Dressing The Bed In Tartan: Ralph Lauren Inspired

The makeover I’ve been working on in my bedroom feels very timely with all this cold weather we’ve had come in so early this year. You may remember my inspiration is this bed dressed all in Tartan by Ralph Lauren. I don’t know why Ralph Lauren likes plaid fabric so much but I’m so very glad he does. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought about mixing different plaids or tartan patterns if I hadn’t seen this room.

Ralph Lauren Tartan


I’ve been talking with a few seamstresses in the area where I live, getting estimates for having a bedskirt made for my bed. Having sewn Halloween costumes in the past for my son and for myself, I know with a little time and patience I could figure out how to sew a bedskirt for my bed.

The reason I’ve decided to have the bedskirt professionally made is I’d like to have it made with triple fullness. Once you start gathering that much fabric, it helps to have a professional sewing machine that can handle it, especially when the bedskirt will be lined and the fabric is a hefty blend of linen and cotton.

Unfortunately, most seamstresses in my area are booked up right now due to the holidays. I was hoping I could find someone to sew my bedskirt in the next couple of weeks but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Since I’ve had a few folks asking how the bedding makeover was coming, I didn’t want to make you wait all the way until January to see how it’s going to look, especially since I have everything now except the bedskirt. So, I finagled a sneaky way to give you a peek.

As you may remember, this is how my bedroom looks most of the time. It will still look this way from April through September of each year. But come October…

Bed with taller mattress and boxsprings


It will transform to a fall/winter look. The duvet is from Williams-Sonoma this season. It’s available here: Tartan Bedding.  

Since they don’t sell the tartan fabric, I’ve purchased several tablecloths in the same fabric from a seller on eBay. Fortunately, WS made the tablecloths out of the exact same fabric as all their tartan bedding.

For this “simulation” today, I’ve tucked the tablecloths in as best I could to somewhat imitate a bedskirt. The bedskirt should look a whole lot better when it’s an actual bedskirt. lol

Tartan Bedding, Ralph Lauren Style_wm


I had a hard time photographing the red tartan bedding and the Ralph Lauren “Duke Devonshire” bedding I chose as my other tartan pattern for the bed.  Since I took the photos on a setting that kept the red tartan fabric as true as possible to its real color, the Duke Devonshire fabric looks super dark.  You’ll be able to see it better in a photograph I lightened up later in this post.

Tartan Plaid Pillows and Bedding


The wool throw is forest green in color, though you really can’t tell it very well in the photo.

Plaid Bedding and Plaid Pillows


It’s a “souvenir” from a skiing trip we took as a family 2o years ago to Snowshoe, West Virginia. It has a pretty embroidered fox on it. Even back then I was obsessed with fox motifs and hunt themes. Some things never change.

The Red Fox Snowshoe West Virginia


One thing I’m going to have done when the bedskirt is made, I’m going to have some padding/felt added inside the flange that goes around the red-tartan shams so they don’t flop over so badly. Unfortunately, these are super floppy. Update: Check out this post to see how I was able to improved the look of the pillows on the bed with new, properly fitting down/feather pillow inserts: It’s All In The Details

Plaid Bedding


The stocking pillow is from either HomeGoods or Marshalls (forgotten which) and will only be on the bed for the Christmas season. The back of the pillow is done in the same tartan fabric as seen on the front, perfect for my tartan theme.

Tartan Plaid Pillows and Bedding


While shopping for pillows, I came across two Ralph Lauren red velvet pillows in TJ Max.

Ralph Lauren and Williams Sonoma Plaid Tartan Bedding


I loved them except for one thing…Ralph’s GIANT monogram is across the back. Boo hiss! Could someone tell me why RL feels compelled to plaster his three-initial monogram(RLL)  in giant letters across so many of his pillows. (Sorry Ralph, if you ever read this!) I haven’t taken the tags off these yet because I’m still trying to decide if I should return them. I just hate that big monogram. Anyone else hate that RL does that?

Update: I did take the RL pillows back. Just couldn’t get past the BIG RLL monogram. The bed actually has plenty of pillows without them so it worked out well.

Ralph Lauren Red Velvet Pillow


The Ralph Lauren, Duke Devonshire fabric is the tartan I chose for the Euro shams across the back. I love how the dark green pulls out the green from the red plaid fabric.

Ralph Lauren Duke Devonshire Bedding With Williams-Sonoma Tartan Bedding_wm


Williams Sonoma Plaid Tartan Shams and Pillows


I purchased the Ralph Lauren, Duke Devonshire Euro shams and the Duke Devonshire, fringed, wool pillow on eBay. Even on eBay the price was pretty ridiculous but I ended up getting them for  less than half of what they would have cost retail and for much less than any of the sale prices I was seeing at Macy’s, Bloomingdales, etc…

Ralph Lauren Duke Devonshire Wool Pillow


Here’s a picture I lightened up a lot so you can see the colors in the Duke Devonshire fabric. In person you see the colors well, but in photos they are hard to see unless I really over-lighten the whole photo.

Duke Devonshire Pillow by Ralph Lauren


Recently when I was in the Williams-Sonoma store that’s about 2 miles from my home, they had coordinating mugs and coasters on display. I bought  one mug and a set of the coasters. When WS does a theme, they really do a theme! The WS sales associate and I were joking that I’d be camouflaged while sipping hot cocoa in bed. 😉

Tartan Mug and Coaster


This little tartan stocking is what started this whole debacle makeover. I found it in WS after Christmas last year on clearance. It was just $4.99, as I recall. When I saw the bedding online this year, I already knew how wonderful the fabric was since I had the stocking…it’s a blend of 55% linen and 45% cotton. So beware of innocent little bargains…you see where they can lead! 😉

Tartan Christmas Stocking on Highboy


My dear friend and fellow pillow lover, Sarah, who blogs at Hyacinths For The Soul alerted me yesterday that the adorable Pottery Barn “Woody” pillow that sold out so quickly last year, was currently on sale. It’s so ironic that she mentioned it because just two weeks ago I had oohed and aahed over it in the Pottery Barn that’s 2 miles from my home. That night, as I stood petting admiring it, a PB sales associate encouraged me to buy it, saying a lot of folks were disappointed last year when it sold out so quickly. I resisted and left empty-handed.

