Just A Few Of My Favorites and Most-Loved Essentials For Summer

With spring in full swing and the increasingly warmer temps, I’ve been thinking about my favorite summer essentials, those pieces I love using and wearing throughout the summer months. One of my favorites to pull out every summer are my incredibly comfortable Ecco sandals. I love how adjustable these are, which means they work for the pickiest of feet.


I have Ecco sandals in several colors that work great for summer, including the ones above and those below. You’ll find them in a ton of different colors here: Favorite Summer Sandals.

Ecco Sandals


This is another one of my favorite summer sandals.  These are also very adjustable and thus, super comfortable! I find these slightly dressier than my Ecco sandals, so I tend to wear these whenever I’m wearing a my summer dresses.


This sandal comes in quite a few colors/designs here: Comfortable, Stylish Sandals.


Still loving these all-cotton PJs that I’ve been buying now for several years. They come in a lot of different designs, including this floral design.


This is another one of my favorite designs. Since I kinda live in these during the summer months, sleeping in them and sometimes wearing them all day around the house because they are sooo comfortable and cool for summer, I have multiple pairs. They are addictive! If you like the comfort and coolness of cotton, you’ll find these in several designs here: Cotton Summer PJs.   Update: It appears they only have them in their longer pants style right now. Hopefully they will have them available in the shorty PJ style soon.


If you prefer a different fabric other than cotton for sleeping, these satin PJs have great reviews.


They are available in a bunch of different colors here: Satin PJs. I think the blue is really pretty.


A great summer hat is a true must for me for summer. I love hats protect my face during the summer months since I don’t like putting sunscreen directly on my face. The split design on the back of this hat is really cute, love that! You’ll find this hat available here: Cute Summer Hat, Packable for Travel.



This beach hat is great if you like a hat with much wider coverage that’s great for the beach. You’ll find it available with some great designs here: Wide Beach Hats.


I’m surprised how many great tops Talbots has on “double” sale right now! This blue and white is one of my faves.


Love the coordinating fabric detail on the cuff! This shirt is currently 40% off, with an extra 15% off. You’ll find this beautiful design here: Blue and White Garden Floral Top


Another great spring/summer top that’s a “sale on sale” at 40% off, plus an extra 15% off. I really like the collar and the button tab design that goes over the v-neck. You’ll find this top on double sale here: Spring-Summer Top in Blue/White and Yellow/White.


Another great summer top that’s currently on sale and giving me those vibrant madras vibes! Love, love, love the plaid—especially when paired with white pants or white jeggings. When I leave the house in the summer, if I’m not wearing a summer dress, I’ll for sure be in white shorts or white pants with a colorful summer top. Such an effortless, worry-free way to dress for summer!  You’ll find this top 40% off, plus, an extra 15% off here: Madras Style Top for Summer. There are too many beautiful designs on sale to list them all here, but you’ll find everything that’s currently available in this “sale on sale” here: Summer Sale. I love all the summer clothes they have coming in right now in my favorite color, green!


A few months back, I purchased this Yeti portable soft cooler in this fun Barbie pink color. That’s not what Yeti calls this color, but it’s what I think of each time I see it. It comes in several sizes and quite a few colors. I went with the smaller size below so it would fit nicely on the passenger seat in my car for those summer trips to Ohio to visit family. You’ll find the smaller size that I have available here: Yeti Portable Soft Cooler. The next larger size up from mine is available for not that much more here: Yeti Portable Soft Cooler in Pink and 25 More Colors. I would love to eventually have it in that size, too.

Yeti Cooler in Bright Barbie Pink


If I had a beach trip planned, I would definitely want to take along one of these lightweight beach blankets. I love how big they are! This blanket is available in 7 colors, although I think this color combo may be my fave: Lightweight Extra Large Beach Blanket.


Happy Spring-Summer shopping this weekend!

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  1. Nice collection of summer colors in all sorts of items. And that beach blanket looks like it’s “party size!”

  2. Hi Susan, 2nd try at posting. All the pop-up advertisements are making it pretty impossible to read all the script associated with your recommended items. Then same thing happened when I was trying to post this comment earlier. Might want to see if it’s a problem at your end or mine. Thanks.

    • Linda, clear the cache on your computer and do a restart, see if that helps with how things load. That usually makes things run a bit smoother when I have issues on my computer. I hope that helps.

  3. I’m ordering those sandals and praying they work for my poor feet and legs! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Leigh Ann says

    Just received my Ecco sandals……love them!!!!! So thankful for the recommendation. Also….. really miss your travel stories 🙂

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