This $16.99 Product Changed My Life! Seriously!

I am such a happy camper right now! For years I’ve had an ongoing issue for which I could never find a solution. It’s been so annoying, I was seriously thinking I was going to have to invent a product to fix the problem myself. I even talked about it with a sales associate a few months ago, describing a product I was thinking about creating because I’m so tired of dealing with this issue!

What am I talking about? I’m talking about how every single time I get in the car and I’m driving along, I’ll glance over and notice that the handbag I’m carrying that day is sitting in full sun, having the color and finish ruined right before my very eyes.

Protect Handbag from Sun Damage & Fading While Driving in Car


Okay, that’s a little melodramatic, but as you probably know the sun can fade out and ruin pretty much anything in just matter of a few hours or days. If you regularly toss your handbag into the passenger’s seat, I can promise you your handbag is being damaged by the sun as you drive around throughout the day.

Or, if you take a trip or a long drive and the sun is beating down on your bag for much of the trip, the color is going to get bleached out of it, slowly but surely. The sun can damage pretty much anything including curtains, flooring, and upholstery if it beats down on it long enough.

But that wasn’t the only issue I was trying the solve. The other problem I’ve run into occasionally is when I’ve had to brake suddenly due to a traffic light changing or because a car in front of me suddenly braked to avoid another car. When that happens, out of the corner of my eye I often see my handbag flying out of the seat, crashing into the floorboard with its contents spilling out everywhere. Anyone else had that happen? Arggg!

Protect Handbag from Sun Damage & Fading While Driving in Car


I am beyond happy right now because I have at last found a solution–and I didn’t have to invent it! lol Recently, I came across something that looked very promising and I ordered it. I’m happy to say that it is working splendidly! You can see it installed in my car in the photo below.

How to keep handbag safe in car and out of sun when driving


The best way I can describe it is that it’s a holder or carrier that fits between and slightly behind the front/center console in your car. This photo from the website (not my car) shows how it looks really well. You’ll find it available here: Handbag Holder for Car.

Holder for Handbag in Car


It’s been in my car now for a few days while I’ve run several errands and I absolutely love it! When I go through a drive-through and need to access my handbag, it’s super easy to reach. I never even have to remove my bag from the holder. I just reach back, open my bag and pull out my wallet.

Update: I hadn’t even noticed until now, but there’s a big pocket on this handbag holder. So you can either place your handbag down into the big pocket or turn the bag holder around so the pocket faces the back seat and nestle your handbag into the holder as I have mine. Then the big pocket can be used to hold other things in back. Very versatile piece!

Car Holder for Handbag, Keeps Handbag Safe, Out of Sun


Most of my handbags are medium to small in size, but apparently, it works for bigger bags as seen in this photo below. I do have one bigger bag, so it should fit just fine when I use it this summer.

Car Handbag Holder fits large bags too.


As mentioned, I have found it very easy to access when I’m going through a drive-through window. In this photo from the website, it may look a bit awkward, but I haven’t found it awkward to reach at all, and I’ve tested it several times now.

One thing you need to know that I didn’t realize until after I ordered it (but I made it work anyway) is that it was designed to work with cars that have a center console that opens up from the front, not the type that slides open.

Handbag Holder for Car keeps handbag within easy reach


My console is the type where you press a button and it opens from the center. Since I couldn’t hook the little tie-cord that it comes with underneath the back end of the lid of the console as you’re supposed to, I just hooked the cord around each armrest attached to the seats. That is working very well and I can still easily access the console.

It’s probably not as elegant looking as it would be if I could completely hide it underneath the lid of a center console, but I don’t care. I’m so excited to finally have a way to keep my handbag in the front with me but out of the sun and floor, I can totally live with it attached this way. I’m really glad I missed that part about it only working with cars with a center console that opens from the front (insteading of sliding open) otherwise, I may not have ordered it.

If you would like to see a better photo of how I have the little cord hooked around the armrests, let me know and I’ll add one to this post, but it was super easy. The whole installation took about 1 minute.

