Let’s Pretend It’s Summertime Again And We’ll Go For A Walk Around Town

Late last summer, a friend and I went for a nice walk in some of the historic towns here in Georgia, one of my fav things to do on a sunny day. You may recognize a couple of these homes from the candlelight Christmas tour I took you on a few weeks ago…now you’ll get to see those by daylight, along with lots of new homes I’ve never shared before. Hope you enjoy this little “walkabout!” (Click on any pic to enlarge it.)

This house was renovated a few years ago and I’ve been to several Christmas parties here. The sun room you see on the right side is my favorite room in this home. You can just see on the left side of the pic that the porch ceiling is painted blue? We call that “haint blue” here in the south. Folklore has it, if you paint the ceiling of your front porch haint blue, it will keep any evil spirits or haints from entering into your home. Also, it’s supposed to help keep annoying insects away. Why? Because they will think it’s the sky and not land on it, silly.

Don’t you just love the south with it’s quirky superstitions. I found some interesting information about the haint blue traditionΒ at Squidoo.com.

What exactly IS Haint Blue?
“Haint Blue is a spiritual and cultural based color especially in the southern United States. Back in the day, Haint Blue was mixed as milk paint formulas using lime and whatever local pigments were available. The color was mixed in pits dug on the properties where the painters were working. Hand-crafted Haint Blue translates into a range of colors, not any one specific color.”

“What does Haint Blue do?
Haint Blue is meant to look like water and keep the Haints out of your house making you safe from their influence. Speculation has it that the tints, tones, and shades from the blue-green to blue-violet part of the visible spectrum fools the Haints. Haints can not cross water. Using Haint Blue on doors, shutters, window trim, ceilings, the whole darn structure, can fool Haints and discourage them from “crossing” into your house.”

It’s believed that Haint Blue can fake out insects and birds as well. Using Haint Blue on exteriors supposedly looks like endless sky to the little critters and deters them from making themselves at home. No one can say for sure, but personally I think the key ingredient of lime in the milk paint formulas is what deterred the insects and birds, not the color itself. Modern paint formulas do not contain lime, so I’m not so sure painting your porch ceiling blue is going to help shoo the bugs and birds, but it certainly can be an attractive exterior color treatment.

This home looks well maintained. I just see the edge of a Magnolia tree…so many of the historic homes have magnolias in their front yards. I love that! The leaves are so awesome to use for decorating at Christmas time.

I used to drive by this home and wish someone would buy it and fix it up. The paint was badly peeling and it looked very neglected.

Well, apparently a business bought it and now it’s a shining star! It sits facing directly into the back of another home which I always thought was a little odd. This makes me think that it once sat on a multi-acre plantation…just guessing.

Darling cottage…is there anything more wonderful than a picket fence? I’ve often thought of putting one around my front yard. Do you see the roses planted just in front? πŸ™‚

Back around Halloween, I went on a ghost tour and this home was one of the stops on the tour. They showed us a neat old photo of the family who lived here…it was taken back around the turn of the century, as I recall…very old photo. Anyway, the large family gathering (must have been a reunion or something) was taken out on the side porch area and you could see the silhouette of a man inside the home looking out one of the windows. The guide told us he was thought to be a family member who had passed away, and he was looking out and watching the photo taking event.

I’ve always admired this home…would love to see the inside. I bet the round room upstairs is awesome! I adore the porch!

I’m pretty sure this home is a Bed and Breakfast…can’t really tell if the porch ceiling is painted “haint blue.” If it isn’t, it should be! πŸ˜‰

In the garden…awwww

Another wonderful cottage…

Check out this awesome double porch! It must have been around Memorial Day when we did our little tour from the way this home is dressed.

Cute! Cute! Cute! Check out the garden in the next pic!


