Why I Returned My Brand New Washer And The Washer I’ve Chosen To Replace It

Welcome to the 754th Metamorphosis Monday! Recently I mentioned that my beloved 43-1/2-year-old washing machine, the only one I’ve ever owned, had to be replaced. The washer I purchased to replace it was delivered on June 21st and within 24 hours I was calling the store from which I purchased it, asking them to please come pick it back up.


The Speed Queen washing machine you see on the left below is the machine that will be delivered tomorrow. In today’s post, I’m sharing why I returned the other washer and decided to go with a Speed Queen that cost almost twice as much.

Speed Queen TR7Washer and Dryer


I guess I should have taken photos but the new washer I first purchased and quickly returned was a beast. It was several inches taller than my existing dryer. It was so tall that in order to open the lid and have it stay open so I could load clothes into the washer, I had to open the doors of the cabinet above. Otherwise, the lid touched the knobs of the cabinet doors and would not stay open. The washer was already pulled out as far as it could go and still allow for someone to stand in front of it due to the shape of my laundry room–and then it still stuck out way further than the dryer. As crazy as it sounds, having to open the cabinet doors in order to load the washer was not why I returned it. I would have put up with that if the washer had performed, aka actually washed clothes.


So what happened when I washed that first load of clothes? I didn’t have a full load to wash, probably more like 2/3rds of a load, but the big box store from which I purchased the washer has a rule that you may return a washing machine as long as you let them know within 48 hours of delivery. That meant I needed to wash a load of clothes right away, full load or not, to make sure I was happy with my purchase.

I didn’t take any photos of what happened during that first wash experience, but it only took one load for me to pick up the phone to request a return. For that first load, I decided to wash a small to medium size load that consisted of a set of sheets and some towels. I selected the “Normal” wash cycle figuring I’d start with what should be the most common choice. The machine automatically showed the cycle would last 57 minutes, a much longer timeframe than I had ever run on my old GE washer.

After a lot of spinning right and spinning left, apparently weighing the clothes, the machine started adding water while spinning the clothes to the outer edge of the barrel. I could see all this through the clear, see-through top of the washer. Since the water was coming in along the side at the back of the machine, this was apparently the process for wetting down the clothes–and that’s REALLY all it did–was “wet down” the clothes. After several minutes of spinning and wetting down the sheets and towels, the machine began its “wash” cycle.

Oh my gosh, the sound coming out of that washing machine! The impeller at the bottom of the machine began to grind itself into that pile of soggy wet towels and sheets and it was one of the most disturbing sounds I’ve ever heard. As I looked down into the machine, I could see the towels/sheets were not sitting in, nor surrounded by water. Instead, they were just a pile of soggy wet towels and sheets being ground into by some unseen force from underneath. The towels on top were raising and lowering but not really moving anywhere, while the towels and sheets underneath were repeatedly being ground by the impeller, creating the most disturbing sounds I’ve ever heard–like the sound I would imagine a towel would make if I took it outside and started grinding it into the rough cement of my driveway. Talk about putting your teeth on edge!

I remembered having read reviews where people talked about tricking their machines into adding more water by pressing a button called “water plus.” I did that and the machine began adding more water, again going through a lot of spinning gyrations throughout the process. Finally, the clothes were actually covered with water and the destructive-sounding grinding noise had stopped. Unfortunately, it was around this time that I noticed the machine had changed the washing temperature to “warm.” I had selected “cold” at the start so not sure when the washer changed the setting to warm. When the clothes were finally finished and the door unlocked, I started removing the sheets/towels and discovered the “warm” wash had caused a navy towel to fade slightly onto all the white towels.

After that experience, I immediately called the Big Box store from whom I had purchased the machine and requested a return. The next day, I decided to give the machine one more try, thinking maybe I could get a better result if I tried another cycle. In the past, I’ve never washed my actual clothes in the big barrel part of a washer, always used my hand-washed basket for that, so I wasn’t about to put clothes inside this washer after seeing and hearing what it did to the towels and sheets. So I pulled a few clean towels and a white cotton blanket from the linen closet. I also added a leopard-print blanket that’s probably my favorite blanket of all because of how cozy and soft it is. I’ve shared this blanket many times here on the blog.

Mixing Plaid and Leopard


For this second attempt, I chose a cycle that I’d read is a popular one since it is a faster cycle–the “Speed Wash” cycle. The washer indicated this cycle would last 32 minutes. The machine seemed to really struggle during its process of deciding how much water to add. It would add water, swirl around for a bit like it was about to start washing, then start adding more water. Again, with the clothes wet but definitely not sitting in water, the impeller began its disturbing, grinding gyrations. One of the first things I noticed during this wash cycle was that the leopard-print blanket never really got wet on top. It stayed pretty dry the entire wash cycle. That’s how little water the machine put into the washer. The other thing I noticed was it somehow managed to arrange the leopard-print blanket into a big bubble over the rest of the items. Here’s how it looked as I peered in through the clear top of the machine.

Why I bought a Speed Queen Washer 2


Here’s how it looked during the spin cycle–all I could see was the leopard-print blanket.

Why I bought a Speed Queen Washer


Here’s how it looked when the cycle ended, a big leopard-print bubble!

Why I bought a Speed Queen Washer 3


I pulled the leopard-print blanket off and this was what I found underneath–a bunch of wadded-up towels and the wadded-up white, cotton blanket. The underside of those towels and the underside of the white blanket were the only “sections” that ever saw any washing action at all during the whole cycle, and I can only imagine that they were ground into really well by the action of the impeller. This definitely solidified my decision to return this washer. What a mess!


Some important things to note: I’m not sure about most stores, but it’s my understanding that if you wish to return a washer to Lowe’s, you are required to let them know this within 48 hours of having the appliance delivered. I think if you go beyond that, they may not accept the return. So don’t do what others lamented doing in the reviews where they purchased a washer while having their laundry room renovated, so didn’t use the washer for a few weeks, then found they hated it but couldn’t return it because they had missed the 48-hour return period.

I really hope the Speed Queen lives up to its reputation. At least I will be able to easily control the water level and the wash temperature. I read online that the SQ sales associates often tell you to not use the “Eco” setting. My sales guy did indeed mention that, adding that the washer manufacturers are required to build washers with the Eco setting (which uses very little water) but that you can use one of the other cycles and select the water level you wish. I definitely will not be using the Eco cycle–been there, done that, have the ground-to-death towels to prove it!

