Halloween Tablescape with a Spider-Web Tablecloth

Welcome to the 60th Tablescape Thursday!  Monday I shared a Halloween tale along with some Fall/Halloween porch decor. Wednesday was a day of Monster Mashing. And tonight…

Won’t you join me…said the spider to the fly?.

Halloween Tablescape and decorating

Welcome to the Killer Cafe…hope the menu (click for a better view) meets with your approval. (Insert evil laugh)

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

No tablecloth is needed…the spiders have been busy covering the surface of our table.

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

You don’t mind spiders…dooooo you?

Halloween Table Setting Decorating
Halloween Table Setting Decorating

Dinner plates and bowls are from A Classy Flea…$12 for all of them…love the Flea! Pumpkin salads were $2 each from Wal-mart…

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

I promised you food for our ghoulish feast, that is if you dare to eat!

Halloween Cupcakes

Wilton Food Coloring Gels…have you ever used these things?  They are souper dooper concentrated, and just the smallest amount will color your icing…and your fingers…and your clothes…and your cat. Ok, just kidding about the cat…but these things are STRONG!

Halloween Cupcakes

I whipped up the cream cheese frosting from Paula Deen’s, The Lady & Sons, Just Desserts…

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

Recipe for Cream Cheese Frosting from The Lady & Sons, Just Desserts:

1 8-ounce pkg cream cheese, softened
1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter, softened
1 16-ounce box confectioners’ sugar
1 teaspoon pure almond extract

Cream together cream cheese and butter. Add confectioners’ sugar and almond extract. Beat until smooth. Add the food coloring in before beating the icing too much, so you won’t over-whip the frosting trying to add it in later. I’m speaking from experience. :-}

Halloween Cupcakes

Oh, I see your glass is empty…let me fill it for you. The menu states we’ll be drinking Molten Lava, Swamp Juice and Putrid Punch…which would you prefer? Perhaps a little of all three?

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

Let’s start with the Swamp Juice. Don’t worry…he won’t drink much.

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

It’s just getting dark out now. Oooooh, are you scared, yet? The floral arrangement in the background normally lives on a chest in my upstairs family room…found it many, many years ago at Old Time Pottery.

Halloween Table, Spider Web Tablecloth



I placed a string of white lights underneath the table. It gave our tablescape a nice glow up through our spider web tablecloth. Tureen is Red Cliff Ironstone. Killer Cafe menu is from Dollar Tree.

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

Thanks so much for stopping by for our spidery, cobweb feast…

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

Looking forward to seeing all the tablescapes posted for this Tablescape Thursday!

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

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  1. What fun, how timely. Me I'm stuck in Spring this week :0)
    Love all the great Halloween accessories and the menu. You are an inspiration Susan!!

  2. Christi @ A Southern Life says

    Frightfully fun and delicious! Just glad those are fun spiders. I'm not real fond of the real kind. Just fun, fun, fun!


  3. Dear Susan,
    Your post today is really cute!
    I know that cream cheese frosting with almond flavoring is super good.
    Have a great Fall as we inched toward the end of the month already.
    God Bless,

  4. That looks amazing! I love the little lights under the table. They add so much. Cupcakes are the perfect colors…
    All Things Heart and Home

  5. Mari at Once Upon a Plate says

    Susan dear, I love your creativity!

    Congratulations and Happy 60th Tablescape anniversary.

    I'm going back now to check out every detail in your lovely tablescape ~ you always provide FABULOUS inspiration!

    Thank you for hosting us. xo

  6. Jane (Frugal Fine Living) says

    Such a fun Halloween tablescape! Those cupcakes look delicious, too!


  7. Pat@Back Porch Musings says

    What a fun table, Susan!! I love it!

  8. She Was Old Fashioned says

    That's really fab Susan, you out did yourself. I have that same style of shutters in my kitchen, they are so wonderful. Look so fresh and clean, don't need any curtains!
    I love love love your halloween table, the cupcakes look so pretty and yummy!
    The candelabra is gorgeous!
    That Killer Cafe sign is just the coolest thing! never seen anything like that. I think a black bird would look great right next to it. Thanks for sharing such a fabulous tablescape!

