Easter Spring Table Setting with Tulip Centerpiece

Welcome to the 188th Tablescape Thursday! Happy Spring and welcome to Tablescape Thursday, a party where we celebrate our love for entertaining and creating pretty table settings for our friends and loved ones.  A beautiful table setting is really just an expression of caring and love for those who’ll gather there.

Easter Table Setting with Pottery Barn Cupcake Bunny Stands and Tulip Centerpiece

Tulips make such a wonderful centerpiece for a spring or Easter table setting.

Easter Table, Tulip Centerpiece, Bunny Cupcake Stands_wm

You’ll find the tutorial for creating this double vase, vase-within-a-vase centerpiece, HERE.

Easter Table Setting with Tulip Centerpiece and Pottery Barn Bunny Cupcake Stands


The tulips really steal the show in this table setting, don’t they?

Easter Table Setting with Tulip Centerpiece and Pottery Barn Bunny Cupcake Stands


The Easter bunny brought us cupcakes for this week’s Tablescape Thursday.

Easter Table Setting with Tulip Centerpiece and Bunny Cupcake Holders

Beautiful Tulips!

Easter Table Setting with Tulip Centerpiece and Pottery Barn Bunny Cupcake Stands

Pottery Barn Bunny Cupcake Holders in Spring Table


I’ve been experimenting around a little with DOF (depth of field) lately.  I love photos where the subject is the star of the photo with the background fading away into a nice blur.

Pottery Barn Bunny Cupcake Holders Spring Table

I was so surprised to find these little basket cupcake wrappers in Michael’s.  They worked really well for an Easter inspired table setting.

Spring Table Pottery Barn Bunny Cupcake Holders


Salad plate is Sketch Floral by Mikasa,  You may remember it from this spring table setting.

Easter Table Setting with Tulip Centerpiece and Pottery Barn Bunny Cup Cake Stands


A friend recently told me about an easy way to decorate cupcakes using miniature marshmallows and colored sugar.

Easter Table Setting with Tulip Centerpiece and Pottery Barn Bunny Cup Cake Stands


You’ll find the easy directions for decorating cupcakes with marshmallow floweres here:  Decorate  Cupcakes with Marshmallow Flowers for Spring or Easter.

Easter Table Setting with Tulip Centerpiece and Pottery Barn Bunny Cupcake Stands


I had never shopped in Pottery Barn until I created a home office/craft room last year.   I mistakenly thought they only carried very modern furniture…not sure where I got that idea.   A friend (thanks, C!) emailed and suggested I check out their spring tabletop goodies this year.  You may remember the Pottery Barn bunny plates in this Easter spring table setting.

Spring Table, Pottery Barn Bunny Cupcake Holders


Their cupcake stands also reeled me in.   I bought six right after they first appeared in the stores.  I live dangerously close to a Pottery Barn…only about 5 minutes away.

Easter Table Setting with Tulip Centerpiece and Pottery Barn Bunny Cup Cake Stands


Apparently these cupcake stands stole the heart of a lot of folks because they sold out quickly and have been selling for insane prices on eBay.   So basically, if you see something you really like in PB, buy it before the eBay sellers do!

Easter Table Setting with Tulip Centerpiece and Pottery Barn Bunny Cup Cake Stands


Part of this line also included a large bunny cake stand.

Easter Table Setting with Tulip Centerpiece and Pottery Barn Bunny Cupcake Stands


I placed a cloche I already had atop mine since it didn’t come with a lid.  I lucked out having a cloche that fit, although the shape of the cloche limits how many cupcakes it will hold.  I found this ribbon last spring and I’ve been waiting for an excuse to use it.  Finally found one. 😉

Easter Table Setting with Tulip Centerpiece and Pottery Barn Bunny Cupcake Stands


I found the smaller stand on the right a year or so ago at HomeGoods.  It normally sports a short, wide glass dome.  Again, I just used a cloche I already had to accommodate the height of the cupcakes.

Easter Table Setting with Tulip Centerpiece and Pottery Barn Bunny Cupcake Stands


I liked the mix of using two different size stands/cloches as part of the centerpiece for this spring table setting.  The different heights and styles add more interest than if they had matched exactly.

