Touring the Beautiful Hill-Huggins Home in Madison, Georgia

There was one more home we toured in Madison during the Town & Country Holiday Tour back in December: the Hill-Huggins Home built in 1832. It was late evening and just before dark when I took these photos. 

This beautiful Greek Revival has a really fascinating history.

Madison 30th Annual Town & Country Holiday Tour


While on the tour we were told that the home belonged to Senator Joshua Hill during the time of the Civil War. He was the only southern Senator who voted against the secession and actually resigned his position afterward, returning to his home in Madison.

Greek Revival on Madison Tour of Homes


History has it, when Sherman marched through this area, Senator Hill rode out to meet Sherman and convinced him to not burn Madison down in his “March to the Sea” as he had so many other town and cities in Georgia. The Union army did spare Madison’s center, although several public buildings and surrounding plantations were burned per THIS article.

Madison 30th Annual Town & Country Tour of Homes


We couldn’t take photos inside but I found the following photos online HERE. The home is now owned by the Huggins family. You can read more about them at that link.

This is the sitting room in the Hill-Huggins home. Love how bright and sunny this room is, it’s so wonderful how the rooms in historic homes normally had windows on two or more sides, not just on one side like newer homes do today.

Huggins-Hill Home in Madison


The kitchen…

Huggins-Hill Home in Madison


The dining room…love the transom window over the door and a fireplace in every room! Just imagine having this many fireplaces to decorate for Christmas!

Huggins-Hill Home in Madison


The sunroom…

Huggins-Hill Home in Madison


This beautiful pool was put in by the Huggins family. Let’s go take a look at the outdoor room we see in the distance.

Beautiful Pool and Outdoor Entertaining Space


Beautiful place to spend summer evenings!

Outdoor Room for Entertaining


Looking back at the home, you get a view of the back porch. Love the double-screened doors!

Back Porch Paradise


The back porch is furnished with white wicker. Such a beautiful, airy space to have a glass of iced tea (or a Mint Julep) and spend the afternoon.

Porch with White Wicker Furniture


Hope you enjoyed this tour!

The snow has almost all melted here. These pictures have me craving summer like crazy!


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  1. What a wonderful home tour and information – thanks, Susan.

    What a truly DREAMY home – and it has such rich history!

  2. Oh, if walls cold talk………….lovely!! franki

  3. What a nicely decorated home. I could be very content there. Did you notice that all the rooms are pastel except the dining room?

  4. Beautiful home,,,, love home tours. Jill

  5. Hi, Susan,
    Thank you sooo much for sharing this tour with us. I LOVE the Huggins’ home. I wouldn’t change a thing about it (well, maybe the kitchen cabinets!). I was especially impressed with the lovely display cabinets. But the colors and furniture choices were all perfect. Oh, if we’re voting, I’m going to say your mystery paw prints are from a deer; especially because of the pointed nature of them (although as they got closer the the bulb pot they DID look like rabbit tracks). Maybe a deer and rabbit were out for a walk together! Enjoy your week! Rosie

  6. Thank you so much Susan for the wonderful tour(s). They are such gorgeous homes. (Reference your previous post as well.)
    Changing the subject regarding the snow that you had, it made news up here in Canada. Could not have been fun for you Alantanians as know what it is like to contend with such weather conditions even when one is equipped for it. Glad you didn’t venture out and listened to your intuition that day. With that said, hopefully ‘General Beauregard Lee’ had some good news for you today; forecasting Spring is just around the corner . ☺ -Brenda-

  7. A truly beautiful home Susan, bright and airy and with a great history. Yup, I could settle in there quite comfortably. Do you think it has any ghosts πŸ™‚ Such a tragedy that so many homes were burned.

  8. This is a lovely house, I especially like the back porch and sun room! Although I am usually a sucker for bright kitchens, I have to admit this one looks awesome and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. And don’t get me started on the fireplaces… I would have so much fun with them….

  9. I love touring the old homes of the South and really enjoyed your tour of the historic Hill-Huggins home. Don’t you hate it when they won’t let you take photos inside?

  10. Hi Susan. My grandparents lived on Main Street in Madison when I was growing up (in the 60’s – early 80’s). They lived just a couple of blocks from Madison’s downtown area and my grandfather and I walked there every day when I stayed with them. I well remember the grand homes that lined Main Street and others all over town. One of the grand homes was vacant and in very poor condition. Of course, all of us kids just knew it was haunted and a had a fascinating (to our little kid minds) story that we made up about a murder there. The ironic thing about Madison (and so many other small Southern towns back in those days), is that shacks with no running water and with very poor living conditions were located just one block away from the grand mansions on Main Street. My grandmother used to take food out of their garden to the families back there. Even as a kid, I thought it was all so sad. Sorry to bore you with my memories, but my time in Madison at my grandparents home are some of favorite memories!

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