall flower. Gorgeous!
    Big hugs,

  18. Very pretty front porch. I love the way you caught part of the red color bush in the fist picture. Have a fun blessed day. πŸ™‚

  19. Cathy Miller says

    It looks beautiful, Susan. I love fall and all that that implies!

  20. Beverly Kennedy says

    Love your front porch for fall. The colors of the mums are bright and cheerful and the scarecrow adds just a bit of whimsy!!! I agree, add a few pumpkins and you are done. A simple but elegant fall look for the entry and front porch!!! Enjoy the crisp fall weather!!!

  21. Looks beautiful! Happy Fall.

  22. I have finally come to terms with the change of seasons. Your delightful porch has me ready to run and scoop up pumpkins, mums and of course some doughnuts and cider. Thanks for the inspiration.

  23. Those mums are beautiful! Mums are the easier flower to grow; take cuttings and start new plants. If you don’t wish to grow them yourself, they are plentiful this time of the year and are not that expensive.(depending on size). I haven’t bought any for the Fall but want to get my Fall wreath down from garage rafters.

  24. Hey Susan,
    The porch looks wonderful and I am just loving those new planters. I know I’m rushing fall out of the way but I can’t wait to see the changes you make on the porch this Christmas! Vikki in VA

  25. The mums are fab! And I’m in love with the scarecrow!! I can’t wait to “fall-ify” my front porch… Happy Fall from Paula

  26. Looking good, Susan. You are way ahead of me. I went to buy some pumpkins today, but they didn’t have what I wanted. Will try another store tomorrow. Happy Fall!

  27. Hi, Susan! Love the fall porch decorations – the Mr. Monk in me is asking why not an orange mum basket on the right?! Aren’t you glad the front door is RED? Sure do think it jazzes up everything! A few pumpkins would really round off the fall look……do you ever get corn stalks? We used to, but there were mice that liked them too & we learned not to get them any more! Thanks for showing us your lovely home – looks SO beautiful!

  28. Hi Susan. Your Fall porch looks great. Such lovely colors. Thanks for sharing.


  29. Susan, you must be absolutely delighted with how the front of your home looks these days – as expensive and difficult as it all must have been – all I can say is WOW – you have done it again. You KNEW what needed to happen to make things perfect, and by golly you did just that.

    LOVE it – it’s clean, tidy, light and bright and just plain awesome.

    Today I posted about an historic Victorian home that is home to a delightful tea house I recently visited.

  30. Mary from Virginia says

    Your house looks amazing. What difference! I thought it was beautiful before, but you have taken it to a whole new level of beautiful. I know you don’t miss those acorns!

    The mums look great and yes, if you plant them just keep pinching them back until July if you want them to bloom for fall. If you don’t pinch them back you will have spring time mums πŸ˜‰

    I agree with your reader who wrote that you do everything perfectly and that is why she (and I) follow you!

    Love it all!


  31. Hi,, Susan,
    Your home looks sooo warm and welcoming. All the efforts you have made these past few months have enhanced your home (although I didn’t think it needed ANY enhancement!) Congratulations on many jobs well done!

  32. Hi, Susan… I recently discovered your blog through Pinterest and have so enjoyed your lovely pictures and great decorating ideas. You’ve been very inspiring! Would you happen to recall the name of the paint color on your front door? I like it very much! Thank you!!

    • Thanks Renee! It’s Benjamin Moore, Heritage Red and is only available in their Aura line of paints. So you may have to call around your area to find a BM that carries the Aura paint line.

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