In The BNOTP Library: Mary Emmerling’s Beach Cottages

Happy Friday! I’ll have a post up a little later today, working on it now. In the meantime I’m sharing another book from my decor library.

Since I’ve been on such a beach kick this spring, I thought I’d share one more beach-themed book from the BNOTP library. I already own two other books by Mary Emmerling so when I ordered this book a couple of years ago, I had a feeling I would like it and I did.

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In the BNOTP Library: Mary Emmerling’s Beach Cottages: At Home by the Sea
Author: Mary Emmerling
Hardcover: 224 pages
Book size: 9.7 x 7.9 x 0.8
Mary Emmerling's Beach Cottages


3 Things I Like About This Book:

  • The 17 homes featured in the book feel like real homes where real people live, not decorator showhouse.
  • Book shows a mix of styles but it had more than enough traditional decor and classic cottage decor to keep me happy
  • Provided lots of inspiration and ideas for decorating and furnishing a beach cottage. I have a longing now for sea glass…must have sea glass! πŸ™‚

You can read more about this book and preview it at Amazon, where I normally buy my books, via the picture link below.


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In the BNOTP Library

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  1. Susan…so funny as the stylist and I were talking about Mary Emmerling when we grabbed some of her books that I had to stage things….I have three of her books but not this one…this one looks great!…

  2. I used to have her country style decorating books, way back in the day. I have always been a fan of hers, it seems, but this one is new to me, and I love anything that even hints of coastal, so I’m going to investigate. Thanks, Susan!

  3. Love Mary, have for a while! I like her personal style too. I want to dress like her when I grow up. *like that’s going to ever happen*

  4. Christine says

    Love seeing the books from your library. I too have some of Mary Emmerling’s books and I have really enjoyed them. Thanks again!

  5. Have had Emmerlings AMERICAN COTTAGES for years on my book shelf. Shall need to find a space there
    for her BEACH COTTAGES. I think her books and those of Mary Englebreit could keep me drooling for hours!

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