2 Favorite, Affordable Luxuries, Including One I Just Discovered

While I’ve been visiting family, I stopped by my favorite grocery store, Dorothy Lane Market. Normally, I don’t enjoy grocery shopping and put it off until I absolutely have to go, but DLM is an experience! I wish they had locations in my area but sadly all their locations are here in Ohio.

During a recent trip to DLM, I came across this yogurt by the French company, La Fermière. I was smitten by their beautiful lavender-colored, terra cotta pots and purchased several flavors with plans to reuse the pots in some way in a future table setting. My grandsons really love the yogurt, with my 9-year-old grandson declaring it to be “so silky!” Each time a yogurt was devoured, I requested the little pot be saved. I think a couple of pots were accidentally discarded before everyone in the family got the message, but I managed to collect 7 to take back home.


My oldest grandson and I both really loved the “Rose” flavor which tastes the way roses smell. I later discovered they also make Lavender and Jasmine flavors, too.

Photo from La Fermiere


Before leaving to head back home, I made one last trip to DLM to replenish the stash in the fridge since it has been such a big hit. These are the ones I found available in the closest DLM location this evening.


Apparently, these little pots are a big hit because when doing an online search for La Fermière this evening, I discovered a bunch of these cute pots in various colors for sale on eBay. In the past, they’ve been available in various shades of pink, yellow, green, blue, white, and even clear. I wish I had discovered them sooner! I would love to eventually collect them in some additional colors. The clear ones look great as votive holders and can you just imagine the lavender ones filled with little bouquets of wildflowers?! ♥ On the La Fermière website, I learned that they can even be reused for baking little desserts. I love that idea and would love to try it!

Photo from La Fermiere


I checked to see if this yogurt is available in my area and it appears the only stores that carry it are Whole Foods, Fresh Market, and Sprouts. I will definitely be checking for it in those locations. They also make desserts–hope I can find some of those, too!


Another Little Luxury: I can’t remember if I’ve ever shared this with you but my favorite cleaner for jewelry is the one sold by Tiffany & Co. It’s not the least expensive, but I’ve never found a jewelry cleaner that makes jewelry sparkle as this cleaner does.

Best Jewelry Cleaner, Tiffany & Co. Jewelry Cleaner


When I purchased some for my daughter-in-love, she was amazed when she saw how her wedding set looked after soaking in the cleaner for just a few minutes. She told me that her rings sparkled even more than when she had them professionally cleaned by the jewelry store from whence they were purchased.

Tiffany & Co. Jewelry Cleaner


Recently, I reordered online since my container was getting a bit low. I was delighted to see that even though I only ordered jewelry cleaner, Tiffany still went to the trouble to package it beautifully, wrapping the box with one of their silky, white bows. Even though it was an online order, they even included one of their iconic shopping bags. It’s these little touches that really make you feel appreciated! (T & Co. jewelry cleaner is available here: Jewelry Cleaner.)

Ordering from Tiffany & Co.


Have you ever heard of La Fermière yogurts? Do you have a favorite flavor? I don’t know how I never discovered them until now!

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  1. I am obsessed wuth those little La Fermiere yogurt pots, too! For years I brought them home from trips to France but I’ve been buying them at Wegmans for several years now. More expensive, of course, but also more convenient. New pot colors are often added during holidays or when the seasons change. I have red ones with cupids, white ones with snowflakes, dark green ones with pine trees, even black and orange ones from Halloween! Now that you know them, you will spot them in various blog and magzine photos!

    • Ohhh, that’s why I saw some in a dark green with a Christmas tree design and some white ones with a snowflake design. I will definitely be looking out for them when the holidays roll around. I did see some black ones on eBay and wondered if that was for Halloween.
      I bet you’re right, I’ll start noticing them in lots of places now. lol
      Susan, did you know that there are lids available for them on Amazon? I just discovered that late last night after I had already written this post. I ordered a set of 20. Here’s a link to them: https://amzn.to/44G6OYF

      • I did not know, so thanks very much! I will check them out. Also, thanks for the Tiffany jewelry polish tip! I will order some.

