Designing and Creating a Home Office: The Journey

Welcome to the  124th Metamorphosis Monday!

This was my office, if you could call it an office. It was really just a dressing room off my master bedroom with a built in dressing table that I was using as a desk. After several months working in this space, I began to have neck pain and tingling pain down my arms. It turned out my makeshift desk was about 4 inches shorter than a real desk. I decided it was time to make a change before the tingling and pain running down my arms became permanent.

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Before and After


The logical place for a home office was my son’s old room. Chip left the nest many years ago and the room was left untouched since I had no need for the space. You can see more of this room, HERE.

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Before and After


Once I made the decision to turn Chip’s room into a home office, I knew the direction I wanted to go. I loved the look of the Pottery Barn Office furniture available here: Pottery Barn Bedford Collection. These were my inspiration pictures from the PB website.

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Before and After


On January 9th, 2011, I began the mammoth job of taking apart a room that had been in place for 20 years. It was physically exhausting and mentally draining. It was so hard to face that my little boy was really grown and gone. 🙁 I know you Mom’s and Dad’s know what I mean. I boxed everything up, took all the furniture apart and hauled everything down to the basement and garage by myself. Advil was my best friend for a few days.  The only two pieces I had to get help with were the large book case and desk.

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Before and After


Furniture was purchased both in-store and online since some pieces I wanted were not available in the store. I picked up the furniture that was locally in-store, hauled it home, and pulled it up my carpeted back stairway by those little yellow straps. I unpacked each piece and recycled the empty boxes back to the Pottery Barn recycle bin since the store is only two miles from my home. In the end, twelve boxes were hauled back to PB, if you count the boxes the smaller pieces came in. Whew!

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Before and After


Here’s where much of the furniture lived (click for guest room) until the room was far enough along for furniture.

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Before and After


Next, I began the grueling job of striping the wall paper. I know y’all got tired of reading about my trials with this blooming wallpaper. 😉

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Before and After


After trying every product Home Depot sells and buying a steamer from Lowes,


AND making my 185th try at removing the paper, the score was still Wallpaper: 185, Susan: 0.

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Before and After


Since the wallpaper removal took way longer than I ever dreamed, the date for the installation of the hardwood floors arrived. The hardwood flooring guy is always booked out a few weeks, so I went ahead with the flooring even though the backing of the paper was still permanently stuck on the walls. The pain down my neck and arms was a reminder this project needed to proceed.

The carpet was removed and hardwood floors were installed. I’m gradually “hardwooding” the entire house…got two rooms to go.

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Before and After


Pottery Barn Bedford Office Before and After


I temporarily gave up on the paper and went ahead and moved the furniture in. The neck pain was getting worse with each passing day. I needed a proper desk at which to work and one was just sitting idle in the room next door.

I had the desk surfaces measured for glass; it was cut, delivered and installed. Pottery Barn sells a plastic type protector for desks, but in the store it was sort of buckling up. I went with glass which was a little more expensive but very durable.

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Before and After


I decided to call a professional wallpaper remover in for an estimate. Though she declined to share the name of the product she tested on the paper, saying it was only available to the trade, I was able to figure out what it was and ordered some to try myself.  It turned out it was not just available to the trade. You can read all about her visit and how I figured out what she was using in THIS post.

Over the years, I’ve removed wallpaper from 5 rooms in this house, and I’ve never had any real problems. This situation was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. In the past, regular ole hot water did the trick.  It was slow, but it worked. This time, nothing worked, until I found Safe and Simple. I guess that’s why professionals use it. I still had to scrape it off, but the paper finally came off. What a huge relief!

Best Wallpaper Remover Stripper

Then it was time to cover the furniture with drop cloths and repair all the damage and gouges  I had created on the walls while trying to remove the paper. This took several days and it involved wallboard joint compound, a putty knife and lots of sanding. Lots! Next to the wallpaper removal, it was the (second) worse part of this metamorphosis.

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Before and After


Somewhere along the way I ordered this chair from Pottery Barn Teen.