  9. Susan, I was hoping that the Halloween table would be shared this week. You definitely had fun with this one. Love the spider web table, the mini lights glowing from beneath, the little spider details (even though I do not like spiders), the dishes from the Flea, the fabulous white tureen, and yes, the yummy looking cupcakes with the special cups and jack-o-lantern toppers. You presented us with a delight to behold. I'm happy I was brave enough to join the Dinner at Killer Cafe. Thanks for the invitation. ~ Sarah

  10. sarah { abeachcottage } says

    wowza that's some tablescape Susan, great job!

    I'm playing along today, tho mine is not even in the same league lol

    thanks so much for hosting


  11. I love it! It looks wonderful! The glasses are beautiful and I love the candlesticks. What fun it would be to have dinner there! And who could resist that menu!

    The cupcakes look delicious!
    Thanks for another fabulous table and for hosting this weekly event.

    I have 2 more Halloween tables under my witches hat…tonight I even moved into the dining room..:)It's Bewitching!
    Have a great weekend, Susan..

  12. This is fabulous!! You may have outdone yourself with the cobweb tablecloth! Thanks so much for hosting! And yes, I have a little trouble with user names too!

  13. Susan,
    I love the fun tablescape this week. Perfect for this time of year. The underlighting on the table adds so much to the atmosphere. Thank you for all your sharing with us and hosting each week. You are so creative!
    Dee Dee

  14. Lady Katherine says

    Just love your imagination! Adore the spiders on the stemware! The black candelabras! I was at Walmart yesterday, they did not have those wonderful pumpkin dishes! lol Love all the spiderwebs, cupcakes, love to have the book. lol Menu! Adore! Wish I could borrow this for the 26th table if I back home. I made spider mountain for my grandson Birthday Monday. Did it in 15 min. We were not having a party I was told. lol Just at school. Brought me a cake that looked like a volcano, I had spider on top with candy. I made red lava from peppermints. and mountians using black turned over pots, and red napkins crumbled and spiders everywhere. The boys loved it. Not for adults. lol Love seeing your Halloween post! Going to miss this!

  15. I LOVE your tablescape!!!! Nice job!

  16. laurie @ bargain hunting says

    Susan, that is just too cute. Love your new candleholders, but I'm not so sure about a spider on my glass! Cute, cute cupcakes. I'm going to have to go look at those cupcake holders. Thanks for showing us where to find them. laurie

  17. carolinajewel says

    Spooky and lovely! I saw those pumpkin plates at WalMart and thought they were so cute. Love the cupcakes! 😀 Jewel

  18. Phyllis AROUND THE HOUSE says

    Susan, loved the Haloween scary table, and I realllly love that soup tureen, so pretty, I think I will have to look for one like that…thanks for sharing..

  19. Yellow Rose Arbor says

    Very elegant even though it's spooky! Beautiful colors!

    I'll take the place setting without a spider! Yikes!!


  20. Lorna ~ Lace and Ivy Cottage says

    This is so fun, I love it! It's inspired me to do a spooky tablescape for next time. I love the candelabras and what a deal!

  21. Hi Susan, love the Halloween scary table… the lights under the table are wonderful…This is fabulous and scary all at the same time…Great Job…

  22. nannykim at spindle cottage says

    Man I love spiders!! CUTE/ However I am looking foward to less spookiness and more Thanksgiving/Christmas!!AHHH

  23. Michelle@Sweet Something says

    Susan, I LOVE this!!! Totally fun and inspiring!Thanks for hosting! I love this party!!!

  24. Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage says

    Your tablescape is amazing! So fun (and creepy)!!! 😉

  25. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    Oh your table is so fun and soooooo spooky~

  26. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    Wow! I don't know what one thing I like better ~ the whole table looks great. You really put a lot into this, Susan. The candelabra's do look great black! I don't have a tablescape to link up this week, but I will definitely enjoy seeing everyone elses.

  27. Someone's Mom says

    Well that was really fun! I think Tablescape Thursday should come with a warning label, "it will make you want to go buy things"! I find myself thinking about table settings all the time now, and this is only my second week. I love it!


  28. marty (A Stroll Thru Life) says

    My comment disappeared, it must be all the ghosts. lol Susan, this is just so much fun. I love the lights under the table, and the spiders and webs. The menu board is such a cute idea. Your new candlesticks are gorgeous. Everything is gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  29. The Bloom Girls says

    Awesome Susan! It looks fabulous as usual!!