Keep Handbag Safe in Car While Driving


The other place this handbag holder attaches is underneath the two front headrests. You just hook it through the little metal poles on the headrest, then lower the headrests back down. Once you lower the headrests down, you don’t even see the hooks anymore, or at least you don’t on my car.

Tip: In the video, they show connecting the little hooks to the outer sides of each headrest. I tried that at first and then moved them…can’t remember why now. I just tried that again and it’s working fine–so I would go with connecting them on the outer part/bar of the headrest. Once you get the little cord attached under the console, I find it’s easier to attach the two little hooks onto the headrest bars while sitting in the back seat. You can see how to adjust them better from back there.

How to Attach Handbag Holder in Car


Here’s one more photo showing where the handbag ends up positioned in the car when traveling. This is such a genius idea! You can read all the great reviews on this handbag holder here: Handbag Holder for Car.

Protect your nice handbag while traveling in a car with this handbag holder


Here’s another view of how my handbag looks inside the car. I forgot to close it back up after I got my cellphone out to take the photos, but it’s fine to drive around with it open since it’s not going anywhere. No more handbag missile flying through the air when I have to stop suddenly for a red light or a crazy driver in front of me!

Holder for Handbag in Car, Keeps Handbag Safe, Out of Floor


I am seriously so in love with this handbag car holder, when I do finally get around to replacing my 12-year-old car, I will not buy a new car unless this carrier will work inside of it. Before I go car shopping, I will buy another one of these to take around with me when test driving cars.

Handbag Holder for Driving in Car, Keeps Handbag Safe, No Falling Into Floor


It’s that important that it fits inside any car I own in the future. I never want to worry again about having my handbag ruined in the sun and I definitely don’t want to go back to having my bag and all its contents smashed into the floorboard of the car because I had to stop quickly. Those days are gone forever! Yay!!!

If you are in need of handbag carrier for your car, you’ll find this one available here: Handbag Holder for Car. I’m thrilled with how it’s working out in my car. Best invention EVER! 🙂

Handbag Holder for Driving in Car, Keeps Handbag Safe, No Falling Into Floor


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  1. It will also make it harder for anyone to grab your purse.

    • I hadn’t even thought about that but that’s a great point. I’ve heard about that happening when people have the windows rolled down or the doors unlocked. I guess the bad guys know that most women keep their handbag on the seat beside them.

    • Wow! I am the inventor of the Car Cache and am blown away with this magnificent review! I had a woman that follows your blog call me with a question on how to use it with a console that doesn’t open from the front (I have suggestions towards the bottom of this note). With your great support, I thought you might want to learn my story….

      I was soooo tired of my purse falling over on the passenger seat (way too lazy to close it!), or my son placing his cleats on it when I placed it on the filthy floor, or having to stretch to get it in the backseat. Plus, when in DC on a beautiful spring day, I had my windows open and stopped at a stop sign – need I say more! A young man walked by and grabbed it off the seat and ran!

      I literally had a dream about this idea and made it the next day (using duct tape as the stitches!)

      First day I launched it outside of Cincinnati, a professional organizer (Organize365) was Skyping with 20+ professional organizers in the morning of September 24, 2013. They started blogging/tweeting about my Car Cache and that afternoon an executive from Amazon’s headquarters called me and asked if his team can put a store up for me, “Cause this is going to be big!” And they did!!!!

      Eight months later I signed with a large licensing firm and they took it to over 100,000 retailers and sold over 1mm units in a little over a year. I received my Patent 2.5 years ago and took the product back (they marketed it completely inaccurately!) and I just received my new packaging last November so am just now trying to get the word out… Right now it’s me and one Instagram ad so this review is sooo helpful to me and soooooo appreciated!

      Now, for cars that do not have a console lid that opens from the front… Customers told me of a great solution! If it opens from the side or in the middle, they purchased 3M Command Hooks (the kind the holds heavy pictures) and they stuck them Upside Down on the inside back of the console and tied the strings around them. Years later I received notes that the solution was still working great with their heavy purses.