When I got Sarah’s email last night, I remembered I had a $50 gift certificate for Pottery Barn. I hurried over last night to pick one up before the sale ended. I tossed it on the bed last night just to see how it looked. It also looks great on a sofa or in a window seat. You can find this pillow available here: Woody Car with Christmas Tree.

Pottery Barn Woody Christmas Pillow


For this makeover, I was able to use pillow inserts from my spring bedding for the euro shams and for the regular/standard shams. I’m also using the same matelasse and matching shams I use for my spring/summer bedding. And I already had the down insert for the duvet. Not having to buy all those things helped a little with the cost, as well as with storage space.

Each October and each April, I’ll change over to that seasons bedding and swap out the inserts for the shams. I almost gave away the down duvet insert a few years ago since I wasn’t using it. Glad I held onto it now.

Other than a finished bedskirt, the makeover is complete for now. The colors are much softer and prettier in person…but hopefully this gives you a little idea how this Ralph Lauren inspired bedding makeover is turning out. And Ralph, if you don’t mine, please stop monogramming your pillows! 😉

If you love the look of this wonderful tartan bedding, you’ll find it available at Williams-Sonoma here: Tartan Bedding

Tartan Bedding, Ralph Lauren Style_wm


Update: Here’s a view of the bed with the finished bedskirt. Read all about the process of making the bedskirt in this post: Behind the Scenes with “The Beast.”

Plaid Tartan Bedding For Winter


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  1. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Susan, I was feeling sick, having a mini panic attack because I just got a letter from BCBS that my now ACA compliant insurance is going up again, now more than double the already hefty premium I was paying!! 🙁 Seriously, I feel sick.

    So I came right to the porch to look at pretty things and try to get my mind off of it for a minute, and I find you snuck in a post about your winter bedding. Yay! It DOES look so beautiful. It actually looks even prettier than I imagined (and I have a pretty good imagination.) And the fact that you went to all that trouble folding up your faux bedskirt … you’re just too much! 🙂

    Anyway, it looks gorgeous and I think you made the right choice of fabrics. It’s sooo wintry, so woodsy, natural and Christmasy, all at once. 😀 Very, very, pretty. And I must say I love the pillows. I didn’t know RL did that (fathead) and I can understand why you don’t like it, but with the monogram to the back, they look lovely. I would imagine they are insanely expensive though, so you could probably save some money by making some of your own. You should be able to get close with the fabric patterns, I would think.

    Just beautiful. Thanks for the preview. I’m glad I stopped by. Now it’s time to go fret some more, lol.

    P.S. Love the little extras like the stockings pillow, car pillow and mug.

    • Ouch…Pam, I’m sorry to hear that. I can see why it made you feel sick. I hope it’s an error and they reduce it back!
      Thanks for those sweet words…appreciate them so much! lol about RL! No, I found the red velvet pillows in TJ Max so they weren’t expensive…just $40 each and they have a feather/down insert…which is probably worth that. I’ll probably keep them and just keep them turned around…and eventually get new covers down the road.
      Thanks again, Pam…hope you hear better news on your insurance!

      • It says a
        It when you think $40 isn’t much for a plain velvet pillow just for decoration. That said the room is stunning. I like the two more decorative pillows, but you didn’t mention how much they were. I have heard of people who make bed skirts by attaching the skirt fabric to a mattress cover that you put over the “box springs” or foundation. Keeps it in place and easier to put on and off. The skirt the way you have it looks so full and beautiful, but the one you mentioned with red inserts sounds stunning too.

  2. thanks for sharing. It looks so warm and inviting. You bought a new mattress as well, didn’t you. Hoping you chose a comfy one.
    Now all you need is a Red Plaid nightgown and you can really hide in bed on those days that call for that kind of behavior.

    • Yep, bought it a couple of weeks ago and it sleeps sooo good. Been really happy with it! lol I actually have a nightgown like that…that would be a hoot!

  3. Your new bedding looks beautiful! Forget spending big bucks to have the bed skirt made. What you did with the table clothes looks fantastic! I saw that “Woody” pillow the other day on another blog. I love it!!!

    Like you Susan, I’m not a fan of designer names or initials on anything. Why would anyone want someone else’s monogram on a pillow in their home? I have found some beautiful purses that I love but I won’t buy it if it has initials or a name on it. Vikki in VA

    • Oh, me neither Vikki. Exactly! That’s what I kept thinking as I stood there looking at the pillows in the store…why would anyone want someone else’s initials in giant letters across a pretty pillow? I just don’t get why RL does that. Maybe that’s why these ended up in TJ Max…maybe the monogrammed ones don’t sell as well.

  4. Jean from Georgia says

    Just beautiful. I know you have worked hard to put this together and it is worth all your efforts. Love it!!!

  5. Beyond fabulous! And if you ever want a bolder more masculine look or a change, you can use black chenille or velvet on those contrasting pillows. I absolutely adore that woody car pillow!

  6. Susan, you did a beautiful job as always. I love tartan too! You can’t even tell the bed skirt isn’t sewn and what a clever idea to purchase tablecloths! When I need to make a ruffle for pillows, I sew elastic to the fabric, stretching it as a I sew, when I release the tension, it creates a ruffle. Just wondering if that is something that might work for you if you were to sew it yourself?

  7. The bed looks so so beautiful! Those are table cloths as bed skirts?!! They look pretty doggone terrific! I think you may have started a trend. I know what you mean about the monogram but the pillow looks great with the others on the bed. Maybe it will become out of sight out of mind. Thanks for sharing your lovely bed.

    • lol Yep, I can’t find the fabric anywhere so had to improvise. It’s the exact fabric the bedding is made of (thankfully) so it should work well as a bedskirt…once actually sewn, that is. 🙂

  8. This looks really pretty, cozy, and perfect for winter, Susan!! I really like it! Now I have caved to the plaid bedding craze — hubby’s going to take away my internet privileges. 😀 I saw Pat at Back Porch Musing’s plaid bedroom makeover yesterday, and that’s what really pushed me over the edge (or maybe round the bend as the English say). Anyway, I’ve found a very inexpensive plaid comforter and shams with good reviews online, and I’ll be ordering in a few days. We’re redoing our son’s bedroom into a guest bedroom, and this will work really well with what’s already in his room. So I’d just like to say “Thanks for inspiring me to spend more money!” Just kidding — I promise. I’ve always loved tartan plaid, and I’m just glad it’s so popular right now. Again, your room looks great and I know you’ll enjoy it this winter. It looks like we’re all in for another cold one.

