Friends are the pillars of your porch…

Welcome to my first ever, blog! Many thanks to all of you who have poked, prodded and assisted me down this long, winding corridor that leads to Blogville…you know who you are! πŸ™‚ Now having finally gotten up the nerve to dip my toe into the fast moving current of Blogland, it seems only fitting to begin a blog titled “Between Naps on the Porch” with quotes about, and views of, some great porches. I’m making plans for some fun and hopefully informative future posts and I’m am so hoping you will come back again soon.

Now for a little tease.  In an upcoming post, I’ll share how easy it is to turn your photos into little works of art, without having to purchase any special software. It’s really easy and fun…I’ll try to get that posted soon!

Now, just sit back, put your feet up and let’s go relax a while on some wonderful porches.

Friends are the pillars on your porch. Sometimes they hold you up, sometimes they lean on you, and sometimes it’s just enough to know that they are standing by. ” (Anonymous)

Behold a woman! She looks out from her Quaker cap, her face is clearer and more beautiful than the sky. She sits in an armchair under the shaded porch of the farmhouse, The sun just shines on her old white head. Walt Whitman, from Faces

“The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch swing with, never say a word, then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation that you ever had.” (Anonymous)


“The porch is like the brim of a hat. it shades you, but makes it possible for you to have an uninterrupted view of the surrounding landscape.” David Heymann, American Architect


“You can run with the big dogs or sit on the porch and bark.” Wallace Arnold, Major General, U.S. Army


“What was it Clarise had said one afternoon? No front porches. My uncle says there used to be front porches. And people sat there sometimes at night, talking, when they wanted to talk, rocking and not talking when they didn’t want to talk.” Ray Bradbury, Author, Fahrenheit 451


Thanks for your visit! I would be so happy if you would take a moment to leave me a comment and sign the guestbook before you leave. And, I’d love to hear your thoughts concerning what you would love to see posted here. I’m thinking we need to have a Tablescape Tuesday…what do you think?

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  1. RetiredatLast says

    This is so wonderful. I am glad you finally decided to do this. I look forward to many happy and informative visits

  2. cedwards55 says

    Susan, The noise you hear in the background is me applauding you! This is great. I will add you to my blog roll! I’m so happy that you’ve decided to dip your toe into the water. Now just stand back and do a big old cannonball! Love your music and can’t wait until Tablescape Tuesday. Here’s a thought on porches…. If I could sit on the porch across from God, I’d thank Him for lending me YOU!!!! hugs, Carol

  3. Congrats on your blog… it is as beautiful as I expected it to be.. I think Tablescapes on Tuesday is a “great” idea… just bought a few things for the table today.
    can always learn new ways of putting them together..:-) I love your quotes and the porches are so welcoming.. a perfect ending to a perfect day, a bit of time on the porch visiting with friends..
    hugs ~lynne~

  4. lvroftiques says

    Susan you are one who absolutely should have a blog!! I can’t wait to see what you share! And tablescape Tuesday sounds divine! Your porch has always been a favorite, as is the rest of your beautiful home! I’ll be a regular visitor here! Vanna

  5. I do think this is the very best idea in the world. You are so witty and so knowledgeable,who else more worthy than you?Fabulous.I am so very proud of you and happy for you.Goodluck,I will be here ebryday to cheer you on…..Ann

  6. Susan, your blog is just beautiful, enjoyed your porch. The music is wonderful. Love it! Got a feeling this blog is going to be a great
    success. You did good girl! Sasha

  7. Susan,

    What a fantastic job on your blog! The title, layout, and music are all beautiful and very befitting of YOU! I loved the Porch Tour ALMOST as much as looking at your easy-breezy porch! Tablescaping Tuesdays would be fun and fabulous~~and will look forward to any and everything else you’d like to share!
    Congrats on becoming a blogger~Woohoo!! πŸ™‚


  8. Oh, this is just going to be so much fun! Tablescape Tues. by the expert! Can’t wait. I loved all of your quotations that went with the pictures today. Of course, if all you ever put on your blog was pictures of your porch, I’d still come by every day, just to see it (much easier than RMS)! Congratulations and best wishes. You are saved to my favs, and I’ll be visiting often. Laurie, a/k/a bargainhunr

  9. Love your blog. Thanks 3hearts/Miami

  10. Congrats on your blog. It’s a bit disconcerting my mom knows how to do something on a computer that I don’t. Looks great!