      The woman that called today and told me about your blog (Thank You Priscilla!) asked about how to use it with her console that slides open… Now every car is different, but I suggested that she purchase 3M Command hooks and stick them to the Back of the console, upside down, and tie the strings around them. (you can get them in black, white, tan) My concern is tossing the purse into it could make the strings slide out of the hooks, but worth a try. She loved your write up so much she really wants to use my product!

      More than you wanted to know but I am just so excited for the recognition you gave my invention – means the world to me! Any questions feel free to call or text me at (859) 912-2747 or email [email protected].

      Happy Easter!
      Catherine Seifert

      • What a neat story, Catherine and I’m so glad you invented this product! Thankfully, I’ve never had my purse stolen off the passenger seat, can’t imagine having that happen. I would be so upset! I’m just so glad to have someplace to put my bag where it’s not being faded by the sun and ending up in the floor.
        Thanks for the tip about the Command hooks. That sounds like a great idea. So far, mine system is working well, but the method you described with the Command hooks sounds even better…much neater looking. Thanks for that information! I’ll add that somewhere in the post, as well.

  2. You are just amazing!!! I learn more from you than anyone that I know. I only wish that we knew each other, because I think we could be fast friends. I love organization and I too am very picky about things Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful finds.

    • Aww, thanks Linda! I am picky, I admit it. lol I just can’t stand to see a nice handbag ruined in the sun. Up until now I’ve been driving around with a towel in the car, putting it on top of my handbag. I got so tired of having to fish my handbag out from under the towel when I needed to pay for something. Definitely liking this much better.

  3. Also, I never know what to do with my bag when I have a front seat passenger. It gets thrown in the back and I have to grope around for it. Great idea, Susan. Thanks.

    • I know what you mean. I don’t have that problem much anymore now that my son is all grown, but I do have that issue occasionally when a friend rides with me for a garden tour or home tour we’re taking.

  4. It does seem like wasted space between the front seats. I would imagine you could lay an extra water bottle or your cell phone there as well. Whenever we do fast food the two cupholders have our drinks and then where does the water bottle go? On the floor to roll around. This would solve that problem!

    • I just noticed, it actually has a big pocket, so you can place your handbag down into the big pocket or you can have it where the pocket is in back to store stuff in and just have your handbag resting on the front as I have mine right now. So I guess you could even store a water bottle in that back pocket.

  5. Sandra D in Joliet says

    I never wished for something like this but NOW I want one. I usually have everything thrown in the passenger seat unless I have someone in that passenger seat, then I throw my purse in the back (if I carry one, I usually don’t). Talk about hard to reach when you need it! Yep, now I need something I didn’t know I needed.

    • Hope you enjoy yours as much as I’m enjoying this one! I wish new cars came with something like this as an option. I would totally buy it every time!

  6. I love this! I keep my purse sitting on the console, but it usually ends up falling in the back seat floor. Yesterday, I slammed on breaks and it came forward and knocked my gear shift into neutral. My strap was then caught on my gear shift knob when I tried to move it out of my way. It took me more time than necessary to get moving again.
    I need to get one of these….thanks so much for finding it for us. Have a great weekend.

    • Yikes! That’s like a comedy of errors, Linda! Better that it shifted into neutral than reverse, that’s for sure. 🙂 I’ve tried keeping my handbag on the console too, but it always ended up sliding into the back floorboard out of reach. Hope this one works great for you!

  7. What a clever idea. Thank you for the information.

    But really I am drooling over your LV purse. Oh la la!

    • Thanks, Marty! I needed a neutral-colored bag for summer and loved that one after seeing a Fashion YouTuber share it in a video a few months back. I really like the Pochette Metis, it’s the perfect size for what I carry on a daily basis.

  8. The sun eats everything! Books, upholstery, draperies, your skin! How ingenious. How in the world do you find these things? I usually carry a tote larger than the bag that you carry, so I just place it, open, on the floor behind the front passenger seat, close enough so that I can conveniently reach inside. Just like you are super organized, Susan, I am super vigilant. I don’t have my handbag in plain sight, and I stopped carrying my bags on the passenger seat next to me long ago, as I am too fearful that on sunny days when I have my car windows open, someone will attempt to reach in my car and snatch my purse. (Even then, I don’t have my windows open very far, I never open my rear windows, and always have my doors locked.) I suppose some would think me an alarmist, but I would rather be safe than sorry. Thanks, as always, for all of your wonderful finds.