    Have a great week!



    • lol Sorry about that, Denise! 😉 Honestly, I don’t think tartan ever goes out of style. While I’ve been working on this room, it’s amazing how many things I found around the house that had a tartan motif. I’ve always loved it…and it really is a classic. So you can’t go wrong using it for your bedding, too!

  9. Your winter bedding looks beautiful! I love it! It looks so warm and cozy and I really like the 2 plaids, they look great together.

  10. Margo (Margaret) Kuhn says

    Susan, I love it. I too love the tartan look. You did an excellent job and I love the two different tartan colors along with your solids. Very nice and when the bed skirt is complete, I am sure you will be very happy. I have often thought of doing a spring/summer bedroom decor and a fall/winter one. But haven’t as there are so many other things I yet want.

    By the way, we had discussed mantels over the fireplace. I finally did it and love it. It looks like it should have been there all along. Thanks for your encouragement.

    • Margo, I’ve been thinking about doing this for so many years. The WS tartan finally lit a fire under me! lol Congrats on your mantel! That’s awesome and just in time to decorate for the winter holidays! 🙂

  11. Looks so cozy and warm. The two different tartans are beautiful together. Love the woody pillow and mittens.

  12. The monogrammed pillows, have your monogram embroidered on fabric as a patch and sew or glue over top the unwanted monogram

  13. This is going to be stunning. I love the tartan plaid and the woody pillow too. Can’t wait to see it all done.

  14. I’m into tartan every where, Ralph Lauren style. I just sent two French chairs to be upholstered with a gorgeous English tartan.
    It’s going to be awesome dear Susan, with your great taste, I can’t wait to see it!
    I just pinned your post as I am doing early next year my bedroom with tartan as well. Thank you for sharing.
    I love your pic with your little Chip, you look so pretty!

    • Oh, that sounds wonderful Fabby! Does the tartan have a name? I just purchased a book with pictures of some of the better known tartan or setts. Aww, thanks! I was 26 in that photo. I wish I was that age again but with the knowledge I have now. 🙂 We all wish that, don’t we?

  15. I love the makeover ! It looks so cozy and warm. Plaid isn’t something I would ever think of for myself – until I saw this. LOVE IT ! And what a great tip to use tablecloths for the bed skirt. I know I’ll be back several times to admire this. Who knows …. maybe next year I’ll try plaid myself !

    • Thanks, Winnie! Oh, you will love it if you do it…so cozy for fall and winter! Actually, now that I think about it, I love plaid any time of year!

  16. i just love your red plaid! I need it for our son’s room. Well, his room when he comes home. The walls are a grayish taupe, and I have a red wool oriental over hardwood. We also have some civil war collectable prints in the room…and after seeing your plaid, That is what I want in that bedroom. I hope to find a twin size…in a similar red plaid. Love your “winter look!

  17. I think the ‘bed skirt’ looks great as is! If you didn’t say anything, I would never have known it wasn’t the actual skirt.

    I refuse to buy anything with initials on it. If I’m going to advertise for someone, they had better pay me

  18. Carol Neibling says

    Susan, so very pretty and cozy looking.

    Last Friday I went to an Estate Sale in a house that made me think of you. It had a beautiful porch on 2 sides, a koi pond out the garage windows and the soaking tub was in a bay window and the views were all beautiful. The lady used to put up 18 Christmas trees, over 1000 ornaments, plus all the other decorations. I bought a Lenox Nativity for $15 and a Santa and sleigh for the same price. Got a silver chaffing dish for $4 and table size quilts for $1, Took my husband back the next day and he fell in love with the house, but what really impressed us was how each house in this gated community had several acres , each house different, lots of trees and so very peaceful.

    I said should have taken my camera and taken pictures.

    Have fun with your plaids.

    • Wow…that sounds like quite a house! Sounds beautiful! I wonder if she had a place to store all the trees decorated or if she fully decorated each one every year. That’s a lot of trees! You got some great deals, Carol!

  19. Wow, this looks terrific! I agree, ol’ Ralph should keep his initials off the pillows but you’ve managed to cover it up and everything looks wonderful. Hey, if you hadn’t told us, I don’t think any of us would have figured out that bed skirt is not actually a bed skirt! It all looks lovely together.

  20. It IS FABULOUS!!! Honestly, I just love every nook and crannie…those pillows, etc.!!! I like Doris’ idea…possibly your seamstress can “camouflage” those initials.. Once again I had to chuckle…I’ve got the “fox fetish” as well..they are “peaking out” in various spots in my home. Susan, this bedroom will rate sweet dreams!!! franki

  21. Susan ~ I love it! It all came together so beautifully. But where are the dark walls? I just knew you would go with navy walls. You did a magnificent job in faking the skirt. Now I wouldn’t be above just leaving as is, who would know?!

  22. The nerdy little merchant part of my brain wants to know: what happened w RL bedding? I sold RL clothes for years, they lasted. Who would have ever thought that Christmas season arrives and a girl can’t find a basic RL black velvet skirt? Our Dillards carried RL bedding, then I saw the RL outlets, then it seemed obvious that someone was choosing more “current” fabrics(helloooo, RL is oldschool that’s why we love him, right?)Maybe one of your dear readers has an inside scoop on the disappearance of Ralph. Or I must remember, time has passed, which also reads RL is enjoying being old 🙂 I would pay good money to get his basic cotton blankets. They make you feel better!

    • I think he just out-priced himself. When I was looking at the price of some of his bedding, I was stunned! If it weren’t eBay and TJ Max/HomeGoods, there’s no way I could afford to buy anything by RL in the bedding department, I’m afraid. Kathleen, did you check his website online. He has a website and I think they actually sell product on there. Also, check eBay. Oh, I don’t know if this is helpful, but I’m pretty sure I saw all cotton blankets on either L.L. Bean or on Lands’ End…maybe on both sites.

