La Fermière Yogurt Pot–How to Remove Adhesive Off The Rim + A Yeti Tumbler Hack

Welcome to the 774th Tablescape Thursday! I was visiting family in Ohio for the past 9 days and just got home around 6:30 last night after a long 9-hour drive. So though I don’t have a table setting to share, I have two things that are table-related that I hope you’ll find helpful.

Yesterday, I shared these delicious yogurts I discovered during my time in Ohio. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, this yogurt comes in a really cute, glazed, terra cotta pot that can be reused in a lot of ways. La Fermière has a section on their website sharing several ways to reuse them as votive holders, storage containers, and even as a baking dish for desserts.

La Fermiere Orange Blossom Honey Yogurt


The one thing that I noticed, though, is once you remove the little gold foil top to enjoy the yogurt, there’s a fair amount of glue residue that’s left behind along the rim. I don’t know what kind of adhesive La Fermière uses, but man, is it tough! I tried scraping it off with my fingernail and that definitely didn’t work. Dishwashing liquid, Dawn Power Wash, and my favorite Super Cleaner didn’t work either. After several failed attempts to remove the glue in Ohio, I decided to just wait until I got home where I knew I had some Goof Off Adhesive Remover. I was sure that would work.

La Fermiere Yogurt, How to Remove Glue from Rim of Pot


Nope! Even Goof Off couldn’t put a dent in it! I’m pretty sure whatever adhesive La Fermière uses must be the same thing NASA uses to glue parts of the space shuttle together because I think it could survive through anything! 😉

Glue on Rim of La Fermiere Yogurt Container


Determined to find a way to remove the adhesive, I finally resorted to using a knife. I had been reluctant to try scraping it off, for fear I’d leave scratches along the rim, but fortunately, that didn’t happen. Using a smooth-blade pairing knife, I was able to successfully scrape the adhesive off the rim without leaving any visible scratches. If you try this, be careful that you don’t cut yourself! Go slowly! Update: I recently discovered that La Fermiere has instructions on how to get the glue off and they recommend scraping it off with a butter knife. That would probably be safer than using a pairing knife as I did. So please don’t use a sharp blade knife unless you feel completely comfortable doing so.

How to remove glue from La Fermiere Yogurt Pot


It took several minutes to scrape all the adhesive off the first pot, so I got an idea. For the 2nd and 3rd pots, I used my blow dryer on its hottest setting and that seemed to help soften the adhesive. I just did a few inches at the time, blowing and scraping around the rim until I had the adhesive completely removed. Heating the adhesive seemed to make the process go a lot faster. Update: I never bother using the blow dryer now, I’ve gotten really good at just scraping it off with a knife. The more you do it, the easier/faster it goes.

La Fermiere Yogurt Pots after Glue Removed


One more thing I wanted to mention–when I purchased this yogurt in Dorothy Lane Market, they were 2 for $5, so $2.50 each. I purchased a few more last night in my local Whole Foods, but I didn’t check the receipt to see how much they were before I tossed it, so I’m not sure what I paid there. If you see some crazy prices for these yogurts online, look elsewhere. La Fermière has a place on their website where you can enter your zip code to see what store near you carries their yogurt. That’s how I found out Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Fresh Market carry it in my area here in Georgia. By the way, La Fermière has no idea I’m sharing their yogurts or that I even exist. Just sharing these since I love the little containers they come in…and the yogurt is delicious! Update: I keep forgetting to mention that you can find lids for these little containers here: Lids for La Fermière Yogurt Pots.

La Fermiere Orange Blossom Honey Yogurt



An Upgrade for My Yeti Rambler With the Straw Lid (but could apply to any tumbler)

One more table-related thing I wanted to share is a little upgrade I’ve made for my Yeti rambler that came with a straw lid. I just started buying this style Yeti tumbler recently and I love it, but I can’t stand the stiff-as-a-board, plastic straw that comes with it. If you have ice in your drink, it’s almost impossible to position that hard plastic straw in any position that’s comfortable for drinking. Plus, the straw it comes with is way too short, at least for my preference.

To solve this issue, I’ve been using these tall silicone straws and they work beautifully! I’ve purchased them in two different heights–the 9-inch and the 10-inch. The 9-inch works pretty well, but I prefer buying the 10-inch since I can cut the end off to the height that works best. The photo below shows the height I like best.

Better Straw for Yeti Rambler with Straw Lid


If you purchase any of these silicone straws for your tumblers, Yeti or not, and decide to shorten them, be sure to cut the end of the straw in a slanted shape, otherwise, the straw will have a tendency to suction down to the bottom of your tumbler. Also, the direction of the cut matters. It needs to slant as shown below in order to work properly and not suction down to the bottom of the tumbler.

How to cut a silicone straw to avoid it suctioning down to bottom of glass


One more thing, I always cut mine where the straw is short enough to where the “bend” section of the straw isn’t sticking too far up and out of the lid–that way the straw doesn’t wildly swing around when you pick it up to take a sip. The bend of the straw needs to be slightly above the lid (or at least that’s the height I cut mine) but not too much, then it will stay stable when you pick up the tumbler. If you get the 10-inch length straws, they give you enough length to try different heights to see what works best. The silicone straws also work great with the Yeti slider lids, if you prefer a straw when drinking. Hope this makes sense for all you Yeti lovers out there! Here’s where I purchased the 10-inch straws that I use: 10-inch Silicone Straw.

