Five Tablescapes, One Silver Tray

Welcome to the 55th Tablescape Thursday!

Hope you enjoy these five very different, mini-tablescapes…all displayed on the same silver tray.

Sharing Dessert…

China: Spode, Tower (1920’s); Goblets: Waterford, Crimson Hock; Flatware: Towle, King Richard; Silver plate vase: Goodwill; Candle holder: Vintage, Flowers: Geraniums and Patrinia scabiosifolia ‘Nagoya’…from my garden.


Wedding Day…

A change of stemware…

China: Noritake, Colburn; Crystal: Lenox, Fair Lady; Sterling Flatware: Towle, King Richard; Napkins: Neiman Marcus; Napkin Ring: Old Time Pottery; Silverplate fan vase and tray: A Classy Flea; Flowers: Rudbeckia, ‘Herbstonne’, Common Purple Phlox, Sedum, ‘Autumn Joy’ and Leucanthemum, ‘Becky’…from my garden.


Mother’s Day, Breakfast in Bed…

China: International, Glenwood; Crystal: Waterford, Araglin; Flatware: Towle, King Richard; Napkins: Neiman Marcus; Silver plate fan vase and tray: A Classy Flea; Flowers: Rudbeckia, ‘Herbstonne’, Sedum, ‘Autumn Joy’, Common Purple Phlox and Leucanthemum ‘Becky’…from my garden.

Click on pic to for Waterford, Araglin crystal…


After the Hunt…

China: Spode, Woodland; Cranberry Crystal: Vintage, unknown; Flatware: Spode, Woodland, Napkins: Neiman Marcus; Silver plate vase: Goodwill; Silver plate tray: A Classy Flea; Flowers: Geraniums and Patrinia scabiosifolia ‘Nagoya’…from my garden.


Fireside, on a Winter’s Night…

As night falls…

China: Churchill, Blue Willow; Crystal, Vintage, unknown; Flatware: Big Lots; Napkins: Neiman Marcus; Silver plate vase: Goodwill; Flowers: Geraniums and Patrinia scabiosifolia ‘Nagoya’…from my garden.

Looking forward to seeing your beautiful tablescapes!

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  1. Christi @ A Southern Life says

    Love them all. I think my favorite is "sharing dessert." Love the red. By the way, I could have used your silver napkin ring today. I'm trying to decide a place setting to enter in our county fair.


  2. Lady Katherine says

    Oh they are so lovely! I adore the silver vase!! Its lovely, I usually would pick the blue one over them all but the first one stole my heart! I love the petals, I love all the linens and trays! Now, This is wonderful! I love it all!

  3. Marsha's Mpressions says

    Susan, just beautiful as usual! It would be so hard to pick a favorite, but I was very fond of the silver ring with the "H". Was that a napkin ring? Very special to you I'm sure. Oh,, I Luv those ruby red glasses too!

  4. the flowers from your garden are beautiful, Susan. Each setting is as beautiful as the next. The flower vases especially the silver ones are so exquisite. Love the blue lamp also…Christine

  5. Holy Moly, Susan! You've pulled out all the stops with this one!

    S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R is the word for all these amazing combinations of beautiful elements! No wonder you're the undisputed Queen of the Tablescape!

    Forever in your debt …

  6. Oh, my, Susan! You did have fun last night. Each one of these is stunning and each set such a different mood. I't is impossible to decide which I like best. Have to say the silver vase is spectacular! And by the fire on a winter's night is so romantic. Thanks for sharing each of these beautiful and creative tablescapes. ~ Sarah

  7. Susan–Beyond beautiful! I'd have been so proud of each one of these individually. I would have had to
    S–P–R–E–A–D them out over several weeks! You are aware that you are spoiling us, aren't you? 🙂

  8. Mari at Once Upon a Plate says

    Oh Susan! I am certainly glad I don't have to choose a favorite because I love them ALL.

    Have I expressed how much I appreciate all of the beautiful inspiration your blog provides? Oooh la la!!

    You truly make Tablescape Thursday fun, and I'm so grateful how tirelessly you host us each week.

    It's delightful to learn from you and all of your terrific followers/participants.