Yep, must have been around Memorial Day…almost all the homes in this post have their flags out. Takes me long enough to share pics with you guys, huh? These homes all look so “All American and Apple Pie” with their flags proudly displayed. If I lived here, I’d leave mine out year ’round! πŸ™‚

I was in awe of this wonderful, old tree. After I took this pic, I walked further away and took another pic so you could see how big it is…

Isn’t is magnificent?!

This little scene was on another tree on a different street. Look closely…notice the plant blooming beneath…do you see what it is? It’s a big ole corn stalk. And just above is a feeder designed to hold the corn. Do you see him…the fellow enjoying the corn? Scroll down to the next pic…I enlarged it for you.

Do you see him now? Sorry this came out a bit dark. I thought this was so clever. Grow the corn right beneath the spot where you will be feeding it to the squirrels. This was in the front yard of this home and I thought it was fabulous! I already know if I met the folks who live here, I would like them…what a wonderfully, whimsical idea!

A wonderful fountain in the yard of another home…

I love how all the homes are so different…no cookie cutter neighborhood here!

Love the blue door! It makes this home feel “fairytale-like” to me.

Is this what they call a four-square? I think I’ve been in this home on another tour. If it’s the one I toured, the area you see protruding out on the right is a wonderful entry/mudroom.

I never noticed it until just now, but the front porch of this house is similar to the one I added onto my home a few years ago. Look at those beautiful planter boxes out front.

How do you like the fancy paint job on this Victorian? Love all the flags! I count 4…one is hidden a little by the tree.

Another fabulous porch…

Just look at alllllll those windows down the side!!! That’s one of my favorite, favorite features of historic homes…all those wonderful windows!

This house just says “home” to me. Doesn’t it remind you a little of the home in Father of the Bride? It needs a white picket fence, though…to complete the “Father of the Bride” look. πŸ™‚ That might be tricky to add with the wide brick walkway.

Another darling cottage! This one was on this past year’s Christmas tour. Do you remember the swing that you can just barely see in this pic…it was decked out in Christmas lights for the tour.

I used to drool over this yellow Victorian every time I drove by. Then, one year, it was on the Christmas home tour. Yipee! I was finally able to see the interior and it was beautiful! It’s been fully renovated…has a fabulous kitchen. I remember the bedrooms upstairs were delightful!

A view from the other side…don’t you LOVE the wrap around porch?!

How did we ever get away from having porches across the front of our homes. Ok…I know we have air conditioning now…but just look…this is what we lost! I say, bring back the front porches!

Another one of the homes on this past year’s Christmas tour…

Another wonderful front porch…

Another white picket fence…this one’s a bit taller for more privacy.

Love the red door!

I love the roof line of this house…sooooo interesting. I bet the rooms upstairs are loaded with charm with the dormer windows. Note the symmetry…one window is hidden by the tree.

Let’s end the tour with a beautiful Greek Revival…

Gorgeous Corinthian columns! Thanks for coming along for the tour…see you Sunday night for Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. carolinajewel says

    What a wonderful homes tour Susan! So nice of you to share it!!!! My house is painted the original 1883 colors of straw, green and Indian red, but we insisted that the porch ceiling be Haint Blue. Our painter kept trying to talk me out of it because he didn't think it "went" with the rest of the paint colors, but as I told him the blue sky goes with everything! And in a house this old, I need to keep the haints away!!!!

  2. Susan, great fun to see these houses again. Thanks for taking us along on your summer afternoon. We had a beautiful day here today. So nice to see the sunshine again. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. 3LittleByrds says

    I'm in love with all of them and couldn't pick just one. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Jessa Irene (Holiday-Haven) says

    Yes a lot was lost with out the porches. Without them some of those houses would look very modern. Fun tour!

  5. Susan,
    The homes are just gorgeous! I have never heard of "haint" blue. I learn something new every day! The corn idea for the squirrels is very creative.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Annesphamily says

    I love these homes! Thanks for the tour.

