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With all things “Tuscany” on the brain these days, I have just the book to share. Author, Frances Mayes has written some great books over the years. One even inspired a movie, remember Under the Tuscan Sun? After seeing the movie and loving it, I purchased that book, as well as two of her other books, In Tuscany and Bella Tuscany. I loved them all. They aren’t action-packed page turners but they are completely enchanting as they describe the every day adventures Frances Mayes and her husband encounter while living in Tuscany. The book I’m sharing today continues the story of their beloved home in Italy but guides the reader in bringing a little bit of Italy into their own home.

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In the BNOTP Library: Bringing Tuscany Home: Sensuous Style From the Heart of Italy
Author: Frances Mayes

Bringing Tuscany Home by Frances Mayes

3 Things I Like About This Book:

  • Bringing Tuscany home is not your typical decorating book, it’s more a book about the Tuscan lifestyle, including a lot of information about the food and the wine enjoyed there. If you love trying new recipes, particularly Italian foods, you’ll find plenty of that in this book. In this book, Frances Mayes shares ways the reader can add a bit of the Tuscany look and lifestyle to their own home. In addition to furnishings and decor for the home, you’ll find chapters on gardening and cooking, with lots of recipes.
  • In typical Frances Mayes style, the book skips around a good bit. I like the author’s style of writing because it always feels like a visit at the kitchen table with a good friend. One minute you’re talking about wine and the best vineyards, then the next you’ve moved on to talking about something entirely different. The book is written like she’s sitting across from you, sharing wonderful stories from her life in Tuscany. I like that kind of writing because you learn about what it’s like to live in Tuscany, without even realizing you’re learning. You just absorb it through the stories.
  • It’s Frances Mayes’s writing that makes this book (really all her books) a great read. Her descriptions are wonderful and they almost make you feel you are there experiencing Italy with her. My favorite part of the book, besides the stories Frances tells, are the pictures she shares of her own home and gardens in Italy. She gives us a look into what everyday life in Italy is like and what it would be like to live there fulltime.

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You can read more about this book, Bringing Tuscany Home: Sensuous Style From the Heart of Italy at Amazon where I normally buy my books, via the picture link below.


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  1. Based on the cover, it seems so welcoming, and a style especially suited to a sunroom or den with lots of natural light. (Amazon had no peeks, boo) If you had to choose only one room in your house now, which would you redo in the Tuscan style.

    • Ummm, I’m not sure. Maybe a bathroom since I like for bathrooms to feel cozy and Tuscan style always feels warm and cozy to me. What about you? I’ve seen some pretty Tuscan style kitchens online.

  2. What will be so fun for you is to watch “Under the Tuscan Sun” after your trip to Italy. You will probably recognize many locations in the movie, because you will have been there. There are some scenes filmed in Positano, my favorite town on the Amalfi Coast. I hope you get to visit this lovely little seaside town.

    • I know, I was wondering about that. Remember that scene where she comes across the shrine in the wall. It’s in a busy, bustling city or town area. I think right after that she finds the bulletin board with the ad/picture showing Bramasole. I wonder where that was filmed. I definitely need to watch the movie again before I go and afterwards. I think she goes to Cortona to meet the guy who ends up breaking her heart. Then there’s the scene with the Trevi fountain. 🙂

  3. I have had that book for about a decade I think. I’ll have to rummage around and re-read it. Hope you have a spectacular trip to Italy – I’m sure you’ll share your pictures with us.

  4. I am reading this book right now! I have all of her books and reread them every year or so and sigh. Just finished rereading Bella Tuscany a few weeks ago. She is an author worthy of repeat visits. We are heading to Italy ourselves at the end of August and will be staying in Cortona for half the trip.

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