Tabletop Shopping, A Yeti Mini-Drama, & More Renovations And Updates

Welcome to the 767th Tablescape Thursday! The last few days have been crazy busy with workmen here almost every day. I’ve been working on those last bits and pieces that I need to get done in the garage and basement before moving on to focusing on bathroom renovations. Also, I finally got up the nerve to get the roof washed/cleaned. Looking forward to sharing some of the updates that have been taking place the last few days!

With workmen here almost all day the past two days and getting estimates for other work in between, I didn’t have an opportunity to set a new table. But I do have some pretty table-related goodies to share–one I really want but made myself walk away from–at least for now.

Recently, Old Time Pottery was mentioned in a comment and I realized it has been ages since I last visited the OTP that’s near my home. I had an errand to run in that direction a few days ago, so decided to stop by. I was hoping they were still in business since over the years I’ve found some of my absolute favorite tabletop items in Old Time Pottery–like these turkey tureens you’ve seen me use in many Thanksgiving table settings.


I was dismayed to see that a lot of the shelves in the store were empty–made me worried they were going out of business the way so many businesses have done in the last few years. While checking out with these Jimmy Buffett-themed glasses, the cashier mentioned that the company was sold a while back. She didn’t seem to think they were closing, though. I also learned that the OTP near my home is the only location that’s left in Georgia.


I headed to some of my favorite areas of the store where I used to find cute tabletop goodies. They had some really cute round placemats for summer. These were almost gone…

Round Mermaid Placemats


…but they still had plenty of these. I love the colors in these so much!

Round Placemats, Seaside Theme


These were cute and would go great in a bee-themed table setting.

Sunflower Round Placemats


They would give a completely different look to the bee table I set recently, wouldn’t they? I just purchased black and white plaid check napkins a week or two ago. Ummm, this has my wheels turning.

Bee Napkin Ring and Bee Flatware in Bee Themed Table Setting


Old Time Pottery has always had the cutest lanterns and candle holders! I love these! I may have to go back for that lantern on the right.

Starfish Candle Holder


I’ve purchased quite a few lanterns from them in the past and they were definitely well-stocked in the lantern department.

Great Lanterns for Summer


I did notice the prices have gone up a good bit, though.

Summer Lanterns


I came very close to purchasing a few of these glass votive holders. They looked/felt super delicate. Since the votive goes in the top, I think they would be a little top-heavy and pretty easy to knock over. The main reason I didn’t purchase any is they were priced a bit higher than I wanted to spend at $20 each. If I purchased them to use in a table, I would want to buy at least 5, maybe 6. So that would add up pretty quickly. I may check back in a week or so to see if the price has come down, although they may be gone by then. That’s the way it is with OTP, things tend to go quickly.

Elegant Glass Votive Tealights with Shades


I ventured over to the outdoor area and came across some beautiful garden seats. The blue one was metal but the yellow and orange seats were a really nice heavy ceramic. Again, the pricing seemed a bit high for OTP…more along the lines of what I normally see in other stores like HomeGoods. But then, everything has gone up everywhere.

Pretty Garden Seats, Garden Stools


I really love this design! It was priced at $59.99

Yellow Garden Seat


Wouldn’t this lighthouse garden stool be perfect on the deck or porch of a beach house? Or, maybe in the garden of a beach cottage?

Lighthouse Garden Seat


If I still had a cat, one of these baskets would definitely have gone into my cart. Love the ears! lol They were marked $39.99

Cat Bed with Shape of Cat


A Wee-bit of Yeti Drama: Not exactly tablescape-related but definitely party/entertaining related, thought I’d share one of the other distractions I’ve had going on this week. I got a bee in my bustle recently and decided that I really wanted to purchase a Yeti Tundra Haul Cooler. I fell in love with those after buying one for my son a year or two back and seeing how much he and my daughter-in-love use it during the summer months.

Yeti Stocked for Weekend


After doing a bit of research into their coolers, I learned that Yeti produces their wares in 4 new colors each year. Typically two new colors are introduced for spring/summer and two additional colors for fall/winter. I think they’ll be announcing their new autumn colors sometime soon, well at least that’s the vibe I’ve gotten from perusing the Yeti threads on Reddit. Did you know that there’s an entire community of serious Yeti enthusiasts and collectors out there? I was pretty excited to discover that since I’m a pretty big Yeti fan myself. I really love their tumblers! After scoping out the colors that are currently available this season, for my first-ever Yeti cooler I decided to go with a red color that just came out a few months ago called, Rescue Red. In the photos online, it appeared to be a bold Georgia Bulldog red.

