Celebrating Our Early Spring Weather With A Bee-Themed Table Setting

Welcome to the 752nd Tablescape Thursday! The daffodils are blooming their little hearts out right now, so I couldn’t resist cutting a few to use in today’s table setting.

Daffodils in Bloom, Spring 2023


I probably should be fertilizing them each year but I’ve never done that. I think I’ll try to remember to do that this fall.

Daffodils Blooming, Spring 2023


Another variety…love the colorful centers.

Pretty Spring Daffodils


The first day of spring is just a month away now. Our temps were in the upper 70s today so I had the doors to the porch open to enjoy this beautiful spring-like weather.

Spring Table Setting, Bee Themed


Last week I shared this super cute bee-themed dinnerware. I ordered a set of the salad plates and had so much fun with them in today’s table. (Salad plates are available here: Salad Plates. A full set of this dinnerware is available here: Bee Dinnerware.)


Bee Salad Plates



I paired the salad plates with Noritake Wave dinner plates in a sunshine yellow color.

Bee Themed Tablescape


I pulled out my bee glassware for this table setting. This is my everyday glassware and it’s available here: Bee Glassware. I hope they never stop making it because I really love it so much! The bee skep soup tureens were a find in Old Time Pottery many years ago. I would normally place them atop the salad plate at each place setting, but for this table, I placed them off to the side so the salad plates would be visible in the photos.

Bee Themed Table with Daffodil Centerpiece


The salad plates are in four different patterns and each plate depicts a whimsical “bee” message.

Bee Skep Salad Plate in Bee Themed Table


Bee happy…

Bee Skep Dinnnerware, Bee Skep Salad Plate


Bee Tablescape, Bee Salad Plates


Bee true…

Bee Salad Plate, Bees Around Flowers


Bee Salad Plate with Bee Motif


Bee kind…

Bee Salad Plate, Bee Themed Dinnerware


Spring Table with Bee Theme


…and Bee sweet. If you would like to set a bee table this spring, you’ll find these cute bee salad plates here: Salad Plates.

Bee Dinnerware


The charger plates are from Horchow back in 2008. The adorable bee napkins are available here: Bee Napkins.

Bee Napkin Ring and Bee Flatware in Bee Themed Table Setting


I’ve had my bee flatware for many years now and it’s still being made. The best price I have found online for it currently is here: Bee Flatware. It’s also available in the same pattern but with gold accents, here: Gold Accented Bee Flatware.

Bee Flatware


The bee napkin rings I ordered last week arrived just in time for this table. They appear to be sold out now. Update: It looks like they may be available here: Bee Napkin Rings.

Bee on Yellow Daisy Napkin Rings


A bee’s eye view…

Daffodils in Bee Themed Spring Table Setting


I wish you could smell these daffodils, they smell as beautiful as they look!

Daffodil Centerpiece, Spring Tablescape, Bee Themed Table


I placed them in a floral vase that also has a little bee on it. You can just make it out through the glass on the left.

Honey Skep Server


Just realized I didn’t get a close-up of the birdie wine glasses I added to the table during the time I was taking photos.

Bee Themed Tablescape


Here’s a close-up of one of the glasses from a previous table. They are painted with different birds on each glass. If I’m remembering correctly, these were another find in Old Time Pottery many years ago.


Are you seeing spring weather in your area, yet? I just hope we don’t get a surprise freeze because even our redbud trees are blooming now.


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  1. I love the bee table setting. You are so talented. What I really would like to know though is how you clean that glass table top!!! It is spotless and so clean. I have such a difficult with mine. If you could share the products you use for that and your process I would be grateful. Happy Spring.

    • Thanks so much, Sonja! You are too kind! I just wipe it down with a wet dishcloth with a bit of dishwashing liquid and then again with a wet dishcloth to clean away any of the dishwashing liquid. Unfortunately, over the years it has gotten a few scratches so I don’t think I’ll ever go with another glass-top table. They are so easy to scratch.