One reason I selected the Speed Queen TR7 is that it not only has a “Delicate” cycle, but it also has a “Handwash” cycle that’s supposed to be even more gentle than the Delicate cycle. Still not sure if I’ll trust it with my actual shirts/tops, but I’d be willing to give it a try with my jeans. Without going into a ton of detail, though the Speed Queen has an agitator, it doesn’t really agitate the clothes. Its agitator and stainless steel barrel all move together as one, so the machine pushes water through the clothes, as opposed to agitating or grinding against them. So it’s supposed to be more gentle on clothes than the old agitator machines of yesteryear. You can see a great comparison of their three most popular models, here: Speed Queen Washers. Here’s another review that I found helpful: Speed Queen Washer Review.

Speed Queen TR7Washer and Dryer


I really, really, really miss my hand-wash basket. 🙁 I’ll share an update in a week or two on how the Speed Queen washer works. It’s my last hope. Update: You’ll find my follow-up post sharing how my new washer is working here: How Do I Like My Speed Queen Washer & Would I Recommend It.

Looking forward to all the awesome Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. Gay McLeod says

    Hi, Susan! My first washer, purchased in 1987, looked very much like yours. About 5 years ago, I replaced it with a Speed Queen. The SQ has been tried and tested and hasn’t failed me yet. Two of my sons have purchased SQs for their homes. I hope you’ll enjoy your new washer as much as I like mine.

    • Thanks, Gay! That is so great to hear! Everyone seems to really love their SQs!

      • I understood everything you described. I went through your exact experience when we moved to my present home — the washer & dryer were less than a year old. I hated the washer & missed my former agitator washer that actually covered all the clothes with plenty of water. Our faucets are regulated to send out less water. Blame it on politics. The government doesn’t want us to use too much water. Even going to regulate the type of stoves too (no more gas). It started with the Obama administration & continues with this administration. It’s extremely maddening.

        • YES! It is ALL about politics, Marilyn and I’m so happy you said that. Our lives are being run by administrations that take our freedoms away. The president between this one and Obama that I won’t name, because so many can’t deal, recognized this and tried to reverse many of the restrictions so we could make decisions about what makes our lives best. For example, the light bulb, I am beyond upset to be forced to pay high prices for a light bulb made in China because of this climate change nonsense, (yes I said it, because it truly is). It’s just an excuse to put money in certain pockets at our expense. Old washing machines that used full tubs of water for generations did not cause any shortages of water, did they and they like dishwashers ran for much shorter times than these new things they are trying to convince us are better. They are NOT!

        • Agree Marilyn! Also the detergent has been regulated by the government.

          • I noticed that quite a few years back with Dawn Dishwashing Liquid. Used to, it would cut through grease super fast, but now I have to use a lot more Dawn and wash a pan a lot longer (wasting water) to get a greasy pan clean. I miss the old Dawn!

        • I was in the same situation where I had an older washer and dryer was not original owner so was glad to get rid of them. The water bill will lower dramatically and can add a second rinse as an option and a free factory repair at 9 years for a defect, Switched over to HE detergent for better results. Cycle times are longer GE is not what it used to be as far as initial quality.

          • Seems like nothing these days is what it used to be in quality. Thankfully, Speed Queen has found a way to give us what we really want in a washing machine.

  2. Thanks so much Susan! Sorry about your washer woes, but glad you were able to return it!

  3. Susan Beldyga says

    I feel your pain! We replaced our lovely Maytag set that was close to 40 yrs old with a LG set which is a dud!!! My husband actually hooked up a side hose so we can fill the drum with water before the cycle begins. A big pain and I hate it…. Unfortunately my son owned a sears appliance store (for 18 yrs before sears gave him a royal haircut and a boot) so that’s why we replaced ours, thinking it was a good choice. Worst decision ever. Our old set – my husband did replace a few things over the years but it was a dependable machine all around. Maytag’s today aren’t like the old ones. I have a friend who bought a stripped down Speed Queen that actually has an agitator and that will be my next ‘hunt’. Our gov got their noses in our water consumption (toilets are another raw subject). My clothes are all twisted and in balls exactly like your pictures…..and doing my laundry has always been something I take pride in. Good luck with the new machine…I’ll be waiting for your review!

    • Susan, that’s the same brand of machine that I just returned, so I know what you’re going through. The amount of water it uses is ridiculous! The manual says that the machine relies on the agitation of the impeller and the new/improved washing detergents to get the clothes clean, thus relying less on water. What a joke! Your Maytag sounds like my old GE that lasted for over 43 years, and it never even had a service call during that whole time. At least with the Speed Queen, I can control the water level, so I think it will work much better. I’ll be sure to post about how it works after I have a chance to use it a few times. Yes, I know what you mean about the toilets…all the stories I’ve heard about people having to flush them multiple times to get them to work…so they actually ended up using way more water in the end.

  4. Linda Practical Parsimony says

    I had a similar ordeal with my last machine. I had my first machine last 33 years, my first and only. I replaced it with a machine that barely lasted 10 years. I was disgusted, went to Lowe’s and purchased another machine.

    The clothes barely got wet. I went back to Lowe’s and talked to a salesman about the problem. This 30-year-old told me, “Like I told my mom…” and I was through I told him not to tell me how to wash clothes and not to tell him mom how to wash clothes. He was trying to convince me that the clothes don’t have to sit in water to get clean.

    He said washers don’t fill with water anymore. Well, that did not set well. I wanted a SQ because I was told they do fill the machine. But, I could not afford that.

    Finally, in desperation, I called a rent-to-own place to purchase a new machine. They were so confused. They had one machine, a rental, that filled with water.

    A mother with a toddler rented it for three month and returned it. I think that is like the little old lady who only drove the car to church. At any rate, they cleaned it and delivered it.

    I was a little annoyed at having to buy a used machine, but received a full warranty. It still runs, fills with water, and works. But, my next machine will be a SQ no matter what it costs me.

    A see-through lid sounds wonderful.

    • I totally understand! I don’t care what they say, you definitely need water to wash clothes! I wish the Speed Queens had a see-through lid. That was one of the few things I liked about the washer I just returned…that and the cute little song it played once it was finished. lol I will definitely post about the Speed Queen after I give it a few tries. I love that it’s made here in the U.S. so that helps make me feel better about the price.

  5. Same thing happened to us with a new washer. It was so tall I couldn’t get the clothes out of it without standing on a stepstool. Had the same problems as you. It was a disaster and lasted only about a year. Thanks for hosting, Susan. Hope you’re having a good week.

