January Favorites and Send Help Because I’m Losing My Mind! Ha!

So, I really, really worry about myself sometimes. Usually at some point during the day, I’ll fix myself a big Tervis mug of iced coffee with a good helping of milk mixed in. If I’m not in a coffee/milk mood, the other drink I’ll sometimes enjoy during the day is a mug of unsweetened iced tea mixed with a small amount of cranberry juice. Just now, I went to the fridge, poured iced coffee into my Tervis mug, and apparently added cranberry juice on top. I didn’t even realize what I had done until I got halfway up the stairs to my office and took a big sip. Let me tell ya, coffee and cranberry juice are not a good combo! I should have taken a photo of that yucky-tasting mixture before I poured it out. It was definitely an interesting color! Ha! What the heck is wrong with me?! I really need to start focusing on what I’m doing at that moment, instead of thinking about 40 steps ahead. Please tell me you do dumb stuff like that, too!

Time to share my January favorites before February is outta here. Hard to believe that March is just a week away now! Back in December, I bought both of my grandsons the book, I Spy Christmas.

I Spy Christmas Book, Gift for Children


It was such a big hit with my youngest grandson who insists on reading/looking for the hidden treasures every single night before bed, I ordered I Spy School Days for him in January. I think the Christmas version is still his favorite, but he has definitely enjoyed the School Days one, too. It’s still available here: I Spy School Days. (The Christmas version can be found here: I Spy Christmas.)

I Spy School Days Book


I’ve mentioned many times before how much I like this Mill Creek Biotin shampoo. (Shampoo is available here: Mill Creek Shampoo.)


I try to alternate the shampoo I use and this is the other that I’ve been using over the last few months. It’s definitely a favorite and is available here: Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo.


Have you ever tried Dior Nail Glow? I absolutely love how it looks on my nails! It’s super easy to use and fast to apply since it’s basically clear with a slight pink tint. It gives your natural nails a beautiful, healthy glow. Dior describes it as making the pinks of the nail pinker and the whites even whiter. If I’m in a rush and heading out the door to go somewhere and suddenly realize my nails look terrible, I will apply two quick coats (it dries quickly) and it makes my nails look so much better! It definitely makes my favorites list for January and I’ve been using it a lot this month, too. You’ll find it available here: Dior Nail Glow AND here: Dior Nail Glow.

Dior Nail Glow Polish


I’ve been searching for a new dishwand because the other wand I was using started leaking. I gave this one a try in January and love how it works. I find it much easier to get the dishwashing fluid to come out and the bristles really help with scrubbing pans and such. Really like it! You’ll find this dishwand here: Scotch-Brite Dishwand.



Have to mention the headbands I bought in January–still loving and using them on a daily basis–and they were so much more affordable than others I was originally eyeing online. Most of the headbands below were purchased here: Headbands

Headbands, Beautiful Styles


This was the headband stand I purchased for storing my headbands and it has been working great! If you wear headbands and have the space for a stand, definitely recommend it for headband storage. It’s available here: Headband Stand.



An update on the towel warmer–really love this thing! I am not a person who enjoys showers or baths. For me, a shower is just another boring chore that has to be done. I have noticed lately that when it’s time to shower, I now kinda look forward to it because a snuggly warm towel will be waiting for me at the end. I take pretty fast showers, so I try to remember to turn on the towel warmer about 10 minutes before getting in the shower. That way when I’m finished, the towels inside are really warm. Definitely happy with this purchase! Towel Warmer is available here: Towel Warmer.


I’ve always purchased regular towels but recently a YouTuber I follow was raving about something called, bath sheets. Have you heard of those? A bath sheet is basically just a really large towel, a lot bigger than a regular towel. I was curious so I ordered two that had great reviews. I was happy to see both fit down inside my towel warmer. I do like the extra large-size towel for drying off, but prefer a regular-size towel for drying/wrapping around my hair after a shower. I purchased a set of two bath sheets in this beautiful green color, but you’ll find them available in a bunch of different colors here: Large Turkish Cotton Bath Sheet.


Bath Sheets


Still obsessed with these fleece-lined joggers–most comfortable and warmest pants I’ve found for errand running or hanging out at home. I just purchased a couple of more pairs for next year–didn’t open them arrived, just tucked them away for next winter in case these are no longer available next fall. You’ll find these available here: Warm Fleece-lined Joggers.

