Great End of Summer Sale & 2 New Pairs of Shoes for Less than 1/2 Price

Have you noticed how all the shops are gearing up for the arrival of fall-winter fashions? It’s still very much summer here in the south so this is a great time to shop the summer clearance sales.

Talbots is having their first-ever Cyber  Warehouse Sale and it’s a good one! You can access the sale here: Talbot’s Summer Sale.



What have I picked up so far? I couldn’t resist these cute Keds Sneakers for just $16.49. The sizes were limited so I ended up purchasing them 1/2 size up. That should work fine since I like to wear my sneakers with low socks. You’ll find these here: Floral Sneakers.


I’m eyeing this beautiful madras shirt. Love madras for summertime! You’ll find it on sale 70% off here: Madras Shirt.


The dress in this fabric is just as pretty! You’ll find the dress on sale 70% off here: Madras Dress.


The cotton tunics I love so much for summer are on sale. I love this aqua color. Unfortunately, they only have it left in one size here: Cotton Tunic.  But you’ll find it on sale in white here: White Tunic.

These tunics are my go-to when I’m going to be outside in the sun all day because they are so light, airy and cool! You can roll the sleeves down when in direct sun to keep the sun off your skin, but then roll them up when indoors or in the shade. I find I’m much cooler if I can keep the sun off my skin, plus I don’t have to slather sunscreen onto my arms, which I really dislike.


If you ever travel to a hot climate, these cotton tunics are great for that.

Camel Riding in Giza, Egypt, 2018


I love these sandals that are reduced from $89.50 down to $19.49. They are available in four colors: white, navy, black and this pretty pink color. The heel height is my absolute favorite for sandals! High enough to be comfortable but not too high. You’ll find these on sale here: Sandals.


As I shop the sale today, I’ll come back and add to this post if I find additional pieces I think you’ll love.

So what’s the other pair of shoes I just purchased? I had seen these sandals all over Instagram and ended up finding them for about half the price they normally sell for online. Here’s where I found them: Sandals. I purchased them in both the chai and white colors since I couldn’t make up mind which one I liked best and returns are free.


The cute turtles remind me of the HUGE sea turtles I saw on the beaches in Hawaii.

Sea Turtles Sunning, Maui Hawaii


I think they are sooo cute and they look like they will be easy to keep on since they have the built-in toe wedge thingy. I normally only see that design in higher-end, expensive sandals. Just noticed that they are made here in the U.S. That’s cool!

For sizing, Small is supposed to be 5.5-6.5, Medium is 7-8, ML is 8.5-9.5, Large is 10-11 and LL is 11.5-12. I purchased size Medium since I typically wear a size 7 in shoes.

These just say “beach”and “I’m hanging out around the pool” to me. I can at least pretend even though it’s just a kiddie pool these days. lol You’ll find them available in five colors here: Sandals.

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