Getting Ready for Snuggling Season

Thanks so much to Country Living for including my autumn door decoration in their fall roundup of 12 Festive Fall Door Decorations That Aren’t Wreaths. Click on the image below to check them all out. There’s so many great ideas if you would love to try something new this year for your door.

12 Festive Fall Door Decorations


I’m not quite ready for fall, it’s still sunny and warm here in Georgia with temperatures in the 80’s, but I am starting to think about how I might decorate for fall this year.

To get that inspiration going for us all, here are some past posts you may find helpful. Click on the title of each post to view it.

Dressing the Bed in Tartan for Fall and Winter, Ralph Lauren Inspired

I just noticed this bedding is currently on sale HERE for 20% off! Use the code “BEDROOM” to get the 20% off discount. Wish it had been on sale when I purchased it last year. I guess since it sold out so quickly, they never got around to putting it on sale. If you love it, I wouldn’t wait too long since it sold out so quickly before.

Also, if you’ve purchased this bedding in the last few weeks, call them and ask if they will honor the discount since you just purchased it. I’ve done that before when something went on sale a week or two after I purchased it and most companies are happy to do that.

Williams-Sonoma Tartan Plaid Duvet



My family room was just made for snuggling on those cool fall and winter nights.

Family Room Decorated for Fall


I love decorating the mantel in this room for fall. Here are three ways I’ve decorated it in the past:

An Autumn Mantel and Firescreen (Click title to view)

Baldwin Brass Candle Holder on a Fall Mantel


Autumn Firescreen Depicting Cardinals and Birch Tree_wm


Decorate a Mantel for Fall & Thanksgiving (Click title to view)

Thanksgiving Fall Mantel with Turkey


Welcome Fall With a Book Lovers Mantel (Click title to view)

Mantel Decorated for Fall 5_wm


Decorate your porch for fall!

Autumn Comes To The Porch (Click title to view)

Decorating the Porch for Autumn


And while you’re doing all that decorating, here’s an easy-to-make, yummy vegetable stew you can put on to cook that will have your home smelling as wonderful as it looks. This soup kills me while it’s cooking because it smells sooo good! Taste good, too! 🙂

Hearty Vegetable Beef Stew (Click title to view)

Hearty Vegetable Beef Soup Recipe


Have fun with your fall decorating! Just looking back at these photos has me eager to get started around here!

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  1. If I were you I would spend all my time on your porch. It is always decorated in a beautiful and imaginative way.

    • Thanks so much, Karol! I spend a fair amount of time out there throughout the year watching the birds. I have 3 regular feeders, two peanut feeders and a big platform feeder out, so it birdie central out there almost all day long. 🙂

  2. Hello!

    The den is my favorite room in your house – it’s so cozy and the paneling is beautiful as is the case furniture and furniture arrangement. Have you ever thought of lightening up/updating the soft furnishings with slipcovers in traditional patterns? I have two sets of curtains and slips for the warm and cold weather seasons in my living room (no den). Makes me feel like I’m redecorating twice a year. Slips aren’t cheap, but less expensive than decent furniture…anyways, just a thought.



    • Thanks, Ann. I don’t think lighter fabrics would work well with the paneling, and I really like using the darker, jewel tones in that room. That’s one of the things I most like about this room, is how dark and cozy it is for TV watching and reading by the fire. I’m not sure how much longer I will here, I may downsize in a few years to something smaller. So, that’s another reason I don’t want to make any changes. I still love it as it is, although I’d like some new pillows for the sofa. I’m sure when I move one day, I’ll get new living room furniture because the next house I live in probably won’t have a living room with this type paneling.

  3. With the weekend to be down in the 70s/50s, I am ready for some cozy. I think I can smell the soup from here.

  4. Jill from Southern New Hampshire says

    Congratulations on being featured in CL’s post, Susan! I loved your beautiful sunflower & corn door bouquet when I first saw it on your blog. Not quite ready for fall yet either here in New England, but I do like to use sapphire blue and white with yellow accents, like sunflowers or lemons, to decorate in September – it’s a nice way to transition out of summer before “true fall” arrives here in October.

    • Thanks, Jill! Oh, I love the sounds of the blue, white and yellow. That would be a great way to transition to fall. When do the leaves start changing in your area?

      • Jill from Southern New Hampshire says

        Most of the magic here happens in October – that’s when the leaves are at their prettiest. There is still some color on the trees at Halloween, but by Thanksgiving the leaves are gone.

  5. I love the straw hat door décor-I never would have thought of this!
    I live in Northern Canada and it is definitely Fall here now!

  6. That’s great Susan! I am so happy for you and your Fall door! Congratulations on your Country Living feature!

  7. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Susan, it’s raining here and it’s got me dreaming of fall. Soon I’ll be taking down my flowery front door wreaths and putting up my fall decor. Yesterday I bought a pumpkin while grocery shopping, lol. I know it’s a bit early, but pumpkins are always so irresistible! Time to change out the throw pillow covers on my bench … so many fun autumn themed things to bring out.

    I always love seeing that cardinal and birch tree fire screen make it’s appearance. And you are right, your family room was MADE for snuggling. What a great place to cozy up with a throw, a good book and a cup of tea (even if you insist on sweet iced tea) 😉

    Congrats on being included in that fall round up! That’s very cool. I recognized your red front door right away. 😀 The only red one in the bunch!

    • lol You know me well! I wish I loved hot tea. I love hot cocoa, does that count? Was it the only red door, I didn’t notice…too funny. Actually, the flowers and the corn would look better against a different color door than my red one.