  7. AshTreeCottage says

    What a wonderful tour! Thank you so much. Now I will have to make a cup of tea and take the tour once again. Although … since we are taking a southern tour, perhaps a glass of sweet tea.

    Susan and Bentley

  8. Treasia Stepp says

    Every single one of them is breathtaking. What a beautiful town you live in Susan. Thank you so much for taking me on the tour. Someday Trucker and I want to spend a week doing nothing but traveling and touring older homes such as these. Someday can't come soon enough for me.

  9. Polly@MakeMineBeautiful says

    So many wonderful homes in one post. It's like walking down the street yourself. I would love to see the insides of each one.

    About the corn on the tree – when I was growing up we had pecan and black walnut trees in the front yard. I remember that my dad put those corn feeders on every tree to keep the squirrels from eating the nuts. We had a large garden across the driveway full of corn, so there was no need to plant corn next to the tree, although I do remember my dad telling me that people did that in his youth.

    I also remember him telling us that in 'gardens of old' (as he called them), farmers would outline their gardens with a row of corn to keep the squirrels and deer from coming into the actual garden itself.

    I think the American porch going away can be somewhat contributed to the lack of time many people give to the outdoors anymore. As a little girl, we were always sitting on the porch snapping beans, shucking corn, watching the cars go by, or just relaxing on the swing. Seems every porch I ever saw growing up had a swing. I sure miss those days.

    Thans for a great post.

  10. Hi Susan, what a wonderful virtual walk you just took me on. I loved every miniute of it. I especially loved the sweet cottages with the picket fences. That is the kind of house I would love to have with the big front porch. I have a small front porch but I still sit out and enjoy the weather and the fountain. Oh Spring is just around the corner I can almost hear it calling my name. I really enjoyed this post,Kathysue

  11. just love all the curb appeal these homes have. Would love to go inside each one. mishelle

  12. Wow!!!!! big, impressive houses,and are delicate .I like their architecture .Gardens also wonderful .Of nice day !!!!

  13. The Stylish House says

    What beautiful homes and such a lovely tour. I would gladly take any one of them. The cottages are as wonderful as the large stately ones.

  14. It's so cold here I could cry. Thanks for warming me up with such lovely photos to remind me I have a sunny green summer to look forward to!


  15. ~CC Catherine says

    Hey girlfriend! I am just now making the rounds from my middle of the night blogging spree…it's now 5:24am, and I've been blogging and emailing since 1:30am. Ha! Amazing how much one can get done when the phone isn't ringing, with the exception of my hubby calling me from his cell phone at 3:45am asking me when I was coming back to bed. πŸ™‚ Hey, this spring tour is awesome! My favorite is the large house with the wrap around porch that you said should have some haint blue painted on it. πŸ™‚ Wow…what a dream! Johnny and I are headed to the Ashford Manor B&B in a few weeks in Watkinsville, you're making me wanna get there sooner from this home tour. πŸ™‚ Hugs! ~CC

  16. Debbie@Debbie-Dabble says

    Beautiful homes and gardens1 Thanks for the tour!

  17. I enjoyed the tour. Old houses are really special and have so much character.

  18. Allie and Pattie says

    Oh, I WANT to live there! Just lovely! Why oh why did we ever stop building homes like these? Thanks for the lovely tour- a wonderful way to start a Sunday morning
    xoxo Pattie and Allie

  19. Amen sister! Yes, let's bring back front porches. I never used mine enough on my last house and now that my "new" one doesn't have one, I realize what I'm missing.

  20. Love Being a Nonny says

    Love a large front porch! These homes are beautiful!!!!

    My dad has the corn feeder for the squirrels. I may be wrong, but I think the corn stalk GREW from a kernel of corn….not planted there!!!

  21. Red Door Home says

    What a great house tour. Friends of mine painted their the inside of their garage blue because they were told it would keep the bugs out. Now I know where this all came from.