    • Does it ever! It will even eat the varnish off hardwood flooring…I’ve seen that in a house that had west-facing windows. I love the sun but it can brutal!
      No, you have to be safe these days. Fortunately, the areas I drive in to shop, etc… are pretty crime-free but you can never be too safe!

    • It’s been in the news that men are running up to stopped cars at red lights and breaking the passenger windows with hammers and snatching purses off passenger seats. Same exact thing is happening at gas stations if women leave purses on the seat while pumping gas. Just don’t EVER leave your purse in plain sight.

  9. Rhonda Storey says

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Susan!!!!!! I just ordered mine to be delivered on Monday. Yay!! I don’t really worry about my purses fading from the sun because I have dark window tint on my windows. I have Lupus, so when I purchase a new car, I immediately get the driver’s side and the passenger’s side windows tinted dark like the other ones in my SUV. I also put the dark strip across the top of the windshield. It REALLY helps to hide your things in your car too! I get SO frustrated when I’m driving with someone in the car with me, and I have to put my purse in the floorboard of the backseat. I’ve had shoulder surgery which makes it very uncomfortable to reach behind me to get my purse all the time too. I’m so grateful that you shared yet another wonderful idea with us! I really enjoy your blog! Thanks again!

    • I want to do that when I buy my next SUV. I love the idea of tinting the front windows as much as the law allows. So much easier on the skin, arms especially. Thanks, Rhonda! I hope you really enjoy it, I’m loving mine! Definitely a lifestyle improvement, for sure! 🙂

  10. I’ve had one of these for years. Purchased it it at Bed Bath and Behond for 9.99. Don’t put your bag in the pocket because soft leather will be rubbed off. I love the way you use it. I am going to switch.

    • I think that one may be a little different, I think I saw it online, too. Thanks for the tip about not placing a leather bag inside the pocket…that makes a lot of sense. I think the pocket is probably better used as storage for the back seat. Just turn it around where it faces toward the back.

  11. Hmmm. I usually am driving by myself. So, I use the passenger side seat belt. Works wonders. A sudden brake = no fly zone. I also have committed (for years) to having all my handbags close with zippers. No flaps, clasps, or buckles. No problem.

    • Robin, how do you keep the sun off your bag? I’ve tried the seat belt thing but it would never work for my small bags and didn’t keep the sun off of them.

  12. Gayle Kesinger says

    Just ordered one and if it works well for me then I am going to order two more for my two best buddies. Purse flying off the passenger seat is a huge aggravation and a safety factor when a person is driving. Glad we have you to vet all this cool stuff.

  13. Oh I would have loved to see you pitch your product on Shark Tank! Looks like a great product. I was at an estate sale this morning and they were selling a chipped Nora Fleming platter. They said it arrived that way. I was telling the lady my friend has a lot of minis. Of course I was referring to you just as many of the readers consider you a friend. Thank you again for getting the names in the comment section working.

    • Ha! Can you imagine! I would be scared to death to go on that show! lol Thanks Barbara…I consider you a friend, as well!
      About the comments, when they told me it could be a few weeks before a new update would fix them, I was not happy about that.
      I emailed a second time and gave them a ton of information about what it was doing, hoping it would help them figure out the problem faster. I also gave them the link to a forum page where other bloggers were complaining about the recent update messing up their comment section, too.
      Apparently, that worked because they got out the update that fixed the problem about two days later. Maybe they realized it wasn’t just my blog’s comment section they broke with their previous update.
      That’s the thing about blogging, you can be going along with everything working just fine, then an update comes along for a plugin or in this case the actual foundation/theme of the blog, and Bam–something ends up broken. Updates are scary because you never know what they are going to do to a site!

  14. I have never left my handbag on the front seat, for security reasons. I didn’t think any woman did. It’s always on the floor at the rear, which doesn’t get much sun.