Easter Table Setting with Tulip Centerpiece and Pottery Barn Bunny Cupcake Stands
Happy Spring and Happy Easter to you and your family! Pssst: You’ll find step-by-step directions for this double-bowl centerpiece here: Double-Bowl Centerpiece for Spring
Easter Spring Table, Tulips and Bunny Cupcake Stands


Looking forward to viewing all the beautiful table settings for this Tablescape Thursday!

Easter Table, Tulip Centerpiece, Bunny Cupcake Stands_wm

Chargers: Horchow, 4-5 years ago
Dinner Plate: Big Lots
Salad Plate: Mikasa, 2+ years ago
Bunny Cupcake Stand:  Pottery Barn, this season
Flatware: Tuesday Morning (I think)  Neiman Marcus/Horchow carries it)
Iced Beverage Glass: Waterford, Araglin
Wine Glass: Vendome Clear, Provided by Noritake
Napkins:  Found antiquing
Napkin Sheaths/Covers: The Magnolia Room
Napkin Rings:  Can’t remember, possibly Pier 1
Large Bunny Cake Stand: Pottery Barn, this season (cloche on top doesn’t come with it)
Small Pedestal Stand: HomeGoods, 2-3 years ago
Small Running Bunny Decoration: Target, this season
Cupcake Basket Wrappers: Michael’s
Centerpiece: Tutorial for tulip centerpiece
Cupcakes: Tutorial for decorating cupcakes

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  1. AshTreeCottage says

    What a beautiful table! May you and your family have a very blessed Easter! Big Hugs, Susan and Bentley

  2. Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) says

    Happy Easter, Susan. Your table is delightful. I saw those bunny stands in the store and thought, wow, 14.50 is too much, even though they are sooooo cute. I thought I might find them after Easter! Oh well, that’s the danger of waiting for the sale. You were smart to get them. Linda

  3. Just dropping by to wish you a Happy Easter! Blessings to you and your family!

  4. Susan (My Place to Yours) says

    Happy Easter, Susan! What a pretty table; I love the overhead view (and the bunnies, of course).

  5. Pattispress says

    Quick note to tell you how inspiring your blog is and to thank you for hosting. Your Easter table is so fresh looking with the beautiful tulip centerpiece. They are always so pretty.

  6. Anonymous says

    Love all your PB bunnies….so glad I am on the other side of the county from PB…it would be very dangerous for my wallet. Beautiful table as always!

  7. Susan, your Easter table is full of whimsy with those darling rabbit cake and cupcake stands. Glad you scooped yours up early, being the smart cookie that you are! Love the centerpiece idea and the use of the mismatched stands with it. This table is light, airy, and full of springtime goodness. This is one of my favorite tables! Happy Easter! ~ Sarah

  8. FABBY'S LIVING says

    How lovely Susan. This is a beautiful Easter tablescape and those little baskets..adorable! I’m loving the bunny stands, hope to find something like that around here! Thank you for hostessing and having me once more. Wishing a very blessed EASTER SUNDAY. FABBY

  9. What a beautiful Easter table!! Thanks for hosting Susan!

  10. Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads says

    Susan, this has to be one of my favorite tablescapes that you’ve done! Those bunny cupcake stands are the cutest things I’ve seen, not to mention those gorgeous cupcakes they are holding! Love every last detail of this table down to the flower-bedecked ribbon. I hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family.

  11. Beautiful, Susan, so light and airy! I can’t imagine people being so foolish to pay that much! 14.50 is too much for me, too. They are cute though! Maybe they will come to the outlet at 90% off, then I could afford them! Thanks for hosting, and a very Happy Easter!

  12. Elizabeth says

    I love everything about this table! Where did you get the little white baskets? They are adorable!

  13. Beautiful table for Easter!

  14. Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia says

    Thanks for the fun party, your table is just gorgeous as always. happy easter! XO Kristin

  15. Hi Susan, your Easter table is fabulous. I love the calm white and crystal with spots of color. The Easter bunny plates are gorgeous. I am amazed how much they raise on ebay. Yes sure, I paid for some of my flatware a lot to get very special things. If you love to have something, you will probably pay more. Thank you for all your wonderful inspirations and for hosting this event. Happy Easter, Johanna

  16. Thanks for hosting Susan! Hoppy Easter and Happy Spring! xo Lynda

  17. A Cottage in the Clouds says

    An absolutely delightful table! At first look, the the beautiful, colorful tulips are the star, and then one by one each special element is noticed – each tied in some way to the next. Very pretty – a fresh, clean look for Spring, with your lovely view greening up in the background to make the perfect backdrop for your pink and white. Congrats on scoring the precious bunny stands. eBay entrepreneurs snatch up everything the moment things go on sale, and resell them for more. Thanks for hosting, and Happy Easter to you and your family.

