Dreaming of Lace…

I came across this picture in a magazine and unfortunately, I can no longer remember the name of it now. It stopped me dead in my tracks. Does that ever happen to you? It doesn’t happen to me very often. I have perused so many decorating magazines and books over the years that it takes something really different to grab my eye. After I closed my mouth before a big honking fly flew in, I drooled over the page for a while and ultimately thought, this is too good not to share.

The funny thing is, it wasn’t this amazing room that stunned me…it wasn’t even the impossible length of that table! It was that gorgeous, completely impractical, lace tablecloth sprawled all over the floor. It’s gone way past the point of puddling…it is outright sprawled! And, I love it!!! Never mind that you would have to be lifted up and over the lace by your butler, Wadsworth, to get into your seat for dinner. And you know you have a butler if your dining room looks like this!

I have this little ongoing struggle with myself. Β It’s called, “What new thing will I buy next that is so beautiful and so completely impractical that it borders on being ALMOST un-usable”, the operative word being “almost.” I mean, I do have some standards! πŸ˜‰

On the other hand, I’ve never been one to let functionality get in the way of outright gorgeousness. What do you mean “gorgeousness” isn’t a real word? Look at that lace table cloth…it is bathed in gorgeousness!

So I did a little online shopping, you know…just in case I win the next HGTV Dream Home. Hey, it could happen! I feel it my duty to inform you that “gorgeousness” has its price…and its price has 4 digits! OUCH! Lace tablecloths at Horchow and Neiman Marcus START at $1,000 and go up to $1,600 depending on the length of your table.

Neiman Marcus even had lace napkins…but daaahhhling, how do you pat french truffles, caviar, and champagne from around your mouth with a napkin made of lace? Β  Oh, who cares! Β If you’re buying a lace tablecloth…you gotta have the napkins, too!

I can just see Max now…all 15 lbs of his furry little body, curled up and purring on the nice, soft lace bed at each corner of the table.

I just hope Wadsworth doesn’t trip over Max when he’s lifting me up over the lace and into my chair. πŸ˜‰

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  1. decorator101 says

    The whole room is incredible.. when you’re finished with Wadsworth send him my way.lol.. I’m totally in love with the cabinet at the far end of the room and all that gorgeous china. To say nothing of the drapes..they look pretty familiar don’t they??? ..hugs ~lynne~

  2. Got to be Biltmore or Gollum’s! And how about that killer puddle at the end? Or is that just my old eyes playing tricks on me again? I say go for it….as I tell myself, I can’t take it with me, so I might as well enjoy it ($$) while I’m hear! Sure would be pretty for the holidays…even if it is 4 digits! See how easy it is for me to spend YOUR money? LOL! :O)

  3. It is gorgeousness at its best! Totally impractical for those of us without a Wadsworth. You know that tablecloth at its four digit price tag probably feels like a bargain after you give Wadsworth his salary. Maybe we could dress the table and eat on trays somewhere else? lol!

  4. Darlene - Our Creative Life says

    Very delicate & feminine! Ya know what I like even better….your cat! I want your cat! Our cat died last Jan. from being hit by a car. My girls keep asking for a new cat, but I'm reluctant. The cat we had was so perfect I feel like I would be disappointed by any other cat, but yours looks very nice & cuddly!

  5. lvroftiques says

    Oh drip oh drool!! How delicious is this!! And just in case all that puddling at the floor is too decadent for you? You could always hang it as a window panel…That is if you have 12′ windows (and I’m thinking doubled up! Lol!) Yummy Susan! Thank you so much for sharing! Vanna

  6. blessed mama says

    I agree, it is gorgeous and impractical. I would be afraid to use it, but like you said, I think they can afford it. It is fun to look at though!

  7. Susan,
    You are just too funny! I see precious & oh so innocent little Max using the new & oh so precious tablecloth as his new scratching post & getting tangled up in it, then meowing his little head off to be rescued! Hee hee hee!!!
    :0} Diane

    PS Pretty tablecloth – still want one that long?!?

  8. FINALLY, a table covering worthy of a Susanscape πŸ˜‰

  9. Suzann @ Lavender and Roses says

    That is one beautiful dining room! I cannot even imagine a table that grand. But oh would I love it!

  10. Susan~~You’re so funny!!
    Ahhhh, the lace is beautiful isn’t it? Maybe if you spend the big bucks on the tablescape, a Wadsworth will be thrown in with it?! πŸ™‚
    Now you’ve got me looking at my table wishing I had something with all that gorgeousness too! L~

  11. Susanna, may I call you that, Dahling? Oh, the cloth of lace is spectacular!! And yes, gorgeousness is a word, I use it all the time!!
    It’s beauty, Ms. Susan!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰
    P.S. – Can I borrow your butler sometimes? lol

  12. That’s one of those purchases that you can only look at and never use. I guess I’m just too practical.

  13. brettinsky says

    You are so funny! I am drooling over the length of that table and that dining room-oh to fit that many people-comfortably-at my table in my dining room. What a dream! I guess I’ll get that when I get Whadsworth the butler!

