Bunny Hopping Into Spring

Welcome to 440th Tablescape Thursday!

We’ve always had a soft spot in our hearts around here for cats and bunnies. When my son was very small, we had a sweet bunny named Phineas.


Phineas was a much-loved bunny and even enjoyed cuddling with our hamster, Ralph, nearby.


So when I stumble across a cute bunny bowl, I can rarely resist. A few weeks ago I shared this adorable bowl in a post.

Bunnys climbing out of bowl


When I saw it from this angle, I was totally ruined and it had to come home with me. Who thinks up these precious pieces? Definitely someone with a love for animals, especially bunnies. Sooo cute!

I’m currently using it on my kitchen counter to hold fruit. It would also be adorable in a bathroom holding wash clothes, soaps and other bath essentials. I plan to keep it out year around, too cute to put away! (Bunny bowl is available here: Bunny Bowl.)

Bunnies Climbinb Out of Bowl


I just noticed there’s a smaller version available here: Bunny Bowl.


There’s another bunny I love using in table settings throughout the year. Mr. Bunny has a basket so he’s very versatile. Sometimes he comes bearing a gift of shamrocks. (Tablescape can be viewed here: St. Patrick’s Day Table Setting

St. Patrick's Day Table Setting Tablescape


In the spring it might be Debutante Camellias. (Table Setting can be viewed here:  Easter Table Setting.)

Easter Spring Tablescape Table Setting


Or, it could be carrots if he’s been raiding Mr. McGregor’s garden. hee, hee  (Tablescape can be viewed here: Peter Rabbit Raids McGregor’s Garden.)


He’s even been known to bring a Poinsettia at Christmastime! (Tablescape can be viewed here: Christmas Table.)


One of the most frequently asked questions I receive in comments and emails is where did I find Mr. Bunny. He was designed by artist Marjolein Bastin and I found him in a local gift shop several years ago. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen him available since the year I purchased him.


Bunnies with baskets have definitely become popular,though. I’ve found several online this year that are super cute. This bunny with basket is almost 13 inches tall and is available here: Bunny with Wicker Basket.


I’m eyeing this one for my front porch, but I think he could also be used as a centerpiece in a spring table setting, though he’s quite tall.


The description states he is 26 inches tall! I love his plump little belly! πŸ™‚ He’s available here: Bunny with Basket.


Below on the left you’ll see a bunny with two baskets.


I purchased him last year and here’s how he looked in one of my spring Easter table settings. (Tablescape can be viewed here: Easter Spring Table Setting.)

He’s carrying Easter eggs in one basket and daffodils in the front basket. (With our early spring, all my daffodils are in full bloom right now, so I don’t think I’ll be able to use them in an Easter table this year.) He could also hold candy or even food in the lower basket and a dip in the top basket. Or, imagine him in a guest bath holding pretty soaps or other bath needs. Bunnies with baskets are definitley versatile! This bunny is available here: Bunny with Two Baskets.


The precious bowl below on the right showing three bunnies and a butterfly is available here: Bunnies and Butterfly Bowl.


Another adorable option is this white bunny with a deeper basket. He’s available here: Bunny with Tall Basket.


Update: Thanks to Pinky for sharing that Pier 1 also has some adorable bunnies this year. You’ll find this cute guy here: Bunny with Basket.


Love this one, too! He can be found here: Bunny with Planter.

I kept thinking this early spring was a fluke and winter would soon return. But so far it’s staying. It hit 73 degrees here today! Even our azaleas have started to bloom…crazy weather but I’ll take it over winter anytime!

Happy early Springtime, Friends!

Looking forward to all the beautiful tables for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. I love all things bunny !!!! Nice selection you posted!! Cute pics of your son with friends……..we are also enjoying Spring like weather, no blooms yet, but I know winter is not over……

  2. I, too, have a bunny fetish with many of them staying out year round. I only bring home bunnies with a personality and agree the bunny bowl is loaded with irresistible charm. I ordered the bunny with basket from PB during their Prez Day promotion and am anxious for him to join the rest of the “family”.