  23. Judy Hubbard says

    I LOVE your plaid bedroom….it has inspired me to make some changes in mine as well. I am “thinking plaid’ and it is so seasonal for this season.

  24. Hi Susan. You did a marvelous job as always with redecorating your bedroom in the plaids. I love it. Actually, plaid is timeless in the upper class decor. I’ve seen the Ralph Lauren mix of plaids for years and have added a bit here and there. My winter bedroom look is a dark floral comforter in mainly cranberry and hunter with plaid sheets in those colors with white. I can imagine a hunter plaid in shams and pillows fitting in there with one or two dark velvet pillows. Then I will need a chandelier to top it all off.

    • Phyllisa, I totally agree…it really is classic. That’s one thing I love about RL is he does stick with the classics. Your bedroom sounds beautiful! I bet plaid would be beautiful in there, as well. I found the chandelier in my bedroom in an antique store for $385 or something like that…I remember it upper $300s so it was a steal. I had wanted a large brass and crystal chandelier since I have brass mirrors etc… in that room, but I could never find one big enough…they were always too small. So I just went with the one you see when I stumbled across it for such a great price. I had a really ugly ceiling fan there forever…so anything was better than that. lol

  25. Susan, you already know that I adore what you’ve done in the bedroom makeover. Love, love, love the warmth and joy of tartan. So happy you got the “woody” pillow. I find it adorable and thrilled that PB offered it again this year. Working on my winter tartan look too. You are an inspiration!
    Oh, and I like Carolyn’s comment about you needing a red tartan nightshirt. Then no one could find you! ‘-)
    Enjoyed our email exchanges. I felt like we had a wonderful visit. Hope to do it again sometime.

    • Thanks, Sarah! lol about the nightshirt. When I was redoing my closets this past summer (remember the gazillions hangers!) I came across a plaid flannel nightgown. It has sentimental value so I’ve kept it all these years. I need to get it out and see how it coordinates with the bedding. lol
      I enjoyed the emails too…so much fun talking with a kindred soul!

  26. Bonnie Schulte says

    Your bedding is beautiful, and I’m sure it will make sweet dreams come true.
    Love it!!!

  27. Charlotte A. Orr says

    Love the plaid and it looks beautiful for the holidays. Love your website and look forward to all that you do.

  28. The bedroom looks fabulous! The Duke Devonshire reminds me of my parochial uniform skirt (which I loved), the forest green throw from Snowshoe, right here in my home state of Almost Heaven, West Virginia (we spent a few days there and at the Greenbrier when we married). It’s all feel good, Susan, perfect for a weekend marathon of some Netflix series. And I really don’t understand the huge company monograms either. It’s an in your face’ kind of thing (that is, of course, unless your initials are those, in which case it’s a ‘this is my throne’ kind of thing). Smart lady to farm out the sewing – you can be earning money writing blogs while she sews, with the benefit your efforts likely outweighing the cost.

    • Thanks, Rita! I know…don’t get the monograms either…unless it’s your own monogram…which I do like. 🙂 I tell ya, if I made the bedskirt, you probably wouldn ‘t be seeing a lot of posts because I’d be sewing for days! lol

  29. Wow, just Wow. I absolutely love it! All it needs (not that it really needs anything) is a pair of black riding boots at the end of the bed! You are so brave to pick such fabulous fabric.

  30. Oh Susan,
    I’m glad for you as there’s no mistaking (misreading) you love it!
    I love it too, and I encourage your idea of creating a reading nook in your bedroom! Do you already have those brown leather chairs and the chest you mentioned or do you still need to buy them? If the latter, what about green leather chairs instead of brown ones? Green ones could suit your spring/summer bedding as well! And are you going to put a Christmas tree in your bedroom, too? I’m sure, it would look fabulous with that bedding in foreground/background! 🙂
    Love that stocking pillow, too! It’s too cute! 🙂
    ~Hugs to you~

    • No, haven’t purchased the chairs yet…just kind of thinking what would look good over there. I may have to scour the second hand shops for those if I go that route. They are so expensive to buy! Thanks for that idea, Cecilia…I will def consider that!

  31. Carolyn Price says

    Just lovely, Susan! You must get matching pj’s!! Ask Santa to bring you some!

  32. LUV it!!
    I wish I still had my black painted bed as this would have looked awesome with it.
    I’m still considering using the paint color you have on your bedroom walls when I get the nerve up to try it that is.

    Thanks for all the inspirations!!


  33. Beautiful, beautiful.
    Thank you for the lovely pictures.

  34. Large lettering – Ego, it is all about ego. I once had a disagreement (to put it mildly) with a new associate attorney regarding his new business cards, and stationary. He wanted the font to be twice as large as the standard stationary. I only convinced him when I told him only children and the elderly would be reading his business cards and the rest of the population would disregard him. After he settled into “attorneyhood” he came to me and thanked me. I don’t think there is any help for RL. 🙂

  35. Susan, so happy to hear that you were able to obtain the table cloths as the skirt will just complete the look. When I read you tucked them in for a trial run it reminded me that in one our guest rooms I have a contrast fitted sheet that was just folded over and placed in position which I totally forgot about. LOL! So thank you for reminding me.
    Re monograms, I feel exactly the same way about them as you do and on occasion it has meant a no sale on my part since I use to preach to my children when they were teens; if a designer wants you to advertise their label, then they should be paying you …. winks! (Come to think of it, their era was ‘preppy’ and Ralph Lauren Polo was all the rage!)
    In closing your room definitely has come together beautifully as even the chosen accessories are perfection. Warm hugs -Brenda-

    • P.S: I forgot to mention, regarding those floppy pillow sham flanges; for you and your readers info there is a way that you can make them stand up. As too difficult to explain; do a web search: verolinens.com you tube / how to get your floppy pillow sham flanges to set up straight. (Though I usually make my own pillow shams and add some stabilizer, years ago a house keeping staff member at a resort hotel showed me how to do it and it does work.) -Brenda-

      • Brenda, that’s for that tip…I’m definitely going to check that out. I don’t know why these aren’t made sturdier because as they are, they might as well not be there since they lay completely flat.