    Oh, and a lace tablecloth could be practical, we could eat in the living room!

  14. Happy To Be says

    Susan I would love to see you do a tablescape on this table WOW!! how much fun could you have with that size?? and I did see Lynne drapes in this room..HELLO Lynne is this your dinning room girl?? its beautiful girl…but I would rather have old Wadsworth serving me at one of your beautiful tables instead just put the dinner bell by my plate and I’ll ring if I need anything..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  15. santamaker says

    Oh Susan,
    I do the same thing! I get something stuck in my head and I’ve got to figure out how I can do it. That’s the way I started santamaking! I saw a beautiful handsculpted one in a magazine…with a hefty price tag and decided I would get one no matter what… well buying one wasn’t an option.
    This is surely a dinning room worthy of coveting!

  16. Susan,all I can ay is WOWOWOW.Simply stunning.I can’t wait to see it .Are you going t put it on the porch?Or in your dining room?Glenda’s right.It is worthy of your tablescape…Ann

  17. Susan…your writing was so clever and cute beyond the words…down right spunky! Anyway, I started coveting a lace coverlet for my kingsize bed a few months ago and eBay to the rescue…I bought what I think is actually a tablecloth but sold as a bed coverlet…so, if I can make myself remove it from the bed I guess I could use it as a tablecloth…without the puddling or sprawling “gorgeousness” though. πŸ˜‰ Bo

  18. Good Morning Susan~
    The tablecloth is just beautiful. But it would be more like me to have to use the lovely lace napkin to dab the caviar off the front of my shirt where it has just landed! Poor Wadsworth. He would be so embarrassed!!

  19. salmagundi says

    How long would a table need to be for that tablecloth to fit normally??? That is one incredible room. Sally

  20. I don’t want Wadsworth to pull out my chair. I want him to do the laundry, make dinner for me, and then clean the kitchen!

    It’s is beautiful and elegant though, but, um, what about when Max gets his claws caught in the lace? Scratching post!

  21. can you imagine the fun children could have with this room? lol any tablecloth that hangs down in this house is asking for trouble….and then I think….it is just so beautiful….but how the heck would one vacuum? who cares…it is fantastic…

  22. I don’t know that it gets much better than puddles of lace!

    We’ll all chip in on the tablecloth, and we’ll rotate it around via the mail.


    Hello Susan,

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful photos!
    Fantastic lace!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  24. Beautiful room and what a fun post. I can just see myself getting tangled up in the lace on the floor and pulling the entire tablecloth, place settings and all, onto the floor. (BTW, they should have had you do the tablescape before they took this pic., they would have at least doubled the gorgeousness of the pic) laurie (bargainhunr)

  25. This dining room is certainly stunning. Everything is so well-proportioned and the details are exquisite. The lace cloth puddling on the floor certainly makes for a wonder setting for a meal.

  26. Envoy-ette says

    I love it! Can you imagine how much work went into it, if it’s handmade? Whoa!

  27. Lady Katherine says

    The room is so lovely, I have been wanting a lace table cloth. they are very expensive, I have dedcided after my daughter went garage saleing and brought me home a bantburg lace curtian, I use as table cloth. I think I will now look out for curtians in lace, to use as a table cloth

  28. Wouldn’t you just love to sit down at a table that is so lavish.


  29. I like Beverly’s idea with the tablecloth. We could all be like Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants only we could be Sisterhood of the Travelling don’t rip the lace because it’s my turn next Tablecloth.
    hugs, Carol

  30. I’m with ‘Naz’ on her comment, however I am also one to improvise.
    Start searching the Flea Markets Susan for a a full length drapery panel or two.
    Laces generally has finished edges
    so there would be little alterations to do. Voila an exquisite table cloth!! (Just a thought.) Hugs

  31. Susan (Moonlight and Magnolias on RMS) says

    Mrs. Ben…great idea…I will look for some panels! BTW, you were right about seeing the garden china that I posted yesterday on my blog, on RMS and at Gollum’s. I have a posting on RMS that features three chinas and it was one of those in that posting. Gollum did feature a pic of it once on her blog, too. You have a great memory!!! πŸ™‚

  32. Life on Bonnie Lane says

    That is one incredibly beautiful tablecloth! Not sure I am into the puddling thing. I would spill something on it for sure, lol. I do love lace!


  33. Lavender Chick says

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by and I wanted to thank you for your sweet comments.

    Regarding the table cloth – I LOVE it! I need it… It has my name all over it!!!

    I’m now going to go dream about this table cloth….

  34. Oh so funny, Susan! The room and the lace tablecoth are gorgeous but I am imagining myself tripping on the tablecloth and carrying everything with me, seeing all the dinnerware, stemware and everything else on the table flying everywhere and breaking. So I think I will leave my tablecoth away from the floor…Christine

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