Potter Barn Desk Chair


I wanted a little sitting area in the office, so in between all the wallpaper removal and wall repair, I went shopping for a chair.  Found this chair called “Rosalie” in Pier 1 and it was love at first sight.

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Before and After


Once the paper was down and the walls repaired, it was time to prime (sniff, sniff) over the mural I had painted for my son so many years ago. You can read about that difficult day HERE. Would someone explain to me why they can’t stay 8 years old forever? 😉

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Before and After


I considered about every color of the rainbow for the walls. I narrowed it down to either a soft green or my favorite stand-by, Duron, Sugar Cookie. I decided I didn’t want the walls to compete with the pretty view of the greenery/trees outside my office windows. Plus, I love Sugar Cookie and have used it in many rooms of my home. It goes with EVERYTHING. No, really! It truly goes with every fabric, every furniture style, antiques, you name it. It’s one of those paints that can feel casual or elegant. In the end, Sugar Cookie was my choice.

Home Depot still has the formula and can mix it up. In their system it may be listed as “Sugar Cook.” Sherwin Williams has the formula, too but when they last mixed some up for me, it looked a bit too dark in the can so I never used it. Home Depot’s formula is the one that looks like what I’ve always used. You can see that formula in THIS post.

Since it’s been a while since I painted a room, I had a “paint panic attack” in THIS post when I began painting the office. I had forgotten how paint looks against white primed walls when you first start cutting it in.

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Before and After


I kept going and thankfully when I finished, it looked just the way I had envisioned. Relief!

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Before and After


During all the paper removal and wall repair I spent a good deal of time shopping for a light fixture locally and on eBay. I wanted something that didn’t feel at all like it belonged in an office. My inspiration for lighting came from one of my favorite movies, Under the Tuscan Sun. You can tour Bramasole, the wonderful Tuscan villa in the movie in THIS post. I set my sights on an Italian tole chandelier for the office.

Italian Tole Chandelier in Under in the Tuscan Sun


I almost won this tole chandelier on ebay…missed it by $10. I loved its whimsy, but it wasn’t meant to be because…

Italian Tole Chandelier

The chandelier faeries had this one in mind, instead. Do you think there really are chandelier faeries? I hope there are.

Italian Tole Chandelier

While I waited on my contractor to come install it, I decided to hang the wallpaper craft organizer and a bulletin board I had purchased at Ballard Designs. I had planned to use the end of the desk (where Max loves to sleep) for wrapping gifts, so I wanted the organizer close by. I tried it on the wall behind the shutter, but I just didn’t like the way it looked there. I decided to move it which led to purchasing additional Pottery Barn desk furniture for the other end of the desk.

I was glad I moved it because not only did the wallpaper organizer look much better on the other wall, but the additional PB furniture balanced out the whole layout beautifully. Even though more PB furniture had not been in my original budget for the office, I was planning on eventually buying something for that area at the other end of the desk.  In the end this worked out great providing additional storage and work space.

My contractor came out and installed the chandelier and the crown molding. I had him install crown molding in the guest room, too, since he was already here.   He helped me re-hang the craft organizer. A few days later I found a new bulletin board and hung it myself.  I loved the other one with the shuttered doors but the shutter design just didn’t work hanging so close to the actual plantation shutters on the windows. So, I changed to a different board and the shuttered board found a new home in the beautiful craft room of a another BNOTP reader who lives nearby.

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Before and After


A bee pillow I had wanted was finally available at a price I was willing to pay…found it in the Ballard Design outlet.

Needlepoint Bee Pillow from Ballard Designs


I started adding in some decorative pieces like this adorable lady. She was labeled as a “French doll” but after I bought her, a friend told me she was a Santos. I had never heard of those but the history is fascinating. Mine is not an antique, those can be really expensive. She is a reproduction and I just love having her in the office.

Santos Doll


Finally found the perfect chest to go beside the chair here in the office. It’s the Ashworth Chest from Pier 1 and absolutely love it. It goes perfectly with the Pottery Barn Bedford furniture.