  18. Maria Elena says

    Susan, it just doesn’t get any better than this! You have outdone yourself! Gorgeous!

  19. Susan – I adore your tulip arrangement (Tulips and Daffodils are my favorite flowers and they just don’t grow here in South Florida). I’m going to have to check out the tutorial for the flower cupcakes – I’m hosting a baby shower in two weeks and the theme is flowers – these would be perfect! This is my first time linking up to your Tablescape Party – Hope you enjoy my Easter tablescape. Hugs and Happy Easter Carol @arewethereyet

  20. Hi Susan! Your table is precious! I love those little bunny stands! I want to with you and your family a blessed Easter. be a sweetie, shelia 😉

  21. sabrymagic says

    Dear Susan your boards are the best! You have no rivals …..; D I’d give you a prize as the most beautiful tables in the world! I want to wish you all the best for a Happy Easter to you and your family! Much peace and serenity! A kiss from Italy Sabry!

  22. SwedishCorner-DownUnder...Pernilla says

    Absolutely beautiful! … a totally gorgeous tablescape 🙂 Thanks for hosting!! Easter greetings from Australia♥

  23. Phyllis@Around the House says

    Your table is stunning…the pictures are incredible….everything came together so perfect…just enough color…perfect lighting…and the bunnies are so busy holding things up…gotta love them…just a feast for the eyes…or should I say dessert for the eyes…phyllis

  24. Pat's Pink Apron says

    Hi! I’m fashionably late. Thank you for hosting. I love your tablesetting it’s so lovely. I love, love, love the bunny cupcake holders. They are wonderful. Happy Easter! Pat

  25. Beautiful table!!! YIKES at the ebay pricing. Amazing what happens on ebay! Glad you were able to get your’s early. They are cute and I’m sorry I didn’t see them. PB isn’t close to where I live. Happy Easter!! Mary

  26. ~Tablescapes By Diane~ says

    Hi lovely lady. This is one of the most beautiful tablescapes you have posted. Love the Tulips as a centerpiece . I also love the pink and white perfect colors this is one of my favorite color combinations. Love, love, love the china, napkins, stemware, and that gorgeous.!!! I hope you and you family have a wonderful Happy Easter. XXOO Diane

  27. This is simply beautiful- I love everything about it!!! Thank you for hosting, Carolyn

  28. Tammy at Tammy Loves Dishes says

    What a fun table! Those little Pottery Barn bunnies are the cutest little guys. I love them, but not at the eBay prices and that’s for sure! Your tulip centerpiece is beautiful and the adjoining cloched stands add a perfect touch. Those cupcakes look scrumptious; love the sweet flower marshmallow decorations on them and the little baskets in which they sit!

  29. Tanya@takesix says

    Oh goodness, those bunny cupcake stands are just precious!!! Beautiful table Susan. The same thing happened this week when I linked up, but thanks to your help last week I was able to get it to work. Have a blessed Easter!

  30. lulumusing says

    Susan, it get harder and harder to come up with something new to say each week as your tables continue to amaze. I’m just happy to have the opportunity to see your creativity at work.

  31. Every table you do is more beautiful than the last, and I notice the trees now in the background have greened up. And those flowers? Could you have found any more beautiful tulips? ~Bliss~

  32. Simply and gorgeously stunning. Those flowers – oh my goodness. How lovely!

  33. What a exquisite centerpiece. That close-up photo of the tulips is pretty enough to be printed and framed. My husband works 12 hour shifts this Sat and Sun so by Easter evening, he’ll just want a tray in the living room in front of the TV. Can’t say I blame him but it’s not very festive. Your beautiful tablescape is as close to Easter as I’m going to get and certainly prettier than anything I could manage myself. Thank you so much, Susan.

  34. I am LOVD says

    Simply lovely! Have a most blessed Easter holiday!

  35. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    Those are just the cutest bunnies holding up your cupcakes! Such a pretty Easter table Susan — The flowers are gorgeous.