  6. As we’ve had to replace washers and dryers, my entire family has converted to Speed Queen. Sturdy & reliable .. few buttons/knobs and other stuff to fiddle with. Hit temp and load types and turn on and soon my clothes are clean.

  7. Susan,
    I don’t think you will regret the decision to buy a Speed Queen. I purchased one a few years ago and really liked it so much when my daughter needed a new washer and dryer she decided to purchase the same and has not regretted her decision. She asked me to do the shopping for her and I presented several options to her. I knew we didn’t want a front loader and I definitely didn’t want one without an agitator. The new and improved don’t always turn out to be improved at all.

  8. LindaSonia says

    Didn’t even need to read the details on why you returned your new washer. When my 35 year old washer kicked the bucket, Speed Queen was my choice for replacement right off the bat. Enjoy yours

  9. Susan – I really think you will be happy with your Speed Queen. Mine is ~12 years old (so obviously an older model than yours), but I have no complaints at all and will get another Speed Queen if this one ever decides to konk out. I don’t need lots of bells and whistles — I just want a machine that lets me decide how much water to use and gets my clothes clean. I do occasionally wish that I had one of the mega-capacity machines without a center agitator (for those rare times that I want to wash a large blanket or comforter) – but not enough that I’m willing to give up my Speed Queen….

  10. I bought a new Maytag washer in my last condo, and absolutely hated it! Same problems you are talking about with the wash cycles, and it took so long! And the banging with the spin cycle. And it had to be unplugged and rebooted a few times. The condo I’m in now has an old Whirlpool stackable. OLD. I love it! I choose the size wash I want, it fills with water, it has an agitator, and it takes no more than 30 minutes. And not computerized. I understand wanting to save water, but I don’t see how some of those washers are cleaning the clothes, it’s like they are spitting water onto them instead of soaking them. I was also told the “new” types don’t last as long as the old ones, which is what happens when things get more complicated. When my current washer dies, I hope I can find the old fashioned type.

  11. SharonFromMichigan says

    OMGosh, it sounds like you got a demon possessed machine! Perhaps it could star in a Stephen King movie! All joking aside, it sounds like you gave it a chance & I wouldn’t keep it either. I think a lot of these machines are made thinking they will be placed in a basement somewhere where size doesn’t matter and noises won’t be as loud. We have a main floor laundry room and the last washer I bought was nice (for the first month) and now it knocks very l0udly and sounds like it’s possessed (sometimes we even jump from the noise). It’s a GE and was wonderful in the beginning….why can’t someone just build a nice, quiet, dependable appliance? Looking forward to your Speed Queen review!

  12. My 3 year old Maytag has the similar type of washing with water, spinning, more water added, etc. I didn’t like it but toughed it out. Then the washing bin has a defect ( as far as I am concerned) that one of my sheets got stuck in and had to call someone to get it out of the barrel! Then it started making a noice like an airplane and a repairman was called, He told me” buy a new one cause this will cost $700 to fix!) That was the cost of that Maytag! I’m letting it run its course and when it completey dies I’m getting a Speed Queen! My son has one and loves it! The new Maytag is NOTHING like your mother’s or even the one you previously bought! BUY SPEEDQUEEN!

  13. BamaCarol says

    My mom loves her Speed Queen washer and dryer!

  14. Nancy Thompson says

    I have a Speed Queen and absolutely love it . It actually fills up with water to clean the clothes thoroughly , I never use Eco setting as it will just dampen the laundry . The $1000 price for the washer was well worth it !! Also included in this fabulous machine is an agitator . Clothes and other items cannot be washed properly without one .

  15. I am sorry to hear your struggles with finding the right washing machine for your home. What a long lived appliance that you had to part with. I have only had 3 sets of W/D in my adult life and each change was not smooth. The last search for a new set was as eye opener. All my daughters have front load stacked machines and said I need to move to current style…… I went to my local big box store and found a lady my age shopping for the same items. We struck up a conversation and compared ideas and notes. The salesperson approached us to answer questions and was very helpful until we discussed water levels. She told us we needed to accept that the new machines gave your laundry a “shower instead of a bath”. The other shopper and I looked at each other and walked away. I purchased a SQ shortly thereafter.

  16. I have a front loading Whirlpool Duet washer (and dryer) and my biggest complaint is that it barely wets the clothes. As the clothes tumble around, it reminds me of beating clothes on a rock down by the river. That certainly can’t be good for the clothes! The only cycles that fill with adequate water are the Delicate and Hand Wash cycles so I do as many loads as I can on one of those cycles. If I choose any other cycle, I go back and forth between my laundry room sink and the washer, adding several more gallons of water through the detergent dispenser with a 2 quart pitcher until the clothes are free-floating. It’s a real pain but I figure since the washer is about 12 or 13 years old now, it won’t last much longer. My sister has a Speed Queen and she loves it so that’s what I’ll be looking into when the time comes.

  17. BonnieBee says

    Great post…. We had Maytag W&D for over 40 years.. they were great, but had to replace them last year and bought the SQ-TR7 set.. they have been great for a year and they get the clothes so very clean in such a short time… hope you like your’s as much as we do… you will especially like the “favorite” button once you set it up on the W&D.. best of luck!!!!

  18. I totally get it. I bought a condo and the washer sounds exactly like the one I have now. I have to wash everything on the “Bulky” setting to get it to add enough water to actually get the clothes wet and I can only do about a half a load at a time. I’m only holding on to this nightmare of a washer because I’ve been trying to do a full renovation and don’t want to replace it before then.  I actually feel bad donating this piece of junk.

  19. I think my sister has that machine you sent back … her clothes look just like your photos.. She seems OK with it… I have a Whirlpool set that goes under the counter. It washes adequately and the speed cycle is only 20-22 minutes. I use it a lot. I think adding water via the detergent dispenser will cause increased weight in the drum and eventually the bearings that control the spinning will fail. At least that is what the repair guy said when he was out in the beginning. I’ve had it 10 years and still working so fingers crossed. My mother had a SQ when we kids lived at home and it lasted way beyond anyone’s expectations. Well past our young adulthood when we’d bring our wash home. Hope the new ones do as well. Good Luck to you!

  20. Tina Reynolds says

    Oh, dear! Nothing is more frustrating than a machine that does not work, and nothing is more beloved than a laundry pair with which one has what the Germans call, “Fahrfegnugen”! (actually translates into “driving pleasure”—as in cars!) I wrote you about my experience making the switch to front loaders in 2006. It took time. I put a chair in front of the machine and observed each cycle! I experimented and learned how to tweak the cycles. Now we are a team!