  30. Gypsy aka Tam says

    I love your Halloween Tablescape. We'll be starting a major kitchen remodel right around Halloween and I won't bring out those decorations this year. It'll go from Fall (right now) right to Christmas (after the remodel is done).
    I certainly enjoyed seeing this fun and bootiful table.
    Have a great day,

  31. Melissa Miller says

    Susan you get me everytime!
    Okay now THIS one is really my most favorite tablescape that you have ever done!

    Each week you just amaze me with your creativity and the remarkable beauty of them. Who knew Halloween could be so elegant and pretty! To die for! HeHe! Get it?

    Save me a cupcake please. ~Melissa 🙂

  32. You are so creative! How long does it take you to come up with these ideas? And do you actually eat dinner when you finish taking pics of a tablescape? I want to come have dinner with you! Too much fun!
    I love the Classy Flea. I can't wait to go back there.

  33. SPLENDEROSA says

    Smashing! XXOOXX's Marsha

  34. Your table NEVER disappoints! Every detail is just right. I especially love the menu!

    Also, would you help me win a necklace pretty please? It would mean so much to me if you would leave a quick comment on this post I have pasted below…if I get the most comments, I win. 🙂 Thank you!


  35. tales from an oc cottage says

    KILLER table!!!! ;}

    m ^..^

  36. Vicci @theplaidbasket says

    Ooohhh Susan…do you ever tire of the same ol accolades? Your scapes are over the top and I LOVE IT! Still waiting on word on when the tablescape book will be out…just think…the profit can pay for the livingroom makeover THEN you can do ANOTHER book of your home with the living room library included!
    GREAT JOB as always. THANK YOU so much for putting so much time and thought into your posts…it truly makes the difference.

  37. ~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ says

    Hi Susan, Looks like you had a great time doing your tablescape! I am so in love with your tureen, it's just beautiful. Still looking for the one that's been waiting for me. Thanks for hosting.~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  38. Anita @ Far Above Rubies says

    This is so much fun! You always come up with something different! That's why I come here:-)

  39. Susan, how do you think these things up! You have the wildest imagination!! I love how you put the lights under the table with the webby stuff!! The whole table is amazing from the menu to the pumpkin dishes to the (EEK) spiders!! Love the cupcakes too!!

  40. Hi Susan,
    Only you could strike such a perfect balance between elegant artistry, pure whimsy, and gleeful ghoulishness! Great fun, perfectly presented!

    Hope the rest of your week goes well!


  41. Debbie @ Creative Chics says

    You never cease to amaze me with your incredible tablescapes. Those cupcakes are like something out of a magazine, divine my dear, just divine!

  42. I can't wait to try out the cream cheese frosting recipe! … Also, I have to compliment you on the photo quality, gorgeous! Very professional.

  43. Julie Harward says

    60th?! WOW…you are really in your element aren't you?! You should have your own show or something..really! That is the prettiest table ever and the cupcakes..oh my goodness! Just beautiful! Come say hi 😀

  44. What a fun tablescape, Susan. I really like your new candelabras from the Classy Flea. The cupcakes look really good….Christine

  45. Susan, this is SPOOKTACULAR!!!!!!!! Love the cobweb tablecloth, genius! LOVE the lights under the table too. I did that this summer out on our deck for nighttime sitting and LOVED it too! I can't believe I forgot to post my table…..will wait til next week:):) I have the same pumpkin plates from Walmart and love them! I LOVE WED> NIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):) Hugs, Pinky

  46. I have a terrible time remembering all my logins. I don't know who could remember them all!

    Your spooky tablescape is very apropos to the upcoming season. Yummy cupcakes, too.


  47. once in a blue moon... says

    you are so darn clever, i love the spun cotton and spiders, super fun idea! your cupcakes are fantastic, dang i can taste that frosting as i drool all over your killer table! fabulously fun ideas~

    thank you for bringing us all together, you really have a winning idea, it is wonderful to see so many new ways to play.

  48. Love the candelabras! What a find! I'm so not a fan of spiders. Ha! Your table is fun, frightful and whimsical all in one! Always amazed by your creativity.