  22. It was wonderful to take a walk in warm weather to see such beautiful homes!!!

  23. It was wonderful to take a walk in warm weather to see such beautiful homes!!!

  24. Susan Wicker says

    Oooooooo, Susan. There are several houses I could definitely live in! Ha! Thanks for the lovely tour. Have a great Sunday! Sincerely, Susan from writingstraightfromtheheart.blogspot.com

  25. Lisa@Pickles and Cheese says

    Thanks for the great tour Susan. I loved seeing each one of these homes. I just love a big front porch too! You live in a great area!

  26. Wow! such beautiful homes. I love the little cottages! Your blessed to live among such beautiful homes. I want to move to your neighborhood!

  27. What a lovely neighborhood! The homes have so much character and it's obvious that much care is taken in their upkeep. I love all of the white picket fences,gardens, and front porches!

    We bought our first home this summer– a very modest one-level rancher– and the thing that made me fall in love is the porch that spans the front of the house. Now I just need to replace our aging split-rail fence with a white picket and we'll be all set!

  28. My Cozy Casita says

    Isora.From My Cousy casita.. Hi,Susa what a wonderful Home there so beautiful, thank you so much for for take me to a tour I been there 3 Year a go it was a dream for me.

  29. Beautiful! Just for a few moments I forgot about the 2 feet of snow outside needing to be shoveled! Thanks!


  30. Beautiful home tour. I love to look inside those beautiful homes, too. I usually try to go to the home tour in Norcross where they have the same type of old homes on beautiful streets. It is such a treat to tour these old homes. Thanks for sharing….Kim

  31. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    Loved your house tour — we have some beautiful ones in Richmond as well! Maybe we should all do a "hometown tour".

  32. I love old homes. My first home 20years ago was a 1921 bungelow and that started my love affair with old homes. These homes remind me of Georgia where we use to live. Makes me miss it.

  33. Heather@PixieDust says

    all those homes are so beautiful, I felt like I was walking in my old neighborhood in Augusta, GA.

  34. Lynn @ Painting Thyme Needfuls says

    Such a beautiful home tour!

  35. Mom on the Run says

    Goodness, you were all over town! The white house that was purchased by the business and thankfully renovated is one of the few left in town that are antebellum and alledgedly Margaret Mitchell brought Hollywood executives here to show it to them, as it was her inspiration for Tara. The house across the street from 1st Methodist with the round room upstairs was the tea room for the Pilgrimage last year so it was open. It needs work, but has excellent bones….ah if only I had a million or two! And you know one of those houses belongs to Alton Brown. Let me know if you want to let on which one! Are you in Landmarks? So much history here in our sweet little town.

  36. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    Beautiful, Susan! Thanks for taking us along. I'll just be glad to see leaves on the trees again at this point!

  37. Susan, I sure did enjoy seeing all of those magnificent homes. I'm going to forward the link to this blog post to my dad. He lives in and is in his 5th year of refurbishing a 100 year old American four square.

  38. Glenda/MidSouth says

    Loved seeing so many old, pretty and well taken care of homes. Thanks for the tour.

  39. Just wanted to let you know there is a company that sells real milk paint…go to: http://www.realmilkpaint.com
    I haven't used it but the testimonials sound like it's a quality product.

  40. These homes are wonderful!!! Where are the located? What city and state?

  41. Carollynn Hammersmith says

    Thanks for the lets pretend- we have about 24" of snow in the DC area and it was wonderful to look at images of a warmer time. The neighborhood is amazing, its probably a wonderful place to walk almost any time of the year.

  42. Dining Delight says

    Ahhh, summer and to be able to stroll through a neighbourhood containing those beautiful houses would be heavenly! So many unique looks. It is fun to imagine who would have lived in some of those older houses when they were first built and what their lives would have been like back then. We have it good!


  43. Okay, Ms. Susan, I am putting on my striped pink and orange pedal pushers, and my checked/striped orange and pink short sleeve blouse, I'll honk when I get there…. be about an hour.

