Tablescape and Holiday Shopping for Autumn–So Many Temptations!

Welcome to the 673rd Tablescape Thursday!

Hope you are staying well and haven’t caught this yucky summer cold that seems to be going around. Thankfully, my cold is much, much better now. Whenever I visit family in Ohio, I love venturing out to check out the tablescaping goodies in this area of the world. I made a fun and very productive trip to HomeGoods yesterday and picked up quite a few goodies that I’ll be taking back home. I hope to share everything I bought in tomorrow’s post, but for today I’m taking you into HomeGoods to check out the goodies I saw during my recent visit there.

Before we head into HG–recently I stopped into a nearby Cracker Barrel to pick up one of their large family dinners. As I walked in the door, this was what I saw on display. I was super tempted by the mermaid salad plates in the lower left-hand corner of the photo. I am tempted to go back and buy those and look for additional plates in another store since they only had a couple.

Beach Dishes and Decor on Sale, 2020


They would be soooo cute in a table setting with my mermaid back home. lol


Yup, I need those!

Mermaid for Beach-Themed Table Setting


If you have begun your Christmas shopping, as I have, Cracker Barrel has some really cute gift ideas for the horse lover. Look at those adorable plates down in the front of this display!

Horse Lover Gifts, Presents


I noticed CB has started putting out just a little bit of Christmas, too. Love the pillow! It reminds me of how I wrapped all of my Christmas gifts one year.

Christmas Decor, 2021


Do you remember this whimsical wrapping paper I used one year to wrap all my Christmas presents?

Christmas Vacation Wallpaper, Perfect for Christmas Presents


Such a fun, fun paper!

Volkswagen Van Bringing Home the Christmas Tree, Chrisstmas Gift Wrap Ideas


You’ll find that previous post here: Whimsical Gift Wrapping Idea.)

VW Beetle Bug Car Bringing Home the Christmas Tree Gift Wrap


Shopping HomeGoods in Ohio

Yesterday I drove over to a local HomeGoods to see what they had in stock for the autumn season. The last time I visited the HG near my home back in Georgia, there wasn’t a lot to see so I was curious how things would look here. The last of the summer goodies were on display just inside the front door. I was surprised to see something tucked away at the back just behind those two big metal tubs.


You may remember this summer table I set a while back.

Entertaining on the Porch for Summer, Summer Dining


Notice the wicker and mesh food saver there at the end of the table.

Summer Dining on the Porch


These wicker servers are great for outdoor parties where bugs may think they’re invited, too!

Keep bugs away from food when dining outdoors


They had one of those in HomeGoods when I visited yesterday!


It looks a lot like the one I have. I can’t remember what’s in the center of mine now. I remember it’s pretty but I know it’s different from this one.


Lots of pretties on the shelves…


I’m always so drawn to the lemon-patterned pieces. I’m going to have to break down and buy some one day.


More lemony goodness…


They only had 3 of these dinner plates, but I love this beautiful Spode Collection!


Halloween goodies were out in full force everywhere I looked.


Years ago I purchased a bunch of mercury-glass style pumpkins and Christmas trees. I remember thinking/hoping at the time that mercury glass pumpkins would be around for a while, although you know me, I keep using the things I love even when/if they begin to “go out of style.” Well, apparently Mercury Glass is still very much a thing!


I saw plenty of it during my shopping trip to HomeGoods.


Just when you think there’s nothing new they could add or do with Mercury Glass, they add pearls to it!


Lots of pearls! Very fancy!


These gorgeous beaded placemats may have come home with me if they had had more than just one. This photo doesn’t do this placemat justice, it was so sparkly and beautiful in person!


Autumn and Thanksgiving goodies were out in full force, as well! I was so fired up for the holidays by the time I left HomeGoods! lol



There was so much to see, I almost feel like I need to go back. I missed those feather-looking placemats I see on the bottom shelf in the photo below.


More autumn goodies…


I loved the “Pumpkin Season” tumbler!


These napkins caught my eye and I picked up a pack. Eight napkins for $10 is a great price! I think I may have some very similar to these back home already, but wasn’t sure. Once I’m back home, I can always return them if I find I don’t need them.


These were such unique-looking napkin rings! I picked up a set that said “Thankful.” I hope I like how those work but not sure since they are such an unusual, oblong shape–really wide.


