A Beautiful Outdoor Oasis For Entertaining

Cold, what cold? In my mind it’s summertime. We’re out on the deck, the sun is shining and the hamburgers and hotdogs sizzling on the grill smell heavenly.

Did you hear that? It’s the doorbell, barely heard over the beautiful music emanating across the porch and decks on this gorgeous summer day. Friends are arriving and the fun is just beginning. Time for partying and playing outside again.

Okay, maybe I’m a little premature but in another month or two, this is where we’ll be, running about getting those outdoor spaces ready for the warm summer days ahead!

Recently, I came across this beautiful deck designed by Designer, Eric Ross. If you haven’t visited his website, you will definitely want to check it out. You’ll find a link at the end of this post.

Is this not heaven…so many things to love!

Deck with pergola and outdoor curtains


There’s a beautiful dining area with a lovely lantern hanging overhead.

Dining Area For Deck


Just beyond you’ll find a wonderful spot to sit and talk with friends or enjoy the beautiful view. Looking for a fun way to decorate a corner of your deck or porch? Consider painting birdcages with a durable outdoor paint and group several together for a whimsical display.

It’s so nice to see garden seats in their natural habitat…the great outdoors. lol Most of mine are relegated to a life of captivity inside my home, although I do have one escapee out on my porch as seen in this post: A Garden Seat for the Porch.

Decorate Deck with Ceramic Garden Seats and Bird Cages


Stunning! I love the outdoor curtains at the perimeter of this lovely oasis. They soften all the hard lines you normally see on a deck and make a deck feel more like a true living space.

Notice the boxwood planters. I fell in love with the simple beauty of a boxwood shrub in large planter last year and added a couple to my front porch area as seen here: Boxwood Topiaries for a Traditional Landscape. I’d love to add some to my decks this year.

Deck with pergola and outdoor curtains


Love this cozy seating area! If I attended a party here, this is most likely where you would find me…cozied down into the corner. I could definitely be lured away for a tour of the garden, though! Lanterns placed around the deck add so much ambience when evening arrives.

Conversation Seating Area on Deck


I love how a boxwood anchors this corner of the seating area.

Cozy Seating Area on Deck


Notice the double staircases going down. I’m sure that added a bit to the construction price of this beautiful deck but what great style and function it added! I also like the stepping stones at the foot of the stairs, so much prettier than a concrete pad.

Deck Addition With Outdoor Curtains and Pergola


Does this whet your appetite for summer? It surely does mine!

See more of this beautiful deck and read about its design at Eric Ross Interiors.

Thinking about adding on a screened porch? Read about my porch addition and get down a breakdown of the costs to build it here: Porch and Deck Addition



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  1. Susan-first photo of porch/deck threw me for a loop, it looks almost identical to the back of our house. grill placement & furniture a little different.

  2. *SIGH* More sNOw tonight….franki

  3. I enjoyed imagining being on that deck, in the sunny, warm outdoors. Thanks for posting this.

  4. That deck is BEAUTIFUL!! I love everything about it. I will run over to Eddie’s to see the rest, thanks for the link. And thanks for sharing this!

  5. Well,my dear, here I sit in hot and sunny Texas…..NOT! Snow is falling and the flakes are the size of a silver and bigger. It is beautiful. We currently have about 3.5 inches of snow on the ground. It has been snowing for about 3 hours. You beautiful pictures look so warm! Great outside living area.

  6. Wonderful deck and surroundings *sigh*, hurry up Summer!!!

  7. This is so pretty! Oh the family gatherings we’d have on this deck.

  8. Love that open deck! Unfortunately where we live, in an area that is a rain forest 😉 we get too much of the liquid sunshine and the cushions would fade and rot…the wood furniture would rot and the iron would rust, in no time at all…

    • I bring my outdoor cushions in when not using them because we get a lot of rain, too. They make storage thingies (like benches) you can put on decks to store cushions. Wonder if they work or if cushions get moldy.

      • I have my cushions inside one of those plastic storage boxes from Suncast and they are 19 years old. Believe it or not, they are still in good shape. I spray them down with “Clorox Cleanup” and pressure wash them in the spring every year. I think the trick is to never store them if they are damp. I put them in our hot Miami sun to “bake” for a few hours, then store them until we use them again. And the box is exposed to rain, not under our porch roof.

        • Great information, Elena! I always wondered what the best way would be to store them. That makes so much sense about not putting them away damp/wet.

  9. Love the whole deck and I’ve been inspired to put some boxwoods in our planters in front of the house. Thanks for showing this!

  10. You can find me on that love seat if you need something “between my nap on the porch”.

  11. You know what takes my eye is the way the backside below the deck and by the stairs is finished so nicely with the landscaping. That looks great! This is a very stylish and attractive deck they’ve designed. I wish I could decorate like that outdoors but our atmosphere with rain and tree debris would be a nightmare of maintenance! Oh well…. one can dream!

  12. Wow! You’re right–that is heaven! I love everything about this. The curtains are such a great color, that table is so shapely, the light fixture just brings everything together…I could go on and on! It’s a gorgeous pergola. What great inspiration!

  13. Beautiful porch, and I love it each time I see it. Pretty as it is, I see so much maintenance with the cushions, the hot sun on the furniture. I love to look, but have to be realistic in that I love my cushions to be outside all summer when I look out my windows. Don’t want to have to bring them in every time there is a thought of rain. Sunbrella or not, they require maintenance. I love cast aluminum and easy care!!

  14. bobita saikia says

    wow!!! what a beautiful porch!!! Got lots of awesome ideas for my porch!!!

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