    Thank you for all that you do. xoxo

  9. Dearest Susan,
    You have gone above the call of duty and out did yourself!!!!
    These pics are beautiful of your dishes on a tray.
    Absolutely lovely.
    There's just something about the color red in September that is vibrant.
    Really liked the red.
    Luv your blog and participating in TT this week.
    God Bless,

  10. I absolutely adore the silver vase from A Classy Flea! It looks like a cross between a delicate silver basket and a fan! The detail on it is so beautiful! It was perfect for your 'Wedding' and your 'Mother's Day' tablescapes.

    Of course all the dishes, and glassware, and sterling, and flowers, and attention to detail in each setting were outstanding as always, but that little vase really captured my heart!
    All the best,

  11. Janie's World says

    GORGEOUS!!! I loved them all, hard to pick a favorite. I loved the sparkle and shine. The red was so striking and the silver so sparkly. Absolutely beautiful.

  12. Sarah { abeachcottage } says

    ooh you're the master! love the silver myself…

    thanks for hosting, I'm in this week and enjoyed doing a table setting just for two on the ends of the table instead of how I normally do it…learn a new thing every day heh?


  13. Susan,
    They were all so beautiful, it was hard to choose. But I think my favorite was The Hunt, the colors seemed to be so right for the time of the year, guess I just have the Fall thing stuck in my head.

  14. Beautiful and Elegant as usual you outdid yourself….that silver vase thingie is gorgeous!! Sue

  15. Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed China is so very sweet. I'm smitten ;D
    Thanks for hosting a lovely TT Susan (it's our 1st!) Jane T.

  16. Suzann @ The Olive Cottage says

    WOW. I just cannot pick a favorite, I love them all.

  17. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    What a lovely calendar of tablescapes you've provided this week — something for every time and season!

  18. Susan,
    I loved each and every setting. It was like an appetizer for my eyes. Thanks so much for hosting this event…it's always SO much fun "playing" with our dishes!

  19. Everything is so lovely!! I love the woodland plates- I've eyed those multiple times in the Barrons catalog…but I'm already at 7 dish-packs with an overseas move in 3 months and 6 years left…you understand my dilemma, yes?!

  20. marty (A Stroll Thru Life) says

    Susan, each of the settings are so beautifully done and I love all the wonderful china and crystal. Your accessories are all so beautiful. What a treat. Hugs, Marty

  21. Yellow Rose Arbor says

    Looks like you had a ball playing with your dishes! They are all beautiful tablescapes! I enjoyed seeing all of them!


  22. Just beautiful! I don't know where to start!

  23. Leigh of Bloggeritaville says

    Great looks, especially the dessert!

  24. Oh, Susan! What a fun time you've had! I lve all these table settings and you just have so many beautiful things to share! Right down to the beautiful flowers from your garden! Thank you always for hosting this most wonderful day! I love it! Did you know I'm going to be a grandmother? Our daughter is expecting! We're thrilled. I'll shut up now!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  25. Bravo Susan!(standing on dining room table applauding)you outdid yourself tonight. I love all the settings. However, I especially love the Noritake-Colburn,the ruby red Waterfords and vintage etched stemware are fabulous! Oh, and I can't leave out the Towle and Spode flatware. Great job. Thank you for the wonderful inspirations.


  26. nannykim at spindle cottage says

    well, yOU ARE ONE CRAZY lady!! You did have fun!! Hey, I have that same lantern and set of dishes as those last photos. I had to run and look at my lantern and it was the same….Hey actually it is in my tablescape this week–FREEEEEKIE or what???

  27. theplaidbasket says

    Ooohhh Susan,
    BEAUTY beyond compare! Your crimson hock glasses are one of my favorites and on my "someday" list.
    Aside from the admiration while viewing each picture, all's I could think was..WHEN will she publish a tabletop -Tablescape BOOK?? You just must, my collection is so yearning to have one! 🙂 Seriously, we all want one so get busy oh Queen of Tablescapes! Thank you for the TIME you devote to this second to none Blog…I do appreciate you. Vicci

  28. Debbie Moore at Slice of Pie Entertaining and Cookbooks says

    We must have been sisters in a past life! I have most of those sets of china! Don't you love your Spode Woodland? As always, thanks for hosting. This is too much fun! Thanks for dropping by to see my beachie table!

  29. Debbie Moore at Slice of Pie Entertaining and Cookbooks says

    We must have been sisters in a past life! I have most of those sets of china! Don't you love your Spode Woodland? As always, thanks for hosting. This is too much fun! Thanks for dropping by to see my beachie table!