    Thanks for today’s post. I think I saw a few more bunnies who need to join my collection;–)

  3. Oh that bunny bottom bowl! I wouldn’t resist it either! You’ve got me itching to get out all things Bunny Susan! Thanks for the party fun-

  4. Margaret Robinson says

    Wherever did you get the small plates with the bunny lids/covers? I’ve never seen those anywhere and are absolutely adorable!

  5. Susan, such a beautiful post this morning! I have been eyeing that same bunny bowl. I may have to break down and buy it. Thanks for hosting. I hope that you have a beautiful day!!!

    • Thanks, Shannon! It’s so beautiful here right now! All the kids are out for winter break and it hit 73 degrees here today! Hope you had a wonderful day…I had to get out and play in it a bit today. πŸ™‚

  6. Charming photos of your son and table settings. Will be rooting around to dig up my bunnies. Haven’t used them in years. I’ve become obsessed with napkins and napkin rings since my last question about the sheer ones. They make a a table so so so much lovelier. I owe you a big one for that. Thanks.

    • Thanks, Kem! There’s a site online that I’ve come across that sells the sheers, but I’ve never ordered from them. My friend, Marie has, and she was really pleased with the ones she received. I need to see if I can find it again…been a few years since I looked. They had them in all colors. I remember the website was very simple, not like a regular store, but apparently the sheers are nice.

      • Sheers in every color. Be still my heart. Been meaning to drop a hint about desert nights. If by chance you bring a camera with a short tripod, open the lens to time delay and take a photo of the stars. It’s a National Geographic award winner. Don’t know if anyone still use tripods or cameras with time delay, but it’s worth mentioning just in case. Wish I could drop by for refreshments at the oasis. Next time.

  7. I love the Bunnies with baskets, I need to get one (or 2) of those! Imagine the one with the tall basket full of yellow tulips! It feels like Spring down here too, but I am loving it.

    • Oh my gosh, that would be gorgeous! I love tulips!
      I visited a PB today to see if I could see the big “porch” bunny in person, but they aren’t carrying him in the stores. I’ll probably just break down and order him, he’s so cute! I love how tall it is!

  8. Our azaleas are also starting to bloom. There is an Azalea Trail every year in Tyler, Tx but the blooms may not last long enough to make it. I am so glad you got the bowl with the 3 bunnies. It is just adorable. I know they will love living with you!!!

  9. I think if I leave my porch door open one or two,
    or maybe even more of my garden bunnies may
    hop into the house to help celebrate Easter and spring. They are a mix of cement or resin and
    I hope they wait on the porch for a good scrub
    before getting a ribbon trim and settling in
    around the hearth. Give the cats something
    to ponder for a bit. Love the gorgeous tablescapes!!

  10. I love that Mr. Bunny also came out for Christmas. When our youngest son was small he had a rabbit and his name was Cricket and he provided lots of laughs with his antics. Thank you so much for hosting.

  11. LOVE the springtime and bunnies are one of my favorites !! I have a RABBIT sitting room where I read and Elam with my I pad and music! It’s shut off with French glass doors ! It is d’Oracle! Last count was 76 rabbits ! Ha! Love! Love!!!! Thanks for the links on your bunny finds! I think I will get the small bowl and one more tall rabbit for my kitchen Easter theme I do on my center kitchen island!! Love to decorate for ALL seasons !

  12. I guess I should of reviewd my spelling! Ha! I meant I play on my iPad !ha!

  13. You certainly have a good eye for the bunny decor. I love those bunny egg cups, wish I had seen them. Love all rabbity things. I could not resist that bunny bowl either and it is holding lemons right now. I ordered the outdoor tall bunny with basket, the distressing is so pretty. I will use it on the table and outside. I also picked up a silver bunny holding a bowl at PB, great for snacks. Years ago I found pretty Arthur Court silvery serving pieces with rabbits…still love them.

    • Oh, I bet it’s so pretty with lemons! The hardest part for me is I want to see both sides. I love the back view as much as the front. I think I may put mine out on my island what I can see both side, now that I think about it.
      I need to google and check out Arthur Court! Happy Spring, Jillian!