  49. Libby Murphy says

    Oh your little good witch you – that is so cute. Where do you find the time? Your creativity never stops – bet you even dream in to die for colors and tablescapes!
    Happy Twirls

  50. Isabella & Max Rooms says

    I can't get over how beautiful everyone's tablescapes are! Mine is a throw back to summer…I can't help it! I need just a few more warm days…Janell

  51. Isabella & Max Rooms says

    I can't get over how beautiful everyone's tablescapes are! Mine is a throw back to summer…I can't help it! I need just a few more warm days…Janell

  52. Isabella & Max Rooms says

    I can't get over how beautiful everyone's tablescapes are! Mine is a throw back to summer…I can't help it! I need just a few more warm days…Janell

  53. Isabella & Max Rooms says

    I can't get over how beautiful everyone's tablescapes are! Mine is a throw back to summer…I can't help it! I need just a few more warm days…Janell

  54. Isabella & Max Rooms says

    I can't get over how beautiful everyone's tablescapes are! Mine is a throw back to summer…I can't help it! I need just a few more warm days…Janell

  55. That table is scary gorgeous! Perfect for Halloween!

  56. Beautiful as always…. my dear!



  57. bonnilynne says

    Amazingly creative and wonderful as usual, Susan! Love, love, love the candlesticks painted black! ♥

  58. Nancy @ Live love laugh says

    Spooktacular tablescape, as usual! You have such a wonderful imagination-AND all the beautiful wares to make it come alive! Have I mentioned that you should write a book- each tablescape a chapter, then you will do book signings travel the US and come to my town and…

  59. Gosh I almost forget to comment here I get so involved with all the other posts.
    You really went all out on this post. It is fabulous.
    Details galore.

  60. peggy gatto says

    I want you to know how much I truly enjoy all the work you go to to make this feast for my eyes.
    I really appreciate it!! thank you!

  61. Fifi Flowers says

    Your Halloween table is FABULOUS!!! I would like one of those cupcakes!!!

  62. Leigh of Bloggeritaville says

    AMAZINGly and delightful frightful but in a good way!
    I want some swamp juice and a almondcreamcheese cupcake!

    Come and see me sometime.

  63. I love those candlesticks! What a great find and buy! Your crystal is gorgeous! I like your spooky table. Those cupcakes are too cute and I'd bet they taste good too if you're using Paula's recipe.

  64. Visual Vamp says

    Love the white lights under the tablecloth!
    xo xo

  65. Wow Susan, this is truly inspirational. Not only did you construct a most stunning tablescape but you also baked! Amazing!
    I have just posted my very 1st tablescape and I really had a fun time creating it.Thanks for hosting this great experience.Can't wait to see what you have planned for next time. Best wishes, NM.

  66. Diane @ Four Paws and Co says

    Susan, You're just too clever for words! Just when I didn't think you could top the last one – you topped it! I loved everything EXCEPT the spiders! They looked a bit too real…. ♥

  67. Susan, Beautiful table again and again, I am running out of unique words or any words to describe your tables. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to show our tables also.

    Happy Tablescape Thursday.

  68. Your tablescapes are stunning. Every week that I come by I am amazed at the detail that goes into your work. You are an inspiration for what to aspire to my friend.

  69. Ooooww I'm soooo afrighted!! :o) And yes, I do mind spiders, lol. Thank you, Susan, for taking the time to leave your suggestions on my upcoming Girls Tea Party. It's been helpful and most appreciated.

  70. A perfect Halloween table — love the black candlesticks! What a great idea! Your table, as always, is perfect!

  71. Lovin' on the Halloween tablescape,looks great and the cupcakes are scary, perfect too!

  72. Mary Ellen (megardengal) says

    Oh how frightful! Those spiders look so very real I found my self scratching myself thinking I had a spider on me!

    You are so very creative even when it comes to spooky tablescapes! Always love coming by and trying to breathe in some of your inspiration.


  73. Very nice; love that soup tureen!

  74. I'm not a spider person; until I seen them here. This is so awesome Susan for the halloween season. One of your greatest tablescape thursdays.