Best Fleece-lined joggers


When I visited my son’s home this past winter, insanely freezing temps were projected. I gave them my favorite style of squirrel-proof birdfeeder years ago (Birdfeeder is available HERE) and always love filling it when I’m there visiting because they have such a wonderful abundance of birds in their neighborhood. On this past visit, I took along one of my large suet feeders and some suet. Their birds loved it and were all over it during the bitter cold temps. I left the suet feeder there, but once back home I was missing it. I still had one large suet feeder here at home, but I had filled it with nesting materials for the birds since I had noticed them coming to my front door mat and pulling the coco fibers out of it for their nests. This is the replacement suet feeder I purchased and I really like it! My old suet feeder is still currently stuffed with nesting materials (purchased HERE) and the new one is now being used for suet. I need to visit my local birding store and buy more suet–the birds have really been going through the suet this winter.


You’ll find this large suet feeder that is designed to hold two cakes of suet here: Suet Feeder with Long Tail Prop. Pileated Woodpecks love these types of suet feeders since the longer tail prop on the bottom gives them a place to brace themselves while they are eating and the larger woodpeckers really need that support.



I’ve been doing so many puzzles over the past two months, I think I’ve done 5 just during the month of February so far, and I just started a new one last night. I absolutely LOVE doing puzzles on this adjustable puzzle board. It’s the only way I work a puzzle now because it’s such a back saver! Highly recommend this puzzle board if you’re a puzzle enthusiast or know someone who is and you’re looking for a gift idea. Puzzle board is available here: Puzzle Board.

Puzzle for Cat Lovers



I’m sure I’m leaving some things out so I may add more to the end of this post later today. Happy shopping!

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  1. Catherine Schiele says

    I almost always just love products you recommend. However I have a problem with the fleece lined joggers. When I first put them I was overjoyed with how good they looked and felt. I was ready to purchase more. But then I happened to read some reviews that mentioned pilling. Sure enough mine started pilling terribly and collecting lint like crazy. I was able to shave off the pilling but don’t think I’ll get any more. Maybe I got some from a bad batch. Thanks for all your recommendations that I really usually usually enjoy!

    • They do get pills after a while–I mentioned that in another post a while back. I just shave them off with a battery-operated shaver…only takes a few minutes. After I noticed some pilling on my first pair, I did a search and read the reviews for some of the expensive brands like Lululemon. In the reviews, shoppers complained of the same thing with the expensive brands. I think it’s just the type of fabric they are all made from and apparently, it will pill eventually, similar to how cashmere does. I think it’s just the way that type of fabric does, I guess. I usually get about 6-8 wears out of mine before I need to use the shaver and again, it only takes 2-3 minutes with a good battery-operated shaver to de-pill them, then you are good to go again. Sorry they didn’t work out for you. If you find any fleece-lined joggers that are similar and do not pill, please let me know.

    • Catherine, I was reading on a thread about Lululemon pants where they were talking about pilling, and they recommended turning the pants inside out before washing.

  2. My mother loves those fleece lined jogging pants I bought on your recommendation! Could you post a picture of your nails with and without that polish? Thanks. Toni

  3. Haha! No you are SO not alone! I can’t even being to tell you the wierd and amazing things I do! I love the big bath sheets too, and like you, I still use the smaller size on my hair. I accidently used a big one once and thought my head would snap off! Here’s to more birds and puzzles and cozy things this winter, and thanks for the laugh!

  4. Oh Susan, heck yes – both my hubs and I are constantly doing funny things.
    I am forever forgetting where I left my coffee or tea mug – usually found cold and gross in the microwave.

    His thing has been putting funny things in the fridge. Oh my list goes on and on but your story/sharing made me laugh out loud. Sorry. Don’t you hate wasting it, too? It adds insult to injury lol.

    I have been shopping for bath towels lately and have a question about the ones you shared – are they extra thick? We like large very thick long – lasting towels. WOW have the prices gone up since Covid – as is everything pretty much – ugh.

    • I’ve done that–put cereal the fridge and forgotten stuff in the microwave. Thanks for making me feel a bit better, Michele! 🙂
      The bath sheets I purchased would probably be considered medium-weight. They’re def not thin but not super thick either. I was a little surprised by the prices for some bath sheets and these weren’t as expensive as a lot of the ones I saw. Maybe the more expensive ones are really thick–not sure.

