Magic Bee Dinnerware & Iridescent Flatware-A Mesmerizing Shopping Trip!

Welcome to the 670th Tablescape Thursday!

Yesterday I stopped by HomeGoods to see if they had a particular book I would like to find at a discounted price. They didn’t but I enjoyed checking out the dinnerware and flatware they had in stock. I haven’t shopped inside a HomeGoods in a long, long time because I noticed a few years ago, they seemed to be carrying fewer dinnerware sets.

I took some photos to share in case you would like to see some of the dinnerware they are currently stocking, at least in the stores here in our area. Again, I didn’t see a lot of dishware sets, but there were two flatware sets that I found very tempting.


This Iridescent flatware was kinda mesmerizing. I could not think of a setting where I really would want to use it, so I decided to pass it up. It was priced very reasonably at $19.99 for a 16 piece set. I wish they would include a salad fork as opposed to a soup spoon in sets like this. If you’re interested in Iridescent flatware, you’ll find a lot of sets to choose from here: Iridescent Flatware.


I think if I ever buy this type of flatware, I’ll go with this set: Iridescent Flatware. I like that set because each place setting includes 5 pieces: Fork, Salad Fork, Soup Spoon, Teaspoon, and Knife. What do you think? Do I need some Iridescent Flatware in my life for future table settings?


The other set of flatware that I found very, very tempting was this pretty Tortoise colored flatware by Mikasa. I could definitely seeing using this in fall/autumn table settings. If you love the look of this tortoise-style flatware, you’ll find it available for around the same price it was in HomeGoods, here: Tortoise Handle Flatware.

Mikasa Tortoise Flatware for Fall-Autumn Dining


The Halloween goodies were already out on the shelves throughout the store. I liked some of the Halloween tablecloths.


Did you know that Royal Stafford has Halloween dinnerware? I was so surprised to see these Skeleton Plates were Royal Stafford, Made in England!


I saw these Mickey Mouse plates in HG years ago and they had them again today.


Adorable Winnie the Pooh mugs! Sooo cute!


Pretty lemon plates…so summery! Lemon dinnerware always makes me think of Capri!


There were a lot of lemon-themed serving pieces, too.


This Bee dinnerware was definitely the most unusual dinnerware I saw during my HomeGoods shopping trip! Notice the bees–how they look tannish in color.


This bee pattern constantly changes as you look at it. At some angles, it looks like all the bees are tan-colored.


I couldn’t exactly capture that with my camera, but at some angles, all you saw were lots of tan bees.


But when you picked up a plate and held it directly in front of you, the bees all looked navy blue in color. Sooo strange! Can you imagine setting a table with both the bee china and the iridescent flatware? Guests would probably wonder what was wrong with their eyes and if they’d had a bit too much wine to drink! lol


Hope you enjoyed this little Home Goods excursion! I left empty-handed this trip, but I will definitely stop in again sometime in the future.

Looking forward to all the wonderful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Susie Van Horn says

    The Iridescent flatware is so pretty and would be perfect for Mardi Gras! Or, it would even go with an Alice in Wonderland theme…

    • Phylis Parsons says

      I absolutely love Home Goods- unfortunately they closed the one closest to me. I was curious, did you ever find your 12 Days of Christmas dishes by Valerie Parr Hill? I just love pretty dishes period- one of my main weaknesses.

  2. LindaSonia says

    Enjoyed this post – thanks for sharing.
    I so enjoy shopping without really going shopping – lol!

  3. So many cute things! I wish there was a Home Goods a little closer to me – I might have to make a field trip soon!

  4. The bee and Spode Halloween dishes are cute!

  5. Lol, i was thinking the same with the combined bee dinnerware and iridescent flatware. You should’ve bought the Mikasa flatware! I went to my HG the other evening and it was a total disappointment. The dinnerware was scant (only a bit of the lemon you saw, none of the rest you saw). I even went to Target, Marshall’s and Kohl’s afterward…..all disappointing. Our Kohl’s has even quit stocking Fiestaware! Made in WV! It used to be a huge display and stocked item. Catch 22 – people shopping online, less inventory in stores, people shopping online, stores eventually close. 🙁

  6. I can’t go to Home Goods without buying too much, so I haven’t let myself go for a while…I enjoyed the virtual trip to my favorite store! Thanks Susan

  7. I go to the Homegoods usually once a week. Mainly because it’s on my route with supermarket, and specialty grocery stores. I always find something at Homegoods whether in linens carpets or gourmet coffee. It’s fun to look and get a change of wallpaper. We also have Homesense which is also nice.

  8. Jackie Allen says

    I love this post on Home Goods! I may need to stay away from there for a few weeks! If I go I know I will have at least service for 8 of the Royal Stafford Skeleton plates! And yes, I did start decorating for Halloween!— it is going to be a long process this year because I am creating a lot of new rooms. Can’t wait to share in a few months. Cheers, Jackie

  9. Sandra D in Joliet says

    I think the iridescent flatware would be great with Peacocks or Mardi Gras as Susie suggested. I love iridescent everything.


    I love bees!!!

  11. Kathleen says

    I spied a cobalt blue plate! It seemed to me that the tortoise flatware would look nice with the lemon plates that weren’t quite so lemon yellow. Wish the set of flatware had salad forks rather than soup spoons. Do they even make iced tea spoons anymore?

  12. Virginia says

    Iridescent flatware….indeed, agree with the posting for Mardi Gras….and children’s parties…..”cool”…….this might be a stretch but how about New Years?

  13. Sandra Boudreaux says

    I own a set of the Iridescent flatware. Since I live in New Orleans, it is perfect for Mardi Gras. But I used it for Easter too. I had simple place settings and the flatware blended really well.

  14. Cyndi Raines says

    The iridescent flatware could also be used for birthdays, or Spring. I like your idea about the other set for fall. Very pretty.

  15. Beautiful finds at HG’s Susan! That flat wear is beautiful, although I don’t know when or how I would use it either. Maybe for a birthday celebration? Or circus themed party? Love the tortoise handle flat wear, so pretty. Lemon items are stunning. Those bee plates, amazing how it changes in looks! Loved those bee plates. Pooh and Mickey, adorable! Can’t wait to be able to walk again under my own steam so I can go check out HG’s. lol Hugs, Brenda

  16. Ann Butler says

    Thank you for taking us along on your trip. I have not been to a Home Goods in a long time. Love the tortoise silverware and the bee dinnerware was very cute. I might have to stop in mine this weekend and have a look around.

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