Isle of Hope Home Tour, Part I

Recently, I visited Wormsloe featuring the unbelievably beautiful mile-long avenue of Live Oaks. During that trip to Wormsloe, I stumbled across a lovely community located along the Skidaway River called Isle of Hope.

According to Wikipedia, “Early maps refer to Isle of Hope in French as Isle Desperance (modern French:’Espérance). Legends abound of pirates using the island to hide their treasure, and generations of children have gone digging hoping to find it. History also states that French Huguenots used the island as a place of refuge for fleeing persecution.”

After our visit to Wormsloe, we went exploring and happened upon this marina along the Skidaway River.



Just outside the entrance to the marina, a street ran along the edge of the marina and the river. It was lined with homes that had us oohing and ahhing. There were too many wonderful homes to share in one post so I’ll share the rest in a second post tomorrow morning. As wonderful as these are, the homes in the second post turned out to be my favorites, so you’ll definitely want to see Part II of this Isle of Hope home tour.

Home in Isle of Hope, Savannah


Some were so picturesque, I would even call them “storybook homes.” Don’t you love that name, Isle of Hope?


Several of the homes on this street appeared to have their ceilings painted haint blue.” Folklore has it, painting your porch ceiling blue will keep evil spirits away from your home. Back in the day, folks also thought it would deter bugs/flies from hanging around on the porch since they would think the ceiling was the sky and wouldn’t land. I just love how it looks.



See the doggie on the front porch? We saw so many cute dogs on this street.


There’s another doggie on this front porch…do you see him?


This home is currently for sale.




Love this raised cottage.


I wonder if this home used to have a double porch and they closed in the lower section. I never like to see them closed in.


This home has a big screened-in porch. Normally, I prefer to see screened-in porches on the back of the home; but the view of the marina and Skidaway River across the road makes having the screened-in porch on the front a great idea.

Stop back by tomorrow morning for Part II of this Isle of Hope home tour. Some of my favorite homes were toward the end of the street and you are going to have a fit when you see them!


Update: You’ll find the second part of this Isle of Hope tour here: Isle of Hope Home Tour

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  1. Holly @ Roller Coaster Life says

    Beautiful!!!! My husband and I almost moved to Savannah! The houses there are so beautiful and unique!

  2. AMAZING…..I love the first one! I live in S. Cal where everything is stucco…..these make me drool!

  3. Thanks so much.I'm feeling the humid salty air.

  4. Bonnie@Creative Decorating says

    Oh what gorgeous homes! I'm dreaming!

  5. What a great community. Such style. I'll bet there was plenty to ooh and aahhh about.
    I wonder what the one that is closed in below looks like from the inside of those glass walls.

  6. So pretty…thanks so much for the tour!!!

  7. The raised house that you mention reminds me of a Queenslander, which is what we call a raised home with a veranda in Australia.

  8. I just got back from Savannah and Charleston myself, and I wish I would have known about the Isle of Hope. I would have loved to have seen these homes in person. They are just so very beautiful!

    Looking forward to seeing more of the homes and having that fit you promised! I have a lot of those when I see all the pretty things you post on your blog!

    From Virginia

  9. Glenda/MidSouth says

    Thanks so much for sharing your trip to Savannah. You did a great job of photographing all these beautiful homes.

  10. Susan, these homes are beautiful! I can't wait to see Part II of your post. I've always wanted to visit Savannah so I thank you for sharing the photographs of your trip with us.

  11. Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) says

    Thanks for the house tour and the tour of the oaks! I am hoping to take my Mom to Savannah in the fall if she can manage it. I have never been there and I am so excited. I don't know which of these houses is my favorite. I am looking forward to the next post. Linda

  12. Susan, haven't seen Isle of Hope either. Didn't even know about it. Thanks for sharing all this information. Will be back for part II. ~ sarah

  13. Love love love. Can't wait for tomorrow!!

  14. Kathysue says

    Susan, I love seeing all these wonderful homes. Last year I went on a historical home tour in Beufort and it was amazing. This totally reminds of that wonderful day, I had with some blogging friends, Kathysue

  15. enjoyed this tour!!!
    Neat to see these houses.

  16. J'ai tout simplement says

    Olá! visitei o seu blog, e vi essas lindas casas! parabéns, ótimas imagens..

  17. SewCalGal says

    What beautiful homes. Looks like a great place to go exploring.


  18. SewCalGal says

    What beautiful homes. Looks like a great place to go exploring.


  19. kiwirach says

    What wonderful photos of gorgeous homes. I love American homes, so thanks for sharing the piccies. I'll definately be back for part 2!!.

  20. nattatheei says

    Hi Susan, love your post. Matter of fact, I love all your post. The homes you share with us today are just amazing, can't wait for tomorrow. I could feel passion and love coming thru these pictures and touched my entire being. Thanks for sharing.

  21. The Decorative Dreamer says

    These homes are beautiful and I cannot wait to see more tomorrow. I loved Wormsloe too! We are hoping to vacation at Tybee Island this year and I plan to visit Savannah some if we do. Your posts are perfect timing for me. I love it!

  22. I've never posted before, but wanted to share, I painted the ceiling on my front porch this summer Haint (or very close to it) Blue. We've have spiders build huge webs summer after summer and so far, there are no spiders on my porch. There are moths, but not spiders so I'm hoping there is something to this old wives tale.
    I love Skidaway Island. We do a trip somewhere every September or October. I believe Savannah will be the place this October.

  23. Just imagine a "Christmas House Tour!" Wonderful – you see the "pride in community" spirit. franki

  24. SavannahGranny says

    Ya'll just need to call me. I can show you these secret treasures and more. Hugs, Ginger

  25. Susan,
    My son-in-law's Dad grew up on Isle of Hope. And he proposed to his future wife (son-in-law's mother)at that very marina about 30 years ago.

  26. Hi Susan,
    I know this post was published several years ago, but I just visited it from your archives. And you are correct! That porch was not glassed in originally. I live in Savannah (actually on Wilmington Island) and I agree that Isle of Hope is beautiful…………especially along that street! And now I am going to your Part 2, and can’t wait to see if your favorites are the same as mine………….I think they must be………towards the other end of the street from the marina end.

    • Interesting! Thanks for clarifying that, Dotti. I had a feeling it was originally open. I would love to see a picture of it that way. I’ve rarely ever see so many gorgeous homes all lined up, one after the other as I did that day. It was just amazing!

  27. I grew up right there off Bluff Drive by the marina and walked or rode my bike up and down it every day. One of the few things I miss about living in Chatham County.

  28. After reading both parts of the Isle of Hope tour, I found I liked the first photo the best. By the pic, it looked like a small-ish cottage style, just my size. Umm, yea, it’s a deceptive view, as seen in the “it’s for sale” photo collection.
    Thought you might find interesting.

  29. The house in isle of hope with the red tin roof was the home I grew up in and yes it was open on the first floor. The current owners added the staircase up the front.

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