Antiquing at the Queen of Hearts.

I hadn’t realized how much I missed antiquing until recently when I ventured out to one of the nearby antique malls. Having really enjoyed that trip, a couple of days ago I stopped by a Queen of Hearts Antiques & Interiors shoppe.

As I entered the store, this was the first thing I saw and I could feel the anticipation and excitement coming back that I used to feel during a fun antiquing excursion, always wondering what surprise treasures I would find.


I love the sweet dove/pigeon paintings–very tempted by those!


More treasures…


If I didn’t already have a highboy in my bedroom, I would totally have jumped on this! I was still tempted to buy it and try to find a spot to use it in my home–you so rarely see a pretty highboy at this price! It would be wonderful in a dining room holding table linens.
Thomasville Queen Anne, Bonnet Top Highboy, Excellent Condition, $975, marked down to $745, Now $525


Another booth I walked through…


Another beautiful piece with very detailed carved faces! I really liked that the dealer took the time to list the size of this piece.
1800s French Walnut Renaissance Revival Buffet (4 Pieces): $3,499.
Size: 55″ Wide, 22″ Deep, 94″ Tall, Beveled Glass & Hand-carved heads on doors. Adjustable wood shelves,  2 silverware drawers. baluster top railing & plate shelf.


There was a time when I was seriously on the hunt for two wingback chairs for my bedroom. These were pretty tempting since I think they would work with both my winter and summer bedding.
Green & Cream Wingback Chair: $175 or both for $300


A closer view of the fabric.


These remind me of green depression glass.
Festive Parfait Glasses, Set of 4: $32


Beautiful and at an amazing price!
Antique Festive Aperitif Glasses, Set of 4, $20


Forgot to get the price on this Bee pitcher…


These flour sack towels caught my eye because they were all so pretty!


They were so soft to the touch.
Flour Sack Towel: $8.99


Lots of fun signs…and they were large! I didn’t get the price for all of them but I noticed the Fresh Strawberries sign was $44.99


Another booth with lots of goodies!


This china was really pretty. The dinner plates were $10 each.


Beautiful 1990s Henredon French-style Secretary: $1,699. I’m sure this piece was drastically more back in the 1990s! Henredon is good stuff! This piece would be beautiful for sweater/clothes storage in a bedroom!


Antique Hall Tree, Inlayed Tile: $395



I always love the old barrister bookcases! This one was priced at $595


Cast Iron Carriage Lamps, (1 Piece of Glass) 14″ x 29″ x 29″ $189. It appeared that price was for both lanterns, if I read the tag correctly.


This marble top dresser had a sold tag on it and the receipt showed it sold for $397.50. Can you believe you can get real wood, antique furniture for these prices now?!


Beautiful Carved Display Cabinet: $445


Vintage carved sofa with fabulous carved feet: $695


There was a whole area filled with Fiestaware for the Fiestaware enthusiast.


So happy to see the antique shops are all still going strong. The Queen of Hearts was very busy with shoppers the day I visited and it wasn’t even a weekend. I will definitely be back!

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  1. Barbara L Armacost says

    Love everything they had to offer!! Especially the furniture. That top highboy and the wing chairs were beautiful.

  2. SO wonderful to be back antiquing – you had me right off the bat with those blue and white pots! Thanks for sharing your trip Susan. I’m inspired to go out for some vintage shopping myself now! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  3. Gayle Kesinger says

    The Fiesta corner caught my eye as I have a good collection of vintage Fiesta from my mom and grandmother. Just love the bright colors.

  4. Wow! I would have had a horrible time leaving without some of those gorgeous pieces. The French secretary is so beautiful, as is the highboy, and the flour sack towels are just adorable, the violet dishes, the fiesta…..yes I would have needed a U-Haul.

  5. The pigeon art are very nice and you love your birds. I can imagine them in several rooms in your home.

    The two green and cream chairs are nice if well made. Cushions are easy to refill at an upolstery shop if needed. I particularly like the cream design on the light green. The high boy is stunning. They can be used for so many things.
    What a beautiful store.

  6. Nancy Brantley says

    That Strawberry sign I purchased last year at Carolina Pottery for retail price of $15. Some of these signs you can purchase also for less at Hobby Lobby store. You have to be careful at Antique Malls because dealers buy to resale for more than retail. Just thought you might want to know this information….I’m a shopaholic is how I know! And yes you can buy real wood furniture right now very reasonable because the trend in decorating is the cheap quality stuff.

