Inside Ballynahinch Castle: Take a Tour of this Romantic Irish Castle

I’ve been dying to take you inside Ballynahinch Castle ever since I returned from Ireland, but it has taken a while to get through all the photos I took. Pictures could never do this beautiful castle justice, but at least they will give you a little idea of how magical it feels to stay there. In this post I’m sharing a mix of photos, some taken by me and some from the Ballynahinch Castle website. Those taken by me during my visit there will have the Between Naps On The Porch watermark.

The hydrangeas were a bit beaten down by the rain, but they were still absolutely gorgeous when we were there in late August.


This is how the front entrance looked in August minus the Christmas wreath, snow and lanterns. I would love to see it in person at Christmastime!


As you enter through the green front door (seen on the left in the photo below) this is the scene that always greets you

Ballynahinch Castle Entrance with Fireplace


It doesn’t matter the time of year (we were there in August) you’ll always find a fire crackling away in the castle entry.

Entry, Ballynahinch Castle


It was always a welcomed sight after touring all day in the misty, Ireland weather.

Ballynahinch Castle Entry


My room was in a back wing of the castle, overlooking the scenic river only a few feet away.

Beautiful View from my room at Ballynahinch


Whenever I left my room for dinner or to meet up with a friend, this was the view as I made my way back toward the front entrance of the castle. Though we were staying in a huge castle, somehow they have managed to make it feel quaint and cozy. I think the plaid carpet and beautiful rugs had a lot to do with that.

Ballynahinch Castle


This plaid carpet ran throughout much of the area of the castle where I stayed and I loved seeing it each day as I made my way around the castle.

Ballynanhinch Castle Plaid Carpeting


There are lots of cozy sitting rooms to enjoy like this one shown in a photo from their website. I wonder how many trees they put up at Christmastime?

Hunt room, Ballynahinch Castle


There’s a wonderful pub where some of us gathered for after dinner drinks.

Ballynahinch Castle Fishermans Pub


I took several photos in this room, but the lighting was a bit hazy that day so the wood looks darker than it really is.

Fisherman's Pub inside Ballynahinch Castle


Here’s one more photo of this beautiful room from the website. The evening I joined friends here, we sat at the tables there against the wall.

Ballynahinch Fishermans Pub


Fisherman come from everywhere to fish in the river. Apparently they have a Fishing Club at Ballynahinch.

Ballynahinch Castle Fishing Club Members


I don’t remember seeing this room during my time at Ballynahinch, but had to include it in this post because it feels very castle-like to me. That’s the challenge when you buy an ancient castle in Ireland–the desire to renovate/restore it to include all the comforts folks want and need, while keeping the “castle” feel as much as possible. Ballynahinch Castle Ranji Room


This is another room I somehow missed seeing while there–the library. I guess I just need to go back again some day so I can sit in one of these wingback chairs by this fire and read a good book.

Ballynahinch Castle Library


The dining room is beautiful and almost every table has amazing views of the river behind the castle.

Ballynahinch Castle Dining, Restaurant


Right off the dining room was a charming sun room. I loved this space!

Ballynahinch Castle, Sunroom, Galway Ireland


The other end of the sunroom…

Ballynahinch Castle Sunroom, Ireland


Another sitting room in Ballynahinch Castle…

Ballynahinch Castle Sitting Room


The castle feels very much like a home because there are so many cozy spots to sit and talk with a friend, or just to relax.

Cozy Seating Area, Wingbacks Ballynahinch Castle_wm


Another cozy place to enjoy…

Cozy Seating Area, Ballynahinch Castle


One evening we returned to the castle famished and ready for dinner. It may have been the day Teresa and I spent hiking around the property. We walked into the dining room and as we were sitting down, we realized we still had our coats on. One of the staff offered to take our coats for us and we gladly handed them over.

After dinner we realized we needed to find our coats before heading back to our rooms. One of the castle staff told us they were probably in the Cloak Room just down the hall. As we turned the corner that led into the cloak room, I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw our bright-colored coats hanging alongside all the serious fishing jackets and boots. I don’t know why that stuck me as so funny, we definitely had no trouble picking out our coats out from the others.  πŸ™‚

Wood Paneled Cloak Room, Ballynahinch Castle


The castle has bedrooms of various styles and sizes, throughout. This one is featured on their website and it’s a dream!

Bedroom in Ballynahinch Castle


I shared my bedroom in a previous post, but in case you missed that post, I’ll include a few pictures here.


Ballynahinch Castle Beautiful Bedroom


See more of this room including the bathroom and the view of the river in this previous post: A Beautiful Bedroom in Ballynahinch Castle.


We stayed in some absolutely beautiful castles and manor homes while in Ireland, but Ballynahinch Castle was my favorite of all.


Before leaving, I purchased a couple of their candles to bring home. Thankfully they made it back without breaking.


I also purchased a couple of their small water bottles that were always filled and waiting for us each evening when we returned. The note beside them said they were filled each day with “crystal clear water from our own well on the Estate Grounds.” I keep them in my refrigerator filled with water–a concrete reminder that this trip wasn’t just a dream.

