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A few times a year, Mary Carol Garrity, the owner of Nell Hill’s, a well-known home furnishings store, opens up her 130 year-old Greek Revival home for tours. One of those times is always around Christmas. Her home is absolutely beautiful any time of year, but at Christmastime, it’s over-the-top amazing!

I’ve noticed a few other bloggers posting tours on their blogs after attending one of her home tours and each time it makes me want to go that much more. Every year, as the tour weekend in Atchison, Kansas comes and goes, I think…one of these years I’m going to just get in the car and go. It would be a 10+ hour drive but there would be the added bonus of getting to shop in Nell Hill’s while there. Dangerous trip for my pocketbook, that would be! πŸ™‚

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Mary Carol has written several books and I’m pretty sure I have every one of them, even her Stylish Weddings book. I didn’t even need that one, I just love her books so much I knew I’d enjoy it, too. One of my favorite Mary Carol Garrity book is, Nell Hill’s Feather Your Nest.

In the BNOTP Library: Nell Hill’s Feather Your Nest: It’s All in the Details
Author: Mary Carol Garrity
Hardcover: 128 pages
Book size: 10.2 x 8.9 x 0.7

Feather Your Nest by Mary Carol Garrity


3 Things I Like About This Book:

  • Contains tons of ideas (and beautiful pictures) for decorating your home, along with lots of great ideas for displaying collections and artwork
  • All her decorating ideas are absolutely beautiful yet, always completely livable. I’ve love how Mary Carol incorporates beautiful pieces of crystal, silver and other lovelies into the rooms we use every day in our homes. Nothing is too precious to enjoy, totally my philosophy and I think Mary Carol would say the same thing, if asked.
  • This book fans the flames of my desire to tour her home in person. Since I can’t, her books are the next best thing.

You can read more about this book, Nell Hill’s Feather Your Nest: It’s All in the Details at Amazon where I normally buy my books, via the picture link below.

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  1. I would have loved to go there too and I would love to get to one of her stores too. I should buy some of her books. I like her style and I understand she’s a very welcoming kind person.

  2. From what I hear, she isn’t going to open her house anymore, but have open house at different times in Atchison or North KC. She has the tent sale this weekend at Briarcliff. Briarcliff is different from Nell Hills in Atchison with more decorators. etc. I’m only a few miles from there and never shop there.

    • Ohhh no…sounds like I waited too long. Carol, I loved all the beautiful bedding she had for winter! If you go sometime, let me know how you liked the store.

  3. I like her style too and had to get this one. Thank you again for sharing your books, it has been so much fun reading your recommendations. I get such a kick when they arrive and sit right down and check them out. I wish I lived closer to all of you and I would join you on your field trip/shopping spree!

  4. Come on up! You can stay with me!! It would be a dream come true to meet you. I have been to the store. Kay

  5. Hi Susan! I have all of her books and I completely agree with your likes on her “Feather Your Nest” book! I would love to attend one of her house tours but CT is just to far from Kansas for me! Mary Carol is a wonderfully talented designer
    that I have been following for years! You should go and do a video post on her home and store for all of us who can’t go. To bad she doesn’t sell on-line anymore! I bought some beautiful things from her on-line shopping.

  6. I have always wished I could shop at her store too. It WOULD be bad for my pocketbook too:) Thanks for sharing the books you love!

  7. You only go around once in life. I think this Christmas season should be the year of the big bloggers weekend in Atchison. I think I live at the halfway point for you, Susan, so you can take a break and stay with me. Then we can go the rest of the way together. πŸ™‚

  8. Thank you for the tip on the book. I am going to have to check that out. We are going through a “whole house” renovation now and this would be so helpful.

  9. I was lucky enough to tour MCG’s home three different times. Besides being a beautiful home, it was always filled with inspiration for home decor. I also have heard there will be no more home tours, so I feel very fortunate to have had the experience. I purchased most of her books online after seeing her home, and they are the next best thing to visiting her home or shopping at her stores.

    If you would like to see photos from my visits to Mary Carol Garrity’s home, go to my blog and click on Nell Hill’s on the sidebar. Pinterest is also filled with photos from Mary Carol’s home and stores.

    • So sad I didn’t go last year before she stopped them. Brenda, I love how she includes pics from her own home in her books, too! Oh, good…I’ll check those out!

  10. I’ve always wanted to go too! One year I am going but I don’t know when that will be!

  11. I love her books and style too…and enjoy her blog and newsletters…always great ideas. We are planning a driving trip to Denver the end of June and I am trying to work out a route that will allow me to visit one of her stores. Fingers crossed!

  12. I’ve told you before, but I’ll repeat it. For 2o years I lived 30 minutes away from Atchison. I have gone to many of MC’s open houses. They were wonderful. There is a shuttle bus that will take you from the store to her house. But since we were familiar with the town, we just drove ourselves. I now live back in my home state of Oklahoma, but I still go back to Atchison at least twice a year and meet up with my friends from my little Kansas town. We make an entire day of it, including eating at the cute little restaurant right next to Nell’s, which has THE BEST pie ever. Yes, it is hard on the pocket book, but honestly I tell myself it is my “reward” for working so hard all year. Hahaha. Actually, she has $2 items (that are lovely) and $2000 items. Anyone can find something in her store. If you ever do decide to go, let me know and I will meet you there! Lori Lucas (PS. I too have all her books!!)

  13. Susan,
    Should you ever decide to go to Nell Hill’s in Atchison. . .please e~mail me dear friend!!!
    There is the most amazing Bed & Breakfast directly across the street from her home.
    “Mr. Ed” and I have spent several anniversaries & weekend get aways there!
    . . .and I would love an excuse to go again!!!
    Meeting Mary Carol Garrity in person is such a memorable experience!!!
    Add this once in a lifetime visit to your “bucket list”!!!

  14. My husband drove me to Atchison for one of Nell Hill’s open houses back in 2010. It’s about a 3 1/2 hour drive from here. . We went to her shop, but the very best part was touring her home for her Holiday tour. That in itself was worth the drive to me. I think I like her shop best that is in the Kansas City area. I hope you get to go soon!

  15. My husband drove me to Atchison in 2010 for her Holiday Open House. Her shop was nice, but her home tour was worth the drive. It was awesome! I think I like her store in Kansas City the best. I’d love to go back and see her house again sometime. It’s about 3 1/2 -4 hours from us here. Hope you get to go soon!

    • Thanks, Kathy! And thanks for the tip about the Kansas City store, I’ll have to remember that if I ever make it up there. Glad you got to see her home because I’ve heard it won’t be open anymore. Maybe she’ll change her mind and open it again one day.

  16. Susan,you would love her home , Mary Carol beautiful lady with beautiful. Home and awesome shops….I’ve been going several years to the Open House…..I try to get to the Atchison shop every few months and North Kansas City about ounces a month…….Atchison. Is a sweet little town right on the river. Hope some day you can make a trip to KC….have great weekend

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