  36. I am totally a PB groupie. So thankful that I live over 5 hours away! Your table is very pretty. So soft and serene. The tulips are so pretty draping across the center of the table. A perfect use for the Mikasa dishes. Thanks for hosting! Happy Easter, many blessings, xo marlis

  37. Beautiful table, as always! I love those cupcake stands…they are fantastic. Thanks for hosting & Happy Easter!

  38. Hi Susan, Happy Easter. Your tablescape is so pretty and delicate. Just like Spring. Easter,Spring,New life,….Lovely We are in Autumn here…but we use the traditional Easter images to celebrate this special season. God Bless Barb from Australia

  39. Debbie@Mountain Breaths says

    Susan, I don’t think a tablesetting could be more beautiful! Love all the whites on your table! Happy Easter to you and your family, and thank you for being a wonderful hostess each week.

  40. Just totally lovely, Susan! Very airy & light & full of DARLING bunnies!! I don’t remember seeing the salad plates, Sketch Floral by Mikasa, before, so I’m going to check out your other tablescape in a minute. Loved the darling cupcakes, too. You have been busy!! I hope you have a Blessed Easter, Hon & get to spend it with family. Hugs, Rett p.s. Glad to see your watermarks on all those beautiful photos, too!!!

  41. Calypso In The Country says

    That table couldn’t be cuter! I love those little baskets and the way you put the tulips in the vase! Thanks for hosting!

  42. The French Hutch says

    Your table is so lovely. Spring and Easter perfect with the colors and centerpiece. Beautiful china and the bunny cupcake stand is just adorable. Lucky you to get one! Happy Easter Susan. ~Emily the French Hutch

  43. dizzyizzy says

    Happy Easter, Susan. Your Easter tablescape it gorgeous. I love the bunnies. Thanks for the adorable tutorials for the bunny napkin fold and the beautiful tulip centerpiece. Thanks for your wonderful blog. I love it!

  44. dizzyizzy says

    Happy Easter, Susan. I love your tablesetting…beautiful. Thanks for your wonderful tutorials and lovely ideas!

  45. How wonderful is this tablescape?!! I am in total Pottery Barn envy and wish we had one here. I absolutely love those bunny plates. The tulips look gorgeous, but I want those bunnies!!! 🙂 I do, however, have wooden bunny napkin holders sent to me from England by my sister many years ago. Enjoy your lovely table with family and friends Susan.

  46. {oc cottage} says

    i was going to say….those shots are AWESOME! right out of a magazine! i am just drooling!{of course, having such gorgeousness to photograph is sure helpful! ;} what is the DOF you speak of??? teach us how!!!! ;} m ^..^

  47. chanteusevca says

    Extraordinary! So beautiful. I rarely have time to comment these days, but had to tell you how lovely it is. You are truly blessed to have that beautiful space to play with. Had an illness and family situations that caused me to wait too late to get my usual Pottery Barn haul this year for Easter. Of course, there are several Ebay sellers who all the cute bunny items now for obscene prices. Have a blessed Easter weekend!

  48. chanteusevca says

    Oh, and I meant to comment on your very smart and beautiful tulip centerpiece tutorial! Love that! I have many Pottery Barn vases and others as well so I am very excited to try your tulip tutorial before tulip season is over. Thanks so much for sharing that!

  49. Beautiful tablesetting. Are you happy with your flatware? Horchow online is having a big flatware sale to sale and I’m thinking about making a purchase.

  50. I always love, love, love your festive table settings. I have a sunroom that is currently a “mancave”. After admiring your many table settings and porch, I vision my sunroom looking like that someday, makes me wonder if it was a porch at one time or another. But anyways, keep it up and in the meantime, I’ll keep on dreaming!! Hope you’re having a blessed Easter! 🙂

  51. Hi Susan, Thanks so much for hosting such a lovely link party. This is the first time I have linked up. I hope you like my Easter Tablescape. It was so fun to put together. I absolutely long to have a porch like yours! Hope you are having a wonder Easter and so nice to meet you. XO

  52. The tulips are gorgeous, Susan, but for me the basket cupcake wrappers are it! 🙂 Have missed stopping by. Your tables look as gorgeous as usual. Much love, Marcia

  53. Pat@Back Porch Musings says

    Your table is lovely Susan! Happy Easter!