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Renovation, Before and After


You can read more about the Ashworth Chest and why I love it so much, here: Another Piece of the Puzzle: Ashworth Chest

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Renovation, Before and After

Update on 08-28-11: Added a small “library” to the office.



In May 2012, added Buffalo Check curtains to the office.


Read more about the curtains in this post titled: Buffalo Check Curtains for the Office.

Update: July 31, 2012:  Found a mirror better suited for the area above the chest.  You can read more about this change in this post: A New Mirror for the Office Also, found a great ottoman that Max loves at World Market.

Shabby White Mirror for the Office


Found a chair at Pottery Barn that’s way more comfortable. It’s the Airgo Swivel Desk Chair and is available at Pottery Barn here: Airgo Swivel Desk Chair.

I have really enjoyed it, very comfortable! You can read more about it in this post: A New Chair For The Office

Pottery Barn Office with Bedford Furniture and the Airgo Desk Chair


A final look at the office…

Pottery Barn Office with Bedford Furniture and Buffalo Check Curtains


Quotes Throw for Reading Nook_wm



Office Library

If you would like to create your own office with the Bedford furniture from Pottery Barn, you’ll find all the units at Pottery Barn here: Pottery Barn Bedford Office Furniture

It has been quite the journey…this creation of a home office. Thank you so much for coming along and for all your suggestions, encouragement, and support. You were there with me every step of the way, holding me up and encouraging me when I wondered why in the world I had taken on this huge endeavor all alone. I love you, guys!

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  1. Okio B Designs says

    You office looks magnificent!


  2. Pam - diy Design Fanatic says

    Your room has come a long way, Susan! My oldest daughter (18) just moved across country and I now have an empty room. Not sure what to do with it since I already have a large workroom, guest room and full basement! Thanks for hosting!

  3. laxsupermom says

    This has been such a fun series! Love how you revisited the steps in this final reveal. Your office turned out terrific! Love the Pier 1 chair and the new cushion! Everything looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing and for hosting this party each week.

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    It was actually this transformation that gave me the big push to be doing some work on my own computer/sewing room. I can't wait for it to be finished but I have loved following yours.

    I'm trying that paint color in my living room. So looking forward to it.


  5. Susan (My Place to Yours) says

    Susan, I love that little table! It's a punch of "fun" in your wonderfully traditional office. You must be thrilled to be almost done (if a room is EVER really done…)! You've worked very hard. Thanks for letting us come along for the ride. Have a great week!

  6. High Street Cottage says

    The office looks amazing! The chandy=charming
    The green chair=divine! I love it all, the little red and white table stands too! Lots of hard work went into it, I can tell from each photo. But I'll bet it was well worth it. You have great taste.

  7. Did you get the pink? I can;t wait to see the island and it all completed! Stunning as all your rooms are…ps, is the iron bed in your guest room antique or a reproduction? Awesome Susan!
    Thanks for an uplifting post.
    Hugs, Lisa

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    Hi Susan,
    I love how your office space turned out and I adore your sweet chair from Pier One, I saw it at the store and fell in love with it too. I just purchased my kitchen chairs from Pier One. Just have to love Pier One.
    I linked up with you today and post my chairs.
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

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    Shelia 🙂

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    Your office looks spectacular!! I only use this word for "spectacular" Things like this!! You must be so very happy working here Susan…and is your arm feeling better, are you more confortable with this desk hight?!
    congratulations for such beyond well done job.. Hope I can do this soon with my girls big room…they left the nest many years ago too. Lots of hugs, thank you for hosting, MM, once again. FABBY

  18. Mary @ Redo 101 says

    Oh. my. gosh. My right arm has been tingling, hurting, numb…for about 6 months. And I'm typing and clicking on my mother's old kitchen table – which is very low. Oh. my. gosh. I had no idea this was causing the pain. Thank you, this problem will be corrected very soon.