I’ll share all the things I purchased in a post for tomorrow. I spent around $250 yesterday, so I purchased quite a few things! Not sure I’ll keep them all–will have to see what works best once I’m back home, but I know I’ll be keeping a lot of them.

Before I end this post, I have to share these GIGANTIC mirrors they had in stock! I wish I had a place in my home for one of these. They are Drexel Heritage and the prices were amazing! This huge floor-standing mirror was marked down to $249!


This one was even bigger–it was a fair amount wider! It was priced at just $399! These mirrors would look amazing mounted on a wall or mounted in a leaning position against a wall in a dressing room. I have nowhere to use one of these, but if I did, I would seriously have thought about purchasing one. I bet these would cost so much more in a regular furniture store!


This was the last one I saw–the frame design was a bit different. Do you have a large mirror like this anywhere in your home? I’m guessing there’s a way to mount them leaning against a wall as I’ve seen them in pictures/magazines that will keep them secure.


Stay tuned to see all that I purchased in tomorrow’s post! I went a wee bit crazy! I’m blaming it on feeling so much better after getting over my cold! Yeah, that’s it! 😉

Looking forward to all the wonderful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Great post….makes me want to run out to Home Goods right now! Glad you saw things you like at Cracker Barrel. I have some Christmas dishes and things I purchased there and love them. Also…when lunching with my friend a few years ago we both found long, crocheted beige sweaters that were perfect. We joked that if someone asked us what designer we were wearting we’d say “Cracker Barrel” !!!!

    • lol That is too funny! 🙂 Every time I stop there on long rode trips for a bathroom break, I have to check out their wares. I’ve found some of the cutest napkin rings there in past years.

  2. Franki Parde says

    Ya, “that’s it!!” xxx I, too, have “mermaids”…they just….intrigue me and…I buy them…maybe (?) there is a “spell.” My kiddos just ALL got over “that cold!” Just took the zap out of them…I know, shopping makes me “feel better.” Going to Tues Morning tomorrow….it’s a year maybe…”watch out” here I come… franki

    • I know, what is it about Mermaids?! Mine turned into bronchitis. Ugh. But it’s finally on the wane and I’m winning the battle. I haven’t been to a Tuesday Morning in so long, I need to make a visit sometime soon. Thanks for the reminder, Franki!

  3. HG seems to have less and less that interests me. Maybe that’s a sign that I have too much. Thanks for the tour. Viewing the offerings saved me a trip (and temptation).

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Chloe! I had a hard time not buying more yesterday…guess I was just in the mood since I haven’t been out shopping for anything in a while now.

  4. You do need that mermaid plate so just go get it. lol

  5. Yes to the mermaid plates! And I loved that Christmas paper; did you use it all up? Did the boys even notice the paper or the cars with trees on top?
    I think I need that console table reflected in the mirror!

  6. sigh, I love HomeGoods! Thank you Susan!

  7. I just went to Marshalls today, and was so disappointed because they hardly had any merchandise, the shelves looked so depressing, you know when they spread out the items to fill them out, but they are mostly empty! I envy the HG in Ohio, they have so many beautiful items! The lemon themed items would of come home with me, and all the fall items are gorgeous, I have not even seen them in their online website. Maybe our HomeGoods stores are better stocked, I have not been there in a long time, it’s a little farther for me, and it’s usually a little more crowded – trying to avoid crowds since our situation in Miami is not too good right now. Better times are sure to come…

  8. Felt like I was right next to you shopping. I need to check out HomeGoods again tomorrow!

  9. Thanks so much for the HG virtual tour. The one near me is in the same complex as Target & I always seem to be in a rush to get our needed items at Target & I don’t have the time to duck into HG. Maybe next time! You’ve inspired me. XO-MaryJo

  10. Hi!!! I’m desperately trying to find that Cacation movie themed wrapping paper. Can’t find it….I checked the link in your other blog post about it with no luck…can ya help a sistah out plz??!!!! Thanky!

    • I couldn’t find it on Amazon this year, either. It’s by Current, you may want to do a Google search for Current Christmas Vacation wrapping paper and see if it shows up someplace else. It is adorable!

  11. Since I am new to your blog I have to ask this question after reading the above about dishes and place settings. Where in the world do you keep all your dish sets and how many different setting do you own? I love plates too, but have not been able to buy more than 5 different sets without feeling so dang guilty!
    I love your blog 🙂

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