  75. Hi Susan
    Your table is beautiful as always. Thanks for the cute pupcakes. I could do without the spiders at the table though 🙂
    Hugs, Rhondi

  76. Susan,
    You are so clever!! You are inspirational!
    [email protected]
    ps: luv'd your houzz interview

  77. How fun and cute and so so creative. I also think you should seriously consider writing a book sometime. It's sure to be a best seller.
    Your tablescapes are so much MORE than a beautiful table. Your creativity and funness…your ability with words…it all comes together for a magnificent post, each and every week.
    I want to thank you for the time and thought you put into each post…for us to enjoy.
    xo bj

  78. Rev. Sonja says

    I love your candelabras, they are perfect. Great idea with the spiders on the glasses. Have a happy halloween!

  79. Linda/"Mom" says

    * FABULOUS n' FUN, too! WOW, Susan, you reeeeally put alot of time into making this INCREDIBLE!!!

    BTW, DID YOU n' "everyone" know that TODAY IS GOLLUM'S BD????… Thought you'd want to know!!!)~


  80. Funny how often I think about you, "She's outdone herself this time." But this time, I think it really might be true!! This is glorious–fun and beautiful all rolled into one.

    Thanks for the tip about the Wal-Mart napkins. And can I please come visit you and go with you to A Classy Flea?!

  81. honeysuckle says

    That is so beautifully macabre! greatI love the menu board and the fun cupcake wrappers among many fun ideas on your table.

  82. Gorgeous tablescape, Susan but I must say – the spiders are just a little too realistic. I uncovered our grill the other night and a big spider just like the one on your soup tureen jumped out at me. Yes, I shrieked and ran back into the house. He was SCARY!

    Great job!

  83. Tammy@InStitches says

    Your Halloween table is to die for !

  84. Please delete Pandora's box #9…I reposted with Linky because I just go "stupid" when I try to do this…I relisted at #89 properly!!


  85. One Shabby Old House says

    What a fun tablescape. Putrid Punch huh? Sounds cute..how does it taste?
    Great ideas as always and so much fun to spend the day here looking

  86. Debbie @ ribbonwoodcottage.blogspot.com says

    Hi Susan! Oh how I love this. You know my kids are all gone to college and yet this year I have decorated for Halloween more than I ever have, and I have had more fun. Especially with tablescapes, signs, candies, decoupage! Oh how I love your menu, and all the extra's crawling around on your table! Big smile! Love it!!!!

  87. Really Rainey says

    What a elegant halloween table-setting Susan! I really do love the chandeliers! My back is still healing so I haven;t gotten to play on Thursday's with you guys cause of all the bending and lifting. Boo hoo… Hopefully I can soon!

    Really Wicked Rainey

  88. Susan,
    Darling table!! So many great ideas and I am loving those candlesticks. Been thinking I want some black ones, got to keep my eye out or for some I can get at thrift and paint.
    Wonderful job and cupcakes too, oh girl!!
    Linda Q

  89. susan!
    this is so beautiful!!
    how do you manage making such incredible photos in the evening!!
    I would love a glass of Putrid punch, please..with spiders..of course!!

  90. Omigosh, Susan, you are a creative genius! How so you do it?! This is so wonderful, and filled with terrific ideas for all of us to steal… 😉

  91. ♥Mimi♥ says

    Where in the world do you find the time, and money, to do this? I am so, so impressed!

  92. I LOVE your Hallowe'en table! I've got something spooky up my sleeve for Hallowe'en too(coming soon).

  93. 9405018--Pat says

    Hi Susan, great post today…I found you on facebook…each week you just blow me away with your awesome tablescape…thanks for sharing…Pat H

  94. Bunny Jeans Decor... and More! says

    Oh Susan, I am finally here!
    I got distracted…again.

    As always, you have set a beautiful table and entertained us with your narration.

    Now… to go take a peek at everyone else's tablescapes 🙂

  95. As usual, you've outdone yourself. Wish I could be here for your spooky party!

  96. Cass @ That Old House says

    Oh Susan, this was so much fun! What fantastic ideas — I am completely enchanted… and not by an old witch, either!

    Adorable. LOVE those black candelabra. I'm not sure what Classy Flea is, but it sounds awesome. And those walmart napkins? I hope that was a recent purchase — I'm going to check that out!

  97. Connie from Big Bear Lake California says

    Wonderful tablescape. You are always so creative. I luv visiting your blog. Stop by. I have just opened Cottage Loft Boutique. Hugs, Connie

  98. Atelier de Charo says

    La mesa es absolutamente fantástica. Cuantos detalles, muy creativa.