  11. Susan congrats on your new Blog…Pat H aka 9405018 RMS
    Just perfect!!!!

  12. Christine aka xinex says

    I said I would visit your blog tomorrow but I couldn’t wait. I am glad I came to visit tonight cause your blog is very relaxing (will give me sweet dreams tonight for sure) Tablescape Tuesday sounds great! I can’t wait, Susan! You know how much I love all your tablescapes…..Christine

  13. Dear Susan, I can’t imagine anyone that seems more suited to produce a beautiful blog than you. Everything you touch is just magic! I am so happy to be here at it’s launching. I will see you daily, that is for sure. Got to get my visit on your beautiful porch. The cookies may make crumbs on my keyboard, but it is always worth it. Love ya, Cindy (MariEli’sAmi)

  14. Hello Susan!

    Congratulations on your new blog, my friend!!! I’ve already added you to my favorites and look forward to stopping by each day to see what you’ve been up to!!!

    I loved all the beautiful photos and quotes about life from the porch!!! I’m totally excited about you hosting a “Tablescape Tuesday”!!! You are definitely the queen of tablescapes…so inspirational!!! I also recall you mentioning doing a post on “how to make beautiful photos”…I’m very interested in that…pleaseeee…do a post about that!!!

    Well my friend…congratulations!!! Go forth and conquer!!!
    Warmest wishes…Chari (Happytodesign-RMS)

  15. Susan, Thanks for inviting us all to sit a spell on your lovely porch! You are going to be great at this…you are off to a running start.I’ll be back again, Bridget

  16. Hi,Susan, and welcome to Blogland! Your blog is beautiful, and I can’t wait for more!

  17. Well, shut my mouth–I had no idea!

    Color me impressed–very impressed.

    Love the dog on the porch you matched with your quote.

    But–where’s Mr. Fluffy?

  18. santamaker says

    hi Susan,

    Wow, girl….. you are GOOD! Enjoyed it very much! It looks like a lot of fun, I’ve been toying with the idea as well.. not sure I know how to do it, though. Thanks for the info on the garden club. I am going to do my best to be there next month!

  19. You are going to be a great blogger! I’m looking forward to your unique take on decorating. Keep scouring the second hand stores and antique shops for the perfectly seasoned iron skillet. Helen

  20. Susan, Thanks for inviting us all to sit a spell on your lovely porch!
    You are going to be great at this…you are off to a running start.
    I’ll be back again, Bridget

  21. I’m very happy you’ve decided to create a blog. I’m also looking forward to Tablescapes Tueday.

  22. I’m so glad I found this blog (through gollum). BJ had posted some beautiful pictures of your porch a while back and I fell in love with it!

    Tablescapes on Tuesday is a fabulous idea! Can’t wait!

    Good luck with your blog!


  23. Pam (pc25) says

    Susan, This is beautiful! I’m so excited for you. I need lots of help on my tablescaping and I’d love to learn from the best! I’ll be checking back here each day. πŸ™‚

  24. imjacobsmom says

    Very impressive! I think that Tablescapes on Tuesday would be fun! I’ll start next Tuesday with my new sunflower plates that I bought for my late summer garden party! ~ Robyn

  25. I love you blog so far. I am sure you will have a lot to say about your wonderful friends. Can we have some daily words of wisdom from Max?

  26. Hey gf, I feel like I could do this with your help!! Thanks so much!! I just added you to my favorite’s. vickydarnell

  27. To cedwards55:

    I’m quite impressed with both her decorating talent and her computer proficiency. Truly a renaissance woman.


  28. SUSAN..I had no idea you were blogging. I don’t know how I missed you….either in the hospital of just recovering and not much time on the computer.
    ANYWAY…so glad to see you and your blog is lovely…

  29. Hi, I am starting at the beginning. I’ve meant to do this for sometime. I didn’t even know about decor/DIY blogs until winter 2013, so it will take me awhile to get to my starting point. See ya…

  30. Patty Holcomb says

    I have enjoyed your blog for a few years. For awhile it was the inspiration that kept me going. I have recently retired, moved and hope to get involved in new activities. Now I have time to go back and read your archives. Thanks so much. You will never know how many lives you touch. Keep up the good work.

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