In the BNOTP Library: Hunt Country Style

I’ve so been looking forward to sharing this book with you but I almost changed my mind when I saw the price it’s now going for on Amazon. I purchased my copy back on May 18th, 2008 for $34.65. I figured by now it would be less since it’s been out a while, but it appears to have gone the other direction.

Since I do love it, I’m going to share it anyway so you can add it to your “Wish List” if it looks like something you would enjoy. Hopefully the pricing will come down some in the future.

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In the BNOTP Library: Hunt Country Style
Author: Kathryn Masson
Published: Rizzoli, 2008
Hardcover: 256 pages
Book size: 11.3 x 10.3 x 1.1 inches

Hunt Country by Kathryn Masson


3 Things I Like About This Book:

  • I’ve always been drawn to the English Hunt/Equestrian or English Country style of decorating. This book features 20 beautiful, historic homes, all decorated in that rich, warm, traditional style. Homes featured are: Oakland Green Farm, Castle Hill, Old Keswick, Welbourne, The Tannery, Seven Springs Farm, Edgewood, Hickory House, Chapel Hill Farm, Llewellyn, Ovoka Farm, Kinross Farm, West View, Foxhall Farm, Greenville, Woodlawn, Morrowdale Farm, Whilton, Farm in Northern Virginia and Henchman’s Lea.
  • Beautiful photos! The photos were especially commissioned for this book and many span over two pages, giving you the feeling you are standing in the room. Love books like that!
  • In addition to the beautiful homes, there are lots of wonderful antiques, art and landscapes throughout.

You can read more about this book  Hunt Country Style and preview it at Amazon, where I normally by my books, via the picture link below.


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  1. That looks like a good book. I don’t own many decorating books, but I do enjoy looking at them. Classic design never goes out of style does it!

  2. Peggy Thal says

    It looks like a beautiful book. The Middleburg area in Virginia has some gorgeous homes and horses. It is a book that I would love to look at. There was a cheaper price on Ebay.

    • Glad you found one, Peggy! I don’t know why it’s gone up so much. The price on the back of the book is $55 so it’s actually higher now than the original price. Maybe they didn’t print a lot of them and it’s a case of supply and demand. It is a gorgeous book!

  3. You ARE speaking my language…horses, etc. Middleburg and Upperville in Virginia are fabulous to visit (Virginia Garden Week coming soon……….) franki

  4. I have always been attracted to this type of decorating and had a hunt theme in my family room years ago. I still love it, so will investigate getting this book. I am really enjoying these bookshelf posts. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Pattie! I’m getting some great feedback from folks saying they are enjoying these posts so I’ll keep them coming. πŸ™‚ I love that style decorating too. I just love the warmth and history behind it…the traditions.

  5. I grew up in Middleburg and Upperville in the 50s – 60s before it became the destination it is today. So I bought this book almost as soon as it was published and it does not disappoint. My parents and their friends were part of the horsey set and I’ve been in several of the houses in the book. The annual Middleburg “point to point races” (steeplechase), The Upperville Horse Show, lunch or dinner at The Red Fox and the Coach Stop, The Middleburg Hunt on the chase through town – these were part of the backdrop of my young life when a trip to DC was long and rarely taken for the yearly ritual of school shopping. It was in many ways an idyllic childhood and this book brings back some wonderful memories for me. Of course I’m biased, but Hunt Country Style is an accurate portrayal of the design esthetic as well as fairly decent lesson in the history of the area.

    • Wow, how wonderful to have grown up there, Ann. I’m am totally jealous! πŸ™‚ Thanks for your input about the book. I love knowing that it’s an accurate portrayal of that area.

  6. This is my absolute favorite book. I bought it a few years ago and studied it cover to cover. It’s been a huge influence on my decorating style. However, since I live in Texas, the place names were not too significant to me. I just loved the houses. Imagine my delight when my husband came home one day to announce that he had just accepted a year-long fellowship at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Best year of my life. If you enjoyed this book, you will certainly enjoy the Historic Garden Week tours, which I highly recommend:

  7. Oh, Susan! This is my favorite style and I would love to own this book. Ralph Lauren is my favorite designer – that says it all! My daughter and granddaughter both attended a boarding school in Maryland just on the edge of that state’s “hunt country”. I loved riding around Hunt Valley and looking at the wonderful homes there. I cannot wait to order this book – thanks!

  8. bobbi duncan says

    Tried to post, but said there was an error. Can’t wait to get this book! I, too, love this look. Think I mentioned in an earlier post that we have a country hunt room–two, actually–and such a cozy area to retreat to when Michael is watching TV programs that don’t interest me. Ironically, we will be spending Easter and part of the following week with dear friends living in Middleburg, whom I got to visit quite often while I lived in Williamsburg and Yorktown proper , but haven’t seen in several years, so we’re very excited about that. Should be beautiful there with all the Spring flowering going on now. That is such a lovely part of the country and looks almost exactly like the Unionville, PA. area in which we reside now. Unionville and Middleburg are the two areas in the U.S. best known for their fox hunting and horse races. We love to watch the fox hunts here over hill and dale ( no foxes killed anymore ) and also see the lovely antique driving carriages touring around the back roads with the horsey set all decked out in top hats and tails and the women wearing old-timey Victorian outfits. It’s such a lovely surprise to come upon them when out driving the country roads that surround us. Mr Stewart’s Cheshire Foxhounds is just up the road a bit and we enjoy watching the dogs in training. Another sweet little town and one we’ll stop in to see more friends is Waterford, VA.–very near Middleburg and one you’ll not want to miss if you’re ever in the area as it is just lovely and historical as well. Our wishes for a beautiful Easter and Spring.

    • Bobbi, I don’t why it’s tossing up that error sometimes. I got it when I tried to reply to someone. I just Liquid Web know about it so they can see what’s going on. Maybe it has something to do with moving to the new server. I would love to see a foxhunt! I read they just use the scent now…so no foxes are harmed or killed. Love that! We were actually living in Charlottesville, VA for a few months many, many years ago when my husband was attending the JAG school there. I so wish I had known about all those areas back then. I missed out!

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