    And I love!!! your office – gorgeous!!! Send some Pottery Barn my way and my arm will get well very quickly 🙂 Thanks for sharing your gorgeous office update!

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    Love your new office. Your hard work has paid off.
    What a nice way to use a room.
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    God bless,

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    Oh Susan,
    Your office is so amazing! I love all the special touches you added. Thanks for sharing the process with us.


  39. Susan it's been fun to watch you develop this! Your vision has paid off and it looks marvelous! I felt for you with the wallpaper problems, I'm glad you finally got it worked out! I got my first Santos Doll last winter from the SantosCageDoll website. I love it too! Congrats on successful project! Liz

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    Susan, Your office turned out wonderful! Congrats on a job well done. Thanks for hosting.

  41. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Mary, you definitely don't want to keep working at the table. Mine got worse and worse until it was happening almost all day long. You can do permanent damage. As soon as I move to sitting at the desk, the pain and tingling happened less frequently. It too about a month to finally stop for good. I have no problems now, at all. Yay!

  42. Joselyn @ The DIY Spot says

    That is one fabulous office. Everytime I see it, I sigh as I am sure you do to. Beautifully done1

  43. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Lisa, I went with the white, but I loved the pink. It was a hard decision. Not sure I'll add the island…sooo expensive. Would be cool, though. Probably not enough room now that I have the chair in here. I will be adding a bookcase cabinet if I ever find one I really like.

  44. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Lisa, I forgot to answer…the bed in my guest room is not an antique, although I bought it in an antique store. It isn't new, but I guess it could be called vintage. I bought it when my son took the guest bed that was in there off to his college apartment. So glad he did…gave me an excuse to get what I really had wanted for that room. 🙂

  45. Mary Ellen says

    Susan the room turned out so wonderful- just like I knew it would with your creative touch!

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    Absolutely beautiful!! Where did you purchase the wallpaper removal solution formula 603?

  49. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Hi Karen,
    A link to their site and their phone number is at the bottom of this post. I think the owners name is Mike. I called them when I ordered and he took my order over the phone.

  50. Susan, so very beautiful what you've done to the room. The window is fabulous, such a flood of light. Your little touches here and there make it truly your space. Enjoy your wonderful room.
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    Susan B., Western MA

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    Bravo! Magnifico!

    What a truly fabulous transformation, and it was a pleasure going it with you, Susan.

    Well done, ma'am! WOWZA!

    Hoping you enjoy a nice massage and your neck and shooting pains never return!

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    The French Hutch

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    I don't have a link up this week, Susan, but I wanted to tell you ~ You did a FABULOUS job on your office! What a change and it is so light, bright and airy looking. Your well thought out placement of what you would need and where you put it is evident in how well everything came together.

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    Lana In Italy

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    Thanks for hosting. I linked up. I mentioned your wonderful porch in my blog post as my inspiration porch for my redo. Yours is stunning.

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    Wonderful transformation, Susan. I love everything about the room, especially the light fixture and the Pier One chair. Super cute. Thanks for hosting.

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    Wonderful job, love it all….and YES I adore that pink table….

    Kathy 🙂

  69. I've enjoyed following your progress. It's beautiful and you've been an inspiration to get up and make something better than it was. Wishing you many happy and productive days in your fabulous new office.

  70. You did an amazing job and now all your hard work is paid off with a lovely space to call your own! I love everything that you did with your wonderful taste and style. Did you give up having a TV in your office?

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    joining the party for the first time! thank you for hosting. your room turned out fantastic! i'm your newest follower too 🙂 susan

  74. Your office is just beautiful. And I too have a son and when he leaves the nest I don't know if my heart will be able to take it. 🙁

  75. Beautiful office! What are you going to do with your old office/dressing room?

    I made a very small bedroom upstairs into an office but it sure doesn't look like yours (for one thing, I couldn't afford new furniture, so it is furnished with wire shelves and Costco containers under the eaves and hidden by a denim curtain. The solid wood dresser is an estate sale find and is my favorite apple green color (a happy coincidence). The rug and lamp are garage sale finds. I can see the mountains and the Gastineau Channel from my window, and I can take a nap on the bed (it doubles as a guest room) if I get sleepy!