    • That doesn’t work well for me. I’m pretty short so I have my driver’s seat pulled forward, so I’d never be able to reach my handbag if I needed it and it were on the back floorboard. That may work well in a smaller car but it definitely doesn’t work for me in a midsize SUV.

  15. Deb Herfindal says

    It sounds like a perfect solution for me as when I drive and my husband is in the passenger seat, my purse always ends up in the back on the floor. Thanks for posting!

  16. I’m so glad to see this review! I’ve seen a similar product advertised on Instagram and wondered if it worked. I don’t like putting my purse in the floor if I have a passenger. I need to get one of these now. I remember when we moved, a realtor talked about keeping her purse in the floor of the driver’s side to prevent theft. Not the best place since it could get tangled in the pedals. You find the coolest products, Susan!

  17. It’s the “little” things…*sigh* franki

  18. I keep a bath towel and a hand towel in my Porsche. Interestingly, I was able to match the interior color perfectly. The size of purse/tote determines which towel to use. The un-used one is kept folded inside the seat pocket located on the backside of the front seats. They also come in handy on rainy days…

  19. What keeps a purse from flying forward if you brake suddenly?

    • There are several ways to protect it from doing that. A bag can be placed down into the large pocket that’s built into this piece. I’m not using the pocket, I decided to just nest my bag down into the holder which is another way to use it. At the height I have my bag, it is slightly below the height of the armrests. (Scroll back through the post to see that in the photos.) So I think it will be fine if I have to brake hard, but I can always lower it even further down if I find that’s not low enough since the straps are adjustable. If you have a center console that opens from the front as they show in the pictures, the bag will naturally set lower than the console. (Notice the photo with the woman reaching into the red bag for her phone.) So you can adjust the carrier to set down pretty low, or again, just use the large pocket built into the piece.

  20. I absolutely love my Honda Pilot except for one thing. There’s no good place to put my purse! I have been saying this for years and also saying that I’d love to find a solution. Well, thanks to you I have. I went straight to Ebates, then to Amazon, then to Amazon Smile and ordered one. Why don’t you have all your Amazon links go to Smile? Please look into that. Thanks.

  21. Cyndi Raines says

    Yes, I have had my purse(s) fall to the floor for the very reasons you mentioned and it is so aggravating when things tumble out. Even though I keep my doors locked, I like that it is closer. Currently I have a large cloth type screen between the seats so our dog can’t scramble up between us, however, I just purchased a wonderful body harness for him along with a small leash type attachment that goes into the seat belt mechanism so he will be safe and it will not pull on his neck should we have to stop fast or God-forbid, be in an accident. I can now remove the screen and consider purchasing the purse holder. Thank you!

    • My car automatically locks my doors, so I’ve never worried about anyone taking my bag, but you’re so right, I do enjoy having it closer to me. We used to have one of those harnesses for our Golden Retriever and it worked great! Those are awesome! Hope you enjoy it, Cyndi!

  22. I have one of these in both of our cars. How did we ever get along without them. Love mine so much. Worth every penny I paid and more.

    • Debbie, I feel the same way. I hopped into the car today to run an errand and grinned ear-to-ear when I realized I didn’t have to deal with the purse/sun issue. It makes me so happy! 🙂

  23. Jane Boyd Brice says

    Woman, you stretch my bank account with your wonderful recommendations and I love you for it. To not have my purse spilled on the floor would be a treat. I live your shoe recommendations, office chairs, purse organizers, oh the list goes on and on!!
    I would love to meet you in person but don’t want my info on the internet!
    Keep up the good work as I still have a little money left!

  24. Donna Howell says

    I purchased the same one about two months ago and I love it. No more retrieving purse that fell onto the floor. It is always in reach.

  25. Susan~

    I am more in awwwe that your SUV is 12 years old ??? It
    looks perfect inside!!
    My car is a 1995 and has alittle over 297000 miles on it! I can not afford a new car period, but as long as it gets me from point A to point B , Im good!
    Your LV handbag is worth more then my car !! must be thrilling to have such wonderful items!!
    Have a joyful day !