  2. Just lovely Susan. I have never seen “bee” themed dishware!! Happy Spring!

  3. Good Morning! This blog is very springy, cheerful and beautiful. Love all the yellows. Still winter here in Michigan although my daffodils are about 3″ tall (under the snow now) and the robins are back from the south…..but currently we have a winter storm going on. I’m curious as to what you have around the daffodils for ground cover. Reminds me of long pine needles….very pretty. Enjoy your spring weather….we have a bit to go yet.

    • Thanks so much, Susan! It’s pine straw. We have it in abundance here in the south since it falls from the pine trees. I had a nice stand of pines at my last house, so never had to purchase it, but I don’t have any pines in my yard here, so I purchase around 40-45 bales each spring–the long needle kind–and it lasts pretty close to the full year. They usually do a better job of rolling the edges to make it look neat but the crew this year didn’t take quite as much care as they normally do.

      • It’s very attractive…..I’m afraid it would blow away here! Thanks for answering.

        • It’s not too bad about blowing, it stays down well, especially after a rain or two, but it is bad to wash away on hillsides, so not the greatest option for mulching plants that are on hills.

  4. Bee’s eye view. Haha. 😀 I wish I could smell those daffodils. Those pictures at the top of the post have me longing for warm, sunny weather and fields of flowers. The Noritake Wave was perfect as the dinner plate and as a frame for the new bee salad plates. I love the bee flatware. It’s so elegant and such a pretty shape. This table is just Bee-autiful. Even your seat cushions blend so well. I know you had fun with this one. Have a great weekend, Susan.

  5. Your table is so bright and happy, it just makes me smile! Love the bee plates and flatware and the daffodils make a perfect centerpiece! Thanks Susan~

  6. Susan,
    This is a table that just makes one smile. There is just nothing to compare to the first daffodils and their bright, cheerful beauty. How lovely that you have them in bloom in your yard, just ready to be picked for your table. Your new “bee” salad plates are perfect, and as always, you have found perfect napkins and napkin rings. One of my many unfinished projects is to make bee printed napkins for my own bee themed table. As often happens, the fabric has been purchased but the making of the napkins has yet to happen. Maybe this year…………MM

    • Thanks so much, Marie! I wish I liked my sewing machine better. I bought a new one a few years ago and it’s a pain to thread. It would be so much fun to make my own napkins…love that you do that!

  7. That’s so darling! I love your beautiful daffodils! We got an unusual snow yesterday – it’s lovely out there but very cold, so this is the perfect post for me today! 🙂 Thanks so much for hosting the party and for all your great table ideas. Hope you have a great week!

    • Thanks so much, Barbara! Oh my gosh, you have snow and we have weather in the 70s–that’s wild! I hope your snow melts quickly and hopefully, nothing was in bloom yet that was damaged. I’m afraid we will get a hard freeze before spring is officially here. Really hoping that doesn’t happen since so much is already in bloom here.

  8. It doesn’t look like your daffodils need to be fertilized! They look fabulous but might enjoy being separated some, though. I have some enormous clumps that need separating. They sure do multiply!

  9. Simply adorable, fun cheerful table! I can almost hear the bees buzzing! Perfect!

  10. So very cheery! I’m yearning for warm weather so much, can’t wait!!

  11. I absolutely love your daffodils!! They are the perfect centerpiece for your table! I also love how you layered your napkins, the yellow says “Spring” for sure!

  12. That is such a cheery, uplifting table! We are having a very rare 80 degree day today. Back to winter tomorrow. There are a few cherry trees in a protected area with southern exposure and they are already past prime! Usually not until mid to late March!