Red Tundra Haul Yeti


I ordered a Tundra Haul in Rescue Red, and the moment it arrived, I knew I wouldn’t be keeping it. The color just didn’t look the same as it had online. Wondering if it was just me or if anyone else was less than thrilled with the color, I did an online search and that’s how I discovered a whole community of Yeti enthusiasts on Reddit. Many were describing Rescue Red as being more of a “Rescue Pink” or a Raspberry Red color.  I had to agree. (Thread can be found here: Yeti Thread.)

I returned the RR cooler and began the search, again. I came across another great color but as is often my luck, it was a color that hasn’t been produced since 2019! Argggh! The color is Reef Blue and apparently, it’s extremely popular. I was watching an auction for one on eBay and when it reached the $700+ range with several days left in the auction, I knew I would not be bidding. It sold yesterday afternoon for a final bid of $850, after 36 bids! See what I mean–there’s an avid Yeti following out there and they ain’t kiddin’ around! I hope Yeti brings Reef Blue back one day, but I’m not sure if they ever repeat colors. Hey Yeti, if you see this, bring Reef Blue back, please!


While I was watching the Reef Blue auction just for fun, I decided to order another recently released color that I thought I would love since my favorite color is green. The color is called Canopy Green, but I just wasn’t sure if it was going to be the “right” green after my experience with ordering Rescue Red. As soon as it arrived and I opened the box, I was pretty sure it was a keeper. I really do like the color a lot! I get the impression that Yeti pulls a lot of their color choices from the environment. Canopy Green was inspired by the tropical rainforests in South America, at least that’s the impression I got from THIS video.

Yeti Tundra Haul Cooler in Canopy Green


The 3rd and final cabinet for the basement is being delivered today, so you know what I’ll be doing later tonight or tomorrow!

Storage Room Renovation


My Landscape Irrigation guy is coming by this afternoon to install a new Irrigation Controller Unit. I rarely use my irrigation system, maybe a handful of times each year, but I do want to keep it updated and functioning so it’s time to retire this 31-year-old controller. Looking forward to sharing some of the other updates I’ve been working on this week for Metamorphosis Monday!


Looking forward to the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday! (If you enjoyed this post, subscribe for email updates when a new post is up here: Subscribe for post updates.)

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  1. You are so right. Everything has gone up so much. I find that I am leaving more than I am buying. So very sad.

  2. franki Parde says

    Oh, isn’t it FUN to “shop-look!!!” You can “put together” SO MANY vignettes… I just like “comparing!!” i JUST GOT “All weather lumbar pillows” striped…$6.50 each…includes the pillow…even “Walmart” couldn’t match that! Free Shipping to my foor! Yay 4 me!!! franki

  3. I always enjoy seeing your home projects but I can’t help but wonder if you are planning to move.
    I’ve been to an old Time Pottery in Florida years ago and bought so many fun things.

    • One day, not anytime soon though. I would love to visit another OTP that’s really well-stocked. Ours here is pretty sad right now.

  4. Gwen Long says

    Susan, I just received my Consumer Reports magazine for this month, and on their Recall page, there is a recall for 1.9 million “Yeti” soft coolers and gear cases, purchased between March 2018 and January 2023. I do not know if this would apply to you or not, but you can go to Yeti’s website or call them at 833-444-3151.

    • Yeah, the backpack I purchased for my son is part of that recall. He doesn’t want to send it back though since his is still working great. It’s an issue with the magnets, I think. Thanks for mentioning that, Gwen. I hope his doesn’t have an issue but at least he knows to watch for it.

  5. Wow – that’s some serious money for a cooler! But I guess if it’s what you love … ! I’m pretty sure the turkey tureens would make me happier! Love to see all your beautiful tables, and thanks for the visit to OTP. Thanks for hosting, too – Tablescape Thursday is always great!

    • I know, someone REALLY wanted Reef Blue badly…and the next person who lost the auction was only $20 less. That cooler would be stunning at the beach or around a backyard pool. If I had a backyard pool, I would have been tempted to lose my mind and bid on it, but I can’t justify spending that when I’m totally landlocked. LOL
      Thanks, Barbara! Happy almost weekend to you!