  30. Debbie Moore at Slice of Pie Entertaining and Cookbooks says

    We must have been sisters in a past life! I have most of those sets of china! Don't you love your Spode Woodland? As always, thanks for hosting. This is too much fun! Thanks for dropping by to see my beachie table!

  31. Debbie Moore at Slice of Pie Entertaining and Cookbooks says

    We must have been sisters in a past life! I have most of those sets of china! Don't you love your Spode Woodland? As always, thanks for hosting. This is too much fun! Thanks for dropping by to see my beachie table!

  32. Debbie Moore at Slice of Pie Entertaining and Cookbooks says

    We must have been sisters in a past life! I have most of those sets of china! Don't you love your Spode Woodland? As always, thanks for hosting. This is too much fun! Thanks for dropping by to see my beachie table!

  33. Susan, You really outdid yourself this week. Each of these settings stands on its own beauty, elegance, and thoughtfulness. How fortunate is the companion who is sharing dessert with you!

    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  34. How gorgeous! My favoriet is the fireside. In the "wedding Day" who was the man in the reflection of the silver ball close up? Is that Mr BNOTP? ; ) Have a great weekend!

  35. They are all so beautiful. I love the flowers!

  36. I love them all. Very beautiful!!

  37. Styling by Coty Farquhar says

    Such beautiful photographs Susan, I especially love the light through the glass.

    I'm still posting on the Ball, this time the details on the tables.

    Have a fantastic day.
    xxx Coty

  38. I love all of your little 'scapes! The candle melting down over the Grand Marnier bottle is so cool. I love that fan vase!

  39. Country Dreaming says

    Hi Susan– Love them all. You are very talented! My favorite one is "Sharing Dessert"–it would be a
    very pretty tablescape for Valentine's Day.!


  40. You have such original ideas every single week!! Loved the "sharing desert" and "after the hunt" but they are all wonderful!

  41. I love seeing how you played with your dishes..
    What a treat for many possibilities!!
    And they are all lovely..
    Mine is homey,everyday dinner style, but best of all the dishes were free!

  42. Just a quick note on your music tonight, "Nessum Dorma" is my favorite of Pavarotti's. I saw him in person about 11 years ago and I cried though this whole piece when he sang it. I miss him.

  43. Love the Decor! says

    What lovely displays! The silver vase totally caught my eye. Where did you find such a treasure?

  44. Simply stunning, Susan! When your pictures turn out so beautiful, does it make your heart beat really fast?

  45. Love all your table settings and your photos Susan! My first time here, so hope I've done the links correctly. I may have inadvertantly entered today's link twice. Sorry.


  46. Kelee Katillac says

    Hi Susan!

    Love your transferware…the red setting is sooooo beautiful! They all are ……

    Thank-you for your generosity in hosting this great event!

    love, kelee

  47. The Tablescaper says

    Beautiful! How fun to play in the dishes. It was great fun to see how the plates played a different them for each setting. Keep on playing! I sure am.

    – The Tablescaper

  48. Beansieleigh says

    Hi Susan! Love all the beautiful settings and photos, but what caught my eye most were the ones with the lit hurricane lamp! I LOVE hurricane lamps.. I just think they're gorgeous, and then even more so when they're lit. I just am more careful with them now then I already THOUGHT I was! One of my cats had an accident with one, climbing around in the middle of the night, and we had to take her on an emergency run to the vet. She turned out ok, but it ended up being a very expensive wash, blow-dry, and pamper session! More than I've ever spent for one on MYSELF!!.. Anyways, my visit here was most inspiring, and as always a pleasure! ~tina

  49. Beautiful pictures, as always. The flower petals dropping onto the plate look like little hearts!

  50. Cote de Texas says

    you really outdid yourself! I loved the mother's day. I'll have to save this as hint for next year!

  51. Diane @ Four Paws and Co says

    Wow, Susan! Your photos are amazing! I love 'em all! ☺♥☺ Diane

  52. Fifi Flowers says

    LOVE all the RED!!! FAB table decor!

  53. Maria Killam says

    Yours is always the example of the way to do it perfectly! Stunning as always!

  54. Very beautiful. I especially love the reds.

  55. Susan, first I would like to thank you for hosting the TT experience. I've lurked awhile & finally joined in this week & its been great fun & full of inspirational no-calorie treats.