  36. I adore it! I pretty much love everything you do though. You’ve got great taste girl… and I guess that means I do too! HA! The woody pillow is divine! Looks amazingly cozy and comfy!

  37. Susan, I hope you are curled up in your bed on this cold evening! What a cozy, fabulous look for your bedroom. I would never have known that the bedskirt had not actually been sewn. I was going to suggest that perhaps your seamstress could put a new back on the RL pillows to match your bedding, especially if you have some tablecloth fabric left over!

  38. Gray Matthews says

    Be still my ‘plaid-heart’. Love it! Always a plaid fan. I Like most all of Ralph Lauren’s creations ….especially his shirts.
    Your previous blog with the beautiful rooms (the one that had a RL room) caused trouble in this household…oh how I liked what l saw….
    Your bedroom is so warm and friendly and very pretty.
    I’m thinking there must be a plaid chromosome in some of us!
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving. And don’t be too hard on the old guy and his logo:-)

    • Thanks, Gray! lol Sorry about that…the trouble. I agree about the plaid chromosome…it seems like folks either love plaids or not-so-much. I’m def in the “love it” camp. Ha! Well, someone must like the giant monograms since RL has made a lot of pillows that way, lately. I don’t mine a teeny logo tucked away in a semi-hidden spot, just not BIG initials…unless their mine! 🙂
      Have a great Thanksgiving!

  39. Looks incredible! Must admit I wondered if tartan duvet over tartan bedskirt would be tooooooo much, but you totally rocked it with the white matelasse. What a great place to settle in for a long winter nap.

    • I know, I wondered the same thing. To make sure it would work before I ordered all those tablecloths on eBay, I tested the idea by hanging the tartan shams along the side and it looked good, so I went for it. 🙂 Thanks, Jae!

  40. Susan, Could you please pack up your whole bed and send it to me? It is 15 degrees outside and windy. I agree with the rest of the comments on monograms. I am not going to pay money to advertise anyone’s merchandise.

  41. Linda S. in NE says

    Your bedroom is certainly looking so warm and cozy. Nice job, Susan. I love your use of plaids, and like so many of your other readers, I would have never known the bedskirt was not yet finished. At the beginning of this post you were sharing how busy your local seamstress’ were, and how costly the custom-made bedskirt will be. As good as it looks in the pictures, I can only think you must be worried that the tablecloths will “shift” during the night as you toss and turn. That would result in you having to re-make, re-tuck/and re-pleat the bedskirt every morning, even before enjoying your first cup of tea/coffee. Other than that potential problem, I agree with the other ladies, “Who would ever know”?

  42. WOW, it is all fabulous, Susan!!! I swear that “bedskirt” looks amazing, I would think twice about spending the money to have one made:) I have been searching for inexpensive plaid bedding for our guest room. Saw Pat’s (at back Porch Musings) yesterday and it is gorgeous too! I love tartans and for winter they are perfection to me. Love the stocking and mug too!!!!

  43. I LOVE it!!! I’m a plaid loving girl, so this is right up my alley! Do you mind sharing what kind of white coverlet you used? I’ve seen so many, but some don’t seem to be of good quality and some are very thin. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Susan! I purchased two of those matelasse coverlets about 11 years ago and I’m pretty sure I found them in HomeGoods. I first purchased one from Dillards, then stopped by HomeGoods and found those for like 1/5 the price. They were only $30 each, but that was 11 years ago. I just pulled out my old bedroom file (I keep a file for every room) and I still had the cardboard insert in there that came with the coverlets. It says: Colchas S. Domingos, Fine European Linens, Matelasse Coverlet. They are 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It says they are made in Portugal. I remember I purchased two in case one ever got damaged. Other than a few picks from where kitties jumped on the bed (and had trouble due to the height of the bed) they still look almost as good as new. They have definitely held up well over the years. I’m glad you asked about those because I didn’t realize I had saved the cardboard thingy. I think I’ll see if I can find them online…not sure if that company is still around. Check HomeGood or TJMax for awesome prices on linens. They usually have really nice ones and much cheaper than department stores.

  44. Heavens above! The bed skirt looks fine as it is even though it’s a “fake”
    You did a good job & it looks fabulous.

  45. Susan, gorgeous!!! As to the leather chairs, go for it, but don’t get dark ones. A medium tone would be great summer and winter. I love how this turned out. Your vision was great! Good luck on the seamstress. Enjoy your pretty room. Xo marlis

  46. Susan, your winter nest is just scrumptious! You did such a meticulous job of placing the tablecloths,(even pleating them!) that I never would have known this wasn’t the final product without you divulging that fact.
    I am under a down comforter, as our windchill here in the Chicago burbs was minus 15, today!! It’s gonna be a long winter.

  47. Susan, I want to crawl into that cozy bed right now!! 🙂 Wonderful job and the tablecloths worked brilliantly. I love the cushion with all the stockings. I imagine as Winter really sets in, it will be hard to leave that lovely bed in the morning.

  48. Susan Love how the new look looks with all the rich colors of the tartans I love the red stocking pillow but I think the new pottery barn clashes with the plaid.Sorry for voicing my opinion I know you didn’t ask us but since you have invited us all into your bedroom personally I’d return it and get your money back. I am doing a winter woodland theme for a table and found a great red plaid and I am going to layer it over a dk blue plaid. I was worried about mixing plaids but like yours it looks terrific. thank you for sharing with us the wonderful re do and that different plaids look great together.Susie

  49. Hi Susan,
    Red tartan plaid was my mother’s religion–her den had red & green plaid carpet, really practical. My sons had red flannel plaid duvets, sweaters, pjs & bath towels as homage to her; years later it still makes me smile, especially your bedspace. It is truly divine! She was a designer & expert seamstress, & her solution to the egomaniacal logo: applique. I still have some RL velvet pillows onto which she sewed heraldic patches over his majesty’s monogram, also very RL in look. Perhaps there are some great hunt-themed ones!