    • Susan, here’s another cute design that a reader just shared with me: https://amzn.to/3Kih4hH

  2. I’ve never heard of La Fermière. The little pots are adorable. And I agree about the small, elegant touches. Those are the things that make raving fans. I recently had a couple of experiences that pushed me precisely the other way. I hope you’re home safe now.

  3. Patricia Lapp says

    I must thank you, as frequently your recommendations are spot on! I have frequently looked into and purchased items you have showcased, knowing you do extensive research prior to buying an item. From puzzles to cleaning supplies, I am rarely disappointed. Today I am going to buy the adorable yogurt.

    • Thanks so much, Patricia! That makes my day to hear that! I try to only suggest things I love or things that I’m trying that have great reviews. Hope you enjoy the yogurt. I’m going to look for it here in Whole Foods and Sprouts tomorrow. I hope they have some of the floral ones…I want to try the Jasmine flavor.

  4. Susan,

    Amazon sells beautiful wooden lids for these jars. I have been collecting them for some time. There are plain as well as engraved lids. Take a look!

    la fermiere yogurt jar lids

    Couldn’t get the link to work but they are easily searchable

    • Thanks for mentioning those, Imbi! I did come across those late last night and ordered a set of 12, but I had already written my post. I should have gone back and added a link to those in the post this morning. The ones I ordered are plain…I’d love to see the engraved ones! These are the ones that I ordered: https://amzn.to/44G6OYF

  5. DeeDee Clark says

    I read quite some time ago about LaFermiere yogurt on “Latabldedensna” blog. She lives in Canada, and she gave a recipe using these as measuring “cups.”
    You will enjoy following her.

  6. What a yogurt discovery; I am so smitten with those little pots.

  7. Michele / Finch Rest says

    Oh what a delight! As you know I am only a few hours from your son and DIL and I have never heard of that place. YAY – no plastic and actual usable jars, whoo hoo hoo! I would love to try the rose – I just reordered some of my fav rose jelly – I am a big fan, esp for girlie rose themed tea parties.

    I am getting low on jewelery cleaner – we have a Tiffany’s at a mall here perhaps I can pop in and get it there or buy from your link. Did you have to pay shipping?

    One of these days I’d love to meet you in person, Susan, after alllll these years.

    I will be driving through on my way to north Indy on Aug 3rd. Wish you would still be there. I could time it so we could meet at that store, haha. ♥

    • That would be great to meet one day! I drove back today, just got in around 6:30. I was only there for 8-9 days this time. Michele, that’s not an affiliate link or anything, but you are so sweet to think of that. I bet your local Tiffany’s will have it in stock. It’s worth the cost because it lasts a long, long time and makes jewelry look amazing!
      Those jars are sooo cute! I’m looking forward to using them in a table setting sometime…hopefully before summer is gone.

  8. I found La Femiere yogurt at Amazon in a few flavors. A tad expensive!

  9. Since my husband likes “fruit on the bottom” yogurt and it’s hard to find, I purchased Yoplait Oui. It comes in clear glass containers so I saved them thinking the same, they would make great votive holders! Guess I am going to be checking out Whole Foods and Fresh market REAL soon!

    • I’ve never tried Oui, but I saw it in Whole Foods…definitely want to try it! La Fermiere also makes it with fruit on the bottom. It’s probably hard to see, but the Mango Passion and the Rasperry Blueberry in my photo are both in clear jars with fruit on the bottom. They really do make great votive holders…love that! Remember when jelly companies put their jelly in glass containers that could be reused as drinking glasses. 🙂

  10. I love the Liberte yogurt with fruit on the bottom. Their lemon is amazing

  11. The first thing I thought of was the cheese crocks we use to save. I don’t have a Whole Foods or Sprouts nearby but I will find some. Publix use to have a personal shopper to bring special things in for customers from other stores. I might try that.

  12. I need to check these out!!! I love little dishes and jars etc. I’m 2 hours away from the closest Whole Foods but will keep my ‘wish list’ updated. I do have the little glass jars from ‘oui’ (French style yogurt by Yoplait) and you can buy plastic lids on line to fit them. I’ve always been smittin with small products and I’m definitely a visual label shopper….my attention goes wild over certain graphics on packaging. Thanks for the fun tip!

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