  14. Susan, Lovely post! There can never be enough bunny-world on a table, porch or counter. Thanks again for such interesting and entertaining posts. Have a great day!

  15. Susan, you always find the most adorable holiday decor! I love Mr. Bunny!! Spring has sprung here on the East Coast, however, I suspect we will get hit again by another nor’easter…… it’s just too unnaturally beautiful right now which means bad weather is on the way!!! ❄️❄️❄️

    • I know, we’re worried about it here, too. So hoping we don’t get a freeze because the flowers are so beautiful! Wonder when the pollen will hit with this early spring weather. I’m waiting for it, then it will be time to give the porch a good cleaning.

  16. I’m working on my bunny/Easter collection as well.
    I found the best sitting bunny, similar to your first one, at Bealls here in Ga for $13. Much better than the $40+ ones at name brand stores, so be sure to check out the lesser known places. TJ Maxx and other ‘clothing’ shops often have a housewares dept that is full of great decorating ideas. Love all the bunnies you shared with us, you have excellent taste and decorating sense.

    • Thanks, Tammy! β™₯ I need to check out Marshall’s soon, always find cute spring items there, too. We used to have a Bealls not far from my home, but it closed up. Not sure if they opened a new one or not, I need to Google and see.

  17. Love your post with all the bunnies. A bunny at Christmas. Who knew?

  18. Oh, your son is adorable. I’m sure he still is! πŸ™‚
    Did I spy Dorothy’s Ruffled curtains in the background? I was so in love with them back in the 80’s. Had them in my kitchen and family room.
    I’ve always loved anything “bunnies.” Have them sitting around my house, too.

    • Thanks, Anne! Wish I could go back to that time for a day. (sniff, sniff) Time goes by way too fast! I don’t remember the brand of those now, but they were like the other curtains I had in other windows that also had ruffles. That was the period of ruffled curtains, wasn’t it? πŸ™‚

  19. Very versatile bunnies to work year round!

  20. Susan, I just love all your bunny pieces. The pictures of your son with your pet bunnies was adorable! I am so tempted by the bunny bowls and candlestands out this year, but have promised myself not to buy anything else unless I get rid of something. Any more will require a house addition or taking one of the cars out of the garage! Here in Memphis, my azaleas are blooming, to0! Remembering a 16″ snow once here in March, it makes me a little nervous. But I’ll enjoy every minute. We’re already running our AC with these very warm days. Happy Spring to you!

    • Thanks, Martha! I know, we just have to enjoy every moment of this weather and our early spring, just in case winter does comes back. This has definitely been a remarkable end of winter!

  21. Elizabeth Roderick says

    I used to get a bunny each Easter. One day I was telling my husbands little aunt that I missed getting one I really wanted. The next thing I know, my father in law, her brother, brought me a box of antique bunnies that belonged to their mother. One was a candy carton, very detailed whose head was removable to get the candy. A couple were chalk. They were such a wonderful gift that I didn’t even considered adding more to my collection. Well, not until I saw your bowl!

  22. Susan, I love all the white bunnies you showed us today! I looked back at the Easter Spring blog post from March 2016 and noticed the greenhouse on the oval table behind your tablescaped table. I don’t recall you using this in any specific vignettes. Do you use it somewhere in your home or porch? I have a similar one and I have found it’s size makes it less user friendly for table tops! What’s the scoop on yours?

  23. Your Mr. Bunny is one of my favorite tablescape items and I love how versatile he is. But he has a different air about him compared with the other bunny/basket examples–a bit sophisticated, like I could picture him pulling out a watch fob. But Susan, you said all your daffodils are blooming, and then did NOT include a photo of them πŸ˜€

  24. I wanted to tell you that Pier 1 has a very similiar, large, cementlike bunny for just $49.99!!!! Much better than the PB price! After seeing your adorable bunnies, I went on a serious search. I found 2 last year with baskets and this year a larger one. They will all probably be on my mantle and hearth. I don’t have a new table today, this week has been CRAZY! I’ll link up next week though, I already have it all planned. Have a beautiful weekend!!!!