    • Paula, I’m 62 and I’m only on my 4th car. I drive them until the wheels fall off. The SUV I’m driving now is a 2007 and so it’s still a baby, only has 129,000 miles on it. I’m thinking of parting with it though because it’s a hybrid and I learned recently (to my dismay) that hybrid batteries can go at any time after 120,000 miles…and a new battery is around $7,000. I’m not going to put that much money into a car this old, so I may do some car shopping this year. Whatever SUV I buy, I imagine it will be the last one I ever purchase. It should last me the rest of my life, so I need to get one I really love. I hate car payments, would rather buy handbags and travel! lol

  26. Elaine Sawyer says

    ❤️ the color combo of your purse!! It is beautiful!!

    • Thanks so much, Elaine! I like how neutral it is, goes with everything. It’s a fairly new color for LV, I think. The SA that found it for me is Christine inside the LV store in Saks in Atlanta. She’s wonderful and I can highly recommend her.

  27. What a simple but yet great idea this is, Susan, although I think if I had a beautiful white and pale pink LV purse like yours, I’d put it in the locked trunk! Just in case… lol

    • Thanks, Cecilia! It probably looks pink in the photos but it’s really more of a cream and beige. It’s a really good neutral for spring and summer. The official color name for it is: Beige/Rose/Creme.

  28. Brenda Lawrence says

    I have seen these on Amazon and never got the gist of how it really worked. Thought it was a cool idea but just didn’t get it. Plus you’d like to know someone who has one first. lol I almost ordered one, then changed my mind, but now I will have to get one. Your pictures let me see how it works and now I think it is just a fabulous idea. I really hate when my purse crashed to the car floor, I don’t own “expensive” purses but I don’t want them on the floor either or have to find a place for my purse when someone rides with me, etc…Glad to know this works well!!! Thanks Susan! Hugs, Brenda

    • Glad this helped, Brenda! I so agree! I have several inexpensive bags I love to carry and it kills me to see them flying onto the floor just as much as my more expensive ones.

  29. Have used something similar for years now (as it is just a netted bag that I customized and is more like a hammock in style… lol!) but shall definitely order one of these to try out Also on a similar subject, what I find handy for the car is a small nylon organizer bag that I just got at the $-Store that attaches to the back of a seat which I line with a paper lunch-bag and use it for trash so I can dispose of it when filled. (Its amazing how they accumulate used kleenex when one has the sniffles and/or if ‘a muncher’ like I am on long road trips; things like banana peels, apple cores etc. … ☺.) -Brenda-

    • Finally purchased one Susan (actually bought two as giving one to my daughter) and just installed it. My console does open from the front however I added a ‘double (dual) cord lock toggle’ to the string part as felt it would work better in securing it rather than a bow/knot. Also, for the adjustable straps hooked them on the farthest (next to the door) headrest posts and have the pocket facing the front (as seldom have passengers). All said; I’m sure it will be more functional than my hammock and it certainly looks better… lol!
      P.S.: Don’t know if a ‘toggle’ was suppose to be included but mine didn’t have one.

  30. You always recommend the best products. I have ordered some items that you really liked. Thank you.

  31. Bought one today! Looking forward to trying it!

  32. Cheryl Gibson Weintraub says

    . . thanks!! just ordered!! Henry Wadsworth Shortfellow (rescue Silky Terrier) frequently rides in the passenger seat with me. . he will appreciate having the front seat to himself!!

  33. Hmmm, my car doesn’t have a center console. No, I’m not buying a new car to get one of these gizmos but I have to hand it to you for finding this nifty gadget. Well done!

    • Mine didn’t either but I was so happy to find it, I was determined to make it work. lol I hope the next car I buy has the regular kind of console that opens from the front, but it’s working great hooked over the back end of the armrests. I discovered today, I can even put the arms rest down and it stays in place.

  34. Oh, my. Where has this thing been all my life? Have to get one.

  35. My solution is to use a small handbag and put it IN the console. Problem solved….and you don’t lug around so much stuff.

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