    TY so much for your very thoughtful & tasteful blog. I have never commented, but often enjoyed. I like making a mess with paint or fabric, but it seems no project is too daunting for you. I find your woodworking awe-inspiring! I love the book reviews & your latest additions; what devotion! Best, Susan, a front porch devotee

    • Oh Susan, I love plaid carpeting…I would have loved your Mom’s. I once saw some in a model home in very high-end subdivision. I think it was either in a kid’s room or a man’s study. Anyway, it was gorgeous. I seriously thought of putting it in my basement back when my son was small…looks great in rec rooms, too. Your son’s rooms sound so cute…love plaid for a boys rooms! What a great idea for covering up the logo…I may end up doing something like that. So it sounds like ‘ol Ralph has been doing the monogram velvet pillow thing for a while now. Grrrr, I guess that means he won’t be stopping with the monogram business anytime soon.
      Thanks so much for your sweet comment, Susan. I loved hearing about your Mom…she sounds like a very special and talented soul!

      • Susan,
        Was your mom a decor genius? This exchange has made me realize that your blog does bring her back for me. Of course, it is truly you, with so many original attributes, but you two share a celebratory spirit in all you do, as well as we had the only red front door on the block…Grateful, Susan

        • Oh, thanks so much, Susan…I think your Mom and I would have gotten along great. I’m sure she could have taught me quite a few things! Wish I had more experience with sewing. Speaking of doors, I do love a bright red door. I just saw an article somewhere online that said houses with brightly colored doors sell faster than other homes. I wonder if it has anything to do with the door or if the door is just a continuation of the decorating style inside the home. That would be an interesting study!

        • Susan, I just realized I didn’t answer your question. I’m not sure about decorating but she could crochet and loved to draw. You can see some of her beautiful handiwork in this post: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/a-mothers-day-table-setting/

  50. I was thinking… if you already have those leather chairs, why don’t you follow your idea, and then, come springtime, you can remove them, and put them back where they were at the beginning, and this way you can have your seasonal change of scenery again… and again, lol.

  51. Susan, what have you done to me? I now have a serious tartan fetish going on. It has swayed my decision on new bedding, a ‘cuddle’ seat, Christmas wrap and ribbon… I have warned the family it’s going to be a tartan Christmas this year. Your posts are always so inspirational but this guest bedroom has me drooling. xx

    • lol! Sorry about that Andi…I’m a terrible influence! Let’s all blame it on Ralph…he’s the cause of my tartan fetish right now. lol I’ve been trying to track down some inexpensive plaid ribbon but everything I find it expensive. If you find any for a reasonable price, please let me know! Ballard Designs has some really cute plaid paper and ribbon…but again, pretty pricey.

  52. bobbi duncan says

    Hi, Susan. Everything about your new winter bedding makes me smile. I would love to have this look in one of our bedrooms…just makes me want to snuggle under the covers with a good book. Know you will enjoy sleeping in such a dreamy, cozy bed. Love the picture of you and your son…so sweet, and you’ve hardly aged since then you lucky girl. Isn’t this weather crazy???

  53. Hi Susan,

    LOVE your bedroom…simply beautiful. Frankly, since this isn’t going to be your permanent bedding, I would use the tablecloths as a bedskirt…I think they look great…and spend the money on some other things you may need for the room. BTW, I love your April-October bedding (Summerton, I believe) and have the same set in my Guest Room!

    • Thanks, Eileen…it’s tempting. I’m shocked at what custom made bedskirts cost these days. I still love the Summerton bedding after all this time…it is so well made, you would think it was custom! I bet you love your’s too!

  54. I made a bedskirt by attaching positive velcro to the top edge of the skirt, and attached negative side of velcro to my box springs. Much easier to remove. I can remove it to run through the dryer on fluff to remove dust. Hope you read this idea as you could do it yourself or pass on the suggestion to the seamstress.

  55. It’s beautiful, Susan! Tartan is such the craze right now. Ralph Lauren pulls a lot of weight! It’s so hard to get dark items to show against white or cream in a picture. If you lighten it too much, the white is glowing. You were smart to take some photos excluding the white coverlet. The colors in the dark plaid stand out better in those. I love that darker plaid, too, and the scale is completely different from the red. I look forward to seeing your nice, full bedskirt. 🙂

    • Kim, I was wondering about that…if it was becoming more popular. I’ve always loved it but I have been seeing a lot of tartan over the last few years. I hope it stays a craze for a while since I do love it! You are so right…the dark green throw and the Duke Devonshire fabric is so hard to photograph. To make the colors show, I’d have to lighten the picture to oblivion. lol You probably already know this but professional photographer with fancy software can chose one item or one area of a photo and lighten it, leaving the rest of the photo exactly as it is. That’s why when you’re looking at pictures of rooms in magazines or online that were taking by pros, everything in the room will have the same amount of light, sometimes to the point where the room will look fake. I’ve read articles where some folks really don’t like that type of photo editing…saying it’s nice to have some shadows and light/dark areas in photos. It can give a room a bizarre surreal feel. But alas, I don’t have any of those fancy programs or training to use them 🙂 so just have to do what I can.

  56. SharonFromMichigan says

    Susan – First, your bedding is gorgeous! It looks so very warm and cozy. Secondly, did I spy that you already have your outdoor wreaths on your windows? I just started thinking about putting mine out. Thinking, not doing – lol! I love that Woody pillow. I’m going to see if its available via the internet.

    • Good eyes! Yep, I decided to put them up early this year since I love seeing them so much from outside and from inside. You can see the post where I shared about putting them up early here: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/15-awesome-ways-to-make-christmas-festive-beautiful/
      Sharon, I looked last night and they still have the Woody, but it looks like the Friends and Family sale they had going ended. I bet you anything they will have more sales in the upcoming weeks, though. It may even be on sale for Black Friday so check then. I’ve also seen it on eBay but the prices were of course, higher.

  57. Hi Susan… Haven’t written in a long time, but I have kept up with your “adventures”. Love the new/old look in your bedroom for sure. Re bed skirts, my mother had metal rods attached along the inside of the bed rails on her antique bed and then made 3 lined, flat panels,
    extra, extra long that she simply gathered on the rods. They were full and exactly the length she wanted them. When it was time to change them or wash them. she undid the rods, removed the panels, washed and easily ironed them, presto change o! This saved time, all the trouble of taking the mattress off etc. and the $$$ of having a regular bed skirt made 🙂
    All the best, SheilaC

  58. I just had to put my 2 cents in………love, love, love the new bed dressings!!! What a great mix with the 2 plaids!! Very cozy and comfy, love every single element.