Ballynahinch Water Bottles

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  1. They need a big, old Irish wolfhound snoozing in front of one of those fires. Beautiful place. How was the food?

  2. Elizabeth Ann says

    Love the two sitting rooms and the stunning gold mirror! The dream bedroom is a color I also love as seen in the two wing back chairs. Thank you for bringing these beautiful photos to your blog.

  3. Teresa Person says

    We stayed there about 5 years ago and loved it…. I called it a mini Downton Abby… I also did a couple of paintings of photos I took there… one on the grounds and another looking out the breakfast/dinner Dining room windows…. such a beautiful place…thanks for all the pics… Teresa Person

  4. More beautiful than I remember from earlier posts. Stunning views from the dining room. I know that it would be days before I could make myself leave to visit nearby areas; and I would just hurry back ASAP. Candles and glass water bottles–two great souveniers. So I’m going to scroll back up and view the photos again…

  5. Thanks again for this post. I’m so glad wallpaper is in again. I would wallpaper every room in my house, including ceilings in some rooms.
    Best not do that. People want white or light walls. One day I will sell. Maybe just lacquer living and dining rooms? No, I don’t think I’ll do that either.
    I’d have to sell the house first, then lacquer. It costs several houses.
    But I can plant more Hydrangeas. πŸ™‚

  6. Cyndi Raines says

    How very enchanting! I am sure that fire felt great when you came inside from a cold, misty, damp day. Love the dinning room and it’s view and the sunporch! Wow, what a wonderful trip. This is my second most favorite, with the African safari being my favorite.

  7. Ann E Friend Seigman says

    Thank you for showing us more of the castle! The rooms and views are just beautiful! I love the chairs in the pub, but the color scheme in your room-not so much. Maybe it looks Irish… I don’t know! I guess it is a personal preference. But the rest of the castle is so varied and well appointed; so many areas to discover and cozy into. I love the idea of the water bottle in the fridge that reminds you of your trip. Sometimes it is the little things that mean so much. πŸ™‚

  8. Susan, I am always up for a good Castle tour! Yours did not disappoint. The public rooms are definitely cozy and inviting! Ireland is one of my favorite countries that I have enjoyed traveling to.

  9. donna a zoltanski says

    A dream vacation…..I could sit by the window enjoying the river view right now……the dining room and sunroom are my favorites. Your “castle” bedroom was gorgeous, do you get to pick which room you would like to stay in? Thanks for sharing. Water tastes so much better in glass doesn’t it???

  10. I was there a very long time ago. Thanks for bringing back sweet memories.

  11. How lovely!
    Your bedroom looks like a jewel box.
    I agree, that library is captivating, and I thank
    you for sharing this wonderful tour!

  12. Oooooh, seeing your bedroom with those pillows and couch…those colors…with hydrangea..ooooh! I really MUST GO!!! franki

  13. Susan: Thanks so much for sharing these pictures of the gorgeous castle and grounds. I am an admitted anglophile, so I eat all of this stuff up! I love the warmth of all of these rooms. If I were visiting, I honestly don’t think I could bring myself to leave!! On another note, I saw this really cute pink car ornament on this website and I thought of your recent holiday decorating:

    I hope all is well!

  14. Judy MacDonald says

    How absolutely gorgeous. I generally think of castles being cold and stuffy. This one is so warm and charming. Lucky you!

  15. Robyn Gouge says

    I am pretty jealous right now. Ireland is the one place I want to go the most in the world. The pictures you shared are breathtaking! I am so glad you were able to go and hopefully I will get there myself one day. Thank you for this post.

  16. That castle is beautiful. I would love to go to Ireland one day and try to find out some genealogy on my ancestors. Thank You for sharing these photos.

  17. Susan,
    did your ears ring, today? It was me talking about you! lol
    I was looking for a new tablet in an electronics store and since I wanted to try some I asked a staff member to activate their tablets, please. He entered the PIN and asked me what to type then. I said, ok I want to read and I need to see pictures to check their color intensity, so type “Between naps on the porch”, please. He said “Excuse me?” – Me: “BNOTP, my favorite blog to read from the US. You could read that, too.” – He again: “Oh, is it a technology blog?” – Me: “Hmmm… it might include but is not limited to technology…” And then we saw that beautiful Ballynahinch Castle and he gave me such a look! lol I said: “What?! You should see her tablescapes!” HA! Ok, now I am pretty sure he thinks I am crazy… LOL

  18. Ooh, how comforting to come into a warm fire each day. The Castle does seem very cozy just like a home – I love that! I’ll bet the sun room was a nice place to have breakfast in August. The Castle is just beautiful, thank you for sharing it!

  19. Thank you for sharing. I would pick a new spot to sit every night to read. I would probably be by the river once a day also. Such a beautiful place.

  20. Jane Franks says

    Very interesting, and just beautiful, Susan. What always interests me about these great houses in Europe and the UK is the art! My husband being a professional fine artist (easel paintings in Old World realism style), we adore the fabulous artwork displayed in these places. Do you have any more photos of the paintings on these walls? Did you take any closeups? They look wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

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