  6. Aww, Susan, that’s too bad about your yeti cooler. That’s a pretty big miscalculation on their part! I wonder if they were counting on people not wanting to bother with the return process, because they surely should have known if it was more pink than red, customers wouldn’t be happy. I loved that Christmasy red, but I also love the Christmasy green that you got, lol.

    I haven’t been to OTP in years. Decades! I’d love to roam through one if the one and only one I knew of even still exists. Those placemats are cute. And I love that row of lanterns (though I probably wouldn’t love the prices.)

    It’s so hard having workmen in your home. I hope they get things tied up quick. Looking forward to hearing about your bath renovation plans!

    • Thanks, Pam! I do love the green a lot more in person than Yeti’s version of red. Someone in the Reddit thread said, “Yeti is going to Yeti” so apparently that’s Yeti’s version of red. lol They’ve did another bright red a few years back and it looked almost exactly the same as Rescue Red when I saw it on a color chart.
      Yeah, the irrigation guy who originally installed my irrigation system 31 years ago came out today and installed a new controller. I think I’m done for a little while now…feels so good to get these things done!
      Happy weekend!

  7. Wow – that OTP lantern aisle is impressive! I’m in NC and there’s a store about 90 minutes from me – I’ve never been, but maybe it would be a fun road trip…? I know what you mean about the prices – it’s daunting and really makes you consider every purchase.

    If you haven’t selected a new controller for your irrigation, take a look at Rachio. Our house had it already installed and we love it – there’s an app that lets you control everything from your phone or a keypad. And, it’s very easy to set up multiple schedules. We’re surprised at how often we use the app to run a quick watering in one section of the yard (just because we can!)…it’s good to inherit tech from 30-something previous owners. lol

    • Thanks for that info about the controller. My irrigation guy was here earlier so it’s already installed. He put in a RainBird which is what was installed so many years ago. I know it has a WiFi option, so it can be controlled from wherever I happen to be. Everything has gotten so fancy!

  8. Susan, Love seeing the items from Old Time Pottery, I sure with we had one close by. Thanks too for the explanation about the new and “retired” Yeti colors. I love to have various colors of Yeti glasses so our visitors can choose a color and always be able to find their glass, no matter where they left it. (With the heat of the Texas summers, our guest really love having a glass that can keep ice frozen) unfortunately I have missed many of the colors along the way – I will definitely be paying more attention to the color changes in the future, so I can grab the new colors before they are gone! thanks so much for your post! – Patty

  9. Sandra D, Jol says

    I just received my Yeti Gallon jug in Canopy Green. Very happy. I drink a lot of water when I mow or garden. This way I can fill it up and refill my 30 oz which is easier to drink from without running back inside to grab a bottle. I bought one of their handles a few years back for the 30 oz and 20 oz so it’s easier to handle. I just wish they would sell gaskets separately but I had to buy a lid recently because the gasket had a big crack probably from removing it to clean it well.

  10. Tina Reynolds says

    My area has also lost most of the stores I once loved. When I do travel to the nearest larger cities, I find that I am priced out of the market. I come home and “shop” my own closets and cupboards, rearranging things. I often joke with my husband saying, “Thank goodness I spent so much in the 80’s!” I am grateful for the many lovely things I have inherited from both sides of the family. Still, it is so nice to buy some fresh, new napkins and placemats! I miss the Pier 1 stores that we used to have. Shopping, even if no purchases were made, was once a way to spend many happy hours. Now when I find bare shelves, I am concerned. Our entire mall is closed, housing only an Applebee’s and a fitness gym. On the positive side, I can’t wait to see your many updates come to full fruition!

  11. Rebecca ( Becky ) Bailey says

    Susan, a few years ago you gave your blue & green umbrella to your son, do you remember where you found it ?

    • I purchased it from Pier 1. They had them in store and on their website for 2-3 years, but the last time I looked, they were no longer available. That was back in 2018.
      They were called Pagoda umbrellas. This one looks similar:

      That’s a popular style/design so there should be more of those type available online. If you do a search for 3-tier outdoor umbrella or 3-tier pagoda umbrella, hopefully, that will pull up some similar styles.

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