In The BNOTP Library: My Passion for Design

Are you a Barbra Streisand fan? Did you know she loves decorating and design? Not only does she enjoy home design and decor, she wrote a book sharing all the details of her “Mill House” home.

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In the BNOTP Library: My Passion for Design
Author: Barbra Streisand

My Passion for Design by Barbra Streisand


3 Things I Like About This Book:

  • Barbra Streisand built a home and doesn’t live in it. I was so surprised when I read that! Her Mill House is an unusual home, very personal and completely fascinating!  I totally understood her struggles about wanting every thing to be just right when the home was being built. She’s a perfectionist and freely admits it throughout the book.
  • You can tell the book is written by Barbra, it totally has her voice throughout. I love how personal the book feels; it’s a little like reading someone’s blog or diary. It’s as if she is sitting right across from you, having a wonderful chat and sharing all the little details of how she designed her home and how she made various choices, all accompanied by wonderful photographs.
  • The gardens surrounding the home are really beautiful! Barbra’s home is filled with lots of gorgeous antiques she’s collected over the year. This is a book to be savored,, so many interesting rooms and so easy to read. It’s filled with wonderful pictures, most taken by Barbra, herself. Whether you’re a fan of Barbra’s music or not, you’ll enjoy this book if you love antiques, lovely rooms and beautiful gardens.

You can read more about this book and preview it at Amazon, where I normally buy my books here: My Passion for Design

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  1. Love Barbra, now I want to go watch Funny Girl! Again and again!

  2. I enjoy Barbra’s music, have many of her CD’s including her latest one with friends (it’s a keeper). I know I would enjoy this book too, thanks for recommending it. I have not seen it in book stores. I recently bought through Amazon another book you recommended, Romantic Country by Mary Emmerling and I am enjoying it tremendously. I know I can’t go wrong with Barbra’s book as well. Looking through your list of BNOP Library I have many that you have but several that I would like to get. I always enjoy seeing your posts highlighting a favored book.


  3. Love your website! Thanks for your dedication and hard work that goes in to making it so much fun to visit. I have Barbra’s book, it won’t disappoint! An abundance of gorgeous pictures . She has been collecting furniture, houses etc. from all styles for many years. I believe she owned a compound years ago comprised of various homes decorated in styles from art deco to rustic. Barbra has an amazing talent !

  4. Jennifer Moreland says

    I have this book in my personal library of favorites. Love the pictures. Her basement is set up like a little town. Love it!

  5. I love this book….bought it many years ago when it first came out….what amazing collections she has!…

  6. Have always loved Barbra. Why didn’t she live in the house? Enquiring minds want to know!! 🙂

    • Well, it’s kind of a long story. She couldn’t get the house she wanted on a particular street, they were asking way more than she felt it was worth. She regretted not buying it later, so when the house two doors up became available, she purchased it. Later the house next door became available and she bought it, too.
      Then, the couple who lived in the house she had always wanted, divorced and put their house on the market, so she finally purchased the one she had always really wanted. She moved into that one (she refers to it as the “Main house”) and tore down the other two that she describes as being “tract houses” and “both so run down that neither was livable.”
      Then she began building the Mill House, a barn, etc… but she never actually moved into the Mill House, the one featured in the book. As to why, the only reference I saw to that was when describing why she lives in the “main house” she says, “It’s now my main house and I adore it. Why? Because I didn’t have to build it! I didn’t have to pick out the hardware and the crown moldings. Years of my life were spent on moldings…casings…baseboards. Details, details, details…”
      The way she writes is a hoot…it’s just like talking to a good friend. lol

  7. Thanks for the explanation, Susan. Hmmm…maybe she will invite us to the Mill House for tea!! 🙂

  8. I love this book. I have it. It is awesome. Every time I pick it up I see something new

  9. Don’t you just love a pretty shawl? I love that idea of wearing one with a tank top.

  10. I love love Barbara!!! I listen to her music everyday! seriously. (my hubby is tired of it). I seen her in concert a couple years back in Las Vegas!!! Great concert too! I have this book and it is beautiful. I too, am a perfectionist even tho I know perfection does not exist! LOL

  11. Nancy Elizabeth says

    Well, my goodness I will be running to the book store tomorrow to take a peek at this beautiful book.
    Thanks everyone,

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