  76. Missed visiting – Blogger has been giving me issues since it was out last month. Hopefully it's fixed soon.

    Your office transformation is looking great Susan!! And I see you even added more PB desk space to the left =)

    Thanks for hosting!!

    xo Lynda

  77. 9405018--Pat says

    Wow Susan, the office looks amazing. Lots of hard work went into this and it's perfect…thanks for sharing!
    now you need to post on "RMS"…Pat H

  78. I love your office…you've given me some great ideas. I especially love the sweet chandy…the chandy fairies certainly had a hand in that! I am still having an extremely slow time loading your blog and working my way through it. Wish I knew why. It only seems to happen on yours and one other…two of my very favorites! Thanks for sharing all your ideas.

  79. Susan, I admire your courage and determination in seeing this transformation to the end.
    It is absolutely beautiful, the chandelier adds that whimsical touch. Of course there are chandelier fairies, they live in the flowers in your garden and wait until someone wants to convert those flowers into a chandelier. Well…not really, but I wanted you to have hope!! 🙂

  80. Heaven's Walk says

    Holy moly, Susan! What an amazing office! I could certainly spend my entire day working in there. You did a beautiful job styling it! You should consider a career in interior decorating, you know that? ♥

    xoxo laurie

  81. Susan, It looks wonderful! You must feel so happy & glad you're done! 🙂 You inspired me to make my workspace bright and cheerful instead of being totally cheap and it looking dull. I'm just starting: we get new windows tomorrow and I'm picking up some great pieces off craigslist (a chaise!). I bet there are many porch & office makeovers going on from your sharing, as well as thousands of orders at HD for Sugar Cookie paint! Cheers!

  82. On Crooked Creek says

    Can you hear the band playing? Listen…they're playing "Happy Days Are Here, Again"! I am so extremely PROUD of you, dear friend! YOU are, totally, an inspiration to all of us to follow our dreams!!! I adore all the changes you've made along the way. I'll be watching as you continue to add new items in the future. Journey, yes…end, NO WAY! Thanks you for sharing with us every step of the way!!!

  83. Susan, this is one fabulous makeover. I am sure that at some point you wondered if it was all worth it? Now you can enjoy it so much more. I might be inspired now to at least declutter and pretty up my little nook.

  84. Beautiful!

  85. WOW! Susan all the thoughts and hard work really pulled together,this home office is so comfortable and lovely, you should be able to get ton's done.
    Hope you will have the time to visit Loblolly.

  86. Great Blog enjoyed reading added you to my blog list
    And great office so nice and organized.

  87. Nellie's Cozy place says

    Hi Susan,
    Your office looks incredible. What an awesome job you did on it, everything looks wonderful, what a nice envirionment to work from!

    I have a surprise for you over at my blog and hope you will come read and check it out!!
    Blessings, Nellie

  88. Susan, your office, your porch, your! Changedmy mind..I want to change my request from a porch visit to a girls weekend . Your home is incredible! Congratulations!Sunny109

  89. Hi Susan! Your home is absolutely stunning! I search every detail with admiration. What a pleasure! Sunny109

  90. More than anything else I just love that chair. Looks so comfy.

  91. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Awww, Megan. I want to believe!

  92. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Pat, I just may have to do that. Needs a bit more tweaking. That RMS crowd is a tough one. lol

  93. Amazing! What a gorgeous job you have done!
    Jen xo

  94. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says

    Susan, what a gorgeous office space. You really worked hard on it & it shows. I know you will enjoy this office so so much. Maybe we can get together again sometime, now that I'm back in GA.