  8. Susan, I’m with you! It’s turning cooler here in Memphis tonight and I’m SO ready. I’ve worked like a Turk the past 2 days removing summer decor from my house and putting out fall things. While doing so, I reorganized and purged my bins, so needless to say, I’m tired to the bone today! But I love, love fall. I printed off your recipe for beef soup. I, too, have those acorn tureens from Williams-Sonoma a couple of years ago and plan to have this soup in them soon. Yum! Thanks for continuing to make your wonderful posts with your Africa trip looming. I hope you have a marvelous time!

    • Martha, you’re inspiring to get going around here. I think once we get some cooler temps, that will get me going. Thanks, Martha…appreciate that! 🙂

  9. Marlene Stephenson says

    Congratulations your decor for the front door is really nice,i love the use of corn. I love your den i could set in there and read a book all snuggled in.

  10. Love the linen on the bed – looks so comfortable and warm. I would never leave your porch.
    Guess your getting excited about your trip to Africa. Can hardly wait to see your posts.
    Have a great weekend Susan.

    • Thanks, Mary! I think when I return from Africa, I’m going to dress the bed for winter. I’m ready to see the red on there again. I can’t wait to share it with you! Going to be so much fun! 🙂

  11. How exciting to have your creativity featured in a magazine. I love hearing about all the good things that have happened to you because of your blog.

  12. Love the cardinal fireplace screen.

  13. Congratulations Susan having your front door autumn decor featured in Country Living Magazine fall round up. How exciting! Love seeing all of your fall ideas!

    • Thanks so much, LuAnn! Have a wonderful “almost fall” weekend! Are you decorating for fall yet? What’s the weather like in your area this time of year?

      • I’m almost done with my fall decor indoors and will be starting outdoors next week. The weather has be awfully hot and humid here in CT. Much like your weather! High 80s and 90s with high humidity. It doesn’t feel like fall yet! It’s should be getting cooler, but still feels humid out tonight. My husband says it still beats below zero temps! Rain tomorrow afternoon and Sunday. We need it! It’s funny you mentioned stews, my son’s 27th birthday was on the 4th and he wanted my beef stew…I told him it’s too hot for stew! Maybe in a month or two. Next week it’s in the low to mid 80s with lower humidity, I hope! Have a lovely weekend! 😉

        • The humidity does make a huge difference, for sure. We’ve been getting regular rains (which we need) but it has kept it humid. I have to admit, though. I love it. lol I love hot weather, even humid hot weather, although my hair turns into a big frizz ball. Hope you see some cooler days soon, LuAnn. That’s so cute that your son wanted beef stew…love that! 🙂

  14. Diane Westbrook says

    Hi…Congratulations on being featured! You have such a knack with decorating…love to see and read your blog. I have a question..and it pertains to the living room/library that is inside your front door. I found an entry in your blog where you were deciding to have someone come in and add a wood surround to the fireplace mantle and the two cupboards/shelves. You found a photo to show the carpenter of a similar idea. I am wondering if you ever finished that room and turned it into a library? I am looking forward to hearing all about your trip to Africa, too!!

    • No, I never did. That was the year before I did all my yard work. I would really love to do that room but the yard HAD to be done, it was in rough shape. And next on the agenda will be redoing all the baths. They have never been renovated and badly need it. Then maybe I can finally do the library. I’d much rather do the library than the baths, though!
      Thanks, Diane…looking forward to sharing it with you! I have no idea what to expect, but I know they have wifi so I think I’ll be able to Instagram and create posts each day while there.

  15. Cyndi Raines says

    Happy for you Susan! It will only be in the mid 60’s here tomorrow and rainy, so I guess I’d better start my deep fall cleaning. Bought a huge mum plant for the front porch the other day. It will be hard for me to put away my pretty shell chargers and shell wreath, I had so much fun making them. This winter I plan on making the remaining (4) chargers to keep me in good spirits when it gets so bitter cold in February / March. I LOVE your cardinal fireplace screen. It is lovely.

    • It’s hard for me to put away summer things, too…I love summer so much!. You’ll love it when you bring out your shell wreath next summer. Maybe once we start pulling out our fall decor, we’ll get excited about the new season and it will help us let go of summer. 🙂

  16. I love decorating a mantle for each season. I don’t have one in this house but did in my house in Mesquite and I miss it. I have a Christmas village that was always on the mantle and hearth from Dec. 1 – Feb 1. Fall decor was there from Sept. 1 -Dec. 1. But I have put my fall wreath on the front door, set out some decorative pumpkins in the living room, put a fall centerpiece on the dining table and have my Harvest Garden dishes displayed. So the only thing missing is cooler weather! I need to get pumpkins and mums for the front porch and I will be all set. Come on cool weather! Congratulations on being selected by CL! That is so wonderful. You deserve to be featured in lots of decorating magazines!

  17. You asked for travel tips several days ago. You might want to go to the blog Trish Jett and read her September 9th post. She dealt with a friend’s medical episode in France. Lots of good information there you might want to consider.

  18. That’s so great about the Country Living feature, Susan! You Fall decor looks so inviting. I really love your porch! And your family room looks like the perfect place to curl up with a good book and a latte 🙂

  19. Congratulations! I could cozy up in your family room or that wonderful porch any time.
    Know you are departing soon. Have a safe trip and fabulous time. What an amazing adventure you will have!

  20. bobbi duncan says

    I know I’m behind…couldn’t access my e-mails for several days (grrrrrrrr!) but am so excited for your CL well deserved honor. Love your vegetable soup! I haven’t put up one single thing for fall with running around looking for many rooms of traditional fabric…a nightmare with an emphasis on mostly contemporary patterns. Maybe this will be the week I’ll pull out some décor as the weather is cooling now. Hugs!

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