  5. Yes, I love bath sheets. I use the hair wrap towels for my hair because they seem to absorb so much more water and I can dry my thick hair much quicker with them. I use the bath sheets for the rest of me. I’ve bought the terry type and also a waffle weave they have at Crate & Barrel. Love those, too. They dry quickly which helps here in FL when things mildew so quickly.
    I’m also notorious for thinking way ahead of what I’m doing and the end result can sometimes create interesting situations. That is when I am happy I live alone!
    Thanks for all the great recommendations. I use Dior nail products all the time. They are the best.

    • My DIL loves hair wrap towels, too. I purchased a couple of the waffle weave on Amazon and I remember I didn’t like them, so I gave those to her, but I should really try some other types because that would be great if it would help speed up the drying time.
      I am really crazy about their nail glow…and their lip balm/glow, as well.

      • The hair wrap I use is Earth Therapeutics Quick Dry Hair Towel. It is a microfiber towel and really works well for me. Never tried the waffle weave except for body towels. Might try those and see if you like them.

  6. Susan, behind the nail polish is DK as in ” don’t know” about you. LOL
    We are all too busy and rushed. After reading your favorite things, maybe you need to cut back on the coffee. You got a lot listed. I am addicted to coffee drinks myself. Keeps my heart pumping. I love bath sheets. The last batch came from Home Goods. They had the best price.
    Joggers have pockets. Yay.

  7. Susan, slow down. Addicted to coffee? Well tea is just as bad. I attempted to paint my kitchen on Monday at 8am. I quit at 8:30am. I opened the paint and pored it in the tray on the floor. I put water in the kettle. I grabbed a wet dish towel instead of a potholder and burned my hand on the kettle. I went to put cold water on my hand and grabbed the huge roll of paper towel to dry my hand and wrap my burn. The roll slipped out of my hand, rolled down the basement steps, across the basement floor and landed underneath the cast iron laundry tub. While trying to retrieve the roll, I almost knocked myself out and hit my head under the tub. I dizzily made it up the steps. I decided to drink a cup of tea and settle down. When I opened the fridge and grabbed the milk, the can of whipped cream exploded in my face and all over the fridge. I screamed, stepped backward and landed in the paint tray. Glad I retrieved that huge roll of paper towel. I used the entire roll, cleaning up the paint, the fridge and my bare foot. When my husband came home from work and I told him what happened he said, “Are you losing your mind or what?” I couldn’t answer. I lost my mind when I got the concussion under the laundry tub. Pray for me. I am going to start painting the kitchen tomorrow or at least try to with a bandaged burned hand.

    • Aww, Nancy. *hug*

    • Nancy, you win this week !
      I often say ” It’s like Ethel and Lucy here but without Ethel.”

    • Oh, Nancy! That sounds like a movie! I hope you’re feeling better! What a nightmare!

    • Oh Nancy, you really had a string of misfortune. Hope you were able to start over the next day and all went well!

      • Nope, Ice storm and power failure AFTER I opened up the fresh can of paint. My husband also checked my head and I have a horrible lump and a huge bruise. HE was actually looking to see if I had lost any brains. Personally, I am certain that I lost my mind on the basement floor under the laundry tub.

    • Not addicted, some days I don’t drink any. Nancy, that’s a wild day! I think I would have just gone back to bed for a bit. Ha! I hope all went well with the kitchen today!

  8. Susan, I just recently saw on tv that Ashton Kutcher likes to add a little orange juice to his black coffee as it adds citrus notes. 🙂

  9. Nancy, you win this week !
    I often say ” It’s like Ethel and Lucy here but without Ethel.”

  10. We have been using bath sheets for a long time. My guys in the family love them also as they usually have a bigger frame than the females and they enjoy them just as much if not more. I also have a stock of regular size towels for hair. Although my daughter has long extensions in her hair and she likes the sheets for drying all that hair..lol.

  11. Wanda F Bradey says

    Susan, I had to laugh out loud when I read about your coffee. One morning last week I was preparing to do my devotion and quiet time so I prepared myself a cup of coffee. I use the pods so I put one in and went to the bathroom. When I returned the pod was floating on top of the hot water that was dispensed. I had a good laugh at myself. I think we get so much on our minds that we are often more distracted than we realize. Thanks for sharing. Love to receive your emails! Wanda

  12. Terri Santiago says

    Yes on the suet, birds are going crazy for it during winter.
    Try Bark Butter suet also for the birds.
    They do love peanut butter.
    Also visit a local Wild Birds Unlimited for your bird supplies.
    I frequent ours.