  95. PJ | Home and Garden Decor says

    you have done an awesome great job designing and furnishing your new office space. I love it!
    I don't know if there are any chandelier fairies but I sure love your chandelier. Fairy themed decor is besides of angel themed decor one of my favorites.
    Best Regards
    Paula Jo

  96. Vickie H. says

    It has turned out beautifully! But following you every step of the way I know what an energy sapping journey it was. So proud for you to finally have it mostly finished. Hope you find the bookcase you long for very soon! Thank you for all the wonderful posts about this marvelous re-do.

  97. Mary Lou says

    Thanks, Susan, for taking us along on your office renovation journey! I have enjoyed following the entire way and watching it change step by step. I love every detail!

  98. Anonymous says

    I love that chair! It is just what I want for my living room. Was it an instore only item? I looked at the webpage but couldn't find it. HOw long ago did you get it?
    [email protected]

  99. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Anon, They only had one in the store when I bought mine in February. I'm not sure if they carry them online or not. You may have to call several stores. It called "Rosalie."
    Here's the post I posted about it when I very first bought it for the office:
    Hope you can find one!

  100. says

    I got tired and sore muscles just reading about all of the work you did. Wallpaper removal is the worst! Thank you for sharing the product. There has been a time that I have sanded down and painted over stubborn paper. My bad!

    Love how your office came out. My home office has been neglected since I moved into my commercials space. You MIGHT have inspired me to clean off the desk and file the piles.


  101. Discount Murray Feiss says

    Love how you did transform your office came out after a long process of renovation. Though i find it tiring just looking at it. Anyway, congratulations on how beautiful it turned out.

  102. Wow, look at all these wonderful comments you received and all are well deserved! This is a dream space and I look forward too the many additions that will trickle in as what tends to happen with a creative space. You know how it is? We make and then we want to display our creations. I just love it when the things we hope for manifest. I enjoyed the process you shared, thank you!

  103. Jackie@fun and fab gift basket ideas says

    Wow your home office is amazing! I love the colors and the light and spacious feel that you have created, and that chandelier is just gorgeous. Really enjoyed seeing the transformation, very inspiring indeed!

  104. Susan, I am trying to find your post about the paint color you choose and why. I think you said it was sugar cookie but can't remember the brand. could you link me to your post? Thanks Jan

  105. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Hi Jan, Yep, It's an old Duron color, called Sugar Cookie. Most Home Depots can mix it and so can Sherwin Williams, although it seems to be more accurate when Home Depot mixes it for me. You'll find the post showing the exact formula HERE.

  106. Lindsay Y. says

    I'm really swooning over that big beautiful desk….and how neat and clean it is!!

  107. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    Thanks, Lindsay! Believe me, it doesn't always look that way. 🙂

  108. Oh Susan, your office is Amazing!!! WOW, everything about is fabulous! I'd have to list every detail to say the things I liked about it, which is absolutely Every Thing!!!

    What an awesome transformation!
    I know you are enjoying it, who wouldn't?

    Have a wonderful day, Maki

  109. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    Thanks, Maki! Appreciate that soooo much! 🙂

  110. I’m super late to the party, but I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful blog posts on redoing your office. I am a recently returned home 30-something woman who is starting the transformation of my bedroom in my parents house, and the Bedford Corner Desk is the main piece of my updated room. I am also replacing carpet with hardwood, and I really love the paint color you have chosen. If you don’t mind me asking, about how much was the glass protector, and what information did you give to your glass shop so that it was cut correctly? I live in a rural area, and we only have one local glass shop – their service can be hit or miss, but I definitely want to get a protector of some sort. The Pottery Barn one is awfully expensive for plastic … Thanks in advance forf any additional information!

    • Thanks! For the glass protector, I called a local glass shop and they came out and gave me a free estimate. They did all the measuring and then delivered and installed it once it was cut. The plastic PB protector I saw in the store was bowing/curling up and that concerned me so I decided to just go with actual glass. They have glass they use for just this purpose. For the corner desk (which includes the center section with the two cabinet units on either side) the glass was $153. That was for the big 39 3/4 x 39 3/4 center section and the two 22 7/8 x 22 7/8 sections. They beveled the edges so there are no sharp angles. Good luck with your makeover!