  99. Miss Janice says

    Susan, this is ANOTHER creative tablescape from you! I love it all…the china, the spiders on the goblets, the candlelabras, the tres chic napkins, the cupcakes…Very festive for the season!

  100. Hi Susan,
    Your table beats all! It's just perfect, and I looove the black candlesticks. I can't believe the prices you paid for all those wonderful things, you are a great bargain shopper!
    It's always a treat to stop by here for a visit! You never fail to surprise and delight me.
    Heidi – Heart and Home

  101. Hi Susan,

    Great tablescape…neat ideas!!!


  102. Andi's English Attic says

    I love it! Especially the cobweb tablecloth. I'm going to try it. Thanks for the inspiration once again. x

  103. Susan, I love viewing your blog. You have a real talent for photography, the gorgeous tablescapes, plus you are well read and it shows.
    All together, it make for one super blog. The real Susan shines through and that's why we love your work.
    Thanks for stopping over.

  104. Made my trip to Walmart today to get those adorable pumpkin dessert/salad plates and my shadow told me that I didn't need them and how often would they be used, where will you store them? Maybe he's right; did I really need them?

  105. is it possible to be pretty and adorable at the same time??? well this sure is. I like your work today.
    have a great weekend

  106. I agree with Vicci @theplaidbasket, you should publish a tablescape book. This Halloween scape is amazing!

  107. Simply ghoulish! Love it!

  108. Our Porch in Hillsborough says

    These are great ideas – I especially like covering the table with spider webs!

  109. Everything looks wonderful! The menu is great and I love those cupcake holders.

  110. Fairy Footprints says

    Hello thank you so much for visiting me this pink Saturday and your lovely comments on Destiny. She had so much fun participating. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


    Happy Pink Saturday

  111. Susan! Thank you so much for posting a comment on la dolce vita featured post I have. I TRULY do appreciate it so much.

  112. Susan,
    I am not into Halloween BUT you did the most fun table (of course), you definitely have a gift!
    I know about that gel food color, it is amazing stuff, and you are right, it gets on EVERYTHING!
    Blessings Girl…

    (sorry I missed you and Rhoda)

  113. Cottage Rose says

    Hello Susan; As usual you table scape is just beautiful even with the spiders…. ewwww lol; your cup cakes look very yummy too…


  114. Charli and me says

    What a fun tablescape and yet so beautiful. I especially love those candle sticks. Everything is very pretty as always.

  115. My Shabby Rose Cottage says

    Love your tablescape as always…and love to see others as well.
    Warm Hugs,

  116. Hello sweet Susan – lovin' your spooky table scape! I am going to borrow your idea of using the spider webs for the top of the table. The little spiders are so cute! And those candelabras are really cool. I'm trying to find a pair I can spray paint. Thank you for the inspiration!


  117. Ruthie's Renewed Treasures says

    You are so creative! How do you come up with all these ideas! Love that you have a way to express yourself and challenge others to do the same!

  118. Nf1andprek-whisper says

    susan.. I love the menu and the table… Could you email me and tell me if your cupcake cups liners.. were made by you using a silhotte… machine.. as I am trying to decide if I should buy one..
    [email protected]

  119. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Susan, I love it when you post links to older articles in the current links. What fun! That’s how I get to see so many great posts that I’ve missed. This is also a great Halloween table scape. Very traditional colors and those great candlesticks which seem perfect to me. You find the funnest stuff! Haha. Okay, I’m working on my ghost costume for our seniors trick or treat night. I say we hit up Marie’s. You just know she’s going to have good candy to hand out. 😀

  120. Jill from Southern New Hampshire says

    Somehow I missed this tablescape until this year! I love it, and have these pumpkin salad plates from WM – they’re nice for Halloween and all of fall. Your cool Killer Cafe menu inspired me to look for one at my local Dollar Tree this year, and to my luck they had an orange one called the Lucky Raven Cafe. I really like how you stood yours up instead of hanging it. I “swooped down” on it and did the same when I brought it home … I put it on an easel on top of our corner curio cabinet to decorate the dining room for a special dinner when my family came to visit recently: )

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