    • That’s where I’ve always shopped here where I live and also where I shop for see when I visit my son in Ohio. My birds love their Choice Blend seed. I normally buy their Hot suet, otherwise, the squirrels eat it, but they won’t touch the hot suet. I may try the Bark Butter next time I go in to buy more seed, maybe the squirrels won’t notice it right away. lol

  13. Cheryl Frizzell says

    Your accidental addition of cranberry juice reminded me of my own absent-minded moment. I added cider vinegar to my coffee instead of the Italian vanilla syrup…same shape of tall glass bottle. I have been sure not to repeat that mistake!

  14. Lately, I have been headed toward a room and then forgetting why and then when I turn around I remember. Ha. I guess the good news is I remember. The other day I was going to peel potatoes and I couldn’t find my favorite Pampered Chef peeler. I have a cheap knock off, but when I used it I was so frustrated that I went online to find another Pampered Chef. Oh brother the price for one peeler, but the comfort of knowing it will work. I think when I peeled potatoes the last time into the sink (no garbage disposal) I tossed out the peeler when I scooped up the peels. I’m also missing another utensil and I probably did the same thing. Oh, and when I mix lamb milk for the babies I keep forgetting whether I put two or three cups because when I’m stirring I’m thinking of other things. Makes me so mad at myself. A warm towel sounds nice right now. I wonder if you could also warm up small blankets to wrap up in to read a book?

    • I can so identify with every one of these! I often have to restart my count when measuring something out and I’m always forgetting what I went upstairs or downstairs for because I’ve had a million thoughts along the way. lol
      Yes, you can fit a throw inside, as long as the item you put inside is cotton or mostly cotton. In the reviews, I read where it was used to warm up robes, pajamas, throws, etc…

  15. Please share the link for the cat puzzle on your board, I love it!

  16. Susan just wondered if you heard about Dior Nail Glow…. I went to buy a bottle from The Bay here in Canada where I normally buy it and I was told it was recalled, discontinued because it contained harmful chemicals.
    I’m wondering if it’s been discontinued in the USA as well, the lady I spoke to said it was a worldwide recall and discontinued.
    I’ve seen a new Dior Nail Glow available but it’s a very pale pink and I can’t imagine it looking as nice as the old formula.

    • No, I hadn’t heard about that. The kind I’ve always bought is a very pale pink…kind of clear with a hint of pink. They have it available on their website here: https://bit.ly/48kT485
      I noticed it says “New” in the corner, I wonder if they reformulated it. I’m going to use up what I have left since I’ve never had any problems. I hope if they have reformulated it, it still looks the same on because it’s my favorite. Thanks, Catalynn!

    • Here’s an interesting article, I wonder if it’s only in Korea…can’t find anything about a recall except in this article: https://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/tech/2023/09/129_250163.html#:~:text=LVMH%20Cosmetics'%20Korean%20affiliate%20has,item%20back%20to%20the%20seller.

      • The old formula that’s been discontinued has a silver cap, the new formula has a white cap.
        I noticed most of the links were either broken or took me to the new formula with white lid.
        A manicurist did a review on YouTube comparing the new formula to the old one…. I guess I’ll give it a try but I really loved the old one, I notice some people are scalping the old formula on poshmark and eBay.


        • I sure hope it’s as good as the old one. I just found out recently that Dior did the same thing with their Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. I just tried it for the first time a few months back and LOVED it and bought a bottle. Now I’ve been told by Sephora that they’ve changed the formula…they had to remove something, not sure what. I’ll be sad if the new formula smells different. I think a perfume Youtuber I watched a few weeks ago said that the new version isn’t quite the same as the old one.

          • It makes me so angry when they do that, hubby and I actually have a running joke that if I find a product that I really love it’s like a kiss of death to that product!
            I’ve had it happen so many times all I can do is laugh!
            I remember you mentioning “Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet” and how much you love that fragrance I hope they haven’t ruined it for you.
            I’m tossing around the idea of buying the old formula Dior Nail Glow on Poshmark or eBay and just paying the price, at least that way I have time to get used to the idea.

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