Humorous Halloween Centerpiece for a Festive Birthday Celebration

Welcome to the 525th Tablescape Thursday!

Sandra recently hosted a little luncheon in celebration of a friend’s birthday. She set the most fun table with a delightful centerpiece featuring whimsical Halloween witches she found in Tuesday Morning many years back.

Halloween Tablescape with Fun Witch Centerpiece


Sandra said, “We lived in Adams, Tennesse for about 9 years, which is the home of the Bell Witch. Great folklore!”

Halloween Table Setting, Bell Witch of Tennessee


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I have so many great memories from Trick-or-Treating each year as a child growing up in the south. Halloween tables so much fun to create. Have fun and mix in lots of great color as Sandra has in this whimsical holiday table. Love the bat lace tablecloth!

Halloween Tablescape with Pumpkin Plates


Sandra didn’t mention where she found her salad plates, but you’ll find similar plates in places like Tuesday Morning, TJ Max, HomeGoods, Pier 1 and even your local dollar store. You can put together a great Halloween table without breaking the budget.

Witch Plates for a Halloween Table


Love the purple glassware, perfect for a Halloween table!

Halloween Table with Bell Witch Theme


The blingy spider napkin rings are unexpected and add a touch of glam to this Halloween tablescape.

Blingy Spider Napkin Rings, Halloween

Sandra has given all her witches cute names. Esmeralda is sporting the latest in couture with this season’s hottest design, the tarantula necklace. All the best-dressed witches are wearing them!

Witch Themed Table for Halloween


Clara wore her favorite pink boa for this festive birthday celebration.

Silly Witches for a Halloween Tablescape


Agnes is feeling rather fancy, fresh from the salon and sporting the latest in hair extensions for that much-sought-after look of long, flowing curly tresses.

Witch in a Bell Witch Themed Table Setting for Halloween


Kate, the Bell Witch, brought along a lovely gift for the birthday girl: a grapevine wreath. Yikes! I’m afraid the sparks and spells may fly when she notices Esmeralda is wearing the exact, same tarantula necklace her Harry Winston SA had sworn was a custom-designed, one-of-a-kind piece. Humph!

Halloween Table Setting, Witch Centerpiece


Sandra, thanks so much for sharing this whimsical table! I know this birthday luncheon must have been a laughter-filled event with such a delightful table and centerpiece!

Halloween Tablescape with Fun Witch Centerpiece


Looking forward to the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. This is my kind of Halloween Table- colorful and whimsical! Love the witches nestled together for a centerpiece and I loved the descriptions of each witch! I have to say I’ve never heard of the Bell Witch but how fun to have local folklore like that. I like the dishes, placemats and purple glasses! Hope you are having lots of fun on your vacation!

  2. That is a great way to use the 3 witches. Those sparkling napkin rings are such a surprise. Very creative.

  3. Nanakeroyd says

    Very lively! If I set a table like that my neighbors might burn me at the stake but I might do it just to spite them. I was accused of being a witch by one person because I love to hike in the woods. She’s called me a Wiccan. I’m a Methodist….lol. But I love fun stuff like the table. Cute!

  4. Thank you for sharing this fun table and Halloween inspiration too.
    I’m thinking a small table like this for four for my birthday Oct. 2oth, but with a little Halloween motif.
    Thank you hosting for us this week.

  5. How adorable. My exhusband’s birthday was on Halloween. I love fall and other people’s Halloween cute decorations, but I do not like Trick or Treating or Halloween.
    Susan, we wish you a safe trip and good health.

  6. The witch dolls are cute, but the giant mole on the one witch’s chin is really yucky LOL! I really like how colorful the table is.

    I had never heard if the Tennessee Bell Witch, did some research on the internet—this is a very creepy legend. Yikes!!!

    Here in the southwest US Hispanic parents have been scaring their children for years with the legend of La Yarona, the Wailing Woman ghost. She prowls the rivers and washes of the deserts, looking for children to kidnap. She murdered her own children, threw them in a river to drown when a rich nobleman (the father of her children) spurned her and broke her heart. La Yorona’s terrifying wails and screams haunt the southwest deserts at night.

    I love this festive witch table, and I found the Bell Witch legend to be creepy and interesting. I’m also loving all the creative Halloween tables linked here a BNOTP. Susan, thanks for another great Tablescape Thursday!

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