Hopping Into Spring with a Beautiful Spring-Easter Table Setting

Welcome to the 446th Tablescape Thursday!

I really wanted to set a table on the porch this week but unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate. We had severe thunderstorms and lightening the entire day. We’ve really had some horrendous weather over the last few weeks. So I’m putting off sharing my spring-Easter until next week, but I have a wonderful treat for you for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Gina, whose tables I’ve shared before here at BNOTP, has put together a wonderful spring table setting for two dinners she will be hosting for Easter this year.


If you’re looking for inspiration for your spring or Easter table settings, almost everything Gina has used in her tablescape is still available and is currently on sale!


I know some folks are still looking out their windows and seeing snow on the ground. If that’s your view right now, this table is for you! It’s a wonderful breath of spring air. There’s greenery and flowers, bunnies and lots of cheerful spring color. If you’re still seeing snow, know that it’s going to be melting very soon and your spring will soon be here!


Gina’s spring table is all about the bunnies. Love these adorable bunny plates! You’ll find them on sale here: Bunny Dinnerware.

Gina chose silver beaded chargers for this setting. (Chargers available here: Silver Beaded Chargers.)

Underneath the chargers, Gina used cabbage leaf placemats available on sale, HERE. I love the look of that extra layer of greenery underneath the chargers–so pretty!


The flatware Gina chose for this table works beautifully with the silver chargers. They look as if they were made to go together! (Flatware is available here: Flatware.)


For her spring table, Gina combined two napkin rings. I love how that looks, as if our cute bunny has hopped over to rest in the shade of a hydrangea bush. I didn’t see the bunny napkins available, but the hydrangea napkin rings are on sale here: Hydrangea Napkin Rings.


Each guest will know right where to sit with these cute place cards. The silver bunny place card holders are available here: Bunny Place Card Holder.


Of course, the star of this table is the Easter Bunny himself! 🙂 Gina found him in Pottery Barn but I don’t think he’s available now. You’ll find all their spring-Easter bunnies here: Bunnies.


Water will be served from an adorable bunny pitcher.


Such a cute way to use the bunny stand for holding a candle. These are also great for holding cupcakes as seen in this previous table setting: Spring Table Setting.


Thanks so much to Gina for sharing her beautiful Easter-Spring table! Happy Spring, dear Friends!


Easter Table Sources
Bunny Plates ~ Pier 1 available HERE.
White Dinner Plate ~ Wedgwood, Emeril
Silver Chargers ~ Pottery Barn
Cabbage Placemats ~ Pier 1 HERE.
Beaded Egg Table runners – Kohl’s
Silver Bunny S & P ~ TJ Max
Flatware ~ World Market HERE
Bunny Centerpiece ~ Pottery Barn
Scalloped Cake Stand ~ World Market
Napkins ~ Homegoods
Silver Bunny Napkin Rings ~ Arthur Court
Hydrangea Napkin Rings ~ Pier 1
Blue Stemware ~ Vintage Noritake
Silver Hurricanes ~ Vintage from Friend
White Bunny Pitchers ~ J C Penney
Bunny small cupcake stands ~ Pottery Barn
Bunny Place card holders ~ Crate & Barrel HERE
Silver Bunny Figurines ~ Marshall’s
Bunny shaped dessert plates ~ Pier 1
Brown Bunny Candy dish ~ Fitz & Floyd

Looking forward to all the tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Sweetest bunny plates ever!! I watched “you” on the Weather Channel last night…gaaa…awful storms!! Our “turn” today…do I run out and salvage my beautiful tree peonies??!!?? *sigh* franki

    • Awww, maybe you should cut some to bring in. We had flood warnings out all day yesterday, because it would never let up. Hope it’s weakened by the time it gets to you!

  2. How funny- my post title is nearly identical! Gina does a beautiful job with her tablescapes. Her family must love coming over and being treated to them! Love the double napkin rings. I’ve done that before and it really can make for a great look! Love the bunny stand for a candle holder too!

  3. The table settings are adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Rose Mary Lee says

    Love these dishes!!!! I bought mine from Pier One too, I bought the painted stem goblets to match too!!!!

  5. What a beautiful table! A light green or taupe runner in a mini print, like your poke a dot napkins, would complement those sweet bunny plates perfectly. Happy Easter to you and your guest.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Wishing you a blessed Easter.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  7. Beautiful! My view is neither sunshine, rain nor snow. My view is construction gear, boxes and oh yea, there’s a bathtub – on its side – residing in the master closet. Getting close…..at least that’s what they keep telling me. I just bob my head and walk away…..{sigh}

  8. Such a pretty table. Love those bunny plates, and I want some of those cabbage placemats. How cute is the carrot bunch in the bunny’s basket. I’m going to remember that idea to copy. Thank you, Susan and Gina, for sharing this inspiration.

  9. From the cutest bunny plates down to the leafy charger, great job Gina! This one is definitely all about the bunnies–so cute.

  10. Gorgeous as ever before!
    The adorable bunny plates are my fav. Then I would say the cute bunny card holders.
    Thanks for sharing Susan.

  11. Linda Page says

    Gina, did you sneak into my house and borrow my stuff??? I have the same dishes, the same blue Fostoria glasses, the same bunny on his back cake stand! Girl, we must be twins!!! Love the table setting. Just adorable but then of course I like it. We both like the same stuff!! Susan, thanks for sharing. Glad you are back stateside.

  12. E. Daisy says

    I just love her tables, great decorating themes, details are outstanding and decorations always fun and enjoyable. Again, nicely done Gina!

  13. I love your bunny filled table and hope the weather gets better soon. Thanks for hosting!

  14. I love the bunny plates in this tablescape! Thanks for hosting, Susan!

  15. I have the bunny plates from Pier One also, love them! I love everything about this table, so colorful, so whimsical!! Great job, Gina. Thanks for another great Tablescape Thursday, Susan. :0)

  16. What a great table setting! Love all the bunnies and may just order the place card holders! I have the hydrangea napkin rings! Love them!! Thanks for hosting, Susan!!!!

  17. Juanita in OH says

    This is such a magical table. It reminds me of The Secret Garden. I’ve already purchased the bunny place card holders, I don’t know why, I don’t have dinners anymore it’s just one of those unexplainable things that I LOVE. TFS

  18. Pretty table…I have similar napkin rings and never thought to put two together, but now I will! Rabbits are one of my favorite things, have a lot out in the spring. Hubby was counting them yesterday, he seemed to be accusing me of something, not sure what… well, rabbits do multiply;)

  19. I enjoyed seeing the bunny tablescape! What a wonderful collection of bunnies!

    Thank you for hosting!


  20. Love this table and all of your bunnies! You’re a woman after my own heart:)
    I have the same PB bunny with the basket, he was my new one this year! And the little upside down bunny that holds the cupcake stand is adorable!!

    Happy Easter to you!


  21. Gina’s table is darling. Love those plates and all her bunnies! Thanks for sharing.

  22. I saw the Sophie the Bunny plates last year in a Pier1 ad, but by the time I got around to ordering them, they were out of stock. I was happy to see them back this year, so I ordered 8 salad plates and plan on using them for Easter dinner this year.

  23. Lana Rand says

    Love your blog Trying to find where to buy peter cottontail compasses. Thank you in advance for your help. I host egg hunt for family members and feel this would be great for older children

    • Lana, I’m not sure because I found the ones I have in a local antique shop that carries both old and new items, but that was many, many years ago. You may want to check eBay or just google for them. Hope you find some!

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