  44. The Bramble Patch says

    Thanks for the post today. Very timely as I have been dreaming of summer. I actually bought a pair of sunglasses yesterday in an effort to transport me to warmer temperatures and lots of sunshine!

  45. What a wonderful tour of homes!! I love all the charm and history!!~

  46. This wonderful walking tour id JUST what I needed right now. I just got in from helping Joe shovel/snowblow all our snow off HALF the driveway, just so we can get out for SB! All of the houses have so much charm and it is evident that all the owners take great pride in maintaining their homes. The old tree brought back childhood memories. We ahd a HUGE old oak in our front yard and when my Mother ahd to sell the house the next oeners CHOPPED IT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!I ahve never gotten over it. It was so magnificent, such a shame. Thanks so much for the tour!!!!! XO, Pinky

  47. P.S., I just adore front porches, we SHOULD bring them back!!!! Our new "neighborhoods" are NOT what they used to be, unfortunatly!

  48. scribbler-unfocused says

    It was wonderful to see these lovely homes, and to be reminded of a kinder, gentler time. I have lived in neighborhoods like this in the past, and really miss it. At this point in my life, however, I am happy to just admire, because the upkeep becomes overwhelming in an old house.

    It is important to preserve as many of these homes as possible since they are part of our heritage. Thank you for sharing.


  49. Hello there! I could walk with you for hours and hours … the bright blue door is my favorite! Enjoy today and if you are a football fan, enjoy the game.

  50. Big front porches are not that common where we live. I don't know why but it is such a shame.
    I would love to have a big porch instead of my 3×5 ft. stoop.
    I could even paint the roof haint blue just in case.

  51. Big front porches are not that common where we live. I don't know why but it is such a shame.
    I would love to have a big porch instead of my 3×5 ft. stoop.
    I could even paint the roof haint blue just in case.

  52. Big front porches are not that common where we live. I don't know why but it is such a shame.
    I would love to have a big porch instead of my 3×5 ft. stoop.
    I could even paint the roof haint blue just in case.

  53. Big front porches are not that common where we live. I don't know why but it is such a shame.
    I would love to have a big porch instead of my 3×5 ft. stoop.
    I could even paint the roof haint blue just in case.

  54. Hope your Sunday proves to be most blessed, Ms Susan πŸ™‚

  55. Love the story of "haint blue"… In Santa Fe, many doors and windows are Guadalupe blue to ward off evil spirits.. It's gotta be something to that blue!

  56. Living Creatively with Flory says

    yeah, I couldn't pick one…they're all beautiful =)

  57. I came across your blog while on Houzz and the link brought me to this page. Right away I knew where you were during your house tour! Marietta! I just moved from Marietta this past summer and I do miss it a LOT! Two of my favorites are shown. The pinkish "haunted" one and the one which is now for mediations. I have always wanted to go inside them! Heck you may have gone on the same haunted tour that my son was a part of as he still lives there. His business, The Grass Being Greener, held a haunted walking tour with the Ghosts of Marietta. Small world. I love your site, so glad I found it as I will come back often. Especially when I am missing Marietta πŸ™‚

  58. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Hi Bernadette,
    These homes are all located in Marietta, Georgia.

  59. Sue (Someone's Mom) says

    This was fun. I love the south and we often just drive around when we are in a southern state, just looking at the homes and the porches. Hopefully, one of these days a pretty little cottage will be mine!


  60. 9405018--Pat says


  61. Michael Lee West says

    I enjoyed this trip into springtime. All of the homes are beautiful, but the haunted pink house looks so much like my old house (except mine was yellow). I'd wanted to paint it peach, but everyone thought I'd lost my mind. Harrump!