  21. Blue Gate Farmgirl says

    I’ve had my SQ for 9 years and it is a work horse! It gets my very farmy, dirty and stained work clothes clean. It also is very gentle on my underthings and favorite lightweight blouses. I have never had a service call on it. It replaced a 4 yo front loader that I bought after my 1974 GE washer gave out. I kept my gas powered 40 yo gas dryer as it has never needed servicing. I do dry most everything on the line this time of year. I asked the appliance repairman what he had at home and that is what I bought. So far his advice has not failed me in my last 5 appliances.

  22. Hi Susan- I have a 3 year old Speed Queen and found out the hard way that the ECO setting is useless. Particularly is you want warm or hot water. The Heavy Duty Setting is the only way to obtain warm or hot water. Otherwise, I’m happy with my Speed Queen. Good luck!

  23. Mary Ann Stowe says

    I wanted to also add a good word about the Speed Queen Model Top Load Washer TC5. I have had it almost a year and I LOVE it. PROS: It is not digital. It is fast. It has a pre-rinse only cycle and a setting that includes a soak and 2nd rinse cycle. I can change the settings AFTER I start it if I forgot before. I do 2 – 3 loads a day as my husband has auto-immune issues that require his bedding and cloths be washed daily – I can wash a queen- king comforter or quilt in it. So the washer has been used a lot! The only Con for me is it only has 2 water levels so I use the econo level when I wash a smaller load. So far so good!

    • Good to know! I’m looking forward to trying it out tomorrow. Mary Ann, I can’t find anything online about this but my sales guy told me that all the Speed Queen have electronics inside them, even the ones that don’t have the electonic dashboards. He said that that they all have that inside them. I have no idea if that’s true of the TC5. I was wary of getting one that didn’t just have regular knobs to turn, but once he told me that and said that he has never had any complaints about them from their customers, I went ahead and went with the TR7. Hopefully, I won’t have any issues. My Kitchenaid DW is over 20 years old and so far it’s push button panel is still doing great. You def chose the right washer with as many loads as you wash. I’m so thankful that there’s still a company here in the U.S. making appliances the old-fashioned way and built to last! I hope they never go out of business. Makes me sad how few manufacturing companies are left here in the U.S.

      • Mary Ann Stowe says

        If I understood correctly I think ALL electronics these have some form of digital. But this model has knobs to turn. All I really know is if I want to change the cycle after I start, I just turn the knob! On my last 3 washers I had to unplug them if I wanted to change the cycle – and the last one would empty the water out! (this is #5 in 44 years of marriage – washer that is! The 1st one was a used, “hand-me-down” Kenmore, and lasted 15 years the next 3 averaged 10 years each).
        My daughter replaced her LG front loader with a Speed Queen that looks like yours. She loves it – if for nothing else her clothes get wet! Sometimes clothes came out of the front loader in a bunch and when it was shaken out the “inside” of the bunch was dry.

        And now I am really showing my age! They don’t make them like they used to!!!

        Here is a link to this model:


        • Oh, wow! I’ve heard that some of the front-load machines don’t get clothes clean. No wonder if they aren’t even getting the clothes wet all the way through. The sales guy who helped me had only good things to say about Speed Queen’s front loaders but I decided to stay with the tried and true top loader.

          You know what’s really crazy is all this terrible design is supposed to be to help the environment. How does having to buy a washing machine every 10-13 years (if you’re lucky and it lasts that long) help when it just creates so much waste? I literally was able to use the same machine for 43-1/2 years. I don’t think you get more environmentally friendlier than that!
          Thanks for that link. I remember now seeing your washer and took photos of the panel because it reminded me so much of my GE. I liked how the dials made the clicking sound just like my GE did when I spun the knob around. I remember the main difference between the TC5 and the TR3 is that the TC has a true agitator that works just like the agitators did in older machines…like my old GE. I was super tempted by that. The TR machines have an agitator too, but it moves with the basket itself so it’s supposed to be a bit gentler on the clothes. I also like that your washer doesn’t have a Lid Lock, although they have made it so that you can easily pause the SQs models at the press of a button. You really can’t go wrong no matter which model you buy, they all get great reviews!

          • Mary Ann Stowe says

            I like that they finally made a lock lid with a pause button so common sense adults can open it if need be. I understand that there have been injuries (see the link below) but the knee jerk reaction to these things are to punish everyone… I am the only one who uses our washer (well a few times a year my adult children may help out when visiting!). But my daughter has children so she went with a model with the lock/pause option. Options are what we need! And I noticed you didn’t buy a dryer. will you go with Speed Queen? I have a 29 year old Maytag dryer that I should probably replace (last year she started needing a few extra minute to get the job done) but I know it will be another ordeal of research and agonizing over the purchase!!!


            • Yeah, my dryer still works great and since I have more renovations planned, I wanted to save that extra $1,500 to go toward those. I just ran my first load in the new SQ washer and I’m very happy so far. When I get to the laundry room renovation, which will hopefully be next year, I’ll replace my dryer then with a SQ dryer and donate this one.
              I agree, there are sooooo many knee-jerk regulations that have been implemented because of a few bad situations when with a bit of thought, they could have come up with better solutions.

        • KNOBS YES! They let YOU choose instead of the motherboard and isn’t that wonderful? And let’s not talk about the lid lock because that could drive one to drink!! Bring back the old because these young creators don’t have people in mind at all , their focus is on regulations and climate.

  24. I would have definitely sent that washer back too Susan! I wore washers out, washing for 6 boys, two adults with one adult’s clothing being very dirty, greasy, etc…My husband was a blue collar worker and a farmer. His clothes were dirty! I did at least 5 full loads of wash a day, 30plus loads a week. So after I wore my other washers out, we went to get this last one. It’s been many years ago, but when those new fancy machines were coming on the market. I thought I wanted one with no agitator but the sales guy told me that other women (a town of blue collar workers/farmers) complain it doesn’t clean clothes well. I needed a machine that washed well! So told him that I wanted a basic washer that had water level selector, temp selector and type of wash selector. That’s exactly what I got! LOL My washer does have were it “measures” how much clothing is in the machine and then puts the appropriate amount of water in. My clothes get wet! Not that like that washer you just had, thankfully. Now, it is just me, kids grown, hubby passed and I only wash for myself. But I still love that machine because it is basic with all the basic settings, including delicates. I’m sure I will have a hard time getting another one like it. Hoping it outlives me since it doesn’t get used as hard anymore. LOL I’m anxious to see how your Speed Queen does, I know they have always been good washing machines! Hugs, Brenda

  25. I loved seeing the photo of your old GE washer. It is the exact model that I bought for my first house 45 years ago. Made me a little sentimental. And yes, the mini basket was wonderful! Such a good idea – why didn’t it last? The worst washer I ever had was an expensive Bausch front loader. Horrible! I’ll be buying a new washer soon for my next house, so I’m eager to hear your review on your new SQ!