Better Straw for Yeti Rambler with Straw Lid


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  1. The little yogurts are $3.79 each at Whole Foods in Mandeville, Louisiana.

  2. Thanks for the tip on the La Fermiere cleaning and finding a location near me. I use them for my Floral Arranging classes and love them!!! Tried to post photo but could not.

  3. Hi Susan –
    Did you know that you can buy lids for your La Fermiere little pots on Amazon?
    They may be available elsewhere also, but if you enter “La Fermiere yogurt lids” in the Amazon search you will see several different styles. Some are bamboo wood, some silicone, some plain, some different colors and some even have engraved floral designs.
    Does that seem like something you might need??

    • This is a PS to my Yogurt Lid comment –
      Some of the lids being sold are also made to fit “Oui Yogurt” jars.
      I’m not sure if Oui and LaFermiere lids are be interchangeable – maybe
      another reader knows??

  4. Hi! I just put my little yogurt jars in the dishwasher & they came out perfectly fine.

    • That’s amazing because I could even budge the adhesive using Goof Off…and it’s strong! Maybe the heat from the dishwasher helps.

  5. Susan, you are marvelious!!!!

  6. I love to read all your “finds”! Those yogurt pots are adorable! I have saved my Oui yogurt jars for so time now and recently realized they sell lids to fit on Amazon! I bet yours have some too. I most definitely am going to Fresh Market to get a couple! Thanks Susan!

  7. Margaret says

    Thank you for the glue removal tip – I was just about to google it, but will try using a hot hair dryer. I’m also having a hard time getting all the foil off from the edge. Yogurts sell for $3.49 at Sprouts in California, but are yummy!

  8. Bernadette says

    I usually use rubbing alcohol for glue residue. Maybe try soaking a paper towel and let the rim sit on it for a few minutes before trying to get it off?

    I’ve seen them online at Amazon ($3.49, locally) , but didn’t realize how lovely the jars are. Now I want to get some.

  9. Tina Reynolds says

    I am ready to change yogurt brands! The little clay pots are so cute. The nearest locations where I can buy this brand are both 45 miles away…one to the north and one to the east! I will just have to wait until I am going to one of those cities for other reasons and remember to take my cooler with me! I looked up the lids and, wow, what a rabbit hole! So many ideas!

    I am going to check out the silicone straws. I want to tell everyone that those stainless steel straws we all see in stores are dangerous. I thought they would be great, I thought that the stainless would be easy to sanitize and last forever. But, if anything causes you to bump into the steel straw, it hurts and could do damage to your teeth! Also, they are way too long. How would you cut that steel easily or safely? After an ouchy experience drinking from one in the car, I threw mine away. I cannot always locate plastic straws. I think that someone is buying them out at my grocery! My experience with paper straws has been pretty dismal, too. Some taste bad. I’ll be glad to try out silicone.

  10. The yogurt jar residue comes off with a stainless steel pot cleaner. Easy way to clean.

  11. Susan, I love reading your posts. You always find such interesting products. I live in Canada and sometimes it is not easy to find some of your great finds. For example, the La Fermiere pots. Today I headed to the supermarket to find these delightful pots and instead came across a version we carry in Canada from Quebec. Perhaps your Canadian readers would be interested. They are called “Maison Riviera.” Their pots are made of glass. 4 x 120g pkg cost me $7.30 Cdn. I bought the plain flavour. It was very nice. I will have to try their other flavour; the grocery clerk told me the mango one was the best.

    Maison Riviera has a wonderful website. They even sell lids and labels for people who want to repurpose their glass jars.
    Here is the link for the lids:
    Their website is beautiful to browse as well:

    I have been a long time read and I would like to thank you so much Susan for sharing all the great things you come across. They are always great recommendations.

    I have a Kemore washer and dryer that are still working after 35 yrs! I was dreading the day they breakdown. I have heard so many horror stories about the new models on the market today. Your post on Speed Queen has settled my fears. I found out that the brand is available in Toronto! I will definetly head there when the time comes.

  12. If anyone else is having a hard time removing the glue residue from the La Fermiere pots, I sprayed some Goo Gone in a small glass dish (actually used a vintage ash tray!) and left the pot inverted in it for a day. Wiped the Goo Gone off and the glue residue easily scraped right off.

  13. I have also become a big fan of la fermiere yogurts ! This past spring they were sold in a limited edition variety of pastel colored pots( pale peach,lilac,mint green,pink,and pale yellow). I am hoping they repeat something similar this coming year.I first found the brand last October in a small family owned grocery store on Cape Cod. The pots were orange and black at the time and were a real standout ( which is what caught my attention). I also saw ads for their desserts and tried everywhere to find them in the Atlanta area ( with no luck). When we returned to the Cape this summer I returned to the same family grocery and asked if they might be able to order the desserts as well…2 months later they were also available and they are wonderful !!! I am hoping Whole Foods in the Atlanta area will begin carrying the desserts too since they are SOOOOO good.

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