  7. Always fun when you take us on an antique trip. Thank you!

  8. Drooling going through this shop with you! Beautiful articles and displayed perfectly. How did you refrain from purchasing anything?! Loved the carriage lamps and the violets on china! I can’t believe the highboy for under $600! Does no one see the value in these beautiful pieces? A realtor friend and I were discussing downsizing and she was quite frank about no one wanting the beautiful pieces we saved so hard to purchase. She said your kids won’t entertain like you do so don’t think they want your stuff! They meet friends out & don’t cook! LOL! Who are the smart ones here?!

  9. I think the plates in picture 16 would look really good with Mr. Bunny with purple/yellow flowers in his back basket. Wish we had nice stores like that in Illinois with those prices. I am wondering if you all have lots of older furniture that people are downsizing from or from estates than we do here. rls

  10. You really left empty handed ? Love the Asian dishes and Chinoiserie. That furniture was well worth the price. I don’t like the new type furniture like Ikea because of the smell.
    One of my friends is moving and ‘gave away’ wing back chairs, an armoire and other goodies I didn’t get to see. They will probably be sold as antiques at a thrift shop.
    Thanks for taking us along. I miss antiquing too.

  11. Cyndi Raines says

    What a great store! How did you manage to not buy any of those great towels? I am also surprised that you didn’t cave and purchase that awesome high boy. What a find! Yes it would be lovely to hold all your beautiful napkins and linens. Thanks for taking us along.

  12. Linda Practical Parsimony says

    People disdainfully call these pieces “brown furniture.” I love brown furniture…lol. It is mostly solid wood with great features. Even the plain stuff is pretty to me.

  13. SharonFromMichigan says

    I love antique & salvage stores. I guess it’s my version of a candy store (eye candy that is – lol). Thank you for taking us along!

  14. I LOVED the large-sized blue and white chinoiserie with the spout in the first picture. It would go perfectly in my blue and white tea-themed living room, but I live in Michigan. Wonder if they ship? Did you notice the price?

  15. I love seeing what’s in your area and hearing prices, Susan. That was a gorgeous first impression with the blue & white chinoiserie and Staffordshire dogs. Furniture like that Eastlake marble top dresser piece, which sold so inexpensively, is exactly why I don’t like reselling furniture anymore. It’s just not appreciated, and it takes so much labor (and rent per sq ft it occupies before selling!) to source, clean, and style. We had Henredon furniture (and a secretary much like the one you saw) in our master bedroom in our former home, and sent it all to auction when we downsized (they moved it). Barristers seem to run consistently across regions – $200/shelf, so that price was good to see. I spied several really nice smalls I’d love fostering, at least. 😉 Thanks for the virtual shopping spree.

  16. Oh, my, what a wonderful way to spend the day! Antiquing is one of my favorite pastimes and you definitely gave us a wonderful tour today. Lots of temptations if I had been there. Those dishes in the carved display case really had me salivating (hee…hee!) Thanks for all the eye candy, Susan.

  17. What eye candy in those shops! I am admiring the Barrister Bookcase – we have some lovely shops in what is called the Quiet Corner in CT (Northeast) – and also the Antiques Trail – shops in almost every town! It’s a wonderful way to spend the day and find an accent piece for your home!

  18. Kathleen Gradberg says

    I have that exact Thomasville highboy in my bedroom! It was my father’s. It matches my mom’s bedroom set.

  19. So many lovely things. I especially like the French Walnut Revival Buffet, and the blue and white pots shown in your first picture, but I am a blue and white lover. Do you happen to know what those were used for?

  20. I die!!! Oh, my, goodness…lovely finds!!!! franki

  21. Tina W Reynolds says

    I want to jump through the computer and get that highboy…and I don’t even need it! I have a highboy in my dining room for linens, etc. I could use another in the bedroom…and another in the hall/living room area. I just love mine so much. I would also snap up those Staffordshire dogs if they are as nice as they look. And so many other things! Thanks for the antiquing trip. I have missed that sort of thing, too. Nearest antique mall is about 45 miles away. I’m planning….!

  22. I love antique shops! I especially love beautiful wood furniture and I don’t really understand the need (lately) for the obsession to paint over good wood.

  23. Just gorgeous things, and I remember what pieces like Thomasville and Henredon went for back decades ago when I was buying mine. Most of the younger people I know dislike the aesthetic, so I was so happy that my daughter was eager for my Mother’s china cabinet (with her china!) after my parents both passed. Many current furniture items are so cheaply made, and not inexpensive!

  24. Please more of these posts! I love seeing what other antique stores have on offer around the country!!

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