    • Somewhere around 2006 I bought a Bosch washer/dryer set. The amount of soap to use was printed on the inside door of the soap dispenser and it wouldn’t do a load in under 6 hours! I called the company and the pipsqueak kid I talked to said that was a mistake, use a lot less. Ugh. I had a really tough time adjusting to the machines but I tell you, I finally got to figuring them out and boy do they clean well. They have really gentle delicate and hand wash cycles. I am hoping they last forever because I don’t want to have to meet up new laundry machines at my age. I am sure glad you could return your awful machine, Susan. Got my fingers crossed for you that the next one will be perfect for you. My mom was pretty fussy about anyone messing with her washer. The day she died it died too, no kidding. I swear she really was serious about us leaving her machine alone!

  26. I am still looking forward to your review, Susan. I am still limping along, and have at least figured out to NOT use my normal cycle, which is the water-saving, hE. I can at least turn OFF the hE by using other cycles. I have had articles end up looking like that parachute effect you had with the leopard blanket. Although my washer doesn’t have the clear lid, I have seen videos of how little water the hE wash cycles fill (or should I say DON’T fill) a machine cycle. I’m rooting for the Speed Queen TR7.

  27. I love my Speed Queen! I’m curious about the comments regarding the Ecco cycle. In my model at least, I set the water level for the Ecco cycle just like any other cycle. It fills the tank to the level I want. What makes it Ecco is that it only allows cold water, regardless of what the temp knob is set to. Test it out on your new machine Susan. I find the Ecco cycle to be my favorite because it’s short and gets my clothes clean!

    • Thats interesting since all the articles I read recommended not using any of the Eco cycles that the Department of Energy requires the manufactures to include. Mary, check out this article–scroll way down and start reading where it says, “But it’s back for 2019, baby!”

      Glad to hear you love it! I hope I love mine once it’s delivered. 🙂

      • Hi Susan, I’ve read before about how Speed Queen was able to build a what amounts to an old fashion washing machine (which is what people want) by creating the Ecco cycle. My machine is about six years old, so maybe things have changed, but I find the Ecco cycle to be quite effective. I like to wash my dark clothes in cold water and powdered Tide, and as I mentioned, I set the water level. Please give that cycle a try and let me know what you think. I’m excited for you and hope you love your new machine!

        • I will def give it a try. I’ve always liked powdered Tide, too. I will need more dirty clothes to try out all the cycles that I want to try right away. lol

  28. New appliances are so over-rated. I love my 8-year-old no frills Speed Queen washer and 29-year-old Maytag Dryer. The dryer seldom gives me trouble. When it does, parts are so basic and easy to replace.

  29. Hi Susan, you will never find a washer as good as the 43 yr old one, but that being said Speed Queen was a good choice. I have a SQ that replaced a Maytag front loader that we did not like. All the new machines are suppose to save water and energy but when you have to do one load of laundry twice I don’t see any savings there. We have a dairy farm so our clothes get super dirty and stinky, so I can’t put to many pieces in one load and then it takes almost 2 hrs to run, with my old washers I could have 2-3 loads washed on the line before I went to work at my job off the farm not anymore. When I got my SQ washer I told the salesgirl I wanted to replace my dryer that is 30+ yrs old and she asked me if it still worked , and if so keep it the new ones don’t work as good as the old ones and they can still get parts for it and repair it for me , that totally made the sale for me on the washer an honest company,

  30. P.S. A friend even places a BRICK into her washer while it’s filling with water to trick it into adding more water to actually cover the clothes. Then removes it. It’s such a sad state of affairs!

  31. Linda Page Gurganus says

    Put a Color Catcher sheet in your laundry load and it will catch any color that bleeds instead of your clothes. I use a sheet in every load except delicates which has any colored items and it works on any temperature setting.
    I hope you will love your SQ!!

  32. PPS Here’s what I think people should know: don’t blame the manufacturers. The government has put regulations on our appliances, with more to come.

  33. I have a new GE W and D and have the same issues. They call it saving water, I call it barely washing and tearing up the clothes in the process. Everything comes out so wadded up and wrinkled. It’s awful!

    • I’m sorry, Mary. That’s exactly how the one I just returned did. The sound of that impeller scrubbing against those soggy towels was horrible to hear. It sounded like it was tearing them apart. There was practically no water in the tub, just soggy towels.

  34. Oh that sounds like a nightmare. I hope the new one is better – crossing my fingers for you. In the meantime, thanks so much for hosting the party. Have a lovely week!

  35. Juanita in OH says

    WOW, what an ordeal! I am so sorry you had to go through all of that. I think having to notify a store of a return within 48hrs. is ABSURD!!!!! Especially a big ticket item like a washer. I wish you all the best with the Speed Queen.

    • I know, it could be a work day and people might not have time to test it out for a few days or until a weekend. 48 hours is definitely not long enough. They should at least give their customers a week or two.

  36. franki Parde says

    Oh, good grief!! THAT IS EXACTKLY how my wash looks 99% of the time…I despise my washing machine!!! Again, so little water…& I use a “deep wash” cycle… Waiting to hear your results w/ this new one…did I say how much I despise mine…franki

  37. One solution I’ve heard is to purchase a Commercial Washer…
    Presently I wash many smaller loads with as much water as I can get..
    Take that Govt…

    • Speed Queen makes commercial washers and they use the same commercial parts in their residential machines that go into homes. That’s why their residential machines have such long warranties and are supposed to last for 25 years, doing 8 loads of laundry per week.
      LOL I love the way you think, Sheila! 🙂

  38. Susan,
    They definitely do not make appliances like they used to…
    Thanks so much for hosting this lovely party each and every week!! I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into it along with visiting all the links and choosing Features!!! Thank You!! I hope you are having a great week!!

  39. What a nightmare! Eco wash! Baloney….you don’t save water if you have to wash things twice to get them clean! It’s just like our stores in California that did away with plastic bags. Then they brought them back to sell only now they have 3 times the amount of plastic in them! I’m for saving water and using less plastic but I’m also for common sense! Glad you were able to make the return. Hope the Speed Queen works well for you! I’m hoping my 20 year old Maytag keeps working!