  62. I am so envious, I wish we had beautiful homes like that around where I live. I love to go look at homes, especially the older ones. A great spot that I go, if I have time to take a day to travel is Hot Springs, SD. They have the most amazing homes, not a lot of money in the town so many aren't kept up but oh I can dream……

  63. Gail Griner Golden says

    Great pics. Marietta is a lovely town. I love old homes, too. If you're ever in Jax, FL, visit Springfield and Riverside. So many beautiful old homes. The haint blue info was interesting. Another thing we do in the south is paint the porch floors grey. This began after the War for Southern Independence. Our veterans painted their porches grey to show their sympathy for the Cause and as a sign of welcome for those who fought for the South. By the same token, it was a message for Yankees to stay out of their yard. Also, you'll find that all Confederate statues have their backs to the north to show disdain. This info is courtesy of my fine, Southern gentleman husband who is a proud member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and a former Southern museum curator.

  64. Low Tide High Style says

    I just love home tours and since I live so far away, I appreciate you taking me on this one! There are so many homes here that I could see myself living in. And I someone who loves older homes and these are simply beautiful! I love the one with the sunroom on the side, I'm sure it's simply stunning on the inside too!

    Kat πŸ™‚

  65. Jan ~ BellaCasa says

    I'm try'n to think summer…it ain't work'n for me. It is too cold and too weat today, but I'll keep working at it. Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos of the homes. I love to see them all.


  66. Ahhh, I love living in the South! Such beauty all around!!
    Thanks for taking us on your walkabout:0)


  67. Sweet Daisy Mae says

    It's nice to see green grass again and leaves on the trees. It's snowy, windy and VERY cold here. I miss my flower gardens and sitting on the porch! Your tour of homes came at a perfect time. I think I'll curl up by the fire and take another stroll….

  68. Bonnilynne says

    Hi Susan,
    Thank you for taking us all on a walk through your neighborhood. Such fabulous homes, I adore the yellow one with the porch -(sigh). Love the diversity of design, too.
    I also enjoyed the interesting history of "haint blue".

  69. You have made my day! I just found your blog – can't remember how – and LOVE it! I love houses and this home tour is amazing! I am so jealous it's not even funny. My dream house is any one of those on your list. Sadly we don't have houses like that in AZ but a girl can dream right? Thanks for posting these wonderful homes. They are amazing!

  70. I have this thing about houses. I don't just 'wish' someone would buy one and fix it up, I pray for the house. This has had the most surprising results over the past 5 years. An old brick house was taken over by the local University and completely renovated. The second was a double wide on a major highway but it just called out to me…Someone bought it and moved in six months later. A rather forlorn house had owners who left it unkempt and awful looking, so that was my next 'target'. This summer the owners planted a small flower bed at the fartherest corner on the HUGE lot. Since Christmas it's received new fencing, a new roof, new siding, new landscaping and the lawn has been mowed! Now I'm targeting another double wide on a country road that has been repossessed and is empty. It just has that 'home' look about it. It may sound silly but that is what I do, look for houses that appear to be waiting to be loved and start praying for them.

  71. Oh my goodness. That was the best tour ever. I could move into every house you showed but would love to tour the older one with the round room. Nothing has character like the older homes…and a picket fence!

  72. Thanks for the link to my Squidoo lens on Haint Blue. I wrote the article several years ago and it's amazing how the curiosity and interest is still going strong — the colors most certainly captivate!

    Love your blog.


  73. Love the wonderful homes. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with everyone!

  74. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Susan, what a wonderful tour. Like you, I love walking around beautiful old historic neighborhoods. They give you such a sense of peace and continuity, don’t they? So many beautiful houses, it would be hard to choose a favorite. That huge tree was just insane! And I loved the stalk of corn idea. Lol. What fun people! (And lucky squirrels) And that tiered fountain was beautiful and so refreshing looking. That blue door was a spectacular color! I am trying to think of something I can paint that color, I love it so much.

    You know, I’m not a collector. But if I were a collector, what I would enjoy collecting is houses. πŸ˜€ I love them all.

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