  54. Cynthia @An Accomplished Woman says

    I missed those Pottery Barn stands and after seeing your table, I love them even more. You did a beautiful job as always. Thanks for sharing. Cynthia

  55. This table is too cute, Susan. I love your bunny compotes. Where did you get them? They are so much fun….Christine

  56. Shari @ turnstylevogue.com says

    Beautiful table! Tulips are one of my favorites and they look beautiful paired against all the crisp whites. Have a great Easter weekend!

  57. Kathy A Delightsome Life says

    Oh my goodness Susan this is so sweet – I adore the bunny cupcake holders – too cute! Love the frothy napkins and the overall soft coloring of the tablescape – I am going to try the marshmallow flowers for a cake for our Easter dinner – too cute! Thank you for being a gracious hostess! Kathy

  58. Shirley@Hospitality Designs says

    Oh yes..those bunny stands sold out immediately before I got a chance to purchase one…i just hope they come out with then again as they are way too cute…Your table is just so gorgeous…you never cease to amaze me with your utmost creativity…The cupcake baskets are amazingly adorable..I can sit at your table forever! Happy Easter to you and your family!

  59. Sue (Someones Mom) says

    I love everything about this table. The bunny cupcake stands are just darling. I have to admit that I would have been very tempted to sell mine if I could get $70 each for something I paid $14.50 for!! They do certainly make for the perfect Easter table. The cupcakes are so cute…love the marshmallow idea.

  60. Debbie Booth says

    Good morning Susan, I love your table so much. It is just perfect. I’m loving cupcakes too with my tablescape. they just seem to fit the Easter theme this week. YOur domes are just beautiful, as well as the marshmallows on the cupcakes. Can’t wait to try this. What a fantastic idea. We are having a huge family get together after church with all the family. Looking forward to lots of laughing, good food, and COFFEE! Hahaha… Hope your Easter is wonderful, and that you are feeling wonderful! Blessings, Debbie

  61. Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest says

    What an absolutely stunning table. It is perfect in every way. Susan, it is really and truly WOW! It is so bright and happy and cheerful – I love every element. SCARY about those bunny cupcake holders and ebay – yikes, people scare me, haha. SO GLAD you got them for what you did, then! As I said in your tutorial, that centerpiece is AMAZING and I soooo want to do it. Love this table. It is so Eastery and perfect, I just love!!!!

  62. Cottage and Broome says

    The bunny cupcake holders are so cute, somehow I missed those at Pottery Barn. You have so many wonderful tabletop pieces I’d be interested to know how you store them all. I’m a dish hound but have limited storage in the kitchen. Thanks for hosting again this week, Laura

  63. Eclectically Women says

    Another fabulous table! I adore tulips and they really pop against all the white! Hope you have a great Easter. Kelly

  64. Entertaining Women says

    I think that this may be one of my favorites of all your designs. It’s absolutely beautiful! I missed the cupcake stands at Pottery Barn, but I’m often in the first group that swoops down on some of their wonderful unique holiday goodies. Thanks for inviting us for a peak and for continuing to host us for Tablescape Thursday. Happy Easter! Cherry Kay

  65. I know I’m late but I can’t get over how you show me new uses for the items my husband wants thrown away. Thank you for being so clever. I’ve been collecting for a few years and knew some day I would be able to use my treasured finds and purchases. You are amazing! Thanks, Betty

  66. I seldom comment on blogs; I’m more comfortable just “lurking”. But this post was so inspiring I had to comment. BRAVO! Your table scape is nothing short of perfection. That sunroom is to die for. And your photography is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
    Susan in Missouri

  67. Gorgeous table! Oh what you can do with White, making your Easter tulips definitely center stage. Can’t help but think about your winter outdoor tabletop of white snow; what a difference a few months can make. Thank you once again for setting the bar very high for our spring table settings. Just FYI, the above “spring table setting” Link took me to St Patrick’s Day tablescape 3/15/2012; then the “Easter Spring Table Setting” took me to Bonnie’s New Year’s Eve Party Table. Go figure.

  68. This is an exquisite table—so fresh and pretty. I love the way you’ve used so much white so the spring flowers can grab the attention they’re due! You always do such a nice job in decorating that wonderful porch of yours.

  69. Kathy Amerson says

    Love, love, love the tulips! Thanks for years of beautiful table settings. I enjoy them so much and look forward to them every week.
    Since we’re all staying at home these days, my husband and I probably won’t be able to invite friends over for Easter Sunday dinner this year. I would love to share my Easter table setting from last year. How would I do this? How do I send you my pictures and comments? Thanks so much!

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