  40. Susan I had the exact same washer with the little separate hand wash basket, I loved that machine and we had it forever, had it serviced a few times but eventually it was just too old and we had to replace.
    We bought 2 different washers to replace it, one was a Maytag and the other was a Speed Queen…I didn’t like either of them and quickly returned them for the same type of reasons you described.
    After those bad experiences I did a bunch of research and found out about Huebsh, we went to the nearest dealer and bought one and I LOVE it! ❤️
    It does an amazing job, everything comes out clean and my whites are WHITE!
    If I remember correctly Huebsh is manufactured by the same company that makes Speed Queen.
    The dealer told us that the Canadian military buys Huebsh because its built tough, cleans everything and rarely breaks down because it’s so well built and meant to last. (I live in Canada)
    We’ve had ours for almost 10 yrs now and never had a single problem, still works like it’s brand new.
    After having this Huebsh I’d never buy anything else.

    • Interesting! I hadn’t heard the name Huebsch before. I just did a search and it is made by Speed Queen or the company that owns Speed Queen which is Alliance Laundry Systems. The info I found online said it’s very similar to the TC5 which has a true agitator in it…like the way agitators used to work. Catalyn, does your agitator move with the tub or does it move by itself alone the way agitators used to always do in washing machines? The info I found online seemed to indicate that they aren’t allowed to use the Speed Queen name in Canada so they call it Huebsch instead. This is the Speed Queen/Huebsch that I’m having delivered tomorrow: https://appliancebazaar.ca/products/huebsch-washer-dryer-tr7104wn-dr7102we

      • Mine has the good old fashioned agitator that moves by itself and it’s heavy duty sturdy and really cleans whatever you throw at it!
        I’ve washed heavy blankets, duvets and pretty much anything you can think of and never had a problem everything comes out super clean, plus it really spins the water out on spin cycle no soggy lumps going into the dryer that take forever to dry.
        We were impressed when the dealer pointed out to us how sturdy the agitator was compared to other brands like Maytag, LG and others.
        We loved it so much that we bought the matching dryer even though our old dryer was still working and I love the dryer too.
        My washer says “Huebsh Commercial” on the dashboard but it looks the same as any residential washer, the dealer told us it says that because it’s made with the same sturdy strong motor, agitator, stainless steel drum etc as their commercial units that are sold to laundromats and the military.

        • That’s awesome! You can’t beat a true agitator for getting really dirty clothes clean! I almost went with that type since it’s what I had for over 43 years!

          Yup, they are all made that way. The TR7 I’m getting says “Speed Queen, Commercial Heavy Duty” on the panel front, too. That’s why they last so long, SQ states that your machine should last 25 years! It’s going to outlive me! lol According to this video, they use the same quality components in their residential machines that they use in their commercial machines. He mentions that around 1:20 minutes into the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOjJXZySPQY
          This is a great video about the machines and why they last so well.

          • Catalynn says

            Wow just watched the video, the TR7 agitator and drum movement look amazing!
            I don’t think that type was available when we bought the Huebsh but it looks like a great idea.
            I think you’ll be very happy with your purchase it looks like it could wash the stripes off a zebra! Ha!
            Can’t wait to read your review!

    • Forgot to mention, from what I’ve read, apparently Speed Queen went through a rough patch in 2018 when they were having to transition over to the new regulations put out by the Dept of Energy, but they weathered the storm and made improvements. I’m glad I didn’t buy during that time. I hate all these regulations that are forcing on companies because the cost they incur gets passed right down to the consumer and we get stuck with products that don’t work as well as they once did. We are the ones who suffer in the long haul.

      • The Speed Queen that we returned was one of the ones manufactured during that time that you referred to, it was horrible, didn’t use enough water and the agitator was a joke.
        We bought it at a dealer on the USA side of the border and he delivered to Canada. (Not sure how he was able to do that)
        My hubby is very clean and rarely sweats other than if it’s a very hot day and he’s worked in the yard all day… I threw his t-shirt in the wash after a day of working in the yard, it didn’t smell terrible or anything but there was a mild smell of perspiration.
        I didn’t overload the machine but it didn’t use enough water, the agitator was useless and when the wash cycle was over and I pulled the items out I could still smell some perspiration in fact some of the items seemed to have dry spots here and there like no water had gotten to them, that was it!….I called the store and told them to pick it up.
        I later found out that a lot of people who were loyal Speed Queen fans became very disenchanted during that time and since then Speed Queen had redesigned, fixed the problem and people came streaming back.

  41. Susan, thank you and all of those who commented. You do so much ground work for us. The Kenmore I purchased when I bought this house quit pumping water out after a few years. You didn’t say how much the warranty cost.
    The person who figures out how to repair old washers will be a hero.
    Ladies unite. Tell Washington to get out of our business. When they recently claimed gas stoves had to go, there was national backlash. None for our washers ?
    Remember, during an election cycle is the only time they listen.

    • I know, that made me sooo mad when I heard that! I’ve always heard that the best way to cook is with gas since you can completely control the flame/temp. I hope they do get a big backlash over that and people continue to fight it!
      Do you mean the warranty on the washer? The one I purchased…the TR7, comes with a 7 year warranty, but the company states that you should expect it to last 25 years doing an average of 8 loads of laundry a week. I only do 2-3 loads per week, so I’ll be long gone by the time this thing croaks. Ha! If anything does go wrong on it, they are built to be easily repaired, but I don’t expect to have any issues.

  42. When I purchased my last washer, I had to pay an $100 extra for the exact same Maytag with an agitator. I knew that the one without the agitator was not going to work as well as the one with an agitator. The salesman said that they were going to stop making them with the agitator. I don’t know if this is true, but it scared me into purchasing one immediately! I just wanted a simple top loader that worked and that is what I got. I hope mine last for a very long time. It is now 10 years old. Do they even make a top loader with an agitator any more? I do not like the stinky front loaders.

    • Phyllis, check out the video I linked in The Post and you can see all the speed Queens with their agitators. Don’t worry, if yours quits working at some point, Speed Queen still makes them the old fashioned way with an agitator. They actually make two different designs that have the agitator motion. You can see that in the video that I linked in the post. You were smart to get the one that you got! I never want one with an impeller again!

  43. Forgot to mention that mine fills up with lots of water, thank goodness!

  44. Kimberly Hirst says

    Hi Susan, I was wondering if you have ever review washer and dryer top cover? I have been looking around and just can’t seem to find something.

