Happy Chaos, Progress Is Being Made

Welcome to the 822nd Tablescape Thursday! I wish I could share with you everything that’s going on in real time, but there’s so much happening each day, it’s hard to keep up. I try to think of it as Happy Chaos because it means things are moving in the right direction. All the windows in my home looked like this for a couple of days as the painters worked on painting the exterior of the house. I had them repaint the gas lantern out front since the paint on the lantern had faded a lot over the 25+ years it’s been there. They are coming back tomorrow to do a second coat. Looking forward to sharing how that turns out in a future post.


Plumbers were here yesterday replacing the shower heads and knobs in the two upstairs baths to give them a nice refresh. One shower head isn’t working quite right, so they are coming back again today. My kitchen still looks like this. You may remember that the hose going to the refrigerator’s icemaker sprung a leak a couple of months ago, damaging my kitchen desk and the hardwood flooring in this room. The process of getting life back to normal is taking forever, partially due to my absence for a month while I was in Ohio buying the Dollhouse. The project manager for the restoration was here a few days ago and he wants the flooring repaired first before they do they make all their repairs, including rebuilding the desk.


My hardwood flooring company, the company I used to install hardwood flooring in the upstairs part of my home and my living room downstairs, thinks he can work me in for next week. I really hope he can because I’m tired of banging my head into the chandelier every time I need to access the refrigerator, and I’d like to get the kitchen completely back to normal. During the process of tearing out a section of the hardwood flooring, they also completely dismantled my desk here in the kitchen.


Here’s the desk in the dining room, what’s left of it. The project manager plans to build a whole new desk, reusing the granite top from the old desk.


In the meantime, my dining room table looks like this. I continue boxing up dishes to move to the new house—the dishes that I prefer to move myself.


The china cabinet in this room now looks like this. That’s the Summer Breeze sign from the screened porch that’s leaning against the left side of the cabinet. I still need to hang it back up now that the painting is done.


I plan to take these six boxes back to Ohio when I next return. In the meantime, they are stored here in the garage along with other items that I hope to take on my next trip up.


Somewhat table related, I visited a local Rooms To Go to see in person the table I’m thinking of purchasing for the Dollhouse dining room. I was happy to see that it looks exactly the same in person as it does in the photos online. It’s available in two different chair-back designs, as seen below. I prefer the rounded back design for the round version of this table.


You may remember that one of my biggest concerns about the “round table” version of this dining collection is that it will only seat 5-6 people comfortably. The sales associate and I placed two more chairs around the table to see if it would comfortably seat 6. It definitely works for 5, and if needed, a 6th could be squeezed in, though it would be a bit cozy. That means I could easily have my son, DIL, and two grandsons over for dinner, but this table would not seat more than 5-6 for dinner. I was super tempted to go ahead and order this table and use it here in my breakfast room until it’s time to move. It would be a much better fit for my current breakfast area than the wicker set that I have there now. That wicker set has always been a bit too big.


The other alternative is going with the rectangular version of this table which will seat 8 when the leaf is added. So that’s one of many decisions I need to make. I may wait until I return to the dollhouse and can do some measuring to see which will work best in that room. Or, maybe I’ll just go ahead and order the round table since I like how it looks, and it would look great in my current breakfast room so I could start using it right away. Maybe I’ll order it and then have it delivered after the hardwood flooring is done, so it doesn’t have to be moved. So many decisions, pass me the Tylenol as Clark Griswold would say. 😉


I do like the design of the top of this table. The salesman said that a wet glass can be placed directly on the table and even left overnight and it won’t damage it, so it sounds pretty practical. I like that since two rambunctious little boys will be dining here from time to time. I could see down the road having the seats reupholstered to go with my decor in the Dollhouse, but that’s way down the road. Right now I’m kinda in survival mode over here! Ha!


Oh, before I head downstairs to box up more dishes, the desk that I ordered for the Dollhouse office is being delivered on July 18th. Originally, I goofed and forgot to change the address when I ordered it, but that has been corrected and it’s headed to the right house now. I can’t wait to see it in place there! Looking forward to sharing more updates real soon!


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  1. Great progress…looking forward to all the new posts from the dollhouse. Regarding the round table…I bought a round table for the kitchen some years ago after wanting one for years. It does look nice and fits the space well, but it is much harder to ‘decorate’ with less useful space and needing round cloths etc. and definitely can only seat a limited amount(4) We don’t use it much, I prefer the rectangular dining room set much more. Just a thought for you.

  2. I can’t decide if I would want the round table or the rectangular one. Good thing I have no plans to replace what I have as I wouldn’t be able to decide! I do like the chairs with the rounded top MUCH better than the others; I’m sorry but I think they are just not very attractive.

  3. Ha – I remember those days! Moving is an event, alright! Sounds like things are really coming along though, and you’re getting everything taken care of. Either of those dining room tables would be lovely, and I agree it might be better to wait until you have good measurements. (It would be great to have the little one at the GA house though … ) So many decisions! Have fun, and thanks as always for hosting – I love this party!

  4. I’ve had round, oval, and now a rectangular dining table. One major advantage to a round one is how everyone is facing each other–much better for conversations. It would be my preference if the room was large enough to maneuver around when all are seated. omg…so many big projects! so many little details!