    • It’s so nice to get those little respite days from the cold–little teasers that spring will soon be here. Wow, that’s amazing that those trees are already blooming and done! Crazy weather! As soon as the clock/calendar strikes March 1, I’m changing the header on the blog–tired of looking at a snowy header! 🙂

  13. Cheryl Frizzell says

    Such a bright and bee-utiful table! We have a long way to go before we see daffodils; still have snow in the shade from an unexpected snowfall this week with more projected here in Seattle. But not complaining since weather is a lot worse elsewhere.

    • I hope that snow melts soon, Cheryl! When do you normally start seeing signs of spring in Seattle?

      • Cheryl Frizzell says

        Late March or April. Just north of Seattle, the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is scheduled for the month of April. Claims to be 2nd largest tulip festival in USA and it’s stunning!

  14. What a lovely spring table. Love those salad plates. The only thing I miss about ‘back home’ is spring. Those daffodils speak to me. We have record breaking heat today. A couple more degrees and we would have broken a 61 year high for February.

  15. Very cute! Yes, we had 76° today, and daffodil, tulip.magnolias and forsythia are all blooming here! In my own yard, things are growing but not yet bloomed. I also hope we don’t get hard freezes. I’m heading to Cincinnati for the weekend and hope to have decent (but cooler) weather. Have a good one, Susan.

    • I know, me too. Always worries me when the temps go up this early in the season. Hope you have fun in Cincinnati! Those bridges that go over the river freak me out, I hate driving over them! lol

  16. This is such a sweet and cheerful table Susan – I just knew you would do something fabulous with those cute bee plates! And the bird wine glasses are adorable, as are your bee napkins and napkin rings. So glad to hear that you are having some lovely weather there – we are still in the deep throes of winter here. Enjoy!

  17. Your table is beautiful! I’ve been trying to put together a bee themed table since last year, I have the same glasses and napkin rings (but with the white daisy) and I followed your link to the napkins on Amazon and was pleasantly surprised they come in a set of 4. Can you tell me if you’re happy with the quality? I don’t like buying linens online because I can’t touch the material, and I have had bad luck with runners and tablecloths before; I don’t usually return items. Are they nice thick cotton? I trust your opinion!!

    • Thanks, Elena! I really like them because they are 100% cotton and oversized. I don’t like small, luncheon-size napkins or synthetic napkins. I haven’t washed them yet but when I do, I’ll probably hang them to dry rather than risk having them shrink.
      The pattern is one-sided although you can see it through on the other side. That doesn’t bother me and is what I would expect for napkins this reasonably priced, but just wanted to mention that. I rarely find napkins with the full pattern on both sides. If you order a set and don’t like them, returns are free. I’ve ordered a lot of napkins from this particular company and like them all.

  18. Oh, Susan that is a super cute tablescape! Your daffodils are gorgeous!

    We have about 5 inches of daffodil greens poking through. Today was 70! In FEBRUARY!!!! But tomorrow is below freezing again. Poor Mother Nature is so confused. I feel esp sorry for the birds- hope they aren’t mating yet, too soon!

    • Oh, your spring is almost here! I sometimes get two springs…one here and then a few weeks later when I visit family in your neck of the woods. I love experiencing two springs! 🙂
      I know, I hope so too. It’s tragic if we get a hard freeze after the babies are hatched.

  19. The bee theme is so cute! Thanks for hosting!

  20. With March 1st being the Welsh St. David’s Day, it is appropriate that you have daffodils on the table. Now you just need to serve Welsh cakes and bara brith.

  21. I’m a little late for the party. Just wanted to say how lovely your table looks. The bee pieces you chose are so soft and pretty. Love those napkin rings.
    Your daffodils are gorgeous! Especially blooming in your yard. I love it when people plant them in a huge grouping! Mine are still looking pretty. My forsythias are blooming and my redbud trees. Either I’m losing it or I forget from one year to the next, but this really seems way too early for the redbuds. I know daffodils, crocus and forsythia bloom early, but it still feels about 2-3 weeks too soon and I hope a cold snap doesn’t ruin them.

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