    • Kimberly, do you mean the type of thing that would fit over the top of a front loading washer and dryer…like a countertop? Or, maybe you mean a cover that you can use atop a dryer to keep it from getting scratched. I remember looking for something like that years ago for my dryer, and I think I saw some on Amazon.

  45. I had the same dilemma. Replaced my dead washer with a Maytag because no Speed Queens were available in my area. When we move again, I will purchase a SQ pair. My Maytag is much better than my old washer. I did replace my 35 year old Kenmore dryer with a match to the new washer. It outlived 3 washers. I just replaced my 37 year old freezer for a new one because we did not trust it to keep our food anymore. My mother bought that for us and we have lugged it through 3 moves.

  46. I love my SQ washer with the agitator. I don’t really like the dryer as it doesn’t have the extra tumble feature that helps prevent wrinkles.
    Did you know this? SQ has a riser! My salesman told me it would fit all their dryers. I’m 5’8” with back problems. The riser makes it so much easier to load and unload. I bought my set in 2019 and just found out about and the the riser in May this year.

  47. Melissa Kitchens says

    Our first washing machine was a Norge (made by Maytag) and lasted 25 years. It was a great machine with a large capacity for comforters and blankets. I mourned its demise! I still the machine we purchased to replace that one, but I have learned to keep it set on heavy wash and extra rinse for all except delicate items. That’s the only way to ensure all items get wet through, washed and rinsed thoroughly. I doubt there’s much economy to this method, but I want clean clothes!

  48. Connie Scanlon says

    Would you please send me the link for the softest blanket? I, too, am in love with the leopard blanket and would like to purchase a second one!!! I haven’t found anything that fits my color scheme and is so yummy and cozy….getting ready for Fall (in my head) and need to get another one.

    Thanks so much, Connie

  49. Jayne Cash says

    I have used a Speed Queen for several years. It does a wonderful job cleaning clothes and is easy to use. I hope your experience is as good as mine. It’s the only brand I would buy.

  50. Hi Susan!
    Exact same situation over here with the previous washer making a horrendous noise and bubbling linens just as you photographed. Finally replaced with SQ (front load) a few months ago and clothes come out very clean and it’s quiet, too! Washers and dryers aren’t designed to last these days, so hopefully the SQ does.

  51. Looking forward to your SQ review! I have a few year old LG machine – I have to do a bit of “pre-treating” but “LG” and I have become friends. Pretty sure my next machine will be a SQ too, though.
    I’m also looking forward to your laundry renovation. When you renovate your laundry room a few options to consider: 1. measure the tallest washer on the market and install the cabinets over the washer such that you (or the next owner) can have “any machines” in the future. I put mine 57″ off the floor 2. keep a laundry sink and keep it next to the washer with a hanging bar over the sink for “drip-dry” 3. a hanging bar that will accommodate keeping “a dress off the floor” straight out of the dryer 4. folding station 5. a place for a laundry sorter or sorting baskets 6. a place for baskets in which folded clothes can stay till you’re ready to put them away 7. a place to iron 8. metal pegboard either on the wall or in a cabinet to store dusters, brooms, etc. off the floor 9. a ceiling fan with blades that miss the open doors of your cabinets 10. a sewing machine for quick repairs 11. and a significant clamp to keep your washers drain hose reliably attached to the washer!

  52. Michele M. says

    Lord have mercy no way! My gosh Susan – that’s one heckuva story. WOW!

    Well I am in the market for a new set – so looking forward to hearing how your new higher-end SQ works. Gracious what a headache!!!

  53. I would’ve gotten a washer dryer repair to fix the old washer, or looked up youtube videos on how to repair it. Far cheaper too. People throw out perfectly good items and jump to the newest more shoddy stuff way too often. Didn’t used to be that way.

    • I guess you haven’t read my previous posts. I called a repairman that I’ve used several times for my refrigerator’s ice maker. He looked up my GE washer by model number and told me that parts were no longer available and that it couldn’t be repaired. Plus, as I mentioned in another post a few days ago, their were areas that were pretty badly rusted, especially the lid. I would have still kept it, rust and all, if it could have been repaired. Sadly, after using it for 43-1/2 years, it was time to let it go.

  54. Glad you were able to return the washer and get the one you want. My old GE was great, and I am with you – I miss that mini basket. It was so good for small loads or soaking an item! When we moved into our new place a GE front load washer and dryer were part of the package. I am good with how the washer cleans, but I know what you mean about not much water. Still, the clothes seem to get clean. But, I miss that basket!!!

  55. Years ago our top loader died. BTW, appliance (of any type) efficiency is by law from one of our earlier presidents (I believe Clinton) so that appliances could be improved with ever evolving technological innovation; but I digress. I LOVED my LG front loader. All types of washes even steam cleaning! Never a problem. QUIET.

    Then we moved into a rental townhouse & left that glorious washing machine for a sorry ass Whirlpool top loader. Never can use ‘normal’ load. Everything has to be flooded with ‘bulk’ load option in order to eliminate dirty water lines left on black clothes after the spin cycle. I’ve also had that ‘floating sheet’ syndrome happen. It’s gross.

  56. Lynneferd says

    I have a Speed Queen washer. I’ve had it for a few years and I like it very much. It seems to clean well and is pretty fast compared to the washers others have told me about. I decided on a Speed Queen when an appliance repairman told me it was the only one to buy. He said he won’t be coming to my house anymore! Good luck!

  57. I read through your post at least twice, and most of the comments. I did not find the name and manufacturer of the machine you returned anywhere. What is it? , so I will know what Not to buy, as well as knowing that, in the future, if and when I need to buy a washer, to get a Speed Queen (hoping I can work out the finances to possibly afford to do so.)

  58. Mark Morgan says

    Well once again no surprise. All these big box stores have little to no “trained Sales people” and trust me the internet doesn’t tell you the rest of the stories. I see the same stories weekly for I work at one of those Big Box stores. If someone had informed this person in the first place. She did not had to go through this. And in order to not have training they now have 48 hr return policy . So customers get the bad deal. The 80% part time 20% full time employes don’t work. Wake up America!

  59. I have an LG and I just keep the water plus option on for every wash. I like the settings and I’m able to download others, along with remote start. Personally, I think learning how to use your appliances for the best outcomes are a key component to being satisfied. I had to learn what worked and how it works to function. I love my washing machine, but I needed to actually learn how to use it before I was really happy with it.