      • Thank you so much for the pricing information! That is quite a bit less than the PB protector! I think I will put the desktop next on my list of items to purchase so that I will have plenty of time to get the glass made. Believe it or not, the local shop took a full week to cut one mirror down to size when we remodeled my bathroom…

  111. Hi! OMG I discovered your site by accident and absolutely love it!!! Just signed up for you new posts by email too so I don’t miss a thing! I do have a question for you…My hubby and I bought a house last September…built in 1956 and has three small bedrooms…one is a tad larger but not being use to its full potential…I have a craft room (started kind of sort of) which has beautiful natural lighting and the third bedroom which is the one a tad larger…has two windows but not a lot of natural lighting. I was thinking of moving craftroom to this room and doing something like your craftroom because I could have a desk…and a place to do my sewing. BUT because of the lack of natural lighting, not sure what I could do for lighting…ceiling, etc. any thoughts?

    • Thanks so much, Sandra! So glad you found it! 🙂
      If you need natural lighting, that could be a bit tricky in the room you’re thinking of moving to. I love lamp light and have lamps (3) in various places around the room. I also have the chandelier when I need additional lighting. IKEA, Pottery Barn, and other stores carry a lot of great task lighting, you know the kind with the long neck that you can use to position wherever you need light. That would be good in a craft or sewing room. Also, you could have someone come in and add can lighting or track lighting. To add can lighting they would most likely have to cut out some sections in the ceiling that might to be repaired later, but probably worth it if that would help with the lighting issue. Also, floor lamps are great for positioning where you need them, especially is corners that can sometimes be dark. Hope these ideas help a little.

  112. Your home is amazing; looking through prior posts & seeing your transformations is a delight. Couldn’t help noticing the mannequin in the Office. Do you ever “dress” it? Think I would just have to (maybe with an old tuxedo or wedding gown).

    • When it was in my guest room, I had a blue shirt on her that once belonged to my Mom, but since she’s been in the office, I haven’t really dressed her with anything other than a cute mercury-glass crown I found when shopping. I love seeing the form itself and the old timey writing on it, so not sure I want to cover that up anyway. I’ve come to realize just how great a shape she’s in because whenever I see old ones while antiquing, they are very badly stained or ripped and look pretty awful. I lucked out when I found this form…had been looking for years!

  113. Love your office! I’m gradually converting my daughter’s room to a workspace for my calligraphy hobby. Thanks for the inspiration.

  114. I stumbled onto your pottery barn office post while looking for the same furniture for my home office. I know this is an old post but I wanted to ask you if the glass topper on your desk top was from pottery barn as well or if you got it from somewhere else? I would really like the glass topper to protect the desktop surface as well as put photos underneath!

    • Hi Kim,
      Pottery Barn had plexiglass/plastic tops you could buy (not sure if they still do) but they looked terrible in my local store. They were curling upward and I knew that would drive me crazy. So I had glass cut for the tops of all the pieces. A local company came out and measured the tops and cut the glass exactly to fit. I think I spent around $250-$300 for all the glass. It wasn’t cheap but it put my mind at ease about the top getting damaged or scratched and from what I’ve read online, the top scratches very easily. So I would definitely recommend covering the tops with something. Hope that helps.

  115. j’aime beaucoup la façon dont vous avez décoré votre bureau, tout est très bien pensé,
    bien confortable pour travailler, en + c’est absolument ravissant.

  116. I love your office too. That chair looks so comfortable. Do you ever have a chance to sit in it? My question is, where did you find that big clock? I like it!

    • lol Occasionally, actually way too much. 🙂 Clock came from Marshalls a few years back. I still the big clock faces in there from time to time. Surprisingly, it keep great time.

  117. Hi there! Beautiful office. I am considering a Beford office and wanted to know how the top(s) work on the cabinets. The the tops go to the edges of the cabinets or actually go over the tops of the cabinets?

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