    A friend of mine has the curtain rods on the posts of her bed and they work very well for adding different bed skirt curtains……..just like the above post. Forgot all about it until Sheila C. commented. If you worry about the space between the bottom of the box spring and the top of the rod……just add a 2 to 3 inch header above the rod pocket of the skirt.

    Stay warm………Cleo

  59. OMG ! I love this room. The plaid is perfect with your cherry furniture. I have always wanted a plaid bedroom but would not spend the money thinking I would only use it in the month of December. You have totally opened my eyes that it is winter time bedding…. hmmm now I will be thinking how I can pull this off.
    And concerning the bed skirt, they are easy to make and with the products on the market today you no longer have to gather on your sewing machine. After you measure your fabric, iron and sew (just realized how easy this would be with the lines in the plaid to follow) the side seams and hem, then sew gathering tape across the top. Pull the cording and you’re done. (the cording is already sewn into the gathering tape). I add Velcro to the back of my bed skirts so I can easily remove them for laundry, but it would be simple to sew the gathered skirt to a flat sheet (I have found that a full flat sheet is the exact size I need for my King bed).
    I love, let me repeat that – Love, love the way you have put together your home! I get inspiration from you each time I visit.

  60. Some monograms are sewed with a stiffening fabric on the back and if you are careful with a thread puller you can remove all the stitching. I would think velvet would be thick enough to hide any stitching marks, and perhaps some steam would lift the knap of the velvet. Of course at $40 you may not want to take a chance. I just remember removing a monogram once . It was tedious and time consuming but important to me. Good luck. Beautiful room I could easily live in with my plaid chromosome.

  61. It looks so pretty!

    And I always use tablecloths for yardage, especially when they are on sale. You can buy an extra one to make napkins, which comes out much less expensive than buying individual napkins, or buy a much larger one than you need, cut off the extra, and whip up the napkins. Use thenm to make placemats or aprons, or like you, a bed skirt. It’s the widest fabric you can get in a good quality.

    Enjoy your room!

  62. Just saw one of your beautiful tablescapes on the Today show website. It’s in a slideshow collection of Thanksgiving table settings. Congratulations!

    • Meresu, thanks for telling me about that. They sent me an email a few weeks ago asking to use some pictures and I had completely forgotten about it. Looks like they featured a fall one I put together at the little table on the deck and one I set in the dining room. Thanks again for letting me know…I would have missed it, I’m sure.

  63. Oh, I love this, red is my favorite, even though my bedroom is currently blue. You can’t have red EVERYWHERE, can you? I’ve loved the clean lines of my poster bed without a bed skirt since I bought it, but now you’ve got me wondering if I want a bed skirt. I’m not sure it would get along with my robot vacuum. And if it didn’t stay distributed evenly it might bug me, I’ve been known to cut fringe off rugs because it wouldn’t stay neat. Another inspiration to mull over. Thanks! (i think)

  64. How clever you are to use the tablecloths as fabric for a bedskirt. I love the way you’ve pulled everything together. I want to jump right into that bed and snuggle with a cup of warm cocoa.

    As for the RLL logo, it is definitely annoying. He sticks it on everything including some of his dishes. Why, oh why? Actually, I understand that some people would want the logo to prove they are buying designer goods…anyone for a Louis Vuitton bag covered in the logo? So many of us, though, would prefer logos to be discreetly placed on a hidden tag.

  65. rattlebridge farm says

    Susan, the bedding is gorgeous! Using tablecloths for a dust ruffle was a stroke of genius–and it looks superb the way you’ve fixed it. The mix is perfect. What a beautiful, warm bedroom you’ve created! I’ve got the red plaid dishes and tablecloth from WS and I hope to do a tablescape. I didn’t buy the mugs, but yours is so adorable, I’m going to order them. Hope you’re staying warm!!

  66. Love your new bedding and how neat to reuse the duvet cover and pillow inserts you already had. We would never have known the bed skirt was fabric tucked around. It looks great.

    I know you will enjoy the tartan pieces and the cute Christmas pillow. Darling matching mug.
    Do you have tartan pajamas and slippers ???

  67. Gorgeous! Now time to paint! To my eye it’s not working with all of your rich furniture and bedding (either season). Maybe a gold perhaps–still neutral, but richer. That light lemon…hmmm. Just my 2 cents though, lol 🙂

  68. I love the plaid! The bed skirt will look so beautiful! I think you could use a sweater pillow as well. I have seen many up cycled sweater pillows on several blogs and Pinterest using sweaters from Goodwill that would look gorgeous. If you get a chance check out Back Porch Musings blossom, she did a beautiful tartan guest bedroom makeover (woody pillow too). She has a plaid and tartan ribbon she used for her tie backs. I have seen this ribbon in a few stores here in SC. One store here is selling “pillow wraps” made from burlap. The wraps have a one initial monogram so you may be able to cover RL with your own. They also have some with a short saying on them. I have considered making my own version as the are look simple to make. The store is called Carolina Pottery and they have a FB page as well. If I see the plaid ribbon again I will post where I found it.

    • Peggy, I actually bought a couple of red sweater pillows but just couldn’t work them into the final ensemble. One I am def keeping though because it looked good on the bed in a different arrangement. I’ll look up Carolina Pottery…thanks for telling me about it!

  69. Who wouldn’t love to be a guest in this room? It’s so cozy and I can imagine guests reading magazines/book.
    Love red anyway and this is stunning!

  70. Mary Johnston says

    love this tartan! I wonder if you have thought about buying extra pillow cases or euro sham and having pillows made when you have the bed skirt made. I would not want someone else initials across my pillow. The cost may or may not be about the same, don’t know what people charge for sewing. Making a pillow is not hard. I bet you could tackle that. The only hard thing would be the zipper if you choose one, but Pinterest has lots of tutorials. Do you have a sewing machine?