  5. Just be careful lifting and carrying all those heavy boxes! Last thing you need is for a back injury at this stage of the game. You might consider wearing a back support waist belt while moving and carrying. Have fun amidst the chaos!

  6. Since you will be down the street from family, there will be a lot of dinners together. I don’t think the round table will be ideal, especially with growing boys. Lots of busy going on and will go on for months. Don’t forget to take a day off and sleep in. Mark those boxes well and give them a priority rating. Did you ask Michael’s about those foam sheets ? They are the best.

    • Not yet, I haven’t started the really serious packing yet, but I will remember that once I do start packing up everything. I will be moving those boxes myself on my next trip to Ohio. They are my favorite dishes so I want to be the one to take those.
      I bet you’re right about the table, more room is always a good idea.

  7. Susan, just to let you know I have a round table (bought it second hand) that can seat 4/5/6(uncomfortably) as the one you are looking at. But mine converts to a rectangle that seats 6 and the extra leaf is attached under the table itself. So when I unlock it and pull the round table apart, the leaf is there, and fits in the opening to make a rectangle table for 6. I also have a square table for 4 (pub height) that when the 4 outer edges (on hinges) are pulled up it turns into a round table that seats 6 very comfortably (ordered online).

  8. A thought, new buyers don’t want kitchen desks. A beverage refrigerator or coffee bar is preferred. Even a pet station! Best of luck in your moves.

  9. Mary from Virginia says

    We had a round dining table and I loved the look but it was a pain when entertaining. I sold it many years ago. Does the store offer a round table that comes with a leaf? Just a thought… Sounds like you have a lot going and I am excited for you. Are you painting the interior of the Dollhouse?

  10. Susan, Lots to think about! But looks like you are getting it done!!! Just chiming in about the table…look WAY down the line when the boys may want to bring a date (!!!) to dinner too! I remember many dinners at my husband’s grandmom’s house. I think you need a bigger table. 🙂 And also I agree about the kitchen desk, I would research what feature would return more when selling a house, as Dottie mentioned. But whatever you decide, your house will be wonderful for the next owners. Stay hydrated and rested as best you can!

  11. Though it can be tough to make these types of decisions it can be fun. Our round table is a little large now that there is only 2 of us but when any family come we crowd around and some eat at at the counter. We still have a formal dining room we use too and during nice weather we head outside. Our grands are still young. I’m enjoying reading about your journey.

  12. Anne Lovell says

    You could order the other table and just not put in the extension until you have to use it. Something I probably would do since it soubds like there may be more than 6 and the boys will be getting bigger

  13. Susan,
    I feel you should procure a round table that has a little magic in it like this link!

    or this
    I love reading your posts about the new doll house.
    I guess you’ll never paint your door peacock blue.

    • lol Yeah, I haven’t been able to bring myself to give up the Heritage Red. Those tables are amazing! What an incredible design!

  14. I downsized and got an oval table during my last move. I have regretted that so many times. I don’t like squeezing people in. Another commenter mentioned that the boys will keep growing so that could make seating more difficult. Will you host “game night”? I know that you all enjoy that. What would the seating be? I’m just playing devil’s advocate here. I’m sure you’ll be happy with your decision.

    • All great points! No one ever said I wish I had less space. I’m feeling more and more like I should go with the rectangular table.

  15. Pass me the Tylenol?? More like pass me a martini. LOL! Ohhhh, Susan. Bless you. You’re a better woman then….well, most of us. I have certainly had similar chaos like husband’s job transfer from Atlanta to Oregon and back to Atlanta all in less then one year. Our furniture practically met itself coming and going! But that was thirty five years ago when I still had energy and my back and knees were in good working order.

    I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase before and it certainly applies here. “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” At our age the chewing and swallowing may be a little slower but the advice still holds true. Maybe even more so then ever!

  16. Treasia Stepp says

    I am so excited for your move and seeing everything that is happening. I love either of those tables but wanted to see if you had thought about a round dining table with a leaf? It then turns into a larger version and they are beautiful as well. Or maybe this company could make one with a leaf? Just a thought.

    • That would be great if I could find one I really like. I love the look of this table, including it’s base, but sadly, it doesn’t have a leaf. I would rarely ever need the leaf, though. Hard decision!

  17. Very exciting time for you & I know it can be overwhelming. I wanted to mention the round table you are considering. We have one that is the same size with 4 chairs. We can pull one more chair up to it comfortably & you said you could squeeze 6 chairs around this one. Just keep in mind that your grandsons won’t be this small for very long. I know from experience. I think it would be better to find a round table with a leaf or go with the rectangular.

  18. I forgot to mention the desk in the kitchen. I agree with others commenters about that not being a feature new buyers would want. We took the one out of the kitchen in the house that we bought. The coffee bar idea that someone else mentioned sounds like a better option.

  19. Karen Christiansen says

    We recently made the opposite move. From our nearly 100 year old home in the Midwest to a 20 year old home in Georgia, also to be close to our grandsons. We have family dinner at least once a week. Those boys are going to grow. If it fits, get the larger table.

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