    • As mentioned in this post, I had read about the “Water Plus” “trick” and did use it when it didn’t add enough water during that first wash, but I really don’t want to have to concoct ways to trick a machine into washing clothes with enough water to actually wash them, without ripping them apart. Also, the machine changed the water temperature to something I didn’t want when I used that trick. I love a machine that gives me total control over all the settings from the start, and then remembers what I chose and defaults to that the next time, plus, let’s me save that for future washings.

    • Alayne, the other issue is the return period was only 48 hours, so there wasn’t a lot of time to figure out how to force the machine to wash clothes the way a Speed Queen does from the start. When/if your washer ever stops working, check out the Speed Queen washers. You’ll be able to set the water level, the water temperature and the soil level right from the start, and the machine will remember your preferences for the next wash, just in case you want to use those same settings again. Or you can save it as a “Favorite” and choose it for future washes. There is no “learning curve” with Speed Queen–it’s very straight forward and easy to use.

  60. I suppose reading the instructions manual would have been way out of line for this unit. I can tell you didn’t read it because you had sheets and towels in the same load.

    The biggest issue I have with the new machines is people who do not understand that laundry is different than it was 41 years ago. They have changed the machines because the government has changed the water restrictions on the machine. They scrub the clothes instead of using hydrodynamics to force water back and forth through the clothes. But you have to load them right for them to work properly

    • Bryan, you’re wrong in stating I didn’t read the manual. I actually quoted some of the material I found in the manual in one of the posts that I wrote about the washing machine, but no amount of reading can possibly fix the poor design of that LG machine. No one should pay almost $1,000 for a washing machine and have to worry about loading in their clothes in a special way. You have been duped, my friend. How easily we cave to making do instead of demanding better! As long as people except that kind of workmanship and service from companies, they’ll continue to get more of the same. Also, why would any sane person want their nice clothes that they have spent their hard-earned money on, “scrubbed” clean. That’s truly barbaric! Have we really regressed back to the days of the washboard?!

      Thankfully, with good ole American ingenuity, we don’t have to settle for washboard scrubbing anymore! Speed Queen was able to figure out a way to meet the government standards and STILL give customers what they want–a gentle, effective way to clean their clothes with the movement of water, as opposed to “scrubbing” them to death. I will never forget the sound that impeller made as it raked and scrubbed itself again those barely wet, soggy towels in the bottom of the machine. If you have one of those machines that “scrubs” your clothing clean, I highly recommend you get rid of it and buy a Speed Queen. The additional cost you pay for this much better-built machine will easily be recouped with the savings you’ll see in your clothes looking better and lasting much longer. It’s time we all said NO to washing machines that only last 10-13 years and ultimately end up in a landfill. It’s time we said NO to filling up the landfills with fast fashion due to our clothes being destroyed by being “scrubbed” clean. There’s a better way, Bryan! Check out Speed Queen and I bet you’ll find you love it as much as I love mine!

    • Bryan, in case you missed it, here’s the follow up post I did about my Speed Queen washer after I used it a couple of times: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/how-do-i-like-my-speed-queen-washer-would-i-recommend-it/

  61. Karla Thomas says

    I just got a Maytag washer and dryer… horrible stuff. 2 and a half hours for a load! noises I never heard before coming out of it. Wish I could return it but they don’t take returns. Dryer dries fine. But the steam part drips all over the floor puddles of water. My roommate bought them, I did not have a choice. I called the guy to fix the washer and he said that is just how they work, and NEVER mix loads he said. Towels only or blankets or jeans only… no shirts and pants and towels mixed or it won’t wash right! And the level was a half inch off, but they installed it. anyone want to buy a cheap set? I hate them.

    • I’m so sorry, Karla! I don’t know how these companies stay in business making their washers like that. Not sure if this will help but try doing a Google search or look on YouTube to see if anyone has some tips on how to get it to perform better/faster. If there’s an “eco” wash, try to avoid using that…that seems to be the worst setting on most of these washers. I hope you are able to find a setting that works better. No one should have to go through all that to just wash clothes. It’s like technology has gone backwards in today’s washing machines.

  62. I am tired says

    Let me guess. You bought a Whirlpool Cabrio. The hell washer. The washer that I kicked after 2 1/2 hours of fighting with it to wash a blanket. The washer that leaves dry places. Awful, awful machine. I am tired of holding the bag with these appliances. I am tired of federal regulators. I am tired of activist focused politicians. I am tired of extended warranties that cost me money. I am tired of manufacturers who don’t care about quality. We need to make our voices heard.

  63. Welcome to the new age of washers! I haven’t gotten one I really liked in years.

  64. Sekhar Samy says

    My old Kenmore 90 series finally died. I bought a SQ TR7 based on my colleagues recommendation. Made in USA. Best decision ever.

    All the major brands made in China are just junk. They are the ones filling landfills. Want to save the planet, buy dependable products.

    Tired of all the greenwashing!

  65. Mike Pittman says

    The long and the short of it here. In 2014 we replaced a 1993 Kenmore with a new GE. The Kenmore was relegated to the shed Workshop for occasional use with shop towels. The 2014 GE had many issues and replaced in 2016 with a Maytag that had an impeller. Many issues with that and it was replaced in 2018 with a different GE version assured to work fine. Circuit board issues and transmission issues Galore. In 2020 we got rid of it and put the 1993 Kenmore back in the house! It’s been 3 years and that machine is now 30 years old and still runs and cleans awesomely! The cycle panel is faded from age but we know where the Cycles are and have a black dot on them! I know the time will come when the Kenmore will give up the ghost but I hope it is not soon. I dread the thought of having to replace my Kenmore with one of these new washers having been there and done that and did not like them at all! My two cents!

  66. Marilyn Bell says

    I just did the same thing. Bought a new whirlpool gold washer and dryer. Supposed to be energy efficient…..HAHA on that
    Took 1.5 hours to wash a load of jeans that were still DIRTY when they came out. Those horrible agitators do NOT clean the clothes.
    Then on to the dryer. I dried 6 pairs of jeans at 1.5 hours and they were still not dry.
    My husband gets dirty !!! My old whirlpool washer cleaned them just fine on am 8 mi ute wash
    So after a week of total frustration, I returned the $2,000 machines, called in an appliance repair guy and he rebuilt my 21 yr old washer and dryer for $250
    I am happy again and have clean clothes
    This new stuff is JUNK

    • Marilyn if your current ever croaks for good, look at Speed Queen. I’m so happy with my Speed Queen TR7! I can completely control all the settings and everything comes out clean. I know you are so happy to have your old machine working again! That’s awesome! You’re right, the new machines are junk. If Speed Queen ever goes out of business, we will be in big trouble!

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