    • Thanks, Mary! Yep, I do have a sewing machine and I have sewn a pillow cover before. It was a really easy style that didn’t require a zipper…you can see it in this old post: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/easy-sew-pillow-with-piping/
      I may end up doing that and just keeping RL pillows for their feather/down insert. I really did like adding in a touch of velvet though…mixing that in with all the other textures. I see so many RL things in HomeGoods and TJ Max with monograms…it’s makes me wonder if those things are not selling well due to the monogram. If that’s the case, you would think he would quit putting it on plates, bed linens, pillows, etc…

  71. Your bedroom is beautiful–very rich look. I have the same bed as yours and will be starting an update after the first of the year. I will also have to have the bed skirt custom made again as it is an 18″ drop. Thank you for mentioning a seamstress–I would not have thought of going to one. In the past I have used a home decor store that provides custom services–very expensive!

  72. I have a Scottish heritage and am Clan Armstrong on my father’s side and Clan Wallace on my mom’s side. The Armstrong tartan is my favorite and is a navy blue/hunter green plaid with a small red stripe in it. My formal kilt is made with that. The Wallace tartan is red/black/yellow plaid, but mostly red. The red plaid that is on Scotch tape is actually the Wallace tartan. I love your bedroom because it kind of looks like a blend of our two tartans! I would encourage anyone with Scottish blood to research their family tartan, if they don’t know it, and try to add it into their decorating. Your room is giving me ideas….expensive ideas! lol! Unfortunately fabric in specific tartans is $75+ per yard, but is usually 60″ wide (which helps). 🙂

    • Kelly, I love the tartans and is so much fun to find out your own. I thought about doing that too since my maiden name is Scottish. I ordered a couple of books over the last few months since I’m so into tartan and I found my tartan in both books. I’ll see if I can insert a picture here…I do love it! I was so happy to see it was one I actually liked. 🙂
      I know the real tartan fabrics are expensive from the research I did online. I should order some of my sett and at least have a pillow made. I think that’s all I could afford at $75 a yard. 🙂

      • Every clan has several tartans, including modern, ancient, hunting and maybe a formal one too. I do prefer the ancient Wallace because it’s softer, as the ancients usually are; but I prefer the modern Armstrong. If I decorated with it, I would use the modern Armstrong as the main focal points. One thing to keep in mind is that if your clan is very active (unfortunately, Armstrongs are not), you might be able to get the tartan in fabric other than the expensive wool. If you google tartan fabric, it will bring up several companies that offer the fabric by the yard and some made them in wool, silk and a cotton/poly blend (which is the cheapest option). Some companies do offer tartan afghans to, which would be a good way to throw in your blue tartan. I seem to remember you have a blue and white bedroom with yellow walls? You might could sneak it in there! 😉

        • Oh, I’d love a throw or afghan in that tartan. Yeah, the picture I attached is the modern version for my clan. The ancient pattern is the same but a lot darker…not as pretty to me. Thanks for that tip on the checking on the afghans…I will definitely do that! I wouldn’t even mind paying a little more to get the wool version. Good idea about sneaking it into the blue and white room! 🙂

    • I just looked up Wallace and Armstrong…I love both of those! Oh, how I love tartans…I am plaid obsessed! 🙂

      • BTW, I didn’t know it is okay to post links in comments, but I just checked my receipts and I did get the Modern Amstrong wool for my formal tartan from Scotland Shop. It is 10 oz wool and sewing with it was a thing of beauty. I am a professional seamstress and have sewn with many lovely fabrics, including wedding dress material, but this 10 oz wool has been by far my favorite ever to work with. I designed the kilt so that I did not waste 1″ of that expensive fabric and was quite proud to wear it to the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games last July!

  73. You got me all inspired and I purchased flannel plaid sheets and a duvet cover for my bedroom for winter. I’ve also purchased many many yards of fabric to make a bed skirt (not plaid, sheer ecru – two layers). I’m going to link back to this post from my blog today. Thanks!

  74. Susan, FYI
    I was browsing today at the Crate and Barrel Christmas outlet online site and lo and behold: they have the darling retro plaid lunchbox on sale for $19.97. I used to have one just like it WAAAAAy back when. If you could use it, it would blend in with your beautiful new WS bedroom decor. I’ve seen them used in kitchen, garden and picnic settings also. Just thought you might like to check it out.

    • Oh my gosh, it is sooo cute! I may have to buy one. It does look like my bedding. lol Thanks for that tip, Norma! I wonder if they still have the thermos available. It’s cute, too.

    • I just noticed there are quite a few of the old ones on eBay…some include the thermos. There are lots of thermos on there too. Search Aladdin plaid lunch box or Aladdin plaid thermos and you’ll see them. So much fun looking at them!

  75. Karen Amatangelo says

    Susan, I found a williams Sonoma queen tartan plaid duvet and shams on ebay for $ 299.00. Is that a good price? The seller said that they are new.



    • Karen, that’s a great price because I think $299 was what the duvet was all by itself when it was for sale on the WS website. So that sounds like a very good price!

  76. Susan, I love your bedroom dressed for summer and winter! I have a bed and highboy similar to yours and I love the candlestands you use as bedside tables, would you please tell me the height and diameter of them. I have been looking for one and there are so many sizes.

  77. Denise James says

    I am wondering if your Matelasse Coverlet in your Tartan bedroom is white or ivory–it’s hard to tell and I’ve tried to determine it through your blogs but to no avail!! I am really wanting to do this in my bedroom this year–my birthday is coming up & I think that would be a perfect gift from my husband!!

    • It’s ivory. The one in the guest room is white but this one in my bedroom is an ivory color. I originally bought it many years ago to go with my summer bedding that you can see here: Master Bedroom
      Fortunately it works great with my plaid winter bedding, as well.
      That would be a wonderful birthday gift, Denise!

      • Denise James says

        Thanks so much for your quick reply!! I have liked your blog and website for the last 3 years–you make it fun & interesting and you have such great ideas!! You are an inspiration!!
        Best to you!!
        Grandmother of 5 and loving every minute of it!!
        Denise in Austin, Texas

  78. next time, get a seam ripper, you would have been able to rip out those monograms in about 5 minutes. love the bedroom!

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