  25. oh my… BUNNY LOVE!! πŸ™‚
    They’re all so darn cute I don’t know which I like best although your original bunny with basket is to die for!… I think he’ll always be my favorite.
    Just one question Susan… I don’t know if you mentioned but in the 2nd to last picture you have what looks like a bell? on top of the plates,
    It looks so cute… where did you get it and is it a bell?

  26. That is an adorable bowl! I also love bunnies. I have quite a few bunnnies around my house. My prize one is a Peter’s Pottery bunny that was purchased at his shop in MS. It is Robins Egg Blueish and is 18″ tall (he is standing on his hind legs) . We also had bunnies…. each child got them for Easter.. 3 bunnies! I loved them…

  27. I saw that sweet basket on sale at PB, but didn’t buy it! I guess I’m in a good place NOT to want to bring anything else in right now, but I see temptation all around me. My kitchen is coming along, and I can’t wait to decorate and set a table again. I do think spring is here – no denying it with all the blooms in my yard (daffs in full force) and the neighborhood – forsythia, Bradford pears, tulip magnolias. I haven’t seen tulip bulbs or azaleas yet – too early for us (you’re nearly a month ahead), but I have seen bluebirds – in my yard! I’m hoping they’re taking up residence in my birdhouse. I love your bunny collection Susan, the backstory, and how you use them. The one for porch would be super cute. I have two concrete ones – one is a Bunny Van Gogh with one ear, but he’s so cute, I had to rescue him from the curb. The other was an estate sale find, I love them both.
    Have a great weekend.

  28. Love the bunnies. I collect bunnies too. But I don’t have one with a basket…Yet!! I also love shopping at Pier ! Great post.

  29. I love bunnies too. I had a white bunny with perfect black lines around it’s eyes named Cleo for Cleopatra’s eyes. On my last trip to Home Goods I picked up a gray bunny planter and at Michael’s I bought a miniature bunny to go on a mini bench. It’s bunny mania here. You have to be fast or miss out in this area.

  30. Love the adorable new addition to your litter of bunnies Susan, but have to admit my favourite out of your Easter decor is the ‘magical compass’ that I have searched high and low for but haven’t yet found. As for your 73Β° temperatures; oh how I envy you as we are still ‘up to our eyeballs’ in snow here. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Re the egg compass as I have pretty well given up on finding one; it is on my DIY To-Do Craft List to try and replicate it. Now as to whether it will ever get done, is questionable though … °Û° .

  31. All the bunnies are adorable! I got the big bowl with the bunnies after you presented it in the previous post and it’s so adorable. I hadn’t thought about using bunnies much past Easter so I enjoyed the examples you showed. I lucked out and found a white bunny with a back basket at T.J. Maxx that goes very well with the PB piece. I like that big gray outdoor bunny- I’m going to check that one out!

  32. 14th picture down, smaller bowl on right with 3 bunnies on the outside of it-any info on where to buy? Thank you.

  33. I’m with you! I can’t seem to stop buying bunnies! They keep multiplying!
    My kids used to have bunnies as well, so I really had a soft spot for your photos of your son with his bunny. Thanks for a great post and another great party!

  34. Oh my…Bunnies! My sunroom is full of bunnies. And what is cute and aggravating is bunnies make their home in my front yard. I saw a hole in ground one year and out one day 2 bunnies! They are so cute but they eat every flower you plant! Oh well, I love the bunnies so I keep feeding them flowers…LOL

  35. Cyndi Raines says

    Love all the bunnies Susan. Last year I purchased a LARGE brown bunny that is about 3 feet tall and has a basket on his back. I use it on my front porch to welcome guests. Currently, I have silk daffodils in it as Spring has not sprung yet in MI. I just fell in love with your tabletop Bunny and finally did find one at Hobby Lobby and then another one last year that you mentioned on your post. Thanks for sharing the bunny – love. Trying to resist that darling bowl. haha

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