    You totally amaze me with your ability to come up with something new & different & BEAUTIFUL each week! The red in your settings really pops & looks spectacular. I adore the beautiful lace & hemstitched linens you selected.

    Thank you for the many, many interesting ideas & wonderful details. I'm hooked on your blog!

  56. OMG Susan, You really have been playing and each and every one of your "plays" are breath-taking.

    Of, course I love Waterford, so the crimson glasses are my favorite ones. I do not have those, but will look for some.
    Thanks for sharing all this, nice to start my day looking at things that are so beautiful.

    Happy Thursday.

  57. I especially love the yummy candle light shots.

  58. Hi Susan
    Looks like you had fun "playing" today. Your photography is particularly beautiful today. How many sets of dishes, flatware and stemware do you own? It must be a lot!
    ((hugs)) Rhondi

  59. Lovely! Awesome ideas and photos!


  60. Susan, just one word…



  61. Debbie Pearson says

    Well it's hard to pick a favorite but I deeply love red so I think that is going to have to be mine, the red tablescape. So lovely.

  62. OOHHH! I was so sad to miss my 2nd TT. We have a wedding at the flower shop this weekend and I didn't have time to set up. Well, next week. Love each vignette! One's prettier than the next.

  63. WOW – these are awesome!!!!

    ~angela @ peonypatch

  64. black eyed susans kitchen says

    Susan, You come up with the best ideas! With each change that you made, the tablescape became more romantic. I have to tell you that I have learned quite a bit from you, and have a renewed appreciation for a more formal table. This post was just lovely.
    ♥, Susan

  65. Hi again Susan
    I decided to join in today so I just posted and linked in with you.
    Rhondi xo

  66. With all those beautiful flowers from your garden I would have fresh flowers all week long; instead of buying them. All of these design scapes are very pretty. I just can't pick a favorite.

  67. I love all the different settings, so pretty.

  68. Glenda/MidSouth says

    You have been busy playing in the dishes! I won't attempt to pick a favorite, as they are all so pretty.

  69. Beautiful and memorable tables for those special occasions! You must love collecting for these.

  70. All of them are so beautiful!
    I love them all!
    So inspiring!

    Thank you!


  71. I like visiting your "porch"..I enjoy your creativity…awesome!

  72. Denise Marie says

    Wow…what fun you had diving into the dish pile. Love the mirror and beautiful clock. Love that you used your Magnolia from the button. Love the hunt dish. That silver vase is amazing. And, all the stemware…gorgeous.

  73. Dining Delight says

    Your "play" has led to some breathtaking beauty! The many little variances in the vignettes give us even more to delight in! My favourite is the Winter Night one. You have captured the coziness of just such an evening with your dishes and your photography! Thanks again, for hosting this most wonderful meme!


  74. Cass @ That Old House says

    This was so much fun — love the 2 forks on the plate in "Sharing dessert."

    It took me THREE settings to realize they were all on the same silver tray. 😛

    Love the mixing of Big Lots and Spode — just great fun, and lots of loveliness too!


  75. Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda says

    Absolutely Stunning, Susan! Everything is beautiful and elegant and the pictures have such clarity, as I feel as though I am there! You have amazing talent! ~hugs, Rhonda 🙂

  76. Susan, Not possible to choose a favorite, I love them all expecially the fresh garden flowers. I love that something as simple as a geranium can look elegant and special! Thanks for sharing each week. The girls in my office can't wait to see what beautiful table you set next!

  77. Cottage Rose says

    Hi Susan; Your table settings never stop amazing me… the ideas you come up with are just so beautifully romantic. Each setting is just gorgeous… When I get really settled in my new home I might just have to give it a try….. you inspire me…


  78. Kitty Valerie says

    Hi, Susan:

    I'm glad to hear you had so much fun with your dishes. Thanks for hosting this event.

    They are all great. But my favourites are pink rose and silver ones. I love them!

    Have a great Thursday,

  79. TwirlandTaste says

    Fabulous combinations for special times in our lives. Your creativity and exquisite taste is a gift. Today my tablescape salutes firefighters in a tribute to 9/11.
    Happy Twirls

  80. I simply adore "sharing dessert"! So lush and romantic!

  81. food with style says

    oh you had FUN FUN FUN! love the rich warm textures and hues, all are just fab! i need a cold winters day and i would love to play away just like you did, very inspiring. thanks for keeping pretty in the forefront~

  82. All of them are lovely!

  83. I've been enjoying all the beautiful tablescapes! I thought I'd try my hand at a very simple one. I'm a brand new blogger too! Hope I got it all right!

  84. Linda Higgins says

    wow, how beautiful and soooo romantic. I think the red is just stunning and to me sooo romantic! Beautiful as always!

  85. Drawn to The Sea says

    This casual girl thinks your formal setting is GORGEOUS 🙂


  86. I love the blue willow, Beautiful photos!

  87. Jane (Frugal Fine Living) says

    I was looking at (okay, drooling over) these last night but didn't have time to leave a comment. So, I'm back again drooling … I mean looking. Wow, they're all gorgeous! I'm trying to pick a favorite, but it is very difficult. Okay, it could be "By the fire on a Winter's Night", but I could change my mind … again.

    Thanks for hosting Tablescape Thursday!


  88. Lovely and breath-taking. I love the single settings, it makes me think of pampering myself when it's just me for dinner.

  89. Susan – I have been a long time reader and admirer but have never commented or posted a tablescape until this week. You do such a wonderful job – I wish I could send you all of my dishes and see what you could do with them!
    But I do thank you for sparking my interest in my dishes and to think a minute about the presentation.
    Keep the ideas coming…

    thanks, Sue

  90. MyJourneyBack says

    Oh I love it. How creative. I love all the different themes. Someday soon I'll be participating. When my crazy life slows down. Right now I just get to enjoy everyone elses. And aren't they all wonderful. Thanks for this great meme. I love it!
    Have a Beautiful day.

  91. Susan, I ahve no idea HOW you do this week after week! How can I pick a favorite, they are all so beautiful! Your are the QUEEN, my friend! Thanks for hosting and sharing this beauty. It cheers me on this COLD, dreary day here in Pa.! XOXO, Pinky

  92. Melissa Miller says

    ~WOWEEE! My goodness is this ever just GORGEOUS in every detail!
    Susan you are truly gifted and amazing! 🙂

  93. Good heavens Susan…these are all so elegant! I just want to be invited for one of the occasions…just one, please?! Beautiful!

  94. Re: Wedding Day
    Is the china pattern "Blue Hill" by any chance? I have it and it looks exactly like your picture. And you won't believe this: same sterling flatware too!
    You've got great taste!!!

  95. Aunt Amelia's Attic says

    Love as night falls… -le sigh-

    'Aunt Amelia'

  96. Wow. I need to hire you to do the table at our B&B! Just gorgeous…all of them.

  97. OMG Susan, how do you do it?? I love love love the first setting, and I don't even own any red dishes. It is so fabulous! Then the nightime pictures in the glow of the lamp, I can't stand it! WHERE IS THAT BOOK?! 😉 Hugs, Jan

  98. Dana and Daisy says

    All so very beautiful and unique, Susan! I'm still on my blog break (technically) but just checking in on friend's blogs. Glad I stopped by!

  99. Wow! What pretty things! I wish I was as talented as you…gorgeous settings.

  100. Gal, you did it again! All are so beautifully done and each has a different feeling and mood as Sarah mentioned. The Blue Willow is more "down home", nothing fancy. I think of my dear MIL because those were her everyday dishes. Do you always buy a full set of all dishes that you own? I don't think you've used the same set more than once, with the exception of the white Gibson china from Big Lots. They are so versitile but I haven't used mine yet. Fall is coming; in a few weeks I will have some guest over and pull out the Fall or Halloween colors. Delay in installation of countertop until first week in Oct. and so I'm gearing everything "after the countertop installation"

  101. The Raggedy Girl says

    All of these photos look like they came out of some lovely decorating magazine. They are all just perfect and you have incredible talent for tablescaping. I loved them all and especially the lamp lit ones.

    The Raggedy Girl

  102. FABBY'S LIVING says

    Holly cow!…Susan… this is totally out of this world!!! Incredible, what talent!!! I'm sooo very amazed with this tablescaping you have done…the dishes, the stemware, all the other accessories, to much! Congratulations a thousand times dear Susan.

  103. Bonjour